The George Floyd Hoax



“This is bracing. Here is the police body cam footage of the Minneapolis police officers’ encounter with George Floyd in the nearly eight minutes between the time they first engaged him, and put him on the ground and suppressed his neck:

Early, one of the officers has a gun on him, and tells him repeatedly to put his hands on the wheel. Floyd says, “I got shot the same way before.” Well then, says the cop, put your hands on the wheel when I tell you to.

The police tell him repeatedly to get out of the car, but he keeps saying, “Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me.” Yet he refuses to obey them. At the 1:28 moment, Floyd says, “I just lost my mom, man.” (He was lying about that.)

At the 1:51 point, a female voice is heard saying, “Stop resisting!”

Floyd continues to resist arrest as they’re trying to cuff him. At about the 2:12 point, the officer says again, “Stop resisting!” …

George Floyd is dead today almost entirely because of George Floyd. Watch that bodycam video above (it ends just as he is on the ground with Chauvin’s knee in his neck), and tell me how there is any other reasonable conclusion? All he had to do was obey the police, who gave him chance after chance after chance. They did not come down on him hard, with the neck restraint, because he was black. They came down on him because he hysterically resisted arrest, for at least eight minutes.

The media’s narrative is false. All the George Floyd riots, all the George Floyd protests, have been based on a lie. That lie, though, has become so fundamental to the left’s narrative that disbelieving it will be impossible for countless people.

Watch the video. It really is shocking to realize how badly we have been misled by the media, by politicians, by celebrities, and by activists.”

Tawana Brawley was a lie.

Rodney King was a lie.

The Duke Lacrosse scandal was a lie.

The Jena 6 was a lie.

St. Skittles was a lie.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was a lie.

Deandre Harris was a lie.

Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace lied.

Every incident no matter what the context is seized on to push the same narrative of evil white people killing poor innocent Black people. It is always the same progressives jonesing for Emmett Till. The narrative flies around the world before the truth has the time to get its pants on.

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    • N-words lie. It’s in their souls. They are NOT human. They are a sub-human animalistic race, who only occasionally rise to the level of normal Whites. Our forefathers knew this, warned us of this, and kept them non-citizens for a reason.

      • NIGGERS are just a different “species of human.” They belong in Africa. Worse than them though are the wiggers rioting with them.

        PS : Don’t forget all the mass shooting lies too. We’re dealing with an Octopus ( like in Spectre, ) coming at us from alot of angles.

        A very carefully crafted Confederacy 2.0 is the answer.

        • “n-Words are just a different “species of human.” They belong in Africa.”

          I would disagree. But then, to a pagan, your definition of the word, ‘Human’ is vastly different than mine, as I must take my definitions from the Verbum Domini. Which does NOT include the sub-Saharan hominids in that call.

          As to your second statement, I would agree. EVERY LAST n-Word must be repatriated. Lincoln was right on this one.

          “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree as that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be pari passu filled up by free white laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. We should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of our case.” – A. Lincoln

          In his first debate against Stephen Douglas in 1858, A. Lincoln stated clearly: “I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.”

          The thesis of the Two Europes [East vs. West] is explored in these essays from the presupposition that the Western, Second Europe is derivative and aberrant. ”

          • Nobody cares about the Verbum Domini and the apostate catholic church. You talk about paganism, well, the catholic church has plenty of it mixed in there.

            No true christian would deny that blacks are human. That’s not even good science.

            ALL people come from Adam and Eve, this includes blacks.

            Only godless evolutionists like Darwin would try and say that blacks are less human, but even then, that isn’t good science.

            And this ain’t me kissing black ass, this is just facts.

          • Teaching that they are not human beings is absolute anti-science, and it is not good, accurate Biblical hermeneutics (misinterpreting and misapplying the story of Ham) either. Anti-science (for another example, denying that there is a coronavirus pandemic) is not harmless.

  1. Those worshipping St. George should be encouraged to take fentanyl and meth sacraments, in honor of their sacred nog.

    • I’m still in grieving mode over the death of St.George, patron saint of fentanyl. Add to that another saint, St. John Lewis, patron saint of grifters and frauds who has recently left this mortal coil. How can we go on, day by day without their inspiration? I don’t know, I guess I will have to turn to Jack Daniels for inspiration.

      I still get John Lewis and Elijah Cummings mixed up. It’s easy to do, they were both ugly as fuck and stupid as shit and they’re both dead, too.

      Even Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Sullivan mixed the two reprobates up, tweeting out a picture of Elijah Cummings upon the death of St. John Lewis, patron saint of grifters and frauds.

