Afrikan Emancipation Day

Well, this is lovely.

The blacks are also marching in Britain.

Daily Mail:

“Former MEP Nigel Farage blasted today’s Afrikan Emancipation Day march through London, describing the event as ‘divisive’ as protesters dressed in paramilitary-style clothing took part in the event.  

Hundreds of demonstrators brought Brixton to a halt as they marched through London to mark Afrikan Emancipation Day. 

The coalition of action groups – led by Stop The Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide and the Afrikan Emancipation Day reparations march committee  – took the drastic action to ‘make themselves heard’ in a bid for reparations from the UK government.

Among the groups of people marching were one group, dressed in black and equipped with what appeared to be anti-stab vests. One protester was wearing a balaclava, while another, angrily confronted police officers telling them to f*** off. 

The Metropolitan Police said three people have been arrested during this afternoon’s demonstration.  

Responding to the event, Mr Farage said: ‘Terrifying scenes in Brixton today. A paramilitary-style force marching in the streets. This is what the BLM movement wanted from the start and it will divide our society like never before.’ …”

This isn’t a new thing.

They have been doing this for several years now.

Obviously, this is an enormous improvement over Britain when it used to be homogeneous. Are we sure that the Conservatives have a grip on where demographic change is going?

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  1. In the lead photo I was surprised to see the number of whites standing around watching, as if it were a normal parade. In America that wouldn’t happen, Americans would know to stay away, except for one or two mudsharks “dating” some of the marchers. I don’t buy the line that Americans are naive about race. They know a lot more about blacks than the English, as shown in this example. It’s just that they have no representation in any institution, so the powers that be can paint them anyway they want. See any U.S. commercial. Americans aren’t as stupid as shown in those commercials when it comes to blacks.

  2. Cancel Culture is soon coming for the famous Rolling Stones Blues/Rock Bands Song “Brown Sugar”.

    When White British Rock is eaten by the mob I’m done felling any connection to Modern British Culture.

    The boomers of Great Britain owe all their rebelliousness/hipness to Dixie music.

    Southern USA music is the most authentic folk music ripped off by other whites/non whites juxtaposed to European classical music.

    • Speaking of the Stones, Jagger used to be non-PC. In the late 70s, Jesse Jackson accused him of racism. It was because of the lyrics in “Some Girls” that went, “Black girls just wanna get fu^ked all night, I just don’t have that much jam.” Mick wasn’t having any of it. He said Jackson should learn how to take a friggin’ joke.

    • @Mousiesh…

      I very respectfully disagree with you that mass deportations is ‘the only answer’ or, even, an acceptable answer.

      No, the answer is to stop colluding with the ridiculous behavior, and it will go away, of it’s own accord.

      How do I know this?

      Having raised children.

      Nobody child continues on with a behavior that garners them nothing, no matter how spoiled or dumb, as so it is with adults, as well.

      • The Africans in England will not leave if the British “stop colluding” with them. The Africans are determined to take over the systems there because they want control. The British will have to send them packing or else they will lose England.

        • @Stephania…

          The question, to my mind was not just whether The Africans would leave Britain, Dear Stephania, but, as to how they would carry on in Britain, whilst there.

          To that end, I remarked that how Africans in Britain carry on depends on one thing – whether the Brits decide to put up with same nonsense we currently do.

          That’s the ‘collusion issue’, My Dear Lady.

          As to Brits throwing out colonials and other artificial Brits, no one could know, but, I really doubt that such would ever occur.

          In any case, thank you for your replies and thoughts.

          • “In any case, thank you for your replies and thoughts.” Where is this Ivan Turgenev thing coming from? It’s very bold in its unctuousness.

          • @Roger Basement

            I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of “unctuousness.”

            This Mexican-loving, White-hating scoundrel “Ivan Turganev,” who I suspect from its writing manner and talking points is the unspeakable “anti-racist” moron Jaye Ryan, exudes an oily, slimy, snickering sanctimony that is quite irritating to anyone normal.

            “Thing” is another good description for it.

      • Two races occupying the same territory inevitably leads to race-mixing. Race-mixing leads to destruction, for one or the other, or both.

      • @Ivan Turgenev You appear to be operating under the delusion that blacks have the intelligence of White children and are capable of learning. No amount of ‘not colluding’ with these blacks is going to add 25 to 30 points to their IQ.

    • Ghana has said they’d take them all. A dozen or so of those huge Chinese container ships out of Charleston or Savannah? I’ll be the old Boomer selling t-shirts.

  3. England is not terribly behind America. They insanely let blacks in. It was basically a totally White nation until post Ww 2. They are paying big for allowing Africans and other once colonial owned nations in.

