Keith Woods: The Case for Trump

UPDATE: So true!

This has been us all summer.

Keith Woods weighs the 2020 election and makes the case for Trump:

My stated position is that both Trump and Biden are accelerationist candidates. There isn’t a non-accelerationist outcome of the 2020 election in the cards. Disaster is inevitable.

Regardless of who wins, we already know the loser is going to lose their minds. The loser will consider the outcome illegitimate. Either the Left will escalate the ongoing riots and its neverending mental breakdown or the Right will wake up from its MAGA slumber like Rip van Winkle.

I’m on record predicting that the tensions will boil over into violence before 2025. I think Peter Turchin is right. To be crystal clear, I’m not advocating it. It is like believing the roof is about to collapse on you. I’m dreading it. I look at the fundamentals which are known to be closely associated with state collapse – elite fragmentation, popular immiseration, state fiscal distress, the illegitimacy and bankruptcy of our institutions – and I just don’t see a positive outcome. I see a looming catastrophe.

There is also the Strauss-Howe generational theory which predicts the last Boomers will plunge America into a fiery crisis. 85 years passed between the American Revolution and the Civil War. 76 years passed between the Civil War and World War II. Why would anyone believe our current historical cycle would end in violence? Because it always does. War cycle theorists have long forecasted a major war in the 2020s. The fanaticism of the Blundering Generation was the cause of the Civil War, not slavery.

There are theories based on historical analysis which predict that America is headed over the cliff. We were discussing these theories in June and July before the two sides started shooting each other.

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  1. There isn’t a piss hole in the snow’s worth of difference between them. Both are Anti-White, pro White Genocide. Heads they win, tails we lose. Neither deserves pro-White support.

    • Ultimately, the pro-Trump argument is: “The other guy is worse!” which is true and exactly the theme Trump is running on now. He cannot run with “look at all the good things I accomplished, just like I promised” because he governed like Jeb Bush and accomplished close to nothing except for his Israel First agenda.

      It’s unbelievable; had the Democrats not nominated a senile, dirty old bastard like Slow Joe and a shrieking, hateful, colored harpy like Camel Toe Harris and discouraged Antifa and negro looting they might have been able to win this one. If the Democrats had not nominated a senile, dirty old bastard like Slow Joe and a shrieking, hateful, colored harpy like Camel Toe Harris and discouraged Antifa and negro looting they wouldn’t be Democrats though, that is their conundrum.

      It is the mirror image of Republicans running as “conservatives”, then giving away the store to their mortal enemies; completely self destructive when permanent victory is within their grasp. If the Republicans didn’t run as “conservatives”, then give away the store to their mortal enemies they wouldn’t be Republicans though.

    • correct: the very act of voting

      validates the Jew (((system))). Worse,

      it keeps the Republiscam pty alive.

  2. Kyle Rittenhouse is the acid test on this. All on video. A fight between whites and (((whites))) I a riot, guard with rifle v paramedic with pistols. Child v Paedophile. Child v overgrown skateboarder. It’s the great whote defendant that Tom Wolfe wrote about.

  3. Author may very well be right.
    Ultimately, it is very difficult to know how best to accelerate things, because it is very difficult to predict the future and how particular events will affect that future.
    The author’s reasoning just isn’t enough to get me off my couch. I will not be voting for Blumpf in November.
    Things could accelerate for any number of reasons.
    Things could also decelerate for any number of reasons.
    Let’s hope they accelerate.
    This country is a tinder box. Virtually anything could trigger a chain reaction that leads to collapse.

  4. Imagine thinking voting still matters. The only thing Trump has going for him is that he’s literally not Joe Biden.

    Keith is right though, whoever loses this election will not accept the result.

    • It really is crazy that anyone could state that the elite or the political class burned down our cities and bankrupted our economy to spite Trump and then still even consider that voting is legit.
      Trump has already been (s)elected and as always, der ewige jude overplays their hand.
      We aren’t going to see anything but a giant police state created to engulf us…and if whites don’t fight back soon, the feds will just keep inciting violence like the last few months city by city until normal people are ready to kill anyone who looks at them wrong.
      Things are getting pretty tense in my multicultural town of joy.

