I feel like I have expended my rage.

For years, I raged about Donald Trump and how nothing he ran on was getting accomplished, how various things like criminal justice reform that no one had ran on were getting done instead, how there was no vision on the mainstream Right aside from pandering and doing whatever the Republican donor class wants. Less than 100 days out from the 2020 election though, I just don’t care anymore.

Earlier this year, I raged for months about COVID-19, which I thought was being downplayed. I did not believe it was “just the flu.” I was aghast when the donor class made the call in February to “let it rip.” It has since ripped through 159,000 lives and that is during the spring and summer at exactly the time when the normal flu season ends. In hindsight, the only thing worse than the initial response to the virus were the half assed lockdowns which followed, which cratered the economy in April only to revert back to the same policy of doing nothing in May. The virus was allowed to rebound to new highs and now the situation is hopeless. No one trusts “public health experts” anymore. No one trusts the government. Nothing can be done about the situation and what was done was foolish and chaotic. Some countries like China did precision lockdowns which saved lives and quelled the virus. The geniuses who run the United States failed to save lives, failed to quell the virus, sunk the economy and added trillions of dollars in debt. No one has any idea of what will happen when the actual flu season begins in the fall.

After raging about Donald Trump and COVID-19, I moved on in late May and early June to raging about, well, nothing short of the collapse of civic order in large swathes of the United States, which was more startling than the virus. We watched helplessly as mobs engaged in violence on a scale unprecedented at least in my lifetime. We watched them blow up police departments. We watched some cities abolish the police outright. We watched them lay siege to a federal courthouse. We watched them destroy hundreds of public monuments. We watched countless people get “cancelled” for differences of opinion. Finally, it culminated in nearly every major multinational corporation in the United States showering the mob with plaudits and billions of dollars and the meaning of “racism” being changed to be mean “White person.” The greatest legislative triumph of the Trump administration was cutting their taxes.

I know that I am not alone in this. Millions of people are enraged about some combination of the above or all of the above. The staggering incompetence, fecklessness and venality of our worthless “leaders” who are supposed to protect us and represent our interests has been exposed by a true crisis. I’m guessing the sentiment out there has followed a trajectory similar to mine … crossing from anger and rage at our do nothing leaders to just being emptied of rage and feeling like you are done with the whole lot of them. Nothing can be done with these people. They can’t be relied on to do anything. At least for those of us who aren’t millionaires and billionaires. The current system works for oligarchs.

So what happens now? What comes out of this collective loss of confidence? What do you do when you realize your “representatives” are a joke? We shall know soon enough.

Note: I think we need another option.

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  1. Buy rifles ammunition and a few months of supplies. We are entering the chaos of Early Weimar Germany.

    • Hidin’ Joe Biden seems like our Paul von Hindenburg. Wonder who the next “literal Hitler” will be?

    • The same is happening in Europe. Few days ago, a bunch of spics tried to set Madrid’s statue of Christopher Columbus on fire. They had a sign that said “Fuego al orden colonial”, which can be translated to “Fire to the colonial order”.

      We better be prepared for what’s about to occur.

  2. Fred Reed
    “A country gets what it asks for, and deserves what it tolerates.”

    So basically it has to get way less tolerable in order for a leader to emerge.

    • People thee hour couldnt be any later than it is in this dark confusing time there seems to be no hope but there is and we all are going to have to make some hard decisions. no doubt but our king i believe wants us to stay at our post and do our duty as men and women should i believe marse robert would want us to do our duty also we will smile and be happy again!! Peace be with you all!!!

    • We can’t rely on a leader emerging. Trump was the last (and very doubtful) hope for the current system.

  3. In republican shill land, the narrative is now that if Trump loses then Biden will organize black death squads to go door to door in suburbia systematically murdering white families.

    • In that vein, humour site the Onion provides an uplifting ‘coronavirus news’ take, with a White House presser photo in the lede:

      « Top U.S. Health Experts: ‘Hold On To Your F-cking Seats Because This B-tch Hasn’t Even Thought About Starting Yet’

      “Well, you all better buckle the f-ck up, because this sh-t is about to kick into high gear,” said Stanford professor of health research and policy Richard Mason, warning the nation that they better strap in tight, because “This motherf-cker will knock you on your g-ddamn ass. ” »


  4. This sort of thing is natural. American culture is weak because Americans traditionally have not undergone much struggle in their history and this makes us exceptionally vulnerable to silly things like this. Struggle develops culture, this is the reason why the South is more culturally developed than the North because the former underwent tons of more struggle than the latter so one could imagine that Southern culture is more what we would look like down the road than the North. This crisis will truly cement American culture. The way I look at it is that the “United States” is pregnant with America and this crisis is the messy birth. The only way “out” of this is to “redpill” normies and since the political means to do that is shut off from us the only means left to us is to do it by (alt)media and art. Music, writing, film, and so forth and thereby also growing and furthering our own culture as well. We really need to take pride in being Americans and not attach that to our government. The English and Germans are not so stupid as to think that their government equals their national identity. When I tell people who think like us that I am proud to be an American they say with shock all the various misdeeds of which the government is guilty. Of course the misdeeds are true, but what they do not understand is that the government is not America, but that we are America. Other nations understand this because they can remember a time when they were ruled by foreign nations and remained within whatever nation they were in before. The Pole being ruled by the Tsarists or the Nazis didn’t make him a Russian or a German and so he understands that him being ruled over by a Polish government is not what makes him a Pole. Countries are groups of people and (White) Americans must recognize themselves as such. In any case, we need this crisis to remind ourselves of who we are and from that rejuvenate ourselves and go places we’ve never gone before. This is the silver lining to this cloud and a sort of a whitepill. Don’t despair.

  5. Yes, I agree – this country has become a comedy, unless, of course, you happen to be living here, at which point it becomes something more akin to a Gothic soap opera…

    • “West Coast secession.”

      The stuff dreams are made of. As long as we can shake off a good part of the East Coast, too, preferably.

  6. Don’t counter-signal those who choose to take Supreme A. The present and historic crimes of the Tay Sachs Schizos must addressed and punished.

    No one wants to be deplatformed for fedposting or have the FBI invade their homes and arrest them for promotion of terrorism…….

    But, if someones wants to Nike then let it be.

    God understands fully and fully supports Justice against Evil.


  7. Got to disagree with Brad’s argument here. Congressman Brat and Senator Brown were much more nationalistic on immigration than their predecessors were and they were elected despite the odds. Amnesty was defeated during the Bush Jr, Obama, and Trump Administrations because the people stood up to Congress and said no. That all shows that grassroots efforts can succeed and Congress isn’t completely broken yet.

    Comparing America to South Africa is a flawed analogy. South Africa is 76% black. U.S. Census projections show the fastest growing populations are Asian and Hispanic because of immigration and the black population won’t exceed 13%. Asians are generally white friendly and high IQ and mestizos aren’t as hostile towards whites or super low IQ as blacks are. Blacks generally don’t get along with Asians and Hispanics so a perpetual trinity alliance that the left fantasizes about is unlikely.
    The U.S. will probably come to resemble Brazil or Mexico, which is bad but not as bad as S. Africa or Zimbabwe.

  8. Every time I see that George Floyd hologram I get nightmares knowing that they’re probably gonna project that thing on Stone Mountain when they get the laser show back up and running. I’m calling it now – the Laser Show Spectacular 2021 will be featuring Big George. Ugh.

  9. If you are a white person attending an NBA or NFL games you are the freaking problem! I noted in a background scene on Tucker Carlson BLM is stealing our memes because I saw many posters saying “It’s OK to be Black.”

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