    I always laugh at pompous Western Europeans and Canadians who for years would lecture Americans on black people and how racist White America is. Well, they are increasingly getting blacked out now. Western European nations are seeing black crime explosions and general destruction be it in London, Paris and surrounding areas or the big crime uptick in Toronto, Canada thanks to ” the blaxxx.” I knew a girl who lived in Toronto nearly raped by a black and it wasn’t a flirting with/ dating thing. She was a selected victim who thankfully escaped.

    The signs are very troubling. Despite blacks living large in majority White nations, I notice a trend in signs being held up saying in affect, ” You Whites are lucky we blacks are not killing you instead of demanding reparations” or some other nonsense. Yes, American blacks came with slavery which was bad for countless reasons. But for Europe and Canada allowing blacks in thru immigration is a massive mistake. These nations are now seeing the mistake. Suddenly the lectures to American Whites by Europeans and Canadians seem very hollow. Blacks are the problem and not some made up White racism thing.

    South Africa is the goal for many White haters. These losers will continue to seek being ” paid off” for living well in majority White societies. Any evil thought that hurts Whites will become a policy goal. Disgusting White vermin like Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer will look to punish White people as much as they can before they die of old age. Can you imagine being around 80 years old like Pelosi and Hoyer and most likely to die within 10 years and your goals are to punish White people as much as you can? That is filthy evil. No wonder Pelosi looks and acts like a bag lady. She babbles incoherently all the time.

    Diversity is not a strength outside of food choices. Diversity is a major way to destroy your society. Blm, the Democratic Party and every diversity hawk have made that loud and clear.

    • @Jeff you are starting from a faulty premise. Look at the short history of slavery in the US statistically and the historical records of the slaves themselves. Being someone’s property sucks, but if you came from a mud hut, starving and dealing with tribal wars, eight hours a day of work, three solid square meals, and in most cases a kind master who treated you like family is not a bad thing.

      We owe these people nothing

      • Captain, I never said we owe black people anything. If anything the bill was grossly overpaid with no end in sight. What other nation would be dumb enough to pay for massive black welfare stealing, costs for police, prisons, food stamps, White private money, affirmative action, allowing blacks to be racist with zero ramifications? I can go on.

        Slavery was a big mistake we are paying for with no end in sight. It was done by wealthy morons too cheap to pay for labor. It’s also simply wrong to own other people. Yes, its been common throughout history and even today where slave estimates are at about 40 million but nobody cares because Whites don’t own them.

        My point was simply look at the mess it created. Imagine an America that never had slavery? Virtually every town and city in this country would be great. Our schools would be amazing. We would have far less crime, far less prisons, far less police and far less bloated government. Taxes would be very low. Tensions would be far less because black people would be few.

        Instead we get a never ending parade of angry blaxxx and their literally retarded White compatriots. We get screams for reparations to go on top of black peoples’ already insane abuse of government. There is no end in sight outside of breakup. If slavery never existed here and those rich White owners hired people to work Instead of slavery from Africa, our nation would be in an astronomically better place today. Ps..My comment about diversity being a strength when it comes to food is a bit tongue in cheek. But that at least can actually be defended. Lol.

        • @Jeff, perhaps I was not clear, my apologies. I understand and agree with your sentiment, except I believe that if we start any argument which places the small Atlantic slave trade as the ultimate evil, we lose. When looking at all of history or even just the past couple centuries, the practice of American slavery does not rank anywhere near where it is placed. The vast majority of slaves were quite appreciative and decades after the Civil War speak fondly upon their experiences and “masters”. It is only through modern media, starting with “Roots” a fictional story and continuing through to today with the non stop slate of anti white films, that almost everyone as their perspectives on slavery, mostly because people dont read and it requires work to look through sources.

          My only point is do not allow them to frame it as they portray it, because we start on the defensive “admitting” it was the most evil activity in history, when comparatively it was mild. Southerners treated blacks with alot more care and respect than Northerners who openly loathed them

      • @Captain Schill, absolutely brilliantly stated. Never operate within the Anti-White narrative. Most Blax alive today ( and many Whites) are completely ignorant of history and would not conceive of using it as a grievance had they not been propagandized to do so. Gratitude is the only response to White America these poc ingrates of all hues should be “demonstrating “. As the old line goes, none of the American Blax alive today was ever a slave, nor any White alive today a slave owner.

    • “Diversity is not a strength outside of food choices.”

      nah, lol …any moderately intelligent white human with basic reading skills can cook mud people food or nigger chow.

      Nigger chow, aka ‘prison spreads’ are the new trending hype on jootube…didn’t you know?

      They can keep their rape, robbery, dependency , murder , drug dealing and nonstop whining and ill take homogeneous society where i don’t have to carry a hand cannon with me everywhere i go everyday.

    • @Jeff

      “She babbles incoherently all the time.”

      The bottle of whiskey the old lush has hid up under her desk in the House might have something to do with it.

