How Did We Get To 2020?

I would like to begin by recalling a highly symbolic event that happened two years ago:

“Around 9 PM Pacific Time on August 10th, 2018, a 29-year-old man named Richard Russell, stole a Q400 airplane from Seattle Tacoma International Airport and went for a joyride into the abyss. Two F-15 fighter planes were scrambled to follow Rich, who eventually crashed into a wooded area a little over an hour after takeoff, killing only himself.

Russell was a baggage handler for Horizon Air. So far, not much else is known about him, other than what was said in his last conversation with air traffic control.

Air traffic control attempted to convince Rich to land at nearby McChord Airfield, Rich replied: “This is probably like jail time for life, huh?”

Rich, in a somewhat remorseful tone, “I’ve got a lot of people that care about me. It’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this. I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess.”

In the midst of the stark and solemn conversation, Rich joked with ground control, “Hey, you think if I land this successfully Alaska would give me a job as a pilot?” Ground control, “You know I think they would give you a job doing anything if you can pull this off.” Rich, “Yeahhhhh right! Nah, I’m a white guy.”

The death of 29-year-old Richard “Skyking” Russell was a deeply moving event.

Richard Russell spoke for a whole generation of young alienated White men who feel stifled by our mainstream culture when he said to air traffic control, “Yeahhhhh right! Nah, I’m a white guy” before crashing that commercial airliner off Puget Sound. For a brief moment though in his life, he soared doing barrel rolls in the clouds – his spirit no longer repressed.

Two years later, we woke up this morning to an America in crisis. Blacks rampaging and looting in Chicago. White Antifa rampaging and looting in Portland and Seattle.

It says something powerful about our culture and times.

“Black” is now capitalized in the mainstream media. “Antiracism” is being redefined and taken to ludicrous new extremes. Somehow, the “mainstream” has gotten to the place where “Black people” have absolute moral authority to do anything they want and “white people” have none.

In order to make sense of this, I would like to resurrect a few ideas from the 19th century:

1.) First, cultures are organic and have a natural life cycle: birth, young adulthood, midlife, old age, death and reproduction.

2.) Second, there are natural historical cycles because of the organic nature of cultures, which reflect living human beings. Even in the same place, cultures change radically across time. In the 19th century, Western Europeans became more aware of how radically their own ancient culture had changed across Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment.

3.) Third, each age of history has its own Zeitgeist or “Spirit of the Age” that works itself out over time.

This isn’t a new argument.

It was widely accepted in the 19th century. Marx took this idea from Hegel and attributed it to material forces and the clash between classes which would lead to the communist utopia.

In the years between 1890 and 1914, a new Western culture was born. The dying Romantic culture of Europe began to give way to the new rising Modernist culture. Romanticism culminated in a Crisis and ended in the World Wars. After 1945, Modernism became fully ascendant in the West. The counter-culture of the 1960s and 1970s was the tipping point when it became the majority culture. Modernist values had been pioneered though during the fin de siècle between 1890 and 1914.

My argument is that “mainstream” culture is Modernist culture and that the developing Crisis we are watching unfold around us only makes sense when it is understood as the crisis of Modernism. This is the beginning of the end of the Modern age. In his book Modernism: The Lure of Heresy, the historian Peter Gay describes the spirit of modernism in terms of two defining attributes: “first, the lure of heresy that impelled their actions as they confronted conventional sensibilities; and, second, a commitment to a principled self scrutiny.” Modernism is about the rejection of the past, the breaking of barriers and the embrace of the new. It is about the expression and liberation of the autonomous self and the celebration of the other. In this sense, the “mainstream” culture is best seen as an old and dying culture and although he didn’t know it Sky King represented the spirit of new culture struggling under the surface to be born. This feeling of being suffocated is exactly how the early Modernists and the Romantics before them felt.

The Washington Post has an amusing new article that makes my point by gushing over the rioting Modernist street ninjas in Portland:

Being covered in tattoos reflects the expressivist ethos of Modernism. Smashing monuments is a Modernist primal scream of liberation from the “oppressive” past.

Meanwhile on Twitter, a debate is raging about whether or not 2+2=5, which is another reflection of Modernism/Postmodernism (same thing):

Here are some of my notes about the Zeitgeist of Modernism which I am currently studying and will be taking some time off to work on. It explains so much about our age:

“Develops between 1890 and 1930”

“Starts out in the development of subcultural communities for apostates”

“A place for disaffected people to regain community, wholeness and lost enchantment”

“Cosmopolitan milieu first develops in Europe particularly in Paris which becomes a magnet for the Lost Generation”

“Artistic lifestyle, happy poverty, boheme”

“Old WASP symbols come to be seen as illegitimate”

“First bohemian enclaves are Greenwich Village in Manhattan in 1907 and Chicago around the same time period”

“Develops into avant-garde adversary culture which hits a critical mass in the 1910s and 1920s”

“In Chicago, John Dewey and Jane Addams become influenced by this subculture.” “Chicago Renaissance” emphasizes wide open future, self expression, creative freedom, spontaniety.” Old morality and culture becomes “The Other”

Ethos: egalitarian radicalism, expressive individualism, cosmopolitan liberalism

Ultimate origins in 19th century anarchist and socialist movements”

“Released personality, self expression”

“New magazines and books emphasize emotion, intuition, self expression, liberation, freedom, rebellion against the old”

“Values transgression EXCEPT White collective identity and identification the past.”

