Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died

I’m not sure what to think of this.

McConnell has already promised to hold a Senate vote on replacing Ginsburg, but does he have the votes to confirm a Trump nominee before the 2020 election?


“Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an accomplished advocate against gender discrimination who became one of the most revered justices in U.S. Supreme Court history, has died of complications related to pancreatic cancer. She was 87.

Only the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court, Ginsburg wrote some of the Supreme Court’s most notable opinions on gender discrimination, including the majority opinion in United States v. Virginia, a 1996 case which opened the Virginia Military Institute to women …”

Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are supposedly no votes. If the GOP loses Mitt Romney and one more wavering vote in the Senate, this is going nowhere.

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    • As I said over at Am Ren: “We Want a PROTESTANT WHITE MAN for this vacancy. Not a woman, not a ‘Catholic’ (Because, look how they all have voted!) We want a HERITAGE CONSERVATIVE PROTESTANT AMERICAN for Judge. (and I’m not even a Prot!).”

      Gentlemen, start your email engines. let’s REALLY shake up this admin!

      “If you want liberty you yourselves must strike the blow. If you must be free, you must become so through your own effort … Until you produce what the white man has produced you will not be his equal.”
      – Marcus Garvey, speaking to the Universal Negro Improvement Association in 1921

      “Just like they destroyed Russia a few years before that through their communism over there. Jews destroyed Russia, not goyim. Jews destroyed it. Communism is by Jews. Don’t let anybody confuse you. You look at history: Karl Marx, all the [others]….they are all Jews. Wicked, but none the less Jews. They destroyed Russia, and [Hitler] wrote in chapter two of “Mein Kampf” now they want to destroy Germany. That’s why I have to destroy them. Now, it doesn’t make it right. I’m pointing out, that’s absolute true history.’

      ‘This is one of the biggest reasons of why he[ Hitler] hated Jews. Because they destroyed the economy, because of their greed. It’s not making him right. Don’t let this confuse you. But this is happening again.

  1. The Recucks are incredibly stupid and self-destructive. Those fools throw away opportunities to consolidate power at every turn. The Dims usually use hook and crook to get their way. The chance to pick a third SC injustice and assure a neocon — er, conservative — majority on the court wouldn’t have been squandered by the libs.

    • Maybe DJT will pick Ted Cruz. He is already a U.S. Senator so the rest of the Senate knows him and many of them, both Republicans and Democrats can’t stand him and might jump at the chance to get him out of the Senate. That would probably be the quickest, easiest way to get a new appointee approved. Even the loathsome Sens. Collins and Murkowski might vote for him only because he is a Senator.

      That would be a sharp stick in the eye for the Democrats and would probably provoke even more rioting in Washington. Good, fuck ’em.

      • Why not nominate Hunter for the job? There is no constitutional requirement that a Supreme Court Justice be a lawyer, go for it Hunter!

    • “The Recucks are incredibly stupid and self-destructive.”

      The only people who are stupid and self destructive, are the dumb fooks who keep voting Conservative because ‘lesser of two evils/buy more time’ memes.

      “Those fools throw away opportunities to consolidate power at every turn. The Dims usually use hook and crook to get their way.”

      Republicans have been losing the culture war on purpose for 100 years. Liberals are driving us off a cliff at 100 mph. Conservatives are driving us off a cliff at 50 mph. The only point of difference between them, is the speed the murder should be done at.

      • @Margot…

        “The only people who are stupid and self destructive, are the dumb fooks who keep voting Conservative”

        I respectfully disagree, Dear Margot – it is NOT dumb to vote Conservative.

        What is cowardly, however, is to think that voting alone will get the job done, when clearly the power of the vote has been so greatly diminished by the uncaring corruption of the politicians who run this country, and who have run it into the ground over the last 7 decades.

    • “The Recucks are incredibly stupid and self-destructive.”

      That’s about all anyone needs to know or understand about our”democracy”(not a constitutional republic) its so far from reality and so close to WWF rasslin that a normal human is non plussed by it all.

      anything you do at selection time matters not…its set and sealed way prior. the globohomoschlomos win and average joe just shut up and buy some shoes, starbux and niggerball tickets!

  2. My sincerest condolences to the Ginsburg family – they’ve lost their matriarch.

    That said, I am overjoyed Judge Ginsberg will not be on the court any longer.

    Save for maybe Earl Warren, few have laboured more mightily to undo a great White Gentile nation as did Judge Ginsburg.

    She is a case in point for why I believe that no one should be allowed to serve on any court who has more than one Jewish great-grandparent.

    The reason?

    It comes down to wood – Oak best for beams and old battleships, Orange Osage for bows, Red Spruce for musical soundboards, Willow and Cottonwood for crates, and Hickory and Ash for axe handles.

    People are like wood, too, as are the races.

    Thus, I think this –

    Jews are phenomenal out-of-the-box tinkerers, and, as such, they have made, are making, and will continue to make, great contributions to this nation in entertainment, science, logicisticks, research and medicine, and the arts, but, given that they cannot live within established lines, they, not a single one of them, belong in the courts.