      I can barely understand half of what she says at any one time.

      • James, lol, I always find it amazing far more time is not focused on Pelosi’s insanity and obvious drinking and/or pill popping. She closes her eyes during speeches, then opens them slowly. She majors in gibberish. She stutters and babbles. Nancy literally makes no sense when she speaks.

        I saw a video of her when she was 60 years old- 20 years ago for her- and she was very sharp and quick. Obviously she was always a leftist nut job but she was fast. You look at her today and she is truly a bag lady. All she needs are the sneakers and paper bag. I would say she has a nice stash of Xanax hanging around. The tragedy is this evil witch has great power instead of being in a mental ward.

        Her brother died not long ago at age 90. She is partaking in these burial shows of John Lewis who died at 80, her age now. One would figure this witch would start thinking of where she goes when she dies. But nope, like children, these old wretches like her, Stoyer, Waters, Nadler, Sanders, Clyburn and the rest of these bottom feeders pretend they are not at the tail end of their lives. Then again what should I expect from baby killers, homosexual promoters and open borders marxist lite vermin?

    • “Diversity” is not what they want, and they know it. It’s just a tool to destroy Whites. You don’t get true diversity by mixing everything together, you destroy it.

  4. Blacks are emoldened, with plenty of Whites on their side. They are not going anywhere. We should get our acts together and keep them out of our neighborhoods. But we are more concerned about “the economy” There have never been more non-whites here until we “reopened”.

  5. “Without blacks our society/country would never have reached the heights it has,” said no one ever.

  6. Visited my bank to pay bills online and was met with Discover black businesses with Discover… And earn cash back”… Looked for a movie “Watch black historical films”. The system has been dedicated to “uplifting” these people for well over 60 years and cost trillions of dollars, and what have we got?

    I assume nothing because if you listen to Rockwell or Pierce or Duke from back then, the situation seems exactly the same. Especially with media complicity and anti white venom. The only difference is now the entire country looks like Pakistan and Guatemala with small ghetto enclaves that nobody else wants to live

  7. I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t blame them for wearing stab vests. If I were around that many Blacks I’d wear a stab vest too if I had one.

  8. I know Twitter isn’t really a representation of the masses but the replies under Farage’s thread are not very hopeful. One after another English white telling him to “shut up and leave if you dont like it” and “i see nothing but peaceful protests” as people march that hate them, want to destroy their civilization, and most definitely shake it down for some “reparations”

    This will never end until whites suicidial programming is broken. As long as the educational and media complex is allowed to continue, these weak self hating people will keep pushing for their own genocide and replacement into a world that resembles the Congo or Somali

  9. “you’re lucky we only want reparations not revenge” the feral negresses sign states.

    Yes, we are super lucky to have Africans in our societies.

    Super duper lucky!

    They are so productive and useful …what would we do without them, live in harmony in safe and productive societies with social cohesion …pfff, what a hellish existence that would be.

    • Niggers were only ever useful when bound and forced to perform productive work. Otherwise, they’re predatory parasites, and a blight on any civilisation foolish enough to let them in.

      Even the Pharoah Psestoris barred niggers from entering Egypt, because of their destructive, predatory behaviour and parasitism.

    • I would seriously consider reparations only if they included a one way, no return ticket to Africa.

  10. Would you look at that. Black Racists magically popped up all over the World destroying White Civilization. Such a grassroots movement. HaHaHa Not! This is the Democrats version of the Tea Party. The Tea Party was backed by the Republican Party and when Republicans got back in power….the Tea Party dropped out of existence. All the Tea Party is now is a Website with zero public rallies. The same thing will happen with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other Marxist Liberals organizations marching up and down the street right now destroying White Civilization. Is it really worth somebody like Joe Biden being elected President? LOL! Joe Biden of all people? You saved up all the liberal money and spent it on these fake protest organizations so an old White dude named Joe Biden might be elected President? Like his chances of being elected are pretty much zero right now because the vast majority of Americans are calling for Law & Order. When 2021 rolls around the Democrats will dump Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other pop up fake protest organizations because the Democrats will see that none of this was worth it….lost another election and Trump will get his second term. Lets hope the Democrats and Republicans all come back from the giant cliff America’s on now and be more middle / moderate on the issues and represent everybody. Deo Vindice !

    • Brian. No way. The Democrats will not represent everybody. Impossible. Whites are a dying minority in the House of Representatives. From my count, I counted a roughly 66% black, hispanic, asian, jewish, gay, moslem coalition. Traditional Whites only make up about 34% of Democrats in the House. Many of those Whites are old like Pelosi, Hoyer and Richard Neal. The always in crying mode face Debbie Dingell is late 60s but looks older. Plus all are dedicated to anti White policies. Cowards till death.