“Experiments: Black jazz, birth control, drugs, free love, anarchism, modern art, “pure black culture,” desire to be “free of puritanism”

“Fashion emphasizes individual expressive freedom”

“Loss of confidence in Western civilization”

“Follows an “inner nature ethic” of self exploration”

“Hedonist ethos”

“Global avant-garde, glorious, heroic past, boundary making myths and symbols”

“Alienation –> expressed in art”

Rebellion –> expressive individualism (liberation), egalitarianism (relativism)

Aesthetic: Bohemian

Beats & Hippies: Modernist counter-culture popularization stage

“Early Modernists stridently opposed to Prohibition in the 1920s”

“Grows out of Village Renaissance in New York City (1912-1917) which celebrates cultural liberation”

“Young Intellectuals in 1910s (First Generation in America), New York Intellectuals in 1930s (Second Generation in America)”

“Shuns collective representation whether state socialist or ethnonationalist”

“Becomes the hegemonic postwar culture”

“Against hierarchy and authority”

“Favors multiethnic diversity, Modernist radicals experiment and indulge in new consciousness, new vision”

“Horace Kallen-Walter Lippmann vision”

“Cynical and ironic as opposed to Romantic idealism”

“Chief attraction: seen as new, real, authentic at the time”

“Myth: Paris Commune”

“Homeland: Bohemian Urban Enclaves worldwide”

Destiny: Humanity’s Eternal Gratitude, World-Historical Recognition””

“Symbols: Modern Art”

“Consciousness: The Masses, Seven Arts, The New Republic”

“Icons: Progressive Outcast, Revolutionary, Marginalized Masses”

“Values: modernist cosmopolitanism, liberal egalitarianism, internationalism, secularism, rationalism, urbanity, intellectualism, art, progress.”

“Telos: Expressive, Egalitarian Utopia”

“Supreme Sins: the -isms and -phobias of political correctness or wokeness”

“1930s was the last decade of art for the public as opposed to elites”

“Elite artists work for one another, not the public”

“Rejection of racism as a limit”

“Embraced by American state and mainstreamed as a bulwark against fascism and communism in 1930s and 1940s”

“Late 1930s – torch of avant-garde passed from Paris to New York which becomes the home of Modernist outcasts fleeing fascism”

“Enters elite universities in 1930s”

“Shapes the liberal intelligentisa from 1940 to 1960”

“Rejection of the past as obsolete”

“Accepts new things”

“Elitist as opposed to populist. Reversal of Romanticism”

“Celebrates elite tastes and sensibilities.”

“Unifying belief in human progress”

“Utopian vision of human life based on progress”

“Heroes shift toward movie stars, athletes, radio personalities, celebrities”

“Colonizes art, literature, religion, architecture, philosophy, psychology, social science, daily life”

“Embraced by urban middle class professionals in 1920s and 1930s”

“Disseminated through radio, film, pop magazines and television”

“Vanity Fair, Esquire, Cosmopolitan founded around 1913. Appealed to metro leisure class.”

“Streamlined aesthetic in design”

“Newest, smartest, latest, most fashionable”

“Diffusion through architecture, publishing, fashion, movies, producer design, art patrons”

“Modernist architecture: Empire State Building (1937)”

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (1943). Modernism vs. Tradition.”

“Haute bourgeoisie — Jazz Age”

“Fertile period ends around 1940”

“Inspired by rapid growth of cities, World War I, industrialization and new technology”

“Reaction to Darwin, Nietzsche, Freud, Bergson, William James”

“Belief in inclusive expressive liberty and cultural equality”

“Rejection of religion”

“Vision of urbanity and cosmopolitanism”

“Owes nothing to society”

“Young > Old”

The New Republic staffed with leftwing modernists in the 1910s who are Jews or Anglos”

“Vital Center of the 1950s was modernist, social democratic, cosmopolitan”

“Diffuses into mainstream in late 1930s/early 1940s”

“Favors mixed capitalism and unlimited expressive freedom as an ideal”

“Universal liberalism and humanist egalitarianism”

“The new is the good, beautiful and true”

“Artists depict every day life in front of them”

“Stream of consciousness in literature”

“Montage cinema”

“Jackson Pollock and abstract art”

“Cosmopolitanism rapidly becomes American consensus”

“Cultural pluralism” from William James, Horace Kallen, John Dewey

“Values: expressive individualism, radical egalitarianism, cosmopolitanism above all else”