    As to Trump – is Trump’s moment – a moment awaited for by those on The Right since the days of Earl Warren – Eisenhower’s self confessed greatest mistake.

    If Amy Coney Barret it is to be, my prayers are that she is as Far Right a Strict Constructionalist in her future deliberations as she has long seemed to be, and as The Supreme Court desperately needs to offset the deadly weight of Bush’s nightmare pick – Chief Justice John Roberts.

    Though Trump will be prodded by the RINOs to pick a concilliatory candidate, I think he has enough political instincts to pick someone who will reshape this nation, if it is to stay together in anything like the current form.

    This moment is one of the 3 biggest reasons I voted for Trump in 2016 – to destroy rampant Federalism, restore States’ Rights, destroy forced integration and affirmative rights, obliterate Roe vs. Wade, undermine Secularization, axe Gay Marriage and Transgenders ‘rights’, and a whole host of vile evils that have beset this land, since The Warren Courts of the 1950s and 60s.

    The Lord set Trump up for this moment, so, let’s hope he comes through.

    If nothing else, it will be exceedingly amusing to watch The Left lose their collective minds, this as the totalitarian state they illegally foisted upon us grows weak in the loins.

      • @Flaxen…

        Thank you for your comment.

        Really, they are not my bets, for I am an out and out Southern Nationalist who believes only in the reconfederatization of this country is there any future worthwhile.

        That said, my fellow Southerners prefer subjugation to tyranny and trying to be something, anything, but what they are.

        To that end I have prayed for many years to The Good Lord what he intends, what He will intend.

        I have heard that he put this idea into Trump’s mind a long time ago, made sure he was elected, and will back in this election, and spur him to do a better job in his second term.

        To those who would suggest that a guy like Donald Trump could not be The Lord’s guy, they are not familiar with history.

        That said, what I have shared here is only spirit information – not logick based, nor what I actually think, though, certainly I think Trump is a thousand times better than Harris, because with Trump, there is at least the chance that he will do right.

        With Kamala Harris not only is there no chance she will do right, it is assured she will do wrong, and as much of it as she thinks she can get away with.

        To those of my comrades on The Far Right (or whatever you want to call us) who really dislike Trump, I can only say this – if you think you feel uncomfortable under him, you are going to feel REALLY uncomfortable under Harris, if she wins.

    • Gee–you’ve brought up from my memories the Chicago girl with whom I saw the 1983 Tony Scott film that used that song in its opening credits. My goodness—thirty-seven years ago, and she was probably about thirty at the time, as was I. Cute chick.

  3. White, European-blooded men ruled by laws set by jews, women and Catholics – how far we have fallen. Here is how you should feel – Wallace – disgusted, repulsed and emasculated. My ancestors were more “free” as a people running around in the forests of Germany 2000 years ago.

    • and you wouldn’t know said ancestors, nor this language and alphabet, if not thanks for the Catholics.
      you would still be scribbling runes and burning fir trees with people somewhere.
      the other two groups yes, but they gained much more ground with secularization (and before that, reformation) than before.

    • doubt if the demoncrats will need to steal it. Drumpf will carry no state that he didn’t carry in ’16, and he is in trouble in AZ, Wisc, PA, Michigan and several others states he – barely – carried. Of course,

      they may do it just for fun.

  4. Early Christmas.

    When everything goes well, then the following shit show will wipe our entire “justice” system. Donald pushes her replacement. Commies declare that they will not obey new court rulings. Very fast it goes over general rejection of all Donald court appointees.

    Then the snowball start rolling and pretty soon general audience will understand that those people in weird clothes are just lifetime unelected politicians and all post war “legislation” must thrown out of window.

    This happening everywhere. There is fierce fight in Poland and one side claims that when unelected lifetime bunch of people forcing Marxist agenda on society, then this bunch of people is not a supreme court but renamed soviet political bureau operating under cover

    Our East European wet dream is canceling entire post Soviet “legislation” altogether and starting again from blank list. Currently we are not law abiding, we are Jew abiding because our entire legislation is written by them…:D

  5. Doesn’t really matter if they nominate the justice now or before the election, since Trump is most likely going to win anyway. Ted Cruz would make a good justice but he has been clear that he doesn’t want the job.

    They have to be more cautious of the vetting process since Neil Gorsuch turned out to be an unexpected dud despite passing through vetting with flying colors.

    Trump should probably nominate Amy Coney Barrett. She’s religious and a legal originalist. Although she should still be vetted just to make sure she isn’t a secret Marxist like Gorsuch.

  6. Trump came to my hometown of Bemidji and wow were the crowds huge. The anti-protesters were dwarfed by the massive Pro-Trump crew. I’m am shocked he came to Bemidji of all places in Minnesota. I was in town to buy my daughter (5) a present from target. She got a furreal dinosaur and a pikachu plush doll. Too busy to attend the rally.