      Oh, the humanity!

    • Boomer X writes
      AUGUST 4, 2020 AT 7:46 PM
      “Those worshipping St. George should be encouraged to take fentanyl and meth sacraments, in honor of their sacred nog.”

      I respond:

      That would include squeaky clean Utah Sen. Mittens Romney he of the Church of Latter Day Sissies, LDS doesn’t allow members to smoke, drink beer or even hot drinks like tea or coffee. But, Mittens Romney has taken the knee embraced BLM and worships St. George Floyd – I’m making lots of comments on Mittens Facebook page that he should do Fentanyl and meth sacrements, maybe embrace the street bisexual prostitute lifestyle.

    • I suspect that they will. The trial is set for October, I believe — just in time for a speedy acquittal to set off fresh riots at voting time.

  2. Lmao bootlicker. None of that actually excuses those degenerates bootlicker. Hopefully they’ll burn in hell with the Negro. Classic Amerimutts.


    • Did i hear you correctly sir ? Support antifa? I would rather support a shotgun blast to my stomach! Sir!! I will pray for their sorry asse’s though our lord bore their stripes also. The worst thing you can do to them is ignore them they crave validation. Deep down inside they know their rotten thats why they try to destroy everything that reminds them of who and what they are.

  3. There has never been any justice or honesty in your Jewish INjustice system. It has always been a Jewish fraud. It’s war, it’s time for it to collapse and give way to martial law. Make it happen. Even the slightest hint of (((impartiality))) and compromise with the kikes is treason. They are the enemy who has to be DESTROYED AT ALL COSTS.

    • Be careful there mbt our father who art in heaven will deal with them. Nobody gets by with.anything! At the end of the day we all dance to our lords tune !!!

    • Collapse/ martial law you want that really.?will be a whole lot easier talking about it that going thru it! The death and destruction will stagger the mind!! We.dont know how bad it will cause it will have never have been this bad before! We are not war pigs! We should strive to be civilized christian men! Sir! Marse robert said i desire only to sit by my fireside and eat my bread in peace! They wouldnt leave him alone they want leave us alone. That is why we will fight ! We have too.our lord said a man who wont provide for for his own house is worse than a infedel! I love our people i only want protect them!i hope and pray our lord will bless our people our cause i hope and pray our children will have a world left to grow up too maybe they can do better in life in this world than i have. Than we have! Jefferson said it well when he said i tremble for my country when i realize god is just!

  4. Allow me to be the devil’s advocate here. (I wish I could remember the Latin words for that) but assuming George Floyd had never been arrested and were still alive today how long would it be before he graduated to murder? He already had home invasion under his belt. The life that was saved might have even been black, perhaps even a whole family of blacks. Pure speculation, of course, but barring redemption that was the path he was on.

    • Advocatus diaboli and Just to add during the home invasion he pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach

  5. Who was in charge of keeping this video under wraps so long? Police should have released it immediately and saved themselves a lot of grief. I imagine some people higher up wanted it to remain out of the public eye.

    • Leave it up to zog patrol to delay the video then release it 3 months later to rile up the jogger community into more riots and looting.

      After watching the video what stuck out the most was how much meth was in his system he was on a high dose. It was the methamphetamine that gave him increased anxiety and increased claustrophobia. He wasn’t high on fentanyl at the time he took that the morning,day or even week before probably. A opiate high does not look like that he would of been passive otherwise

  6. American Pravda. The astute among us have known this for decades, but the latest incident, given the aftermath, is so appalling that even normies should be able to see through it now with the video. Hopefully this will cause them to question the media more broadly and bring them on a path to our side.

  7. Brad, thanks for posting this.

    It’s always tough to decide if I should share your posts on OD, but I have no issues with sharing the source along with a quick take.

    Also, say what you will about the Stormer, but it’s turned into the Drudge Report for the dissident right. I can’t ever directly share from the site, but I often share the source material.

    • “I can’t ever directly share from the site, but I often share the source material.”


      And, as recent events with my ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’ have shown me, the vast majority of those who I once called 1) intelligent and 2) Christians, has shrunk by an order of magnitude – people I have known for most of my adult life, are now IMMEDIATELY lashing out, asking NOT to hear ANY contradictory, scientific, or MEDICAL stats that would challenge their preconceived, mask-submissive, ‘hands up, don’t shoot- I can’t breathe- n-Word as Savior’ paradigm. Truly, this is living proof of the ‘Madness of Crowds’…

      and for what? Over Hysteria vis à vis the Plandemic, and the subsequent Antichrist “Marxist BoweLMovement” [BLM] that is poisoning the land??????