“It is forbidden to forbid”

“Smart aesthetic in 1920s”

“Ethical revolution of the 1930s”

“Purges dominant ethnicity”

“First time in history Europeans disparage their own ethnic groups”

“A self-conscious break with previous genres”

“Intense self scrutiny and self exploration”

“Turns back on human nature”

“Death of God”

“Celebrates science and technology.” (H.G. Wells)

“Change in attitude brought about by World War I”

“Celebrates the Modernist antihero as opposed to the Romantic hero”

“Strong reaction against political, religious and social norms”

“A feeling of pessimism and alienation”

“Bewilderment at Modernity”

“No such thing as absolute truth”

“Make it new”

“Heavily influenced by psychology particularly Freudian psychology”

“Driven by psychology” (Nietzsche, Freud, Bergson, William James)




“Against restrictions”

“In favor of autonomous self”

“Self loathing due to obsession with psychology”

“Triumph of the Therapeutic (Rieff)

“Randolph Bourne’s essay Transnational America establishes ideal of an international nation. Bourne was the first Anglo Modernist cosmopolitan”

Vanguard: H.L. Mencken, Randolph Bourne, Sinclair Lewis, H.G. Wells, Sigmund Freud, Herbert Croly, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, Van Wyck Brooks”

“Aristocracy of talent and taste”

“1920s: Angry repudiation of Woodrow Wilson and Progressivism. Takes shape in 1920s, very word “liberal” is adopted by them

“Sees tradition as outdated and as a burden”

“The development of atonal music.” “Abandons melody and harmony.”

“International Style in architecture.”

“Avant-garde in art.” “Shocking and alienating the audience.” “Independent art which serves no social purpose”

“Wants to tear down things seen as “holding back progress.”

“The wrong side of history”

“Clinging to the past or having roots and collective identity or “racism” becomes the ultimate sin circa 1940″

“Celebrates primitivism”

“Emphasizes freedom of expression”

“Obsessed with self expression”

“The self as an art project without any limits imposed by nature”

“Focused on experimentation”

“Exploration of the perverse.”

“Insubordination against authority.” “Libertarian in spirit”

“Breaks down conventional barriers to expression”

“Clustered in The Nation, The New Republic, Partisan Review (1934)”

“Art for art’s sake” or “art to call attention to art.” Self expression and experiment in technique.”

“Adopted by Corporate Amerca in 1950s and 1960s”

“Emphasizes absolute artistic autonomy” and “autonomy of the self”

“Belief in personal sovereignty.”

“Mass fruition as an ideal through consumer culture.”

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  1. We got to 2020 by letting the white Jews beguile the White Christians into throwing God’s law under the bus and to embrace the Synogue of Satan’s anti-White new world order.

    • EXACTLY. One of the things missing in this article, HW, is noting when (in each country and in which decade) JEWS WERE GIVEN ENFRANCHISEMENT. How much you wanna bet that the ‘Zeitgeist’ is INTIMATELY TIED to giving Jews access from ‘beyond the Pale’?

      Because there will be THE focus and locus of blame for EVERYTHING, that has happened since the height of the Victorian Era, ca. 1860, or even earlier.

      • The “tax gatherers (squeezers) from the poor” were nearly always present everywhere, even when not “allowed access,” officially enfranchised, recognized as citizens, etc. Some of the gathered wealth was occasionally taken to pay for a war or other very large expense. and the gathering process immediately began again.

    • “White Jews”? Are Jews white or are they not? With your dumb all-caps name and your ridiculous John Brown biblical sounding rampage of a comment, you’re fake. This site/blog is swarming with fakes. Can the last person who appreciates our host’s excellent historical articles spirit him off to a site or land bereft of trolls?

  2. Streamlining is a good example of modern art and design, by the same token the German jet ME-262 is a good example of modern art, design, and streamlining.. LOL. Which button do you push?

  3. I feel also sorry for skyking, but…In the war you do not win with “oh poor me” mentality.

    It is time to ramp up warrior mentality. Your fellow genetic white liberals and our ones down here in Europe will never ever accept Nazi tyranny even when Donald wins by landslide. So we have major war in the front door.

    In other new, somebody again got the point. The moral from the news below is that it is very important to repeat simple facts 1488 times.

    “””….In other words, in the BLM Era, Kirkegaard’s study clearly shows that Western societies are actually being held to ransom, pressurized and generally intimidated by a mob of people who are, in fact, very seriously mentally ill. They should, in many cases, be in psychiatric hospitals rather than marching through the streets for “racial justice.” …..But Kirkegaard also observes that both mental illness and political viewpoint are strongly genetic. ….”””

        • If you wish to know the enemy, you have to do your research. The following site has been very instrumental in showing me, the idiocy of ‘White Fragility.’ And guess who is to blame?
          1) Woman 2) Jew 3) ‘former'(?) Lesbian?