  5. He makes a good case, to the point that I may not be quite so vociferous in denouncing Trump to my friends and family as the election approaches. I still won’t be able to bring myself to vote for him, though.

  6. I don’t want anyone on the right fighting a civil war on behalf of Trump and conservative Inc.

    A “win” under that ideological banner would be worse than an election defeat and a Biden presidency.

    This is why I reject Trump despite the possibility that it could lead to a breakdown in the system.

    • I do not think he is arguing for fighting a “civil war” on Trump’s behalf, rather he is suggesting that a show (eg an election win) of support for a candidate presented as anti ‘deep state” will push those anti Trump forces into accelerating opposition. This takes the form of anti white outcomes in the legal system, education, money sports, reparations of various forms ad nauseum. The war may not even be entered into by both parties as is apparent with rampant white self hatred. The current system however, based on white values and mores, cannot stand in a non white world.

    • Voting is a more destructive version of Sportsball worship, and far gayer too.

      (((FDR))) claimed that “nothing in politics happens by accident.” (I think that’s essentially true in American politics, if not entirely true technically, but idk, I’ve never been “in office”).

      Type in “Woodrow Wilson + he kept us out of war” on a search engine and you’ll find buttons people pinned to their clothes (surely wearing shit eating grins) with the slogan ‘he kept us out of war.” Look you stupid Americans, I’ve kept you out of the European meat grinder but my opponent – the “lesser of the evils”

      That’s over 100 years ago. It’s a nifty trick of America. I remember the very first big demockeracy election of my life was David Duke versus Edwin Edwards for position of governor of Louisiana. No joke or exaggerating..the rallying cry slogan I heard repeatedly was, “VOTE FOR THE CROOK!!!!!!” (instead of the evil racist David Duke)…there were bumper stickers saying that, and all the people I grew up surrounded by (((upper middle class snobs))) laughed like it was the most entertaining & brilliantly legitimate idea they had ever heard…*they took it 100% seriously* and were good goy’s. My entire family included.

      It was THAT WELL known – pre demockeracy election – that Edwin Edwards was “corrupt” even by American demockeracy standards. Predictably, Edwin Edwards won the demockeracy election, and he wound up in prison (however many years later…wasn’t very long).

      ——–*Broader Observations & Reflections*—————————————

      Not until the daring yet tragically misguided experiment that became (((America))) is rejected and thrown into the heap bin of history will European-Americans snap out of their collective death wish. I say that as a descendant of a guy who came here around the time of the Mayflower, pre-war of independence 1776. Proud of his daring to face extreme uncertainties. Proud of his willingness to wipe the slate clean and make a new start (something even most white nationalists seem unwilling to do). Yet, (((America))) has been a disaster for the European/Aryan race/nation. Founded upon a worship of Mammon/money. Founded upon the (((ideals))) of the (((freemason enlightenment))). Anti-racist from it’s very beginning.

      John Brown. Abolition of the slaves. A cataclysmic war between brothers to free them (I know that is an unpopular FACT to some, and you’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re wrong…the sky won’t be red because I wish it so) . Women’s temperance movement, proto-feminism. All that stuff started pre-“subversion” thanks to the fanatical fundamentalist puritanical WASP’s, before their heroes (the jews)
      came in droves – starting decades *after* the insanity of the civil war – to make things even worse for the Aryan race. The Aryan race almost totally – virtually – mixed itself out of existence with mudbloods in South America even before the calamities of North America. Before the damn accursed jews came to either of the America’s in droves. The jews are the penultimate enemy of Aryans, and yet they have masses of Aryans who are biologically Aryan but spiritually jewish…(((golem))).

  7. The talk of the collapse of our monetary and economic system has been just that — talk. But recently, US debts overshot our combined assets. This is new, and disturbing. Wall St. (mainly the S&P 500) is growing, true, but only because of a constant influx of Fed magicbux. I think the last amount pumped into the elites’ guaranteed allowance fund was $1.25 trillion. That would’ve paid for at least two $1200 stimulus checks. For the nation.