  7. A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing but the Republicans. McConnell is counting on enough RINOs joining the Democrats opposing replacing RBG with a “reliable conservative” based on “muh principles” that Republican Voters will fall for the latest Failure Theater and overlook the fact that, unlike the Democrats, the Republican Leadership does not enforce Party Discipline. Deliberately. And arbitrarily. McCain and Collins, etc. were not purged at all much less in the ruthless way the Republicans purged Steve King for being too populist and Pro-White.

    So my guess is that Murkowski, Collins, Romney, and Lamar Alexander (who is about to retire anyway and cannot be punished by his constituents) will represent enough Republican opposition to give McConnell ass cover with the voters.

    Its stuff like this that makes anyone with two working brain cells wonder if the biggest obstacle to Whites is not the Democrats but the Republicans.

  8. Spit out the black pill and get back on the Trump train as we are about to own the libs!

    Does Oriental Dissent favor naming Andrew Yang as the new Associate Justice? If Chinamen can take over Harvard from Jews, why not the Supreme Court as well? Lol!

  9. Y’all know how I feel about this timely removal of a (((godless Jewish B*tch))) -oh, wait, I repeat myself…
    But the comments dissing the (((shiksa whore uppity Yid))), over at Dr. Turley’s YT video, are priceless.
    My favorites were/are:

    “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God – Thy Will Be Done.”
    “God himself is getting things done for his glory.”
    “Unless the United States gets hit with an asteroid, nuclear attack or the rapture:
    I’m still going to vote in person.”

    (That last one’s for you, Brad)

    Remember what Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the unofficial ‘saint’ of Lutheran Germany once said:
    “Silence in the face of evil it itself evil:
    God will not hold us guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak; not to act, is to act.”
    – D. Bonhoeffer

    (Hint- while Trump is no saint, the DEMS are EVIL INCARNATE). How can I say that?
    JEW know the answer.

    • What a ghastly hag she was, her mouth hanging open like that, too, revolting. Even her own side laughed at her, although they’ve got their sanctimony veils on now.

    • ““Silence in the face of evil it itself evil: . . .”

      That reads like something straight off a BLM poster.

  10. What is important is the golden opportunity Trump has to make the left flip its shit, and expose those Republican Senators that will cockblock this and vote against it or abstain.

    The Left has to resist, as the seat is too important.

    Doing this correctly could be decisive factor that gets him over the hump for re-election. Something that will, one way or another, benefit all of us.

    Even though most of the dissident right is too autistic to know it, and has stuck themselves in a corner where their rhetoric once again has swung so far to the extreme that they are left out of position to capitalize on the situation. For better or worse, Trump is at least a shrewd politician. I’ve got no idea whats going on with the dissident right. They all seem to be reeeee’ing autisticly about their pet issues with no idea what they are trying to accomplish.

    This time the obsession has been with opposing Trump (The Orange Man who is also bad), and even if they woke up and realized the short stop doesn’t belong in left field, there’s no time for them to get back into the game before the crack of the bat, without risking giving their echo chamber whiplash.

    We have missed the entire opportunity of these riots, a gift if I ever saw one, to get the simple message out to the people that “Its Ok To Be White”, that these people hate us for being White and wish us harm, so therefore “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”. Thats the whole message. Doesn’t have to be those words but they are as succinct as you can get. People intuit this themselves but they need permission to say it out loud. That was the job of our intellectuals, our media and propaganda organs like this blog or the TRS podcasts. The permission had to come from credible sources. We have squandered every bit of credibility.

    Yet another wasted opportunity.

    Whats worse, being a race traitor like these upper middleclass urban SWPL’s that align with Antifa? Or the self styled “dissident right” that fails its only simple objective every time through sheer incompetence?

    • “these people hate us for being White”

      Yep, most whites don’t realize this, the think lots of brown people would be proud of humanity to see Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. But instead it brings out hatred in people like AOC because they know their people could never do anything like that and the very existence of such achievements by whites is a humiliation for them. It’s that same hatred people feel about seeing the Patriots in every single Super Bowl, they hate them for being too good.

    • Dey beez blackrobed kangz-n-sheeit since Marbury v. Madison (1803), in which they declared themselves to be the supreme arbiters of law. Just goes to show how deep the poz really is. A seat on the Soopreemz is a de-facto lifetime title of lordship. Congress, a jellyfish even in 1803, let it stand instead of impeaching and removing them for this obvious usurpation. The last blackrobe to be impeached and removed was the beloved Alcee Hastings – for accepting bribes in chamber. Naturally he simply became a member of congress, which has no rules against even convicted felons being elected to its hollow halls. Another tale from the unending farce of Clown-World.

    • I’m not so sure about that simile. “Think about it” as Jerry Lee Lewis would say. Think about it real hard.