          Every. Single. Time.
          NOW do you know why I continue to say, ‘DEATH TO THE JEW WORLD ORDER”?

          • That “Hail to You” blog is completely wrong about the pandemic, which is a relatively simple matter of common sense and basic science education. It is therefore probably wrong, intentionally or unintentionally, about many other things.

            Are you still blogging somewhere? I used to visit your blog that was closed.

        • “Our worst enemies have come within our own ranks.”

          Congrats, the first time you wrote a simple sentence here without a misspelled word! YAYYYY!!! [bellybutton kissing noises; baby giggles]

          • Well there dopey opey the truth and power of the word rebukes you it binds you leaving your sniveling impotent sorry self no other recourse but to attack the humble simple package it was delivered in. Your petty mean spiritedness demonstrates your lack of couth and honor sir. To you and all those like your base low quality self i find your opinion as meaningless as you are. Warriors are rememberd backbiters are not. Wait i hear your blm husband calling you!? Something about housework knob waxing!? Your business you would know bye bitch.

      • I just watched that earlier today. I would rather live in a typical Islamist state than the neo liberal ones like US, Canada, or Sweden – actually almost all of EU.
        At least they know which way is up, and the Shia states like Iran are way more open to science, culture and individual rights than the Sunni ones. Unfortunately all of the Shia states are damaged by either war, sanctions, covert ops or a combo of all three. Still that only applies to their standard of living, not their values. And values matter much more than standards as is evident by that creature Kardi B.
        I as an Orthodox Christian say “good for Turkey”. It shouldn’t be ashamed, and if the nationalist pride goes a bit into overdrive so be it, better to have a Turkey which commandeers cathedrals that it conquered then a Turkey with Kardi B’s and the vermin alike. Turkey is what balls look like, sure it offends many but it’s better off for it. I strongly oppose Turkish policies in Syria and Yemen and Libya, but at least it is sovereign and opposes globalization and will not bend any further to the euro birocrats. I would if I had to chose rather live under Turkish rule than that of Brussels because Turkey is the healthier and more sensible of the two. If it overtakes Western EU by sheer numbers – so be it – good riddance.

        • The turks with all the christian blood on their hands that they have and you want to live under their rule i am certain the orthodox man v.putin has a different view.

          • The people with most Christian blood on their hands are Christians themselves. See French Wars of Religion and Thirty Years War. The Christians in those wars were far more savage and bloodthirsty than the Turks could ever aspire to be.

      • Black Pigeon Speaks is a neocon Jew and degenerate sex tourist. You’re a fool if you think he is a friend of western civilization. He just wants white nationalists and Muslims to kill each other.

        Funny how you can shit on Muslims all day long and still keep a YouTube channel and have a Patreon account.Really makes you think.

        • I never knew who BPS is. I have been hard-pressed to find much in any of his vids that I disagreed with.

  4. Looking back at the 1960s, it has become now quite clear that we were already on our way to 2020.

    In Raleigh, however, things were so stable the economy was roaring so, and our society was so well-formed and genteel few could imagine a day and age such as this.

    As I have said more than a time or two before, the Klansmen in the smalltowns and rural byways of our state were seeing it, though, only the well-to-do educated and ultra-refined city folk were so put off by the optics that they could not bring themselves to take it seriously.

    Even the thought, at that time, that ‘America’ could be getting off the proverbial golden path, simply could not, would not, be contemplated by our town at that time – for doing so would have seemed ungrateful and treacherous.

    As for our Tarheel politicians, most of them are, and, indeed, have been, a very decent lot, only few of them have been anything more than mid-level managers, content to implement the details of the framework that came down to us from up on high.

    The state of North Carolina, so long as I have been alive, has never had it’s own vision, and, even now, just a few weeks after the statue that represented all our brave great-great-granddaddies, who got their tails shot off to put the United States’ Government back in it’s place during the period of the 1860s & 70s, and whose wives starves and suffered immensely for the fact, there is no vision, other than just shrug our shoulders and keep on keeping on.

    I do not know what is wrong with my fellow Tarheels. It is like they’re gone in the soul somewhere that you cannot quite see, yet ,you can tell something is collectively absent by the way the direction of our state.

    That the governor of this state would collude with a mob to lynch our forefathers in effigy, and that he would still be alive a few weeks later seems like a science fiction novel to me.

    One thing is for sure – you definitely know that Grand Dragon Virgil Griffin is not alive, for if he were, something would have been done about the taking down of our monuments a long time before we got here.

    • “just a few weeks after the statue that represented all our brave great-great-granddaddies, who got their tails shot off to put the United States’ Government back in it’s place during the period of the 1860s & 70s, and whose wives starves and suffered immensely for the fact, there is no vision, other than just shrug our shoulders and keep on keeping on.”

      Bro, that’s an incomplete clause. What happened to the statue?

      • Bogman…

        Yes, Sir, terrible clause was that – hanging by a thread!

