Black Lives Matter Protester Shot and Killed In Austin

So, this happened last night in Austin:

Shortly before getting shot and killed, this idiot literally said on video “the people that hate us and want to say sh*t to us are too big of pussies to stop and do anything about it.” Then he approached a random motorist in Austin with his AK-47 who was spooked and shot and killed him.

There were at least three shootings yesterday involving Black Lives Matter protesters in Louisville, KY, Austin, TX and Aurora, CO. Also, at least two courthouses were set on fire in Aurora, CA and Oakland, CA. Meanwhile in Portland, Antifa are firing mortars at the federal courthouse.

Note: I can’t stress enough the importance of STAYING OUT of this volatile situation as it spirals out of control. Antiracism is plunging America into a new Crisis. Don’t complicate this picture by going anywhere near the chaos. Let the people watching at home catch up with us.

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  1. We can change the radical economic inequality in the US politically, and the chaos-promoting cultural programming on our own. Take care of those two issues, and we will have the foundation from which we can build a healthier society.

  2. > Note: I can’t stress enough the importance of STAYING OUT of this volatile situation as it spirals out of control.

    Grillin’ and chillin’, the best way to be…

  3. You really wonder where it all went wrong for White people like Foster and the assorted White turds pushing Blm. Bad upbringing and just young and mad at the world? Or is it simply a guy mad at injustice in the world but communist professors torched his mind to the point or no return and he had no other people in his life talking of black on White crime, black on black violence, etc. So he and the others got a totally distorted view of life.

    You could tell he was a bitter guy looking for trouble. And we all know the saying about people looking for trouble. In Texas no less. In an anti second amendment place, this kid would still be starting trouble like in New York or Oregon and California. Oh well, the dude chose a bad life and it ended with a bang.

    • Not just Foster. What went wrong with John Brown, antifa’s patron saint? He had a checkered history before finding his violent antiracist career. I’ve read a couple bios of him and remember they said he was a business failure and might have even been a sleazy salesman involved in fraudulent canal promotions, back in the 1830s when canals were the new big thing, like the Internet in the mid or late 90s. Brown was not fraudulent when it came to equality, however. Unlike most abolitionists, he meant it, all the way. Blacks are the same as we are, he said and thought. Some of his followers and he himself paid the price for that stupid belief.

    • Judeo-communists took over both national teachers’ unions during the 1970’s-80’s Long March Through the Institutions. K-12, and usually K-16 is now a thorough (((Marx)))ist/homosexual/anti-White/anti-Western Civ brainwash. Most urban white kids

      are a lost cause. Their future is fertlilizer.

    • There is not much to analyze with Foster. He was a mentally weak, self hating White, who sided with the anti-White establishment against his own kind, to get upcummies on social media.

    • Listen and learn : In the 80’s a white boy rock band still needed a big record deal to make it. (((They))) decided to kill two birds with one stone. 1. Kill rock ( white culture, ) by not allowing any white music through. 2. Weaponize monkey noise AND flood ONLY IT on the market, so that’s all anyone, white or other than white, would have. So … whites grew up bopping to any hood monkey with a “rap.”

      Now we have over 2 generations of whites with memorized monkey words in their dumbed downed heads . Thus the anti white WHITES (!!!!) marching WITH the baboons.

      We must separate from them. From the OTW’s, ( other than whites, ) AND from the weak pathetic whites who’ve become wiggers.

      We need our own country. And THEY need THEIR own country.

  4. Another moron eliminates himself. If everyone who hated him and wanted to say $%*@ to him are just a bunch of pussies….why the need to be carrying a military rifle? If you’re a “peaceful protester”, why were you brandishing an assault rifle?

  5. I hope he suffered before he died. Who’s going to push around his cripple pet simian? As much as I hate these commies and race traitors, at least their fighting the tyrannical govt no matter what their beliefs.

    • They are patsies of the Democratic Party. They aren’t fighting the government at all. These riots are state sanctioned and supported by the liberal establishment.

    • The guy didn’t seem to care much what could have happened to his helpless wife if he got in a violent confrontation, which he appeared to be seeking. Just an impotent loser who wanted to feel powerful waving a gun at people for a few minutes. Probably the same reason he married this amputee in the first place, because it made him feel powerful having some helpless negro wheel chair woman dependent on him for everything

  6. What do people always seek? Status. Allying oneself with a perceived easy path to glory fills that need.
    De Jouvenel’s writing about the nature of power, and how it is preserved, is basically correct. The high (elites) will offer a temptation to the low (poor in wealth and power, like most darker people), so that they can be used against the middle. It’s another of the constant distractions used by the elites to divide and conquer, so that their status never diminishes. The middle can be either left or right. They seek rewards through the system, and follow the rules, so the desperate and unscrupulous in the high and low can easily push them aside if need be. Although the low will stay that way, perhaps with some added benefits paid for by government. So the costs for control stay socialized, but the benefits privatized. Like it has usually been done throughout history.

    The only way to defeat marginalization by elites is to withdraw (as much as possible) from their systems of control. Alternatives in education, entertainment, business, etc., must be pursued, or we’ll keep ending up cornered and vulnerable.

    • “So the costs for control stay socialized, but the benefits privatized”

      I saw a comment recently that nailed “white privilege” theory as this. It is a way for white elites to socialize the costs for their destructive actions onto powerless lower status whites, while keeping their actual elite privilege privitized. You never see any of these people telling whites to give up their privilege taking any losses themselves.

  7. I will refrain from saying what I really think about this, on the off chance it could later be used against me in court as evidence of premeditated crime if I ever have to defend myself, as happened in the James Fields trial.

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