    Most Western countries have been sending out monthly checks to their citizens, while we get bickering children in charge that can’t stop gobbling their donors’ knobs long enough to even pretend they give a damn about the voters. Programs like eviction protection are well and good, but they don’t really help if people don’t have the money to pay the back rent.

    So supporting either Nuzzlehumper Joe or Bad Orange Man doesn’t matter. Neither of them will go after the elites, and they’re both obviously willing to use divide-and-conquer tactics on us to get or maintain power. The underlying massive inequalities of our system are the real danger here. There will always be hierarchies, but when there’s too little that makes it to the bottom of the social pyramid, societies tend to crash and burn.

    • What is occurring with the stock market right now seems insane and criminal to me, The thieves at the Fed have shown they will do anything they can to keep it propped up. I just don’t see how it can be sustained.

      • it’ll be sustained until Uncle Schmuel can no longer hold most of the world on the dollar at gunpoint. Demand for the dollar on the Forex (mostly, to buy oil) is what keeps Murka’s domestic dollar from going blotto.

  8. Donald Trump is not an accelerationist, he’s on the side of nationalists. People on this site have been complaining that Trump has achieved nothing, which is inaccurate, he has achieved what he can achieve with the limited power and colossal obstruction he has faced at every turn, at every juncture.

    I’ve been watching Richard Spencer make a mockery of himself by supporting Joe Biden…Let me list President Trump’s accomplishments: he is building the wall, slower than what we wanted (due to obstruction), but the wall is going up nonetheless with hundreds of miles completed. He took on China, put tariffs on China, took out horrible trade deals, he is bringing back manufacturing, which helps the working man (something Richard Spencer couldn’t care less about). He hasn’t committed us to any wars and I am convinced we will bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

    I am supporting Trump because ultimately he is a nationalist and not a globalist. You can make the case that he tries to appease some neo-cons but to argue he is one of them is not accurate in the slightest. Trump is anti-war and anti-free trade, no person in their right mind would describe someone with those two traits as a globalist.

    • It’s not Trump himself who is an accelerationist. It is the fact that the insane Left finds his existence so offensive which gives the probability of them providing the acceleration. Insanity will ensue thanks to the Left if he is re-elected. I don’t think the “Right” as a whole will do a damn thing if Biden wins.

      • No. Trump will invoke the insurrection act after he wins re-election. He’s been hinting at it for months now. That pretty much throws out your acceleration theory out the window.

      • it’s not about the “Right” anymore, or the “Left”. If/When the Republiscam pty dies, Whites will have no alternative but violent resistance to the ZOG. Or

        they too will die.

    • Gryphon: Some other good things Trump has done on immigration are slashing refugee admissions and creating the stay-in-Mexico policy that kept bogus asylum seekers from flooding over our borders. Yes, he could have done better, but we have to consider the level of opposition he has faced.

    • G.A., you’re not even a good liar:

      1. Drumpf’s “Wall” (which at present rate of construction will be done c. 2200 AD) is an 18-foot piece of slatted nothing that the Mexicans go over, under, around, and through. And it’s so badly countersunk that, in a stiff breeze, whole sections of it have already fallen over.

      2. His tariffs on China are on one day, off the next. And faggot Tim Cook’s Apple exports (over 1/2 the trade deficit w China) were exempted from the beginning. NAFTA2? 95% of the text is the same is NAFTA1. No net manufacturing jobs have retruned under the Drumpf regime. His “greatest economy evah” is a debt-saturated Ponzi. In fact, Drumpf is piling on new funnymoney and debt to sustain the asset bubbles (and mass consumption) at TWICE THE RATE that Obama did. Obama did 10 trillion in 8 years. Drumpf will equal that by election day.

      3. Drumpf hasn’t brought any ‘Murkan Zionist Imperial Stormtroopers home from anywhere net. Our boyz (and grrlz) still occupy Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. And, as re the latter, will continue to do so because if they leave Taliban will burn down the CIA’s poppy fields. If Drumpf gets a 2nd term, he and his Zionist owners will certainly attack Iran with main force.