        The statue of our Confederate great-great granddaddies was pulled down by a rope around his neck, and then dragged with scorn up and down the street, while the crowd cheered at the humiliation they were inflicting on every White Southerner who has ever lived in North Carolina and has given a damn about his own kind.

        How ’bout that?

    • Part of Modernism is an unshakable belief in “progress” i.e. that Tuesday will be better than Monday but not as good as Wednesday, ad infinitum. This “progress” will be both material in nature and spiritual (or moral) in nature. It’s amazing to see the material progress highlighted by the use of cell phones to instantly transmit video and audio in full, correct, color and sound to an unlimited audience, the epitome of technical progress. When this was first done in the 1940’s it may have required (literally) a ton of equipment and the TV transmission’s reach was limited and lower in quality.

      All of this was unimaginable in 1905 when the latest technology was the radio telegraph and later voice transmission, moving pictures, automatic telephone switching, airplanes, electric lights, automobiles, x-rays in medicine and similar miracles. All of this was unambiguous evidence of material progress leading many people to believe that the inevitable moral progress would follow ending wars, violence, poverty etc. How wrong the “progressives” always are.

      It’s ironic that the icon of technology, the cell phone, weighing only a few ounces, is used to transmit the worst elements of society freely looting, burning and destroying modern society and using its technology to encourage others to do the same. Instead of moral progress advancing inch by inch along with material progress the progressives have reversed moral progress to the point where it’s now imperiling the very existence of society itself and the so-called “progressives” are willfully blind to this. Technological advance happened because of the disciplined, systematic application and discovery of the laws of nature, not disregarding them and making up new laws of nature to suit a passing age like the progressives’ moral “reforms”.

  5. I noticed that, ““Yeahhhhh right! Nah, I’m a white guy” was carefully removed from those YouTube clips of SkyKing.

  6. Is should have dawned on people’s heads by this time that all political “systems” of the Western World are essentially comunistic-socialistic. that is due to the simple fact that being and essence are logically determined as what is common to all particulars (cowness as what is common to all cows). Today prevails the error that sees the human as the animal who is different than for instance a cow or an ant because it’s a social animal to the utmost degree and comunicates his (animal) needs in order to fulfill them like no other, making in the process complex social organisms to that end. Almost everybody accepts this, and in the big cities of the world with utmost force. Thus we have cybernetic comunism which dictates everybodie’s “common” (animal) needs– (based on the “sciences”–darwinism for example) and the correct and moral (sociable, pro-“species”) way to fulfill them and condemns everything else as immoral and innatural. Therefore is correct the view that sees neoliberalism as a particularly veiled form of communism. (elimination of differences, even when propagating the view to be so attentive to them in the form of identitarian politics which in essence says that you are allowed to be “different”, so long as you buy their “scientifical” lies.) Weather a democrat or a republican get to take a shit in the oval office’s toilet, what remains valid is that communism will be rejected by truth , even after massive piling up of dead bodies…

  7. Slightly off topic but I just heard Don Black praise Zionist shill Jack Posobiec. Also been Listening to David Duke talking about how Covid-19 mitigation is a conspiracy to undermine Trump.

    Is it official then? WN 1.0 is dead? I cannot understand how someone could spend 50 years studying the ways of the Jew only to come out in support of Zio shills and traitor politicians at the end of it all.

    Have the boomers lost the plot? Because as of now Stormfront should probably just be calling itself Fox News Front.

    • If you will read the work of strauss & would understand that first wave boomers are a breed apart from last wave
      Wave we have lived in their shadow all our lives they have been indulged in everyway the best of oportunities growing up when the nation was at its strongest but like modern art it attacked the very womb it.sprang from a womb that protected it with quality and standards.but the difference betweem them and theit zombie grand children is this first wave boomers too old for armageddon but their grandchildren with there three sixes will fit the bill just right.

        • The mark of the beast sir as mentioned in the book of revelations in the christian will be a public binding oath of allegiance to satan and his proxy thee antichrist this act of willing submission to satan antichrist ie.. Has eternal spiritual implication in the belief by many including myself that it is truly an unforgivable sin. Truly the mark of a cursed and dammed generation

          • Acceptance of this mark will allow you to participate in society refusal will leave you outside the law an outlaw so to speak.your soul or your life! Whats it gonna be man!!!

    • 1.0 has been dying a slow death for the past couple decades. It was largely made up of Boomers and Old Gen Xers and as time has gone on, these folks have shown they were unable to adapt to modern circumstances.

      The problem I think lies largely with the inability to preserve anything. When you look at the 1.0 movement at its heights in the 80s and 90s, you find wealthy, well off organizations with members lists and property. However, if you fast forward a few decades, you find almost all that wealth squandered and devolving into petty bickering. The children of certain leaders, having been brought up by wealthy idealists and surrounded by lumpenprole skinheads, abandoned the values of their parents and ended up becoming uber-leftists.