  11. Lots of celebrations at the announcement of her death last night from the right but honestly not to be a Eeyore but not much will change I don’t think I highly doubt anything substantial will happen gop inc will take the L. I was gonna celebrate an have a beer or a cocktail and a few shots but opted out for a safer option and had a smoothie instead. My stomach and Liver thanks me no doubt

    Even if the Gop neo liberal cuckolds get a republican judge to replace her. Kushner Soros will probably recommend a kosher replacement who is very pro tribe and pro homo. Bitch McConnell the stupid turtle faced bitch is already cucking hard and gave a tribute to the old wicked witch his twatter replies are filled with angry lefties calling him MoscowMitch, traitor and threatening more riots if the replacement doesn’t meet their subversive progressive standards despite them getting a globalhomo judge anyway Oy vey Send in the clowns…

  12. If the nomination moves forward I fully expect the left to riot. This would be politically advantageous to Trump for his own re-election and in moving the nomination forward. Riots would enable recalcitrant GOP Senators to be labeled as siding with the mob or as surrendering to the mob.

  13. Being Venezuelan, Mrs. UndertheDRADIS has strong feelings about commies. She has “Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead” on loop.

    • Alexander Hamilton, perhaps the chief mastermind of the lawyer-craftsmen, called the Supreme Court of the United States (along with the rest of the national courts) of lifetime-appointed “justices” an “indispensable ingredient” of its constitution and “the citadel of the public justice and the public security” – by which of course he meant the exact opposite. He copied the rule-by-lawyers scheme from the British monarchial system and made improvements. Instead of people’s courts with juries of peers, we now have the greatest legal industry in world history, with mostly forced plea-bargain settlements and mass incarceration – and one lawyer for every prisoner in the U.S., 1.5 million of each!

      Relax. Rest assured that no matter which party gets to choose the new replacement “justice” lawyer, whether neocon or neolib, and regardless of race or religion, he or she will work to preserve the system itself. Everything else is just window dressing or theater.

  14. I think it’s a win-win for Trump as long as he goes for a “conservative” replacement before the election, even if the GOP controlled Senate is stupid enough to oppose him. Whether or not his choice is affirmed or rejected he’s going to gain more votes than his opponent will.

    Having said that I’m not a Trump (or Biden) supporter. Ain’t going to get fooled again. Just observing the “game”.

  15. The GOP CONservatives will squander this opportunity, just like they do all golden opportunities. Not that it really matters much anyway seeing as CONservatives haven’t conserved anything of merit in decades.
    The SCOTUS could be packed 9-0 with CONservatives and they’d NEVER overturn Roe V Wade or any other substantial rulings.
    I don’t need 9 black-robed interpreters to tell me what the Constitution says, it’s pretty clear.

    I do hope Trump makes a nomination just to see the Left’s temper tantrums and the cuck GOP Establishment throw Trump under the bus. One has to know one’s enemies of course.

    • I knew the worthless Gathering Of Pussies would wuss out the moment I heard she was gone. They will do the “honorable” thing and squander the opportunity, being too stupid to understand that the Left is always “in it to win it”.

  16. Please, how about a WASP on the Supreme Court. Not a Jew, a Catholic, a non-White or a woman. But, a White Protestant man!

    Gorsuch was a Catholic who married a White woman, and converted to Protestantism—we didn’t find that out until after he was on the SCOTUS!

    It’s details like this count.

    • Gorsuch is old stock American from Maryland converted to Episcopalian faggotry because he has no decency, like most “established Protestants” descended from those who gave this country to the Jews.

      • No, Gorsuch is not from a family that was here prior to 1800. He may have an ancestor or two who came over in the 1850’s during the German socialist revolutions.

  17. To be fair, RBG didnt bend her knee to wokeness and rarely hired affirmative action clerks. Also she voted to hold Virginias anti-flag burning law unconstitutional in Virginia v Black.

    • @Chad…

      The vast majority of Jews have always been sympathetic to what they regarded as ‘The Negro Plight’, BUT, they never wanted to be near them.

      Come to think of it, that is pretty much the attitude of New England White Gentiles, historically speaking.

      Just another reason why those two constituencies are so allied in taking down the country, bit by bit.

    • @Chad…

      Let me refine my previous comment : until recently decades, Southern Jews behaved as Southern Gentiles and employed plenty of Negroes, including as servants in the house.

      In the Raleigh, in which I grew up, all decent White houses had Negro servants.

      Though less than Southern Jews, Yankee Jews would consider hiring black, unlike Yankee Gentiles who were not fond of the practice, or, at least, in the old days.

      If there was a White servant, I never saw them.

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        My grandmother who lived in several deep Southern states for several years in the 1950’s mentioned the same. All the servants were black. The states were Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

        From her viewpoint and experiences she thought the Deep South was wonderful. She was a little uneasy over the more extreme segregation of the South compared to the segregation of Texas but since it did not affect our kind……

        • @Cristina…

          Thank you, Dear Cristina, for having offered that. Yes, I recall you having said something about this before, though without quite so much detail.

          I am not surprised that your Grandmother was, all in all, very comfortable in The Olde South, because our old colonial, traditional, and honour-driven culture had, and, indeed, still has, a great deal in common with the Culture of Mexico.

          As I have said before, to the chagrin of many here – of all those non-Whites who come to Dixie, Mexicans have the most in common with us – from manners and politeness, church ways, and, above all, ole-timey honour- oriented ways.

          Be well, Young Lady!