      There are very few sane black politicians. Jews are shady at best. Only ” muh anti semitism” from blacks shakes Jews up to reality at times. Hispanics promote mass lawbreakers due to many of the aliens being Hispanic. Does anyone seriously think a Hispanic Democrat will promote sanity outside of a literal few? Nah, it’s over. Black Lives Matter may be a short lived ( bowel) movement but there will never be much normalcy promoted from a coalition of blaxxx, jews, gays and browns. The average on a good day Republicans will benefit from Blm but will probably screw it up like always.

  11. The sheer arrogance of these uppity niggers is astounding.

    Their ancestors were taken prisoner initially by other groids, who retained 80% for themselves, sold most of the remaining 20% to Arabs, and only a tiny fraction to the Americas. So the entire thing is an offshoot of an immemorial AFRICAN practice anyway, which existed long before the White man came there, which alone should be enough to shut them up.

    Their conditions of slavery here were far better than anything that could be expected in Africa.

    We killed 600,000 of each other to free their worthless asses from bondage.

    We’ve abdicated our cities to them, allowing them to ruin them with murder, crime, property destruction, garbage, and their generally filthy and unendurable behavior, permitted them to massively distort our entire political and social system with their presence and voting habits, and thrown trillions of dollars at them trying to uplift their lazy, stupid, repellent selves, money which is squandered because they have neither the capacity nor the intention to be anything close to a civilized human even of the lowest grade.

    And then they have the absolute overweening gall to get in our faces with all these demands and hootings of accusation and condemnation?

    They should sit down, shut up, and count their numerous blessings, and think about everything that could be far, far worse for them if most Whites weren’t groveling cucks and actually had half a backbone. They’re being treated a million times better already than any group of useless, verminous parasites has any right to expect. They’re like sewer rats being given megatons of free cheese, and complaining that it isn’t served on a golden platter, too.

    An utterly useless bipedal disfigurement on our country.

    Kick ’em all back to Africa, I say. “Go be a nigger somewhere else.” And they should be thankful for that.

  12. Re: African emancipation (freedom):

    Full text and audio of “The Ballot or the Bullet,” Malcolm X’s greatest speech and fullest statement of Black Nationalism: In it, he describes Billy Graham as a preacher of White Nationalism.

    Instead of “integration,” he urged complete separation of the Black race.

    • From a speech by perhaps the greatest Black Nationalist, Thomas Sankara, delivered at the United Nations (translated from the French language) telling why Africans must refuse all aid and learn to stand on their own feet: “The truth about aid, represented as the panacea for all ills and often praised beyond all rhyme or reason, has been revealed. Very few countries have been so inundated with aid of all kinds as has mine. Aid is supposed to help development, but one can look in vain in what used to be Upper Volta to see any sign of any kind of development the aid and assistance policies merely led us to become completely disorganized, to enslave ourselves, to shirk our responsibility in our economic, political and cultural areas (…) We have chosen a different path to achieve better results. We have chosen to establish new techniques. We have chosen to seek forms of organization that are better adapted to our civilization, abruptly and once and for all rejecting all kinds of outside diktats, so that we can create the conditions for a dignity in keeping with our ambitions. We refuse simple survival. We want to ease the pressures, to free our countryside from medieval stagnation or regression. We want to democratize our society, to open up our minds to a universe of collective responsibility, so that we may be bold enough to invent the future. We want to change the administration and reconstruct it with a different kind of civil servant. We want to get our army involved with the people in productive work and remind it constantly that, without patriotic training, a soldier is only a criminal with power. That is our political programme. At the economic level, we are learning to live simply, to accept and to demand of ourselves the austerity that we need (…) Down with international reaction! Down with imperialism! Down with neo-colonialism! (…) Fatherland or death”:

      Even better is his speech against African “debt” to the super-wealthy global financiers: “(T)he refusal to repay is not an aggressive move on our part, but a fraternal move to speak the truth. Furthermore, the popular masses of Europe are not opposed to the popular masses of Africa. Those who want to exploit Africa are those who exploit Europe, too. We have a common enemy. So our Addis-Ababa Club will have to explain to each and all that debt shall not be repaid. And by saying that, we are not against morals, dignity and keeping one’s word. We think we don’t have the same morality as others. The rich and the poor do not have the same morality. The Bible, the Koran cannot serve those who exploit the people and those who are exploited in the same way. It could be used in favor of both sides, there should be two different editions of the Bible and two different editions of the Koran. We cannot accept to be told about dignity. We cannot accept to be told about the merit of those who repay and the mistrust toward those who do not. On the contrary, we must recognize today that it is normal for the wealthiest to be the greatest thieves. When a poor man steals it is merely a theft, a petty crime — it is solely about survival and necessity. The rich are the ones who steal from the treasury, customs duties, and who exploit the people”:

      Documentary of “the African Che Guevara”:

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