      Don Black grifted hundreds of thousands off of Stormfront Members only to hand it to his Leftist son for spending cash and to pay off his university loans. Others lost their wealth in gay property disputes or targeted attacks by the SPLC.

      1.0 had its good values and morals to push forth, especially its emphasis on physical fitness and greater spiritual values, but the selfishness of its leadership and inability to keep up with the changing narrative to avoid danger has caused its death. We’ll see how 2.5 deals with things as young Gen Xers and older Millennials take over, but considering these are poorer, less reactionary but more educated people marinated in a leftist dominated system, it may actually work out.

      We’re less harder to trick and if 2015 is anything to go by, we can even trick them back.

      • Don Black’s son is another thing I just cannot get my head around. Even if you no longer want to be part of the white nationalist movement, you cannot look at the anti-white garbage that is in the media today and say “this is okay”. Not after having already been awakened to the truth.

        I think every pro-white individual has some internal battle going on because of Jewish lies, but we have to understand that pro-white views are not incompatible with being a decent person or having non-white friends or anything else Derek Black might have thought he was missing out on. “Yes I’m for my own people”, that’s all he has to keep in his mind going forward. That is not a difficult burden to carry. Hatred of other races is not a requirement of white nationalism, quite the opposite. People drawn into white nationalism because they just want to say forbidden racial slurs or be generally unpleasant to another group ought to be purged.

        When teaching a child to love his or her race it’s important to be subtle and not so dogmatic, otherwise they will rebel, go full circle, and end up like Derek.

        • Ricky: it is all about the power of the P. Remember the term p*ssy whipped? It can humble even the strongest man and turn them into docile slaves addicted to it like crack to a ghetto dweller.

      • No one in the pro-white movement should ever involve their minor children in public activism or ever put their minor children in front of a camera or even mention them in a political context. The resentment that child will feel over that will lead them to disassociate themselves from the pro-white movement at the earliest opportunity. There is a long standing pattern of that happening.

        • As is Prussian Blue? I knew that would turn out to be a disaster as did many in the movement.

  8. “Also been listening to David Duke talking about how Covid-19 mitigation is a conspiracy to undermine Trump”:

    I never listen to any of them, but I would expect they all disbelieve, or claim to disbelieve, in the pandemic, and refuse to practice basic, elementary common sense public hygiene such as protective mask wearing.

    In Germany, supposedly an advanced country, it is the Nazis, the anti-immigrant group Pegida. and other fascistic groups that are staging the violent demonstrations against mask-wearing, social distancing, etc.

    • In Germany CDU/CSU is the Roman Catholic political party, and it is the party in power. “Pegida” is the de facto Protestant party. The SPD is in an alliance with CDU/CSU, but, the SPD is rapidly falling apart.

      You will never hear Duke criticize Roman Catholic politicians or Catholicism, even when they rub his face in it. It might hurt his fund raising among Louisiana’s large Roman Catholic population. Duke would probably love Jews if he was in New York. LOL.

    • I’m sure you know Pegida, like the Republican party, are Zionists. The anti-Mask stuff seems to be Zionist project to get right wing people to let off steam in an impotent and Jew-safe manner.

      Duke at least acknowledges the need to protect yourself from the virus but he thinks the closing of schools and businesses is designed to hurt Trump at the election. Some of the media coverage of the pandemic is certainly politically motivated but the idea that ZOG would want to harm its own bottom line and shut down the free flow of people is ridiculous.

      • You probably heard the old joke about what’s good for the German’s would kill someone else. That’s the way German medicine rolls. The still use leeches in Germany.

      • I suspect that closed schools will create a massive backlash against the cowardly school teachers. This will make a lot of skilled white suburbantites abandon the center left.

    • Re: “Clown World”:

      This is the Clown COUNTRY. Americans are SO STUPID! The few ridiculous face masks that they do wear, they wear mostly down off their noses. Even when they do pull their loose-hanging blue medical masks and single-layer cloth masks, bandanas and homemade masks, up OVER their noses, these ridiculous mask designs have been proven by lab tests using a laser to detect breath emissions to actually make the problem worse by breaking large droplets into smaller ones, that float in the air longer and spread the disease even further. Some Americans sport high-end masks with EXHALATION VALVES that also obviously do not fulfill the purpose of protecting others. The U.S. has become too poor and backward to produce its own well-fitted N-95 and P-100 mask designs that do protect others and the user. More advanced, intelligent countries such as China and other east Asian countries where there is universal mask wearing of good mask designs have essentially eliminated the disease within their borders. Genomic studies that follow the mutation pattern of the virus prove that it was the very unhygienic U.S. not China that spread the disease to Latin America, India and much of Africa/!

      Americans were pretty stupid and their government was evil during the “Kansas Flu” epidemic one hundred years ago, but not as stupid and evil as now.