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        Thank you for your wonderful reply. Yes she loved the South of the 1950’s. She said they were all very friendly both the blacks and the whites.

  18. Good riddance to that wicked bug-eyed rodent! Typical of her Tribe, she did all in her power to morally and culturally destroy the U.S. under her ‘progressive’ rulings.

  19. Good point. Notice how quiet everyone is with the fact the court was 33% jewish with Ginsburg there and would have been about 45% jewish if Garland was appointed? Suddenly diversity does not matter once Jews and blacks are involved heavily. It’s about takeover.

    • @Jeff…

      “Notice how quiet everyone is with the fact the court was 33% jewish with Gins-burg there and would have been about 45% jewish if Garland was appointed?”

      Yes, of course, it is a ruse – and solely a ruse to remove Whites from command of the country of which we were the principal builders.

      • Totally Ivan. Just like the black lies matter bowel movement will and is leading to even more Whites being discriminated against and probably some Asians. Many blacks were already obscenely under qualified for the best schools in the nation. It will only increase at the expense of mostly White non jewish males.

        Just like with Hollywood. The massive push to throw blacks into everything comes at the expense of Whites in general but especially White non Jews. Kosherwood is the most discriminating town in America. There is a reason Jews are obscenely overrepresented in Hollywood as well as dung hole lovers.. As usual jews become White when necessary and become jewish when necessary.

        As far as Trump goes, he can really set up something big here with judges if he gets in again and has made a good dent in his first term. Obama made a mistake by not filling those seats. Glad he did not.

        • @Jeff…

          Thank you for your reply, Sir.

          Trump has many opportunities, and, indeed, has had many opportunities, more than a few not of his own making.

          As I’ve said before, without necessarily knowing what is to be, or when it will be : —— President Trump is not a destination, but a bridge.

          Though folks are right to insist that the judiciary, in and of itself, cannot pave the road to panacea, the fact remains that, without a better judiciary than we presently have, nothing good is possible.

          Of the 885 serving Federal Judges, I believe that President Trump has appointed 214, and that is nearly 24%.

          With another four years, he will have appointed half the judiciary, and, even if most of them only turn out to be Centrist/Centre-Right judges, it is a thousand miles beyond a judiciary full of Ginsbergs and Kagans, which, when President Trump was inaugurated, was at least half of what it was.

          In this President Trump reminds me of a slugger who, though he has had a poor first three games of a World Series, still has the time to begin to get hot and hit long balls.

          The Harris/Biden ticket, on the other hand, has no such potential.

          In fact, all they would do would be to hit foul balls, and create a lot of suffering which, though many on The Far Right do not think it, would not necessarily lead to a redemptive period.

          Many people on The Far Right, and I am going back to my childhood in saying this – have a tendency to believe in a kind of inevitable catharsis, almost as if that, in suscribing to such a plausible scenario, they rule out all others.

          What they omit in their thinking is that the political temperment of this country, as a whole, has always been centrist.

          Most Americans, contrary to The Far Left or Far Right, don’t believe in political solutions, but, rather, just hope they can get by without having politicks intrude on their lives.

          That kind of prevailing ethos does not point the way the revolutionary catharsises, even in a time, such as this, when most of the foundations of this country have been largely digested by termites.

          At any rate – have a very good night!

  20. There are two ways to look at this. One on hand, the people here are smart enough to know this will make zero difference, whether they push through an judge {hint. They wont} or not, you will at best get a Gorsuch or Kavanaugh which is meaningless. At worst you get a woman with six adopted African children or a lawyer who did pro-bono in the Orthodox community or rescuing death row prisoners on technicalities.

    The second more positive way is that last night was one of celebration not seen since Blormpf one in 2016. It wasn’t very nice or Christian but “the boys” had a 12 hour pass to unironically use the term “libtard” and mock the “demonrats” using the most callous and hysterically cruel memes ever created

    • Once again quick car typing results in grammar not seen outside of a South Side of Chicago special education school. Sorry for the failure to review my work

    • @Captain Schill…

      “There are two ways to look at this. One on hand, the people here are smart enough to know this will make zero difference, whether they push through an judge {hint. They wont} or not, you will at best get a Gorsuch or Kavanaugh which is meaningless.”

      I think this is unfair, Good Sir – for, though one decision I thought unhelpful by Gorsuch and a couple by Kavanaugh, the overall impact of their rulings is positive.

      To get a measure of just how positive the collective body of their rulings have been, thusfar, just imagine if, in their stead, a President Hillary Clinton had appointed two others like Ginsburg or Kagan.

      To be clear, the Republick cannot be rescued by the judiciary alone, but, if it is going to be rescued, the basis for that will prove to be Trump Appointments.

      Just as he has reshaped the wildly unlawful 9th Circuit, he is doing the same to all the Federal & Appeals’ courts.

      It already is making a difference, and one area where you will see it make another difference is in all the cleverly planned Democrat chaos in the aftermath of the coming election.

      A Supreme Court of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Alito, and Barrett will be the graveyard for all extra-constitutional usurpations in December and January.

      Once Barrett is on the court, it will matter much less what Chief Justice Roberts will do.