      4. in Drumpf’s own scamspeech, “I am a nationalist and a globalist!”. But only part 2 is operative.

      • The wall is not complete but it works.

        Are you seriously complaining about Trump on trade? He took out NAFTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership, put tariffs on China, cut taxes and regulation, subsidized our farmers when China retaliated in the trade war. And yet you claim he has done nothing on trade when in fact he has done everything.

        Trump is not a globalist, no person with his trade policies and foreign policy would ever be considered a globalist. Trump also said “we must not follow the false song of globalism”.

        We are not involved in any wars except Afghanistan. Obama invaded 5 countries while he was in office, Trump has invaded zero yet you have no appreciation for that.

        • It’s notable that Trump kicked the Chinese out of the Port of LA and seems to intuitively know we need to decouple economically from China. It’s a disaster we are dependent upon a hostile power for a number of common medical supplies and drugs, but this is thanks to the NWO globalist in both parties. I also found it notable that Trump is on record noting that we do have a military industrial complex and that they do like war to keep going. When was last time we had a president who said that? That was that got offed in Dallas I believe.

          It’s a shame he won’t kick out ((Jared)) and his airhead daughter; both are totally clueless. Not sure what the purpose of hiring ‘The Mustache’, but Trump demolished his credibility forever.

        • do Trumpchumps ever not lie? US Zio-Imperialist stormtroopers are currently hijacking Syria’s oil province….and shipping the oil to Israhell. And, since Drumpf murdered Iran’s top general (and 12 Iraqi Shi’a militia commanders) in Iraq, JewSA is now forcibly occupying Iraq as well. Let’s just cut to the chase:

          you Jews/shabbatz goyim like Drumpf because he’s the best Prez Israel ever had.

  9. Acceleration is here. The 2020 vote does not matter as far as the disintegration of the Washington Consensus because the people who have been allowed to riot, Antifa and Black Lies Matter, are not going to stop just because the Democratic Establishment tells them to do so. Those people have legitimate grievances with their party using them for votes while keeping their lives insecure like all of us. They have been promised redistributive policy in the Biden Administration that is not coming. Since they hate Democrats as much as everyone else they will go berserk when Lying Chuck and Stylish Nancy refuse to bring up student debt forgiveness, Medicare for All, and actual higher taxes on Bezos (higher statutory rates are irrelevant, as the rich will receive secret tax relief).
    I monitor Bernie Bros and Hos online. They really believe their time is now, and that this insurrection is a Marxist Revolution in action, not the Establishment Coup to stop once and for all the normie middle class and small business persons from having a semi-idependent ability to live free. The whole Covid-19/BLM charade was and is meant as a message that the Oligarchs are not sharing one more penny of their wealth we helped them create. The far left will bring it all down when they are betrayed because they have less to lose ( most are unemployed or working class at best, even if college graduates. They know the truth about the economic value of those degrees-ZERO).
    The only difference is that the explosion will be nominally earlier if Trump wins. Then the Oligarchs’ coercive apparatus will be employed immediately to stop any second term move towards helping employees. If Biden wins, the insurrectionists will target Trump supporters but wait to see how Democrats govern, but by Summer 2021 they will realize their betrayal and begin targeting Democrats directly.
    For the Dissident Right, we have no dog in this hunt. The hate is too ingrained to be able at this time to make common cause with normie and leftist dissidents to organize my Genersl Strike to break the Oligarchs once and for all as a prelude to the Sovereign Wealth Fund based UBI. Let it blow, stay safe, then pick up the pieces if Russia and China haven’t used our revolution as a basis to nuke us back to the stone age. I know I preach love and cooperation but I am a realist. Survival trumps (!!) everything else. Stay safe, comrades.

    • I love your SWF UBI idea. The only UBI schemes that make sense (as you know, JRC) are the ones that will bill the corporations instead of the taxpayer. Yang’s UBI would’ve been added into the Federal budget and “paid for” through a VAT. The results of that idiocy would have been: More power for the bureaucrats, more division between those who work and those who don’t or can’t work. Costs for the failures of the oligarchic capitalist system would’ve once again have been “socialized;” i.e., put on the backs of the workers through an extra tax burden.