      Our “gain-of-function-study” (bioweapons development) laboratories outsourced to Ukraine, Georgia and other helpless satellites, are working hard….

      • Voluntarily wearing the mask was a compromise covid 19 vaccination will be the real fight the mark of the beast will be a problem solved via innoculation also. Decisions decisions in the valley of the multitudes.

        • But American conservatives (and some libertarian and “left” cultists) DON’T voluntarily wear masks, and if they do wear them (in Walmart for example) they usually wear them only half-way on, with their noses sticking out, and make sure to use inadequate “masks” such as bandannas that are actually worse than wearing nothing at all.

          They do not believe in science and real history, only in money, sports (football, basketball, NASCAR, etc.), porn and Hollywood entertainment, and maybe, some kind of modern, pop religion such as Zio-evangelicalism. They use their God-given brains for serious thinking as little as possible.

          • I either wear or remove mine. The only people I see wearing them like chinstarps are niggers.

          • Many believe its a psy op they wear it the attitude of going along to get along a compromise a concession we will see what happens when they inforce vaccisinations. Prelude to the mark of the beast. Will you take a vac to keep your job? To be able to go to school or the store? To drive? To. Leave your house? Hard decisions lie ahead.

      • I look around and see my.neighbors with their beautiful homes their nice cars and trucks aquired by working for it america gives you a.chance if you will try. It is so easy to project your personal shortcomings your frustrations on this fair land i dont know about being proud to be an american but i am thankful and grateful to be an american no place i want to be our enemies want it they are going to have to take it. I concede nothing

    • Who said ebonics was a modern language? It’s a dialect or an idiom within the English language. Even blacks with a capital B would admit that, except maybe for the ones who say we were made by the the evil black scientist Yacub, on an island in the Med.

  9. But, Jesus of Nazareth isn’t the infinite God of the infinite Universe.

    Just a Jewish Semite who died thousands of years ago.

    • He condems himself out of his own mouth some of us have known danger i assure you sir he is quite real.

    • To Hell with traitors to the White race… like you.
      Jesus was NOT a “Jew” as it is defined, today. Get a clue.
      Then, repent.

      • @Fr. John…

        Though we know it is blasphemy, we cannot blame Godspeed for speaking this way, for, not having The Holy Ghost in him, he is is only speaking from the reality he knows, which is a limited one of never having directly experienced the infinite power of God through Chryst.

        By the way, I responded to your fascinating and detailed remark on The American Orthodox Church, Tikhon, and phyletism.

        It seems as though the transmission was garbled and it never arrove.

        So, I’ll respond later.

        God bless you!

  10. Gen Xers were born into America with Jews in firm control of our government, culture, finances, and institutions.

    How far back does this control go?

    Go do some research……..

    We are to a large extent Jewish social engineering products.

    Long before I was born, Jews controlled Hollywood.

    Long before I was born, Jews had already created Christian Zionism.

    Long before I was born, Jews had already succeeded in killing off hundreds of thousands of eugenically fit European and American White men.

    It is what it is. There will be no Pro-White movement overturning this scenario.


    • The south 1776 to 1861 the yankee men 1865 to 1913 satan 1913 to present day.everything is seasonal in this world its coming back our way once again we will have mastery of this fair land god willing.

      • “Let’s see. No caps, check. No punctuation, check. (‘Cap’n, no!, he put a period after “day”!’ ‘Yes, son, but my general point is correct. Please do not interfere.’) Using pompous Biblical language outside of a church for no-good, boring, hack reasons, inflicting that stilted rhetoric on law-abiding entertainment-starved men, women, and children, during a panic! I hereby sentence you to…watch the first year of Seinfeld, starting as soon as someone can figure out how to work that goddamn DVD thing!”

      • Not to pile on, Terry, but run-on sentences without punctuation or capitalization are difficult to read. No one here in the comments is a Shakespeare, but it wouldn’t hurt to put in a little more effort, either.

  11. America is in the shitter. This is repulsive to watch and listen to (Cardi B). I think in opposition to our host here that this is all due to leniency. Putin banned faggot parades for a 100 years. My first reaction to this sort of garbage is “why doesn’t someone hit the table with his fist and just say enough”. I moved out of the US about 15 years ago to a eastern european one and I follow these blogs just to get my dose of disgust, and to be able to recognize the same shit in it’s infancy over here and voice loudly against it. But I have to say that I am surprised how consistently shocked I am, there is so much rot and shit in America that it’s in a league of it’s own. It used to be Russia 20 years ago with the stupid shit, but those were bloopers, and in the US today this is the accepted canon. I red about late imperial Russia and the decadence of that society, but even the worst of accounts aren’t close to what has been happening to the US on a daily basis.
    It’s funny how quickly fortunes turn, 30 years ago Americans would read about the crazy shit (totally one sided propaganda) that happens in my country, now I read about it in your country. This is the greatest political impression of my lifetime. How can this be the country that won the cold war? The only thing that the US does anymore in order to keep statehood going is printing money, at this point I don’t know what’s worse, keep printing or stopping? The printed money is really financing all this decadence, but it’s also financing all of the other services, so you would have to cut your own throat in order to kill the parasite. Most Americans are agreeable and nice people yet they don’t differentiate too much from state and it’s people but the rest of the world really does, and in that sense I say I wish you all the best, but I hope that the empire crashes. Also if I was in your shoes I wouldn’t know what to do. I would be beyond furious that such creatures take up so much of the public spotlight. Even “normal” is called “hetero normal”. This is so messed up that I don’t have the words to describe this to people in my own country, not even to my wife. I’m ranting on but when people ask me why don’t I move back to the west I think of this, and I keep watching. Best of luck to our host and the people reading this blog.