      In any case, be well, My Friend!

  21. Notice how the mostly jewish run media and mostly jewish run Hollywood have created icon status for a baby killer promoter, Christian hater, open borders, homosexual pushing jewish woman? Why was she so amazing? She wasn’t. Smart? Of course but so are many. But Oyyy veyyy goyim, she was a jew from New York. Kind of like so many in the entertainment industry and news media.

    Ginsburg was only ” great” because she fit so many credentials that are too often jewish or jewish approved. She was not great but rather a far left, America wrecking jewish woman. That’s it. The fact she was on the Supreme Court should always remind us how evil the Clintons are.

    Like so many Jews she was agnostic but loyal to the jewish group think. The only thing that matters for her and all of us after we die is where is she now? I will leave it at ” I don’t know” as a preacher once told a group of us at church responding to questions of where folks are after death.

    But for anyone remotely brought up on JESUS CHRIST, HE has to be accepted as Lord and Savior for admission to Heaven as well as heartfelt repentance for sins. So did an agnostic jewish woman do that? As my ex preacher would say: ” I don’t know.”

    • a left-wing, hence anti-neocon Jew. His grieving wife:

      Katerina Stein-alias-vanden Heuval, Wall St. zillionaire (MCA heiress), & owner-editor of the Bolshevik NATION magazine.

      • True. Thus he was not really in danger for opposing the war on Russia, while others not so protected cannot be allowed. However truly peasant-led oppositions almost never succeed. It is outlier elites that can do that.

    • @Anonymous…

      Very very sorry to hear this – Stephen Cohen was an outstanding Southern Jew, from Louisville, if memory serves.

      He was the premiere authority on Russia, in this country, and numerous times was on Tucker Carlson’s show disabusing the publick of the idea that Vladimir Putin engineered the election of 2016, and, as well, that the notion that The Russians were to blame for what has happened in The Crimea. (Ukraine)

      Without Cohen, I am not sure there is someone with sufficient stature to explain to people why they need to stop suffering from Deep State/Neo Con induced Russky-Madness.

      Cohen was the best antidote to CIA/MI6-Mossad spokesman Max Boot, a terrible misinformant that has appeared hundreds of times on Mainstream Media.

      To wit, Cohen and Boot appeared on a program about 2 years back and Cohen really put Boot in his place, politely so, of course – because Cohen was a Southerner, to the core.

      Boot got so flustered by Cohen’s tearing up of his arguments that he accused Cohen of being a Russian stooge.

      Cohen disabused him of that, as well, while lecturing him on manners. Not that Boot was listening, because that is something that he does not do, anymore than do the people he represents.

      If you want to see that, just go to YouTube and enter a search for Max Boot Stephen Cohen, and you can have a well-informed laugh at the Deep State’s expence.

  22. I agree with Caitlin Johnstone who says “consider refraining from giving your energy to the Supreme Court debate.” She explains why: For me also the SCOTUS replacement choice is a non-issue, no more worthy of my attention than the Carlson show on Faux News, and the rest of Faux News.

    If people are directed to focus only on little “trees” like this they will never see the forest. It is the forest (the nature of the system itself) that people should be helped to see.

  23. Hunter,
    Long, long time reader/lurker.

    I woke up this morning and have gone from being anti-Trump anti-GOP to being unsure about Trump, maybe positive. Perhaps it was Ginsburg’s death that tipped me over the edge (Did a glowie help her “retire” a little sooner?).

    My thinking is ever since Trump was elected, the West has been going haywire. Things haven’t gone well for us. We took casualties like Charlottesville. No wall, corona virus, collapse of the economy. But other things are going our way. Immigration gas gone down due to corona virus. Conservatism Inc are starting to get scared of the brown anti-white future they brought upon us though their greed. Before Trump, China’s rise was accepted as inevitable before Trump, but now they are under attack by a coalition of countries and their manufacturing will be shipped out. Also Trump offered to pardon Assange if he gives up his source, who if it was Seth Rich is dead.

    Maybe I will change my mind tomorrow, but my thinking today is we are watching a war, and it has reached a point where one side or the other is going to start taking heavy losses. Perhaps my mind will clear and I will go back to hating Trump tomorrow, but that is my thinking as of this moment.

    • Glowie?! You actually think CIA killed her to hype up rage of her death with leftys? I dunno thats a bit of a far stretch man. She had pancreatic cancer thats literally one of the worst cancers to get it has a survival rate of 2%. She told the press she was free of cancer after a surgery last January, so was my dad technically but the pancreatic cancer accelerates and multiplies at such a fast rate it comes back 50x times stronger then before even if a large majority of it is removed after surgery.

      The only reason Rbg lasted as long as she did is because she had top line care and 24/7 access to cancer specialists and doctors. My dad died from pancreas cancer a year a half ago too its a fast killer I tell you he only had 6 months after the diagnosis. My father never had the million dollar care that this old chosen gypsy had tho…

      The way blumpf and his shady administration pretending like Julian Assange doesn’t exist is pathetic but expected of blumpfs backstabbing character

      • “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

        I operate on the same principle. Nothing affecting US politics happens by chance. Its military, nukes, and massive economy are too important to world affairs.