        • Purchases are voluntary choices. Unless a corporation has a monopoly on a good or service, forcing the issue won’t work. Corporations figure out ways to balance price points over a wide variety of products.

      • The cost of the UBI under the national sovereign wealth fund mechanism is obtained out the the 50% share of profits to which the SWF is entitled out of its passive ownership share in each business (paid for Federal Reserve quantitative easing, purchasing the 50% share at fair market value-so the original investors in the business lose nothing, but gain increased future profits due to increased consumption by citizens who spend most of the UBI)
        This cost will not be passed on to customers because virtually all that extra money provided citizens will be spent by the same citizen on products and services. Meaning the same businesses will have to compete on the basis of price for the extra dollars in citizens’ figurative pockets, and so will not be able to pass that cost onto customers-unless they do not want to benefit from the consumption boom that a UBI will entail. On the contrary, they will seek to become as efficient as possible, and additionally attempt to provide more of their product, expanding output, and thus employment as a by-product, Win-Win.
        I also would propose eliminating all income-based taxes, business and individual, along with implementation of the SWF-UBI, so as to incentivize employees to work more,or at least not less, as a result of the “unearned” income represented by a UBI, and employers/investors to expand output in response to the increased demand for products and services, so as to keep inflation at bay (increased demand matched more of less by increased and/or more efficiently-produced output). That is why I avoid financing the UBI with taxes, as this is counterproductive to the goal of raising living standards by raising wages socially, via government policy.
        I am in favor of all persons who contribute to the social creation of assets/wealth/income benefiting from the production function, not just one side or the other, via neoliberalism (benefiting the providers of investment to start the production) or communism (the employees retain all the profits, with the employers/investors becoming socially-sanctioned slaves to the masses).
        You need both side of the coin of reality to make it work, or else those who lose under the political-economic arrangements will rebel, and the whole edifice will eventually crumble. As is happening now. All the political/social disputes you see are based on the 99% feeling insecure in their material lives. No prosperity, no peace.

    • Nature knows only one test for superiority. That which is superior is that which survives. In nature’s harsh eyes survival is the ultimate morality!

  10. Mass violence has already broken out and the Left has been overwhelmingly victorious due to many factors.

    This paradigm won’t change.

    There is only one form of violence the Right could engage in that would effect real significant change and that’s not going to happen.

    The Left’s explicit violence against White America has effected significant change.

    It’s fundamentally revealed the Emperor has no clothes……..

  11. Woods is Irish. They are the henchman for the Jews and betrayers of Christ. There are very few the Jews will trust and have confidence in to carry out their plans, just the Irish and the homosexuals. All others the Jews don’t trust. The Irish are going to hell, it is where they belong.

  12. HW, my ‘take’ on the cartoon is, ‘Fond remembrance of Tiki Torches in C”ville, 2017.”

    Is that yours, as well?

  13. So who is the real accelerationist candidate Blumpf or Biden? If Trump is then wouldn’t a Biden win be more preferable? It will be a pressure valve off the radical left and their crazy blm bullshit, hopefully.

    Also is the Irishman just saying this cause he’s got a check in the mail from the gop? Maybe he is a Islamic duganist afterall…

  14. Should Biden win, conservatives will ultimately accept the outcome – with a bit of whining and bitching – if it’s “Consteetooshunal” and “legal.” Bet on it.

    Dividend checks trump all. Everything else comes in a distant second.

    Civil war is waged in one direction only, because cons are indolent, greedy, cowardly, pot-bellied, Sermon on Mount bastards, and every single one one of you know it’s true.

  15. If you watch this video from the start, Paul Craig Roberts says Whites have lost self confidence, and because of this loss of confidence, we are being pushed aside by other races.

    This process will continue regardless of who is in office, or whether the system collapses or not.

    When the kid shot the Antifas, and the rednecks on trucks steamrolled throuh Portland, and punched Antifa’s lights out, I think the establishment got scared. They are terrified of Whites becoming confident again. Racial confidence is all that matters.