      [‘If it’s brown, flush it down- by any means necessary!’]

      We are NOT a nation anymore, we are a nothing more than gaggle of disparate, brainless geese, honking and walking in circles, waiting for the Kosher slaughter…. And it’s frightening, how STUPID so, so, so many people are- or just damn naive. But then, in God’s eyes, no one is naive. Merely disobedient. [ Rom 3:23] And ready for the slaughter, as He has predestined them to be.

      “Second, the doctrine of Reprobation does not mean that God refuses to save those who earnestly seek salvation. The fact is that the reprobate have no longing for the Saviour: they see in Him no beauty that they should desire Him. They will not come to Christ – why then should God force them to? He turns away none who do come – where then is the injustice of God fore-determining their just doom ? “ (pp. 100, 101) AW Pink, Sovereignty of God.

  8. Interesting footage. I never believed the mainstream narrative about this incident. And now it turns out that it was exactly as supposed. The nogger showed its typical behaviour, made a big fuss for almost 8 minutes, instead of just take a seat in the squad car. Seemed to be full of drugs as well, vibrant and talking weird shit all the time. So what else should the cops do than to play it safe and take a knee on dindu’s neck? I guess even the pussy cops in Sweden would have lost patience in such a situation.

    So all in all it was just another fatal hoax to drive the western world into utter madness and chaos. Mainly in the USA but also in Europe leftists and other savages took this as an excuse to riot and to destroy monuments of white civilization. Also in Germany we are increasingly tortured with that ‘Black Lives Matter’ crap. Newspapers, magazines, TV shows are full of it. Especially since the Floyd incident all kinds of local black politicians and celebrities come out of their holes, complaining about ostensible racism, brazenly accusing their host nation. Of course heavily supported by leftist politicians, journalists and other filthy traitors. But their accusations are totally absurd and ridiculous. Those blacks are so annoying creatures. If i had not been a racist before i would surely have become one by now.
    Black Lives Matter? For what? For KFC? Maybe they mattered in the past, as farm equipment. But nowadays they are just plain annoying.

  9. Psalm:12:2

    They utter lies to each other; with flattering lips and a double heart they speak.

    Psalms 31:18

    Let the lying lips be mute, which speak insolently against the righteous in pride and contempt.

  10. ….and Emmett Till was a lie. The media didn’t start just lying to us in the last decade. They’ve been lying and spinning narrative for decades. Everything we know think we know about the Civil Rights Era was all narrative and lies–Rosa Parks, Emmet Till, etc. etc. etc.

  11. Another leftist lie exposed months after it happened. Meanwhile the damage from this lie has been done in the form of riots, destroyed monuments, cancel culture, assaults and MURDER by the blm and antifa terrorists. More proof that FACTS DON’T MATTER TO THE LEFT. Their entire ideology is based on LIES, LIES, LIES.

  12. One thing some are failing to note here – that Floyd’s White girlfriend swore up and down that Floyd never could have resisted arrest, because he was ‘not that kind of guy’, but, a ‘deeply loving soul.’

  13. Doesn’t matter cops still fucked up. I agree hands up don’t shoot is bullshit. You can’t kill someone unnecessarily for resisting arrest.

  14. Gee, I am so shocked at such. Y’mean, old George was another Saint Trayvon? Of course he was, but then, negroes just love to worship at the altar of Magistrate Pilate.

  15. My poor,poor repobate country!! Kind father in heaven forgive us our sins have mercy on us. Heal our land lead us out of.this father if it be thy will i ask in the name and blood of jesus.

    • @Terry…

      Yes, Sir – we need to ask to regain favour with The Lord Jesus Chryst, as so many of us have turned away.

  16. America’s downfall is in its diversity, jewish control of media and Hollywood, insane numbers of immigrants who then compete for jobs and housing and the Democratic Party literally being in bed with Marxists.

    Yes, we always had blacks but both political parties were not so obscenely pushing them back in the day. Now Democrats are literally slaves to blacks. There is nothing so gross as to see one White Democrat after the other literally anal licking black booty all the time. I mean we are at dog performer level now with these White Democrats. It’s evil, twisted and sewer level.

    Most blacks will never be Christians despite the juke and jive show they put on at ” da church.” I comically was reading about the Georgia Senate race, the special election to replace retiring Senator Isaacson. The Democrats are pushing hard a communist black ” rev run” Raphael Warnock. He is one of the leaders at the hyped Ebenezer Baptist Church in Georgia. He favors murdering the unborn, favors homosexuality and homosexual marriage. He favors open borders. He defends black lies matter. And this guy is a reverend? Seriously now? Then again so is the thin man Al Sharpton. So are many racist blacks who do it for the tax avoidance and free cash. With blaxxx there is no hope for most. And many Democrat senators are backing him because they get all the things they want and also hide behind his reverend status.

