Trump Supporters Make Their Case For 2020

Editor’s Note: I’m listening to this while throwing darts against the wall.

I couldn’t care less.

Either way, the result is going to be same. Half the country is going to consider the winner illegitimate. The result will be a downward spiral into Crisis. There are no brakes on this train. Derailment is inevitable.

UPDATE: Heh. Trump has given up on neocons? Oh really?

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  1. Well, my point is, that until there is no viable resistance network , republican rotten filth is the only thing what stands against full Soviet revolution. Secession is impossible, for genetic white liberals this is zero sum game.

    If you want to find out, ask random genetic white liberal, does (enter your preferred gender identity) accept 100% white normal ethno state. ?

    They have strict values. Normality, also called razizz, fachizz , Islamophobia and so on has no place in the Universe even in remote spaceship far far away in the galaxy.

    This is the reason, why Poland and Hungary supporting EU . This is zero sum game, we must take everything or nothing. Genetic white liberals are like cancer. Even do you have it or not but there is no chance to peaceful coexistence,

    Behind the link is one of the greatest hits of OD. They do not give you one square inch on your grand fathers grave somewhere in the forgotten Beaverhole county to stick flag into ground and you dreaming about a homeland …:D 😀

    This is exactly how communist thinks and what they really want when last resistance is blown away. Until there is normal resistance, a la Fidez with paramilitary and Orban in charge, I highly recommend rotten resistance to win time to build up real resistance at lest 50 mile radius from your current living location.

    • Does’nt matter if Trump is re-installed or not anyway, he really controls very little, and the marxtards run roughshod over anything he tries to do, or say. Not to mention, he never figured out that he should have replaced all the leftists in the bureaucracy, he actually thought he could “make deals” with them. It would only be like the last 4 years, the people who should be waking up will just go back to sleep, and fight anyone who tries to wake them up. I will cast my ballot for Trump, just to piss of the marxists, not because it will matter.

    • “republican rotten filth is the only thing what stands against full Soviet revolution. Secession is impossible…”

      Two points. Please, let’s leave the Russians out of it. Call it what it is- JEWISH SUPREMACIST MARXISM.

      As for secession? Never say never.

  2. It’s actually still possible that Donald John Trump is a heavily black-mailed guy who always had his heart in the right place, and is now trying to stay alive to do whatever good he can

    Think of where Trump is and who surrounds him, the JFK-assassinating forces … forces almost no one could withstand

    Forces who have ‘hit’ 5 of the last 11 US Presidents, two shot in office, JFK and Reagan, Reagan shot by the son of an employee of George Bush’s brother (!), and 3 bogus impeachments

    They railroaded Nixon for exiting Vietnam and cutting a deal with China, and they even had to impeach slimy Bill Clinton to force him to bomb Serbia

    It is possible that Trump is bearing the burden of having so many of his supporters see him as a shill … when he isn’t

    We just don’t really know, and there is enough signalling from Trump that ‘secret hero Trump’ is reasonably possible

    Looking at his old, great statements on video, it is hard to believe it was all a psychopathic lie

    God knows what is true, and we may need to be in the next life ourselves before we find out

    Couldn’t find the classic Trump hostage meme from 2017 … photo of Trump speaking, with a rifle muzzle peeking out from the side, top caption ‘Happy Passover!’ bottom caption ‘Psst Help Me They Are Going to Kill Me’

    Give Trump the benefit of the doubt, and vote for him, is what I say … He changed history, and he remains a symbol if nothing else, and your vote for him will deliciously tick some people off

    • afrter 4 years of being shat on by Drumpf

      one would think you’d stop wearing it for a hat.

      apparently not.

      • Couldn’t have put it better, Lt.-Col., so just permit me to applaud your statement.

        Truer words were never spoken.

    • “heavily black-mailed guy”

      Considering his long history of blackmailing people with AMI, his fixers Michael Cohen and Roger Stone, his mentor Roy Cohn, and a dozen other Jewish organized crime figures, it seems odd no one seems to think that it’s Donald Trump blackmailing everyone else.

      This is the guy that tried to blackmail the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, with his “dick picks” that his Saudi friends – and contacts in Hollywood – leaked to AMI, Trump’s long-time tabloid friends. He went after Bezos because the Washington Post was discussing Jared Kushner’s best friend, Saudi Arabia’s MBS, and all the murder and terrorism he was committing.

