Black Klan Extorts Rents From Small Business Owners In Louisville

Last weekend, the Black Klan marched through Louisville and threatened to burn the entire city down unless their racial demands were met.


“In Louisville, Kentucky, a black social justice organization with the rather unsubtle name of BO$$  is threatening businesses in the NuLu district with public denunciation if they don’t conform to its demands, including making donations to black organizations. If you want to get a passing rating from these thugs, this is what you have to do:

“Social Justice Health and Wellness Code” = a social credit system for small businesses. If you don’t comply, this is what you get …”

Look at this shit.

This is happening in Donald Trump’s America.

Just try for a moment to wrap your mind around this.

Suppose for a moment that the Ku Klux Klan held a rally at Stone Mountain and was reborn in the year 2020. The Klan marches on Stone Mountain, heavily armed, harasses random motorists and calls for all the n***ers in Georgia to show up to kick off the race war. The mainstream media says almost nothing about this incident out of fear that publicizing it would held Joe Biden win the election.

A few weeks later, the new Ku Klux Klan shows up and marches through Louisville, KY and threatens to burn down the city in four weeks unless its demands are met. They’ve previously demanded the entire state of Texas be ceded to them in which they plan to create a White ethnostate.

Suppose the heavily armed Ku Klux Klan made of the following demands of Black small business owners in Louisville:

Replace the word Black with White.

Now suppose the Ku Klux Klan assigned grades to Black small business owners in Louisville after intimidating and extorting them and forced them to display signs supporting reparations to the White Nationalist movement because “You Can’t Stop The Revolution.”

Can you imagine that happening?

Can you imagine that happening and the national media ignoring it?

Welcome to the year 2020 where a scene out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 1960s is happening in Louisville and the DOJ and FBI are just kind of ignoring it and letting it continue.

Why is the government tolerating this mafia-like behavior from a hate group? This is what antiracism and decolonization means now … like in sub-Saharan Africa. It would be White Fragility to oppose it. The concept of “systemic racism” was discovered by our progressive elites like a year ago.

Here’s an oldie from the Rhodesian Bush War:

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  1. What is the NFAC’s position on the Israeli Palestinian question? Are some of Grand Master Jay best friends Jews too? A la Shaun King?

  2. Sounds more like Black Panther wannabes. Is Trump permitting the FBI to clamp down on these radically violent groups as LBJ and Nixon allowed Hoover to neutralize far left and right groups such as the Black Panthers, KKK, and others? Is the President even paying attention?
    In spite of the mistakes he made, Reagan wouldn’t have allowed this to continue.

    • It{s pretty obvious FBI is not under Trump’s control. As bad as Trump is, it’s unlikely he’s pro-Antifa and pro-riots.

    • “Just try for a moment to wrap your mind around this.”

      *80’s pop culture”- Sounds more like Black Panther wannabes.

      No, go with the name it and shame it BS the Sayanim are constantly using.


      If we push this narrative, they cannot evade the images of ‘evil racist’ and ‘horror’ ingrained into so many (ab) normie minds. Klan=Evil Black Klan= Evil N-words= Evil. (which they are)

      We lost the ‘pro-life’ battle of words, with their ‘anti-abortionist’ and ‘pro-choice’ bullshit rhetoric.
      Don’t let up on this one. Nigs are the new BLACK KLAN.


  3. Hey Hunter,
    Thanks for covering what is going on in Louisville. As I live so close to River City, it concerns me what is going on there. I do not think most country folk a few dozen miles from Louisville are happy about what is going on there with NFAC.

  4. Whites should cultivate alliances with Hispanics. I support Whites being a distinct group, but we need friends. The Alt-Right crowd has not had a sense of the gravity of the situation, and they have not understood the responsibility that comes with expressing your self online. Trolling people should maybe be 1%-5% of what Alt-Right people do, and the rest should be responsible discussion and responsible alliance building. Instead trolling has been about 95% of their activity.

    • Dictator must know how to enforce his will. Jay job is not weapon proficiency but forcing white professional gun handlers owners into submission. Like Stalin, who was so incompetent with gun that the only time he tried to shoot a gun, 2 barrel shotgun, he managed to hit his bodyguard.

