Tucker Carlson Interviews U.S. Navy Pilot Who Spotted ‘Tic Tac’ UFO

Why is this coming out now? Maybe things are getting so bad on so many fronts that our leaders are desperate to talk anything else to change the subject?

Note: I’ve seen much of this has been recently covered on The History Channel’s “Unidentified.” I vaguely remember flipping through the channels late at night and watching some of it.

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  1. The USS Nimitz? They seem to have had a lot of supernatural experiences on that carrier. Check out the documentary “The Final Countdown”. Martin Sheen narrates. It is very compelling [anyone who believes this is anything but a distraction also holds up the flat Earth theories]

  2. This is part of the TTSA Op. It’s basically the CIA trying to scare you with UFO’s into consenting to a massive military budget increase.

  3. It’s just a manifestion of the unconscious realization that we have to get off this planet and get way from the less evolved nigs. Out of Africa event was probably a clan of our ancestors who realized they had to get away from nigs if they were ever going to have a future.

  4. Is it noteworthy that the Carlson Show varied the junk news diet of its My-Pillow-buying target audience with a story about “UFO sightings”? The Fox audience swallows what Fox feeds them, because they sincerely believe “Fox is the channel that tells the truth.”

    Fox may tell them some minor “politically-incorrect” truths that the other channels don’t, but the effect is to get them to accept the really crucial lies. Fox is the Republican arm of imperial-plutocratic TV propaganda, and the watchers are too hypnotized to realize.

  5. Climate hysteria with Greta Thunberg, , cococococorona panic with mask show and shutdown and now this .

    When I must predict extraordinary future events, then most likely massive even will be not UFO landing but our 400 years old Jew world order will be gone.

    The problem is economy. Economy disaster pushes masses to the streets and then Governments have only 2 solutions left. One, accept social collapse and massive violence when poor people robbing and looting everything . The other one is make those reforms what Hitler made, to save the economy.

    First thing is state owned money and when Jews lose the right to make money, privilege they had almost 400 years, then it is the end of Jewish power. Soros without money is just one old sick man.

    Thanks to Jew, most people are so poor that they have little or no savings, so there will be very few people, who suffer whet USD, EUR and some other fiat money become worthless. So Jewry by itself destroyed the people, who own a lot of money and who are interested to defend current financial system.

    • You don’t have to fly a few miles up to see giant Tic Tacs flying at altitudes of 80,000 feet, just walk around NYC, LA, San Diego or any any other U.S. city to see the oddest looking people who look like space aliens who stepped out of a flying saucer yesterday. I know they are not from another planet because they are too stupid to invent even an incandescent light bulb from 1879, never mind a space ship that travels billions of miles in few minutes. The aliens walking amongst us are the threat, they need to go back to their shithole countries yesterday, all of them.

  6. I want Tucker to do a segment on the wall of moms antifa thing at Portland not this fake and homo alien bullshit. There is now wall of dads and just now today trending on twatter the blue cheka are salvating that the wall of vets joined blm rioters in portland to burn the bitch down lol

    The long nose tribe and radical left is really upping the ante of this psychological operation they got going on with the defund the police thing and burning down the justice building. Gaystream news media is still conflating them calling them protesters not rioters thugs and anarchists but whatever thats to be expected of them to play this down an normalize it like the demons they are

    • Its deceptively called America magazine but they are the biggest communist heretics ever I remember talking to a friend of mine and he kept saying that Jesuits aren’t “real Catholics” Could Jesuits be accurately described as roman Catholics?! absolutely they are the rich elitist branch of Catholics worldwide

      The Jesuits are very liberal, very antiwhite and very pro homo and alot of them get caught screwing boys They have been thrown out of many countries even including Catholic ones just like the heebs

  7. Before he died, Werner Von Braun told his secretary that the last ploy would be to warn of alien invasion.
    That said, it is foolish to believe we are alone in the universe. But, at this point, the controllers are desperate to maintain control of the narrative, so this is the last card they have to play; let out just enough truth to keep the fear ramped up.

    This will not change anything otherwise. They still want White people dead, and the rest living in a marxist hell.