      Sure, the media “hates Trump” – but he’s the only politician they even put on TV. All publicity is good publicity. Anyone remember that Donald Trump and Jeff Zucker of CNN have been friends for 20 years?

      Of course not, no one remembers that.

      Also, professional wrestling isn’t “real” – it’s a performance, a show, a scripted act.

  3. I think he’s going to marginally win. No one opposing him will accept the result.

      • @Lt. Col. Boomer…

        “What we need is (((System))) collapse.”

        Never fear, Colonel – The Democrats are on your side, in this matter, every dadburn step of the way!

      • Indeed, that’s about the only reason I can see voting for him any longer.

        Biden might calm things down. Trump’s mere existence puts the left into a rabid frenzy (which is absurd, given that he’s actually a leftist), and may succeed in finally tipping this shit over while there are still enough White people remaining to rebuild something afterward.

  4. One thing Zlormpf did which was correct was to end the Obamacare Mandate. That effected me personally and there’s not one person in the ADR2 who has any status to disagree. It was the correct decision, period.

    If you don’t have a job and are not a part of the Working Class then close your mouth.

    Gas prices have remained low. That’s also good for the Working Class.

    Thank you Zlormpf. I voted for you once but that’s it. Enjoy your multi-billion dollar retirement with your hot wife surrounded by Secret Service as you traverse the globe to all your various upscale golf courses and hotels…….

    But, before you go I need another round of TrumpBux!

    Gracias and Adios, Naranja el Retardo!

  5. Though I had supported President Trump in 2016, I was not planning on supporting him again, for all the reasons that have many times listed here.

    That said, we are at a crucial juncture and so, with all decisions important, a few weeks back, I did what I always do – I consulted The Almighty in my prayer life.

    Unlike what normally occurs in my prayer life, I heard his voice immediately and loud and clear : ‘vote for Trump.’

    When I asked why, I heard the following : ‘just do it.’

    Since then, I have heard two other things in my prayer life, concerning the subject of Trump. The first thing was that he will do better in his second term. The second was that President Trump inadvertently serves as a bridge to a better place that has not been revealed to me, only that Trump’s principal function, as our president, is that his presence constantly goads those forces, those people, and those institutions, that The Good Lord regards as evil and unholy, to come out of hiding and into full view.

    God, or, at least, how He has revealed Himself to me in these matters, regards that, before we can get to the next stage, the soil must be first set – and that soil is to bring out of the darkness into a very glaring publick light, all the infections and toxick funghi that have been skulking just around the corner and below.

    Even if nothing else is achieved, God thinks this process of illumination is vital and Trump, irrespective of his glaring imperfections, is the apparent chosen medium for this process.

    • “he will do better in his 2nd term”. No,

      Drumpf will keep on doing extactly what he has done for the last 4 years:

      suck Jewish dick, kiss black ass, and massage spics. While

      shitting on teh White idjits who voted for him.

      • @Lt.-Col. Boomer…

        I understand, Colonel. With your assertion none could argue. That said, do you not think that the curriculum you accuse Trump of metriculating would be the same for any occupant of The Oval Office?

        I believe, Sir, it’s been decades since that curriculum was an elective endeavour!

        In any case, be well!

      • “They hate Trump, because they hate us ‘that’s what it boils down to”-

        That’s it in a nutshell. The Jews, the Nigs, the Fags, the Ho’s, the Baby-killers, the Trannies,the Woke, the antichrists- every single aberrant demographic- HATES WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES; our wives, children, culture, language, religion.

        There is no other option. Vote for Trump, then plan for war. Vote for Biden, the seventh level of Hell is what you are then in. Every single touchstone (Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Evangelical) is saying, ‘Vote for Trump if only to give us time to plan’ – is it a good choice? No, the end of civilization never is…. but as we have seen with the PLandemic, and BoweLMovement anarchy [BLM] sometimes, it’s best to let the forces of evil (See all the regular suspects, up above) show their hand… as they have been. When 80+% of people in a Poll say ‘Hell, No’ to Obama’s “National Section 8” you know the masses have HAD ENOUGH.

        Misericordie, Domine.

        • They choose hell hate and darkness we choose life love and light you know a tree by.the fruit it bares their jealous just like caine was jealous of abel what did abel do? Obey the lord! Their jealous of our people! Why because our people have brought the gospel along with civilasation to a savage world that see no value in life other than to serve their sorry sick long as their is light there can be no darkness! What infuriates thwm the most us small weak fragile creations of god in heaven have something they dont! A future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People our kings gurantees in blood forgiveness of sin and eternal life what does .their king promise them? Ask them and see when you need a good laugh!