  24. The Confederacy had their backs to the wall when Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers (he would have called for more but was limited at that time) to invade and force the South back into the Union. The South fought courageously and were overall victorious during the first half of the war. But the greater resources in the North and a steady stream of new troops finally overwhelmed the South and they have been mocked ever since about their “Lost Cause”. The victorious North then basically took over the USA and turned it into a Federal monster, the Yankee Empire, that has pushed all this liberal garbage down the throats of everyone for the past 150+ years, with Repubs now following the Dems into more and more perversion.

    Do you want this to continue?

    You are not going to stop this slide into the abyss by electing Trump. He is for homosexuality. Think about that! And he is against the South (he only got excited beyond tweeting about tearing down monuments when the radical Left went after his beloved Lincoln and Grant).

    No. If the Left destroys this country, they are not destroying the original USA. They are destroying this God forsaken Yankee Empire who conquered the South and forced the Southern people into accepting godless Yankee values! Wake up and quit trying to defend this anti-White anti-South monster!

    The South needs a righteous party that obeys God and protects the interests of the South and its people who go back many generations and more than that the South needs to separate from this Yankee Empire of Sodoms and Gomorrahs soon to be destroyed for all of the rotten sins it embraces.

    If you feel you have to vote then write in “Jesus Christ”.

    • Right, the Yankees destroyed the South. What about those loyal Southerners like Lindsey Graham and the rest of the sellouts that are doing more to destroy the south today than the Yankees could of dreamed of after the war. What about the southern President (Johnson), Lincoln’s VP that did more to destroy the south than Lincoln. Stop being a hypocrite and contradicting yourself.

      • @Mike

        found this on the internet (some fires may have been set by Confederates themselves to destroy buildings that would soon fall into Yankees’ hands but still if there were no Yankees invading the South this destruction would have never occurred.):

        PARTIAL list of CIVILIAN OCCUPIED towns burned by the Yankee army, culled from the Official Records.

        Osceola, Missouri, burned to the ground, September 24, 1861
        Dayton, Missouri, burned, January 1 to 3, 1862
        Columbus, Missouri, burned, reported on January 13, 1862
        Bentonville, Arkansas, partly burned, February 23, 1862
        Winton, North Carolina, burned, reported on February 21, 1862
        Bluffton, South Carolina, burned, reported June 6, 1863
        Bledsoe’s Landing, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
        Hamblin’s, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
        Donaldsonville, Louisiana, partly burned, August 10, 1862

        And then there was the sack and pillage of Athens, Alabama, on June 30, 1862, by Colonel Turchin’s men, who committed rapes and other atrocities on the inhabitants. Turchin was subsequently court-martialed and put out of the military. What happened next? Turchin was rewarded by lincoln, was promoted to Brigadier General and put back in the military.

        Athens, Alabama, partly burned, August 30, 1862
        Randolph, Tennessee, burned, September 26, 1862
        Elm Grove and Hopefield, Arkansas, burned, October 18, 1862
        Napoleon, Arkansas, partly burned, January 17, 1863
        Mound City, Arkansas, partly burned, January 13, 1863
        Hopefield, Arkansas, burned, February 21, 1863
        Eunice, Arkansas, burned, June 14, 1863
        Gaines Landing, Arkansas, burned, June 15, 1863
        Sibley, Missouri, burned June 28, 1863
        Hernando, Mississippi, partly burned, April 21, 1863
        Austin, Mississippi, burned, May 23, 1863
        Columbus, Tennessee, burned, reported February 10, 1864

        Meridian, Mississippi, destroyed, February 3 to March 6, 1864

        “For 5 days 10,000 men worked hard and with a will…with axes, crowbars, sledges, clawbars, and with fire, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing the work as well done. Meridian, with its depots, store-houses, arsenal, hospitals, offices, hotels, and cantonments no longer exists.”
        — w.t.sherman

        Washington, North Carolina, sacked and burned, April 20, 1864
        Hallowell’s Landing, Alabama, burned, reported May 14, 1864
        Newtown, Virginia, ordered to be burned, ordered May 30, 1864
        Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, burned, June 12, 1864
        Camden Point, Missouri, burned, July 14, 1864
        Kendal’s Grist-Mill, Arkansas, burned, September 3, 1864
        Shenandoah Valley, devastated, reported October 1, 1864 by sheridan
        Rome, Georgia, partly burned, November 11, 1864
        Atlanta, Georgia, burned, November 15, 1864
        Griswoldville, Georgia, burned, November 21, 1864
        Somerville, Alabama, burned, January 17, 1865
        McPhersonville, South Carolina, burned, January 30, 1865
        Barnwell, South Carolina, burned, reported February 9, 1865
        Columbia, South Carolina, burned, reported February 17, 1865
        Winnsborough, South Carolina, pillaged and partly burned, February 21, 1865
        Tuscaloosa, Alabama, burned, April 4, 1865

        Maybe God will allow antifa/BLM to burn that many cities up North to even the score…

        Might be a true saying: What goes around comes around…

        • Banned for Life,

          That was valuable information. The part of Colonel Turchin being promoted by Lincoln after allowing his men to commit atrocities was distrubing.