      This quota system rips resistance apart. Some people think that is better to obey and those people will fight the non obeying resistance. Like in Soviet Union where white professional gun specialists in the Red Army and NKVD crushed the resistance so Stalin had no need to learn gun handling.

      I do not know how good shooters are Soros and his buddies but the managed to make lot of countries gun free.

      • Lolz! It appears that the Alt-Blight is as clueless as the NFAC. No wonder we have no “movement.”

        Grandmaster Jay is a militia leader, aka platoon or company commander – not a frickin’ politico like Pelosi or an oligarch like Soros. And where’s his weapons guy to explain all of these “complicated technical matters” regarding firearm operation? Talk about poor knowledge and leadership skills!

        Carry a gun better know the fundamentals and know when defer to the weapons guy, else your credibility as an operator and militia leader is zero.

    • More Lolz!

      Dis be Grandmaster Jay – Militia Leader – at da shootin’ range demonstrating proper “firearm safety procedures” at a public venue.

      A *vidoecorded* public venue, I should add.

      Every credible basic rifleman knows how to place his in a safe condition while on da firing line.

      Militia Leader Grandmaster Jay doesn’t know much more than how to point and pull.

      Jay learned what he knows from watching television and hanging out wid gang bangers n sheeit.

      Grandmaster? Wasn’t Bud Bundy a Grandmaster Something or other on the old Married With Children television series?

    • Grandmaster Jay’s credibilty as a Militia Leader is on the upswing. Still scares the crap out of most boomers and young Iphone tweeters, I’ll bet:

      “The leader of the Black militia that marched in Louisville on Saturday said the accidental discharge that hit three people before the group’s march happened because a group member dropped his weapon after passing out from the heat.”

  5. Meh. This is simply the militia wing of blm. Blm has stolen billions in ” donations” already from White companies. Whitey is obviously nervous with this melanin crew walking around with serious gun power. Whitey would rather deceive himself pretending Blm is peaceful while this group is extreme. Meanwhile Blm is very violent and is a declared Marxist organization. It’s a shell game at this point.

    I don’t blame Trump for this. It’s strange seeing hordes of nogs dressed as military combatants even though they are a rehash of 1960s black panthers communists. Where is the Democrat White governor of Kentucky? Hiding as usual since it’s blacks who heavily voted for him.

    Blacks are a perennially unhappy people. It does not matter how many get in office or how many black actors there are or Trump’s song and dance of ” record black employment” before China sent Corona time. They are not American in Spirit. Some? Sure. Most? No way. And it never changes. They ( and most Whites) would be far happier in a nation breakup.

    The problem with all this is there is never a final answer. It’s just more whites slobbering to blaxxx. Now we get Blm worship. We get literally every basketball player and coach at an Nba game taking a knee for the ( bowel) movement. So much for any Christians there. Taking a knee for marxist psychopaths is profoundly anti CHRIST.

    Obviously this is a great time to destroy sports totally. Because after this insane charade we have witnessed the past few months, only true cowards and psychopaths would still support an anti White sports league- be it basketball, football or baseball.

  6. This is crazy but as a correction its actually happening under Jared Kushners America blumpf is just a puppet to dazzle the masses

    Joe Bidens America is just around the corner too… If this is happening now could it be any worse tho seriously whats blumpf going to do send Chad Wolf lol can’t hardly contain the anarchists in portland

  7. I have said this before here and on other forums-we have gone exponentially farther to the left under Trump in three and a half years than we did in eight years under obongo boy. I am anxious to see the small businesses’ reaction to these ridiculous demands. All the large corporations, as well as our national, state and local governments have already bent over backwards to these marxists. If small businesses cave in as well, what’s left to cave in to the left?

  8. This is a protection racket, done by a gang. Gangs usually aren’t allowed to act with impunity, unless they’ve first bribed the cops and politicos, so this is a little unusual.

  9. The Rhodesian clip is going to be where this all heads in America…..I am ready to join the fight for white rights and independence for our people….I will not live under black rule.

  10. If Whites don’t physically fight back on this, they will be robbed, looted, and killed while White cops sit around with excuses not to do shit. All we have is us, fuck the police.

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