    Whites were too busy letting blacks crap out more kids out of wedlock and paying for it in states like Georgia. Few restrictions to receive welfare. It would be the ultimate coup to not only have this communist reverend Warnock as a senator from the state but also a leftist jew is running for the other seat, Jon Ossoff . Imagine the black and jew becoming senators from Georgia? Wow. This is what decades of allowing Georgia to become insanely diverse has created.

    Many of these Marxist Democrats are speaking of the riots, Blm and coronavirus as the perfect storm for communist change. They will go for it all. Every pass they make is for a touchdown while Republicans are lucky to move the ball 10 or 15 yards. Reparations will become a reality and is being passed in states and local areas now. Blacks will steal as much as they can on our march to Zimbabwe part 2. The question is will Republicans and simple lawsuits from everywhere stop it?

    This is a very different time now. We need to break up…peacefully. We don’t need 340 million people under the same umbrella any longer. Voting for Trump is necessary to quicken up the end of America. Biden is literally an angry, out of his mind old man who will then pass the baton to communist black scum.

  17. Regardless of what is George Floyd’s race or character, the murder of George Floyd is still a murder. The imperial police-state-mass-incarceration system is still what it is regardless of what fun can be made of George Floyd and others killed or imprisoned by it.

    • The video makes it clear that race had nothing to do with his death. It wasn’t even really a clear case of police brutality. He was unhealthy and high on drugs.

      • Yes, some will use the video to “prove” that he “deserved it.”

        I actually saw the video before, when it came out yesterday, and I was not surprised by it at all; nothing has changed. The neck pressure “restraint” (torture) technique, which by the way is also used frequently on “Arab” (Palestinian) so-called “animals,” is still barbaric, a criminal act in and of itself, regardless of whether or not the victim was Black, unhealthy, drug-addicted, pornographic, etc.

  18. Fascistic police gangs that perform executions and other acts of illegal violence exist in MANY cities besides Minneapolis and Los Angeles: “A whistleblower in the LA County Sheriff’s Dept has exposed a violent right-wing extremist gang operating within the Compton station known as the ‘Executioners.’ The Executioners network, according to a report on Jul 30 in the LA Times, is composed of sworn law enforcement officers who all have matching tattoos featuring ‘a skull with Nazi imagery’ and an assault rifle. The gang ‘celebrates deputy shootings and the induction of new members with ‘inking parties’ (…) Members become inked as ‘Executioners’ after executing members of the public, or otherwise committing acts of violence”:

  19. Notice we have entered a new time where if the police shoot a black guy no matter the circumstances, the blacks loot and riot. To them it’s like freebie Fridays. Basically they get to steal what they want. This just happened again in Chicago over the weekend. Black criminal mutt gets shot and in response savages looted nice stores in downtown Chi Congo. How can a society exist on that?

    I do think police are necessary. I also think they should only be used in violent crime situations. I guess one could argue for excessive speeding as well. We don’t want people driving 30 miles per hour over the speed limit on highways with zero ramifications. But the more their powers can be specific the better.

    What has happened is blacks know Democrat politicians have sent out very mixed messages on the police. Many are also quite dumb and believe they are victims which is a comedy act outside of rare circumstances.

    Things are imploding in America. The morons have all the kids. The ghetto trash, illegal invaders, etc. This is generally true outside of mormons, true believer Evangelical Christians, and religious jews. Other than that it’s Tyrone and his seven ” keeds” with 3 different sperm receivers. Or it’s Hector who just got here with his 4 muchachos from Guatemala.

    The biggest problem is the lie that all cultures can keep a society going. That’s ultra level comedy material right there. Then you toss on marxist higher mis-education brainwashing Whites to not only hate themselves but to promote every other culture except White culture.

    As the looting over the last couple of days in Chicago has proven, unrestrained black people will turn every city and town into Africa or Haiti….happily so. Are there individual blacks that can keep up a society? Yes. The problem is they are a minority not to mention most blaxxx enjoy being part of a forever victimhood Democratic Party. Their hatred and jealousy of Whites far supersedes any sense of patriotism, doing what’s right and stop playing pretend victims forever. The vile jewish media is always defending them until ” muh anti semitism” comes yet again from ” the blacks.”

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