    • Why is it foolish to believe we are the only life form in the universe? No non biased claim can be made one way or another. Until there is evidence of just one instance of life outside earth, we don’t know if life is a one time occurrence; i.e., happened here one time and all of life on earth is descended from that one time happenstance event [evolution] , or if it’s common throughout the universe, or rare . We have nothing to gauge. We need just one more instance of life outside earth to make any non biased statistical probability claim. We don’t even know what life is actually.

    • @Rob157

      “Werner Von Braun told his secretary that the last ploy would be to warn of alien invasion.”

      I saw that interview. I was able to confirm, to some degree, that that woman was who she said she was and that she did work with Von Braun. Still, she could be making it up, or lying for some other reason.

      “Operation Blue Beam” is still officially classified as a “conspiracy theory” by the internet – but come on. Of COURSE people would believe it.

      I mean, the masses would believe it. The real power-players, globally, would not, but would play along because it would be a perfect transition into a real global government.

      I doubt they will do it, but if I were in charge, I would, just for the sheer thrill of fooling all the dumb suckers who believe literally anything they see on video. Most people simply cannot distinguish video from reality.

      Hell, you can fool most people with just an artificial intelligence-generated photograph and a blog post.


      Come on – CNN and FOX News both broadcast a grainy interview with a “little green man” or some weird video effect. A Pentagon spokesman comes out and “confirms” it.

      Anyone expressing the slightest bit of doubt would be called a “crazy conspiracy theorist” engaging in “science denial” and “hate speech against our alien friends.”

  8. Why would intelligent aliens want to get involved with Earth’s problems? Maybe the sightings are actually Hitler, patrolling outer space from his UFO base under Antarctica.

      • Maybe the UFO people came here after listening to radio broadcasts starting about 1920, flying billions of miles it took until about 1960 to land. They sent recon units looking like ordinary people to NYC and Washington DC most likely because radio and TV broadcasts would indicate those two cities were some of the most important places on earth.

        After getting raped, robbed, mugged, shot and beaten by the vibrants in both places the aliens probably sent an emergency message back to their home base saying GTFO here, the place is full of savages.

    • That’s what I’m hoping, because that would be hilarious if the cheap pulp novels were on to reality after all. 😀

      Hilarious, or Hitlerious, as the case may be. 😉

  9. I’ve seen 3 UFOs all in the state of GA. Waycross, on the South side of lake blackshear (dam campground), and coheelee creek camp. 1 was likely alien, 1 could have been, but also could have been man made. 1 I think the military could have built. Fort Benning is a place near there where experimental gear is tested.

    side note: remember what werner von braun and ronald reagan said. an alien threat would unite humanity. its a fail safe if diversity gets too hectic.

    • Ronald Reagans wife Nancy was a huge occultist and supposedly held seances and regularly had talks with astrologers to determine which days would be safe for Ronny her dementia laden hubby

  10. I also saw the interview where Werner Von Braun told his secretary that the last ploy would be to warn of alien invasion. We need to us a little logic here. We all know the Jews say stuff that is so impossible and such a big lie that people believe that no one could possibly lie like that so it must be true. This is one of these times.

    Any alien life forms that have the tech to travel among the stars will be much advanced tech wise. The idea that they would zoom around different star systems and “whoops” crash in corn fields in New Mexico or that the Air Force could accidentally take them down with a primitive radar is stupid beyond belief to believe.

    As people get wealthier or more tech advanced they would also demand safety. Part of this means if you are aliens you wouldn’t want to be seen at all. With advanced nano-tech you could make minuscule sized mostly invisible robots that could do all the exploring you wanted without us ever knowing a thing. The idea that they would zoom around openly is another stupid idea. I mean does the CIA do recon with huge million watt lamps? No.

    I think it likely that the US has a sort of “inertia drive”. This is a drive that pushes against the whole universes gravity to propel itself instead of expelling gasses like our rockets now. The whole tech is probably so classified that we can’t even us it. There are several devices that show effects of an “inertia drive” so it does seem to be possible.

    So if an “alien” craft hovers over Washington and what look like some sort of alien humanoids come out of it I will assume the psychopaths that run things have been genetically engineering humans to be pretend aliens and that they are riding in highly classified US space ships. It will all be bullshit because no alien would be so stupid as to make his prescience known to such a bloodthirsty race as ourselves.

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