    • There are pictures of Rittenhouse cleaning graffiti off of the courthouse in Kenosha – ironic since some POS judge from the White-hating US Jew-dicial system is going to put him in prison for the rest of his life. When are these idiots going to realize that the US gov’t hates them? They are like a beaten dog that still rolls over for an occasional belly rub from the guy that continually beats the shit out of it.

  16. I don’t believe that if Trump losess, the so called right will do anything about it but moan and bitch. While if he wins the juden who provide material support to the Left will go crazy! I am voting for Trump. I’ve said it many times before here, he succeeded betond our wildest dreams without intending in any way to do that. He and a lot of other idiots still think that America is an Idea and races don’t matter as long as people make good living. Obviously race, ethnicity and religion are everything and diversity always leads to violence.

  17. Über-Acceleration – Biden is declared the Electoral College winner but Trump refuses to relinquish the Presidency citing high amounts of voter fraud in swing states like PA, OH, MI and FL – then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

  18. From a better Irish writer:

    “Why the US is doomed”:

    “The fatal trouble with the US is that it has a chronic political disease. But none of the political class, including “populist” President Donald Trump, have a diagnosis to offer. And any remedial action always requires accurate diagnosis. What we have instead are all sorts of quack, or at best inaccurate, assessments, which never lead to remedial action, but rather to a compounding of problems because the problems are left unaddressed and neglected and ultimately allowed to fester. The basic problem is that the United States has devolved into a hyper militarized oligarchic state. The vast, growing social inequality in the nation, and its grotesque waste of economic resources on militarism are but two manifestations of this state. That is the outcome of decades of US corporate capitalism. All Western states tend to share similar deformities, but the American version of the disease is at its most virulent and moribund. The next problem is that there is no informed public debate, awareness or political leadership to diagnose the disease and how to cure it”:

  19. As the Communist say the Bourgeois revolution must precede the later Communist revolution. In our case the conservative Trump revolution must precede a true nationalist Revolution.

  20. Keith Woods is mistaken. I suspect he is just searching for a positive spin on the embarrassing spectacle of White America reelecting the Zionist conman.

    The two parties are equally bad, but if I was forced to choose which one was worse I would say it’s the Republicans. They are the party of big business which give zero shits about working class whites. They are also the party of Zionist wars for Israel. To cap it all off Republicans in power have a pacifying effect on patriotic Whites who think they are “winning” while the culture still shifts inexorably leftwards.

    Never vote for a Zionist under any circumstances.

    • How many wars has Donald Trump declared on behalf of Israel? The answer is zero. Yes I agree with you that big business not caring about working class Whites,. Big Business favors the democrats because they want H1B1 visas for cheap labor and anti-competitive regulations (regulations that favor big business over small business). The democrats will also revive job killing trade deals such as the trans-pacific partnership which will ship our jobs overseas. Joe Biden is Wall Street’s candidate because they want to return to the Bush / Obama era of globalist economics.

  21. Great twitter string. Thought provoking.

    For what it’s worth I think that Bidens policies would be way more accelerationist than the revolt to Trump.

    Hunter asks:
    “Why would anyone believe our current historical cycle would end in violence?”

    It is my opinion that our host Hunter is a bit of a statistician and someone who notices patterns very well. The problem with that is that it’s relatively easy from hindsight. I remember 2012 Maya calendar predictions, it got very hot in 2009 and 2010. You had everyone and their uncle finding historical patterns, going back to asteroid showers and such. In theory it sounded great and it all seemed to be backed by proof. But this “proof” is just reading too much into different things.

    I think that violence will escalate but far from civil war proportions. I also think that white america would only benefit from that but I also don’t see it woke enough to the reality of its demise. Too cucked.

    Either way I’m surprised that Hunter is of the preference that status quo continues rather than radical change happens.

  22. One test of the “Deep State’s” opposition to Trump. The fed has the stock market on life support. If the fed were to temporarily remove the lifeline, the stock market would crater and probably kill Trump’s chances for reelection. Ideally time this for the end of October. Subsequently, open the spigot again after a Biden win and say “See?”

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