          • My countrymen i do hope we can continue and expand our republic in waiting csa 2.0 i have 2 new proposals i want to personally express my solidarity with our people in diaspora in africa who face grave danger and who are in peril.we love we care about you we will not desert you i humbly request of president graham secretary hw and commander fr.john+ please offer sanctuary to those brothers.and sisters of ours sanctuary here in our land i beseech.thee kind sirs let them dwell among us. I offer this proposal hopefully with the support af all of you. To our brothets in the uk if you are not able to protect your daughters from the grooming goons till you can regain control of your land we will assist you in any way possible they are more than welcome here the confedarate army 2.0 stands ready to defend the beauty and grace of the daughters of albion. Remember our lords afmonishment ” to whom much is given much is required” strength and honor to you all!!!

      • @Captain…

        “I don’t think they’ll do much.”

        That’s a fascinating prediction. In your favour is the fact that the president has been to prosecute the rioters, en masse.

        Perhaps that will temper them, perhaps not.

        I don’t know.

        Thanks, as always, for your thoughts!

  6. We basically have to choose between a stupid man and an evil man. I’ll go with the stupid one, I guess. Bad things are gonna happen either way.

    • @Powell…

      “Bad things are gonna happen either way.”

      I totally agree – we are past the point where the election of any one official, or group of officials is going to derail this nations appointment with it’s destiny.

      Too many betrayals by too many people, for too many decades – this train is headed over a broken bridge.

      All the best to you and yours, Sir!

  7. Hell no. We will not reward or make excuses for Trumps obvious lies and lack of leadership. What that tells him and the GOP is that we endorse what they’ve allowed to happen in 4 short years, tweeting and grifting (respectively) the whole time.

    It gives them our clear endorsement and support to continue the same lip service while rural areas are literally being decimated for another 4 years. Who cares about the cities? Where’s the high-speed broadband, hospitals (and healthcare) in small-town USA?

    They literally spent millions of donation dollars to defeat Kris Kobach, the only immigration hardliner in the bunch. The rest are liars.

    No. Staying home is a clear signal to these corrupt politicians. You have 4 years to get your acts together, then give us a call.

    For those who want to see “liberal tears” ala 2016, who’s crying now? It ain’t them.

    • I have to agree with you @Vickey . My soul and pride can nether condone nor even look aside when it comes to Trump. His EOs and attention seems to be focused on Criminal reform, black unemployment, and the further greatness of Israel.

      None of which is why we supported him

      • @Captain Schill…

        I feel just like you, My Friend.

        President Trump has been an enormous disappointment, in, oh, so many many ways, and, in the end, he is the one who is responsible for that – Not the Democrats and Not those behind the scenes.

        Glad to see y’all have not been consumed by DeBlasio’s unfolding nightmare!

    • @Vickey…

      Alright, Girl.

      I agree with your points and your feelings about those points.

      If I did not feel that The Good Lord were not prompting me to do so, I would not vote for the current president.

      As to sending a clear signal – I think we are long past that – either them getting that signal or that signal having a salutory medicinal affeckt on the republick.

      The United States that has existed over the last century+ is not only headed for some kind of a shake up, we are already in one.

      Some parts of this country may eventually return to normal, but, alas, i fear it will be a long road to hoe, and other parts will never be ‘normal’ again, or, at least, not from a traditional American point of view.

    • “…No. Staying home is a clear signal to these corrupt politicians. You have 4 years to get your acts together, then give us a call. …”

      4 years from now, the former USA will either be the next Soviet Union, or something like the Balkans. There is only one way to stop it, and it ain’t “voting”, that ship done sailed and sunk…

      • @Rob…

        Though no one knows for sure what will occur, I would be surprised if what you say is not what comes to pass.

        • Ivan there one thing that i am pretty sure will occur those antifa blm nfac heathen out there when judgement day comes and you receive your just reward and you are finally settled in to your new digs in the lake of fire the realization that you did not have to br here he had his nail scarred hand held out to you the whole time and that you put yourself in yhis place. You all have been warned!!! All you trolling trolls report that back to your command a day of reckoning is coming for you all!