    • I’ve changed my mind about shipping them back to Africa.

      That’s all I say, infer what you will from that.

    • Once i read something very.touching it gladdened my heart i quote ” the german man takes no greater pleasure than to sit with his grandsons gathered near” coleridge?

    • When is enough, enough? And what do you want to bet, the orc does’nt even do 5 years for it?

      This murder has not been reported by MSM, beyond locally. Ever wonder why this and thousands of other murdered Whites are never reported?

      In 1995, a writer named Paul Sheehan, in Australia, wrote an article in the The Sydney Morning Herald : “THE RACE WAR OF BLACK AGAINST WHITE”. This article is still on the web, but it is getting harder to find the full text, but you will easily find articles attacking it. It is worth a read, and the numbers cited have probably doubled since the article was written.

      Will White men grow spines and brains in time to prevent our people from being murdered piecemeal?

    • The lying jew media is complicit. They don’t want whites to know the racial reality of crime in this country.

  12. Sky King Richard ‘Beebo’ Russell was indeed one of the most memorable young men of our time – what he did that day in August 2018 seems transcendent and poetic

    When Hunter was a kid, in May 1987, 19-year-old young German pilot Mathias Rust, sensing how so much of the Western-Soviet ‘Cold War’ was nonsense, diverted his small plane from the Baltic to land it right smack in Red Square, Moscow.

    Hurting no one, Rust influenced the whole dynamic of global politics, and is sometimes credited as beginning the final phase of the Soviet Union’s downfall. One of the Russians who saw him land, said, ‘Yes, it was hooliganism, but it was beautiful hooliganism.’

    Rust was released after about a year in Russian prison. And then shortly after, bizarrely, Rust was convicted in Germany, of stabbling and wounding a young female nurse who rejected his advances.

    And then there was the February 2010 suicide flight of boomer software engineer Joe Stack, a victim of the messed-up USA legal system, who crashed his small plan into an Austin Texas federal building, injuring 13 and killing himself, Stack hoping to help spark a USA revolution by his small-scale imitation of 9-11.

    Stack left a manifesto with the famous line, ‘Violence not ony is the answer, it is the only answer’. Stack seemed both a victim and an abuser, having admitted IIRC to a face slap of a very young daughter that most readers found unsettling,

  13. If you look into prominent European modernist intellectuals, many were white supremacists, racialists and anti-semites. Many supported fascism. That is not to say there were not problems with modernism, but it can’t be the sole source of the sickness when radical WASP abolitionists in the Northern USA had similar views about race as the modern “white left” as far back as the 1820’s.

    I would argue that the Anglo-liberal tradition from the 1400’s English Dissenting Christians/Puritans filtered through sects like Methodists and Quakers is more the root of anti-whiteness than anything else is. The sentimentality, pathological altruism and virtue signaling we see in the modern white left come from the British style Dissenting/Protestant tradition, not from Continental Modernism. The earliest Puritan writers expressed sympathy for Muslims and Jews and hostility towards European Christians who were in conflict with Muslims and Jews, even going so far as to favor the Muslim Ottomans in wars against European Christians and wanting Jews to be brought back into England after having been expelled.

    That was in the 1400’s. Let that sink in. That Anglo-Puritan tradition is what the New England culture, which turned rabidly anti-white in the modern style by the mid 1800’s, is based on. It’s why the sickness is worst in the USA, then the UK and even the most liberal continental European countries are trailing behind and following the American lead in these matters.

  14. People should be aware that the “BasedPoland” twitter account is a pro-ZOG, zionist, fake nationalism shill associated with anti-white Israeli Jew Yoram Hazony. “BasedPoland” promotes the ZOG/NATO military occupation of Eastern Europe and foments ZOG/NATO attacks on Orthodox Christians.

  15. Who knew Yockey would be right in all this? The United States is terminal. It is descendent just as Russia is ascendant. It may be that Russian has only a GDP equal to Montana but check again in a few years. The staff of History may be passed from America to Russia as much as we hate it be we have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. The Racialist Right was certainly right about the impending collapse. So far they have been dead wrong about white people waking up and taking their country back or even starting a serious separatist movement.

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