Today’s Absurdities


Try not to burst out laughing.

We thought this subject had been settled in the High Middle Ages in Peter Abelard’s time.

The Rightwing Internet:

Pretty much the entire rightwing internet including Breitbart, Daily Caller, Red State and even Rod Dreher and Human Events was cancelled by Google this afternoon. Naturally, this included all of our sites.

Mary Poppins Antifa:

I don’t get it.

I don’t pretend to understand how these people think though.


As we have extensively documented, Antifa are the Hub City Riot Ninjas. They are the spoiled brat offspring of White upper middle class professionals who live in gentrified neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas like Portland. They are the embodiment of white privilege.

In the latest hilarious demonstration of this truth, Antifa have organized a division that consists of their moms. They are bringing their moms out to support them and participate in the riots in Portland now. Mom, Trump is a fascist because he wants to arrest me for attacking the federal courthouse!

University of Mississippi Police Department:

For white supremacy.

Margaret Sanger:

For racism.


For being a useless index of racism, lookism and fatphobia.

Ernest Hemingway:

For anti-Semitic remarks.

The Conservative Case for W.E.B. Du Bois:

A black communist is better than a Confederate.

Naked Athena:


Kanye West:

Kim is trying to have Kanye institutionalized.

white people:

In the new era of moral clarity in American journalism, Black shall be capitalized and white shall pointedly not be capitalized.

“Journalist” Layoffs:

In the new era of moral clarity in American journalism, the market for woke nonsense is rapidly shrinking as news recedes.

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  1. I can’t quite decide what I believe the ‘woke’ bunch is up to. My guess is that it’s a power grab on the part of the leftist side of the oligarchy. They admire the Chinese communists, and if this succeeds, they won’t have to even pretend that America is a democracy.

    I’m pretty convinced that there is no design to help the poor of any color. Much of what we hear is so incredibly asinine, changing the names of sports teams, rides at Disney World, emblems on syrup bottles, this isn’t going to help anybody’s life.

    I do think they want to keep the rioting going until the election, keep the colored stirred up so they will vote for the walker Joe Biden. This could backfire, there are plenty of people who don’t care for the protesting or the arson.

  2. Points on creativity to Mary Poppins. Not many people put that amount of effort into being a victim and looter.

  3. Serious question… How is Antifa allowed to have open social media accounts when everyone i know who has never openly used a racial or ethnic slur and certainly would never call for any form of violence ARE BANNED from all forms of social media. FB and Twitter only have Trumptards and paid GOP activists still functioning openly and freely.

  4. Ayn Randians worship at the shrine of Aristotle, but the Almighty Dollar is their most important god.

    Aristotle was an observer of politics as it is, but Socrates/Plato concerned with what it could be.

    “We thought this subject had been settled in the High Middle Ages in Peter Abelard’s time”:

    Roman Catholic scholastics finally found The Philosopher useful in justifying the unjust status quo. Aristotle who recommends the mixed polity, essentially oligarchy with other window dressings, as the most stable, enduring polity, supports “normalcy.”

  5. Being colorblind Civnats didn’t stop the alt-lite and cuckservatives from being purged. The archivist sites on the net have also been targeted by woke censors. Opposition to the multicultural utopia, even if it’s tepid, is being memory-holed.

  6. Does anyone know the circumstances behind the bizarre Hemingway photo The Forward showed? Was he visiting William Burroughs in the shower of the Manhattan YMCA where Burroughs lived and then didn’t take kindly to the freak’s advances? It sort of looks photoshopped. Even if it’s real, though, he still holds a gun better than the McCloskeys.

    • That Hemingway photo is one of his most classic, in fact I had it mounted on my wall back in college. I believe it was about 10 or 15 years before he died when he was in Cuba. Violence had broken out throughout the island and he found himself on guard duty one night amongst his group. Someone broke in and he apparently offed them, as the legend goes.

      Hemingway didn’t go many places without his flask of rum, notepad, and shotgun. Incredible life lived

  7. Absolutely. Nobody ever poisoned the intellectual history of humanity as much as these idolatrous sodomites. Throughout the ages their evil ramblings has only borne heresy and Godlessness. Rationalism and philosophy is fundamentally wicked and ungodly. No wonder it is central to (((Romanism))), the religion of the Antichrist, and (((Western culture))) (no comments).

    All (((knowledge))) apart from the King James Bible is a SATANIC DECEPTION. Any ‘god’ discovered by reason is Satan. There is no righteousness and no foresight in man apart from what is imputed by the Holy Ghost.

    )))Dr. Martin Luther((( was spot on about that filthy idol-worshipping faggot.

    All papists, sodomites and philosophers belong in the lake of fire along with the Christ-killing kikes and other unbelievers. Burn them all at the stake with their (((books))). Zero tolerance against popery and philosophy.

    • Read, then Sanhedrin 109A and B. It wasn’t just queerdom that doomed Sodom, oh, no, they were, to the last, assholes. Reads a lot like surfing the web currently, yes.

      Which is why I keep smirking at my religious comrades, if anyone sees some angels coming? I’ll aim them accordingly. Just keep a survey meter handy!

  8. There are psychological differences between right and left, obviously.

    “Study suggests that leftists have an almost precisely inverted scale of values compared to rightists. Instead of a hierarchy of concern with one’s own family, nation, and race highest on the scale, leftists place abstractions like “all objects in the universe” — including such things as rocks — or “all mankind” — in first place.”

  9. In reality the CPUSA has advocated for decades that whites should always be lower case and that Blacks and other people of color should always be upper case. A scan through issues of the Daily World (their newspaper) going back decades confirms this!

  10. (((American journalism))) what a scam of propaganda, and lies. I swear these journalists are the devils seed they deserve torture or imprisonment for sowing division and being beyond biased on news, journalism, reporting etc I would never mourn a journalists death at all especially antiwhite shitlibs like AP

  11. As for anti semitism: Jawve is a god of war. he demands of his servants a warrior’s death. Before the jews were know as the pious people they were known as the warring people. the West after all still serves the One God. the germans must wake up to their fate as the ones who save the glory of the old god and the west by the masculine willingness to put their lives at risk…That is, die in the face of looming nothingness. Will the americans be up to the task as well? this century is just a distorted mirror-image of the first century C.E. No wonder M. Zuckerberg thinks himself as the reincarnation of Caeser Augustus . Truth sometimes take the form of a ridiculous joke.

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