    • Vickey: If the Republicans lose in November, they’ll blame it on Trump’s “divisiveness” and immediately lurch even more to the left, becoming the party of EXPLICIT immigration and minoirties support for fear of “being on the wrong side of history”. Of course, this is where the party was during the Bush era and where Republicans want return.

  8. Trump hasn’t kept his promises and he should not be rewarded for not keeping them. I am sitting out this election. Besides, I firmly believe that America is gone and no president can effectively govern this country. It has become too big and too diverse. My only hope is that secession comes sooner rather than later.

    • I believe trump is a script reader like the rest of them doesnt really matter who is in there the agenda of the sstanic elites moved forward .i have heard that franklin graham made this remark. And i quote” we are under no illusio !! of what kind of man mr.trump is but if he will push our agenda we will support him”” i trust f.graham i share his sentiment their are things about trump i like though . i like his kids i think he is a good dad. I heard baron had his own floor all to trump towers in nyc lheard also that d trump allows him to paint all the walls with his own art i heard baron has his ww2 era plane and helicopter on that same 8th floor cool dad! Eh? I really have liked melania after i heard recite the lords a trump rally in 2016 in florida. Have you ever seen a picture of trumps hotel in dubai? Pretty impressive!! I heard he owns a golf course in scotland with has a castle on it. C’mon pretty impressive. Thank you hw for allowing me to participate.!!

  9. The only decent argument I can imagine for supporting Trump is that he has alienated a lot of American allies and has done lasting damage to America’s prestige and global power. But at this point it most likely does not matter much, since America’s downward trajectory seems set. The feuds with China and Russia are set, with everyone from the state department to the Pentagon on board with the new cold war. And Trump is probably the riskier option there because of his personal instability.

    • I don’t know about that. He does not want war with China or Russia. He knows how bad that would be for everyone. If Bolton had his way, there would have been war with Iran. Trump didn’t fall for it. He’s made a lot of bad moves, but I’ll give him credit for that one. Biden is so senile, who knows what he could get manipulated into doing.

      • I do not know if Biden is senile or if he’s nervous, which makes his documented stuttering condition worse. I considered voting for him because he is a White man who was a documented segregationist in the past. Leopards don’t usually change their spots.

        But I’m going to listen to the old man this year, versus 2016 when I contributed good money, made calls for, and voted for Trump.

        This “senile Joe” crap is embarrassing though. Trump can’t run two sentences together either and pretending he’s some eloquent speaker makes it seem like no one watches his speeches or briefings. The man can’t pronounce Yosemite.

        I have no problem with people who continue to support him, but do it with some dignity & self respect. Biden will ruin the Bible and God? Come on. Trump is no Christian.

  10. Trump will win if the democrat boomer awakening is real If they wake from their slumber and realize how antiwhite demoncrats have become but honestly the same can be said of the republicuck zog party

    Like I said previously the two party system is a mirage its really a one party system. You get a globalhomo president one way or the other potato blumpf is obviously a funnier puppet president then creepy senile you ain’t black Sholmo Joe Biden but Nope it really doesn’t matter who wins

    • Latest polling indicates that those two “log cabin” Republicans Graham and McConnell are both in trouble.

  11. The lesson we should take from Trump is twofold: 1. The system cannot be reformed from within no matter who we elect. It is irredeemable and irreparable. Bill Clinton once said in an interview that when he was President he asked to see the info on the alleged Roswell crash. He said he was told he did not have sufficient security clearance! What that means if there are people in the government who have higher security ratings than the president and it is those who really rule the United States. The same thing happened to Barry Goldwater when he asked Curtis Lemay, Strategic command general, for info on alleged UFOS. May ( who was friends with Goldwater) said Hell no, and don’t you ask again! 2. regardless of who wins, whites lose! it is a choice (As Don Black said) from worse to “worser!”

  12. Yes it really doesn’t matter. The end will be the same. Democratic Socialists will keep destroying White America and Republicans will keep looking the other way. The only thing Republicans care about is Jews and Money….no care for White People. Deo Vindice !

  13. When people say “Trump is better than the Democrats”, that’s not saying much. Trump has proven he is not on our side. I don’t care about how he puts the Dems down, or what he says about them. It’s become quite obvious that the elite want Trump in, and they picked Biden as as the unfavorable runner, so it looks like Trump got in. If anyone thinks that elections are clean, that the politicians would not ever mess with them, they need to get wise.

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