Tucker Carlson: America Is Witnessing a Brazen Power Grab

“Democracy” is their word for ripping the tongue out of their critics, censoring the press of their rivals, blacklisting you from banking and employment, oligarchs buying public policy and nullifying elections, bureaucrats sabotaging the will of the elected president, declaring all disagreement on vast swathes of public policy to be “hate” and therefore illegitimate and outside the realm of rational debate, weaponizing the FBI to investigate, prosecute and gulag their political opponents, denying people their protection of the law on the basis of their race and politics, cheering on the righteous mob that smashes you over the head with a brick when you try to speak, hurls the Molotov cocktail at federal courthouses while raging against Trump or when it burns down your business, etc.

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  1. Carlson: “They accuse you of the crimes that they themselves are committing.”

    Translation, “the Jew cries out as he strikes you.”

  2. Hungarian Nationalists led by Victor Orban swept to power by making International $ money changer/speculator, Cult Marxist (Hungarian born but Brit/USA internationalist) George Soros the #1 enemy of Hungary – the Star Wars Evil Emperor:


    Jewish groups led loud denouciations of this anti Soros/Anti Semitic campaign which harken back to German and Hungarian anti Semitic campaigns in the 1930s, the but Leader of Israel Benjamin Netenyahu over ruled these protest as Netanyahu and Orban are friends/allies and Netanyahu justified the Anti Soros campaign because Soros is supposedly anti Israel.

    I go with the idea – go with what works.

    George Soros is a perfect enemy – extremely wealthy, his wealth made by the most dishonest, anti Christ form – $ money changing, currency speculation. This act of speculating against the Soviet Russian Ruble carried the death penalty for most of the history of the Soviet Union.

    So let’s have some American anti Soros propaganda – street posters, Soros as the Star Wars Evil Empire.

    American Conservatives mostly just bitch and moan about Soros – they never have a Lee Atwater moment when they decide to run political campaigns making Soros or say CNN’s Jeff Zucker, Harvey Weinstein….

    The enemy.

    Instead we just get lame campaigns about taxes, less government regulations, complaints of media bias, tech monopolist bias.

    American GOP Conservatives pretty much suck at propaganda.

    • There is a long-running Jewish internal battle between the globalist Jews (Soros, Trotsky) and nationalist Jews (Netanyahu, Israel’s founders). They somewhat avoid going directly at each other, but there is genuine strategic antipathy, with proxies across Western political life.

      Soros is tied to the more ‘mainstream’ Western politicians, Netanyahu is well-connected to Europe’s ‘right-wing nationalists’, overall, and Netanyahu’s son has even reposted some of the famous ‘Jew’ stereotype memes against Soros.

      This intra-Jew fight explains a lot of goings on, also, e.g., Netanyahu’s legal troubles inside Israel.

  3. Respectable conservatives are only allowed by their Anti-White overlords to stay on “safe” subjects, IOW subjects that won’t embarrass or offend their masters. That’s why they’re “respectable” and so useless.

  4. By who Tucker? The Moshiach lovers? Cat got your tongue there Tucker? Rest easy, without Christ the Jews do not possess the ability to lead or to rule and every time they try, God sees to it the Jews are turned to ruin.

  5. While FBI agents were fedposting and trying to entrap 13 year old White kids in terrorism plots on the internet, to pad the “White domestic terrorist” stats at the behest of the ADL, they were also protecting Epstein and his patrons while they trafficked and raped underage girls. True freedom and liberal democracy means your federal law enforcement agencies act as secret police for the Jewish mafia.

    • I’m no MD but I’m going to make a medical prediction anyway: Ghislane Maxwell catches Covid-19 in jail and dies from it. Give it time. If she has a dead man’s switch on her evidence it may cause a few low on the totem pole to go down but that’s it. Case closed, move along.

  6. Soros and his gang have been toppling governments for years by funding “protest” movements. Here is a short video of his overthrown of the Republic of Georgia.

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