        • @Banned For Life…

          It’s important to note that The U.S. Government Campaign conducted for four years to subdue Eastern North Carolina was one of immense criminality.

          Negro troops and local scalawags, had run off to form regiments for Uncle Sam who were then turned loose on civilians to pillage and plunder.

          Washington, North Carolina, where I lived and met my wife, was one such example – the town being bombarded and then pillaged in 1864 by The U.S Government.

          A sign of submission is the town that tells the onlooker that the town was burned by fleeing Confederates, which, of course, the defenders of our town (namely the Washington Greys and other local boys) did not do.

          The New Englander, Ambrose Burnside, was one such war criminal, though he had his hat handed to him by North Carolina troops under General Lee at Fredericksburg.

          The town in Northeastern North Carolina, where I live, was also scene to this this, The U.S. Government continually attempting to raid it until, finally in 1864 they broke through and pillaged the town.

          The dominion of the invaders would not last though, for they were driven out of this area in the mid 1860s by a determined effort on the part of those Confederate veterans who formed units of the Scarlet Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

          The centre of that resistance in my town was headquartered at the olde masonick lodge, that 18th century building still up and running today in 2020, having been the scene of numerous lynchings of those scalawags who took the side of treachery and tyranny over that of fidelity and local sovereignty.

          As events take shape today, it has to be wondered if it will come back to that, once again, for one thing is sure – my state if crawling with scalawags who would think nothing better than to further destroy what is left of our people and culture.

          • @Ivan

            I have read two books recently (1) “The Fight for the Old North State, The Civil War in North Carolina, January-May 1864” and (2) “Covered with Glory” (about NC’s famous 26th regiment at Gettysburg).

            (1) Very interesting. Didn’t know that a Union abolitionist (Edward Wild) formed all black regiments to scour the countryside in North Carolina capturing and in at least once case lynching suspected white Confederate guerilla fighters, “…burning houses and barns, consuming livestock and taking hostages from the families of suspected guerrillas. The hostage taking, particularly the seizure of white women, struck a raw nerve among Confederates,” No wonder race relations weren’t the best. Wonder if a movie about this will be out soon? Probably not. And if it does the story would be twisted around showing the South as the villain.

            There is a lot about the battle to retake New Bern, the building/fighting of the CSS Albemarle and the victory in the Battle of Plymouth and a section about the Union’s withdrawal from Washington and the fire that started and who possibly was to blame, plus other interesting information.

            The most exciting part of the book to me was the battle at Plymouth. The Yankees had heard rumors of the ironclad Albemarle but could not locate and destroy it. So here is a battle about to begin in Plymouth NC and the Albemarle is still being built, in fact there is forge on deck as they are making their way to fight and they are still working to finish it. No time to really test everything but goes straight into battle and clears the Union ships protecting Plymouth and helps give the Confederates the victory.

            (2) The main focus was Gettysburg. They gave it their all. Too bad the disgusting Communists at UNC rip down Silent Sam basically claiming these brave men (several UNC grads in prominent roles in the regiment) charging straight into almost sure death were sacrificing their lives just so they could own slaves.These Marxists are the ones who need to be “ripped down” and not Confederate monuments.

          • @Banned…

            Sir, I did read this last comment of yours and replied to it, though I do not know what happened to the reply!

            At any rate, thank you for this comment!

    • There are those who say if Nathan Bedford Forrest had been in change of Souther forces instead of Lee the South might have won its independence via NBF’s brand of asymmetrical warfare

      • It is reported that after the surrender at Appomattox, when a Union officer asked General Robert E. Lee who he thought his greatest general was, Lee is alleged to have replied: “Sir, a gentleman I have never had the pleasure to meet, General Nathan Bedford Forrest.”
        –General Robert E. Lee regarding Nathan Bedford Forrest

      • Gen. Lee was the only reason the Confederacy lasted four years. Only in Virginia, the Confederates under Lee’s command, were able to stalemate the Yankees until the very end. In the Western theatre, where Forrest operated, the South was losing very badly. Forrest’s “asymmetric warfare” did not deter Sherman from burning down Georgia and South Carolina. He didn’t even dare to oppose Sherman’s “March to the Sea”. Forrest was simply a partisan raider and nothing more.

        • @Gamecock…

          I agree with your take on Lee being great, though, I would say this about Forrest – he was never given the resources with which to be more than you describe, ‘a partisan raider’.

          Jefferson Davis lamented the fact, indirectly, much later on, when he acknowledged that he ought not have trusted some so much (Bragg) and others (Forrest) he ought to have elevate to large scale command.

          Hindsight, however, is 20/20

          Davis was an establishment guy who could not, for the life of him, imagine how an uneducated lout, Forrest, could be the second coming of Alexander The Great.

      • “Forrest is the very devil, If we must sacrifice 10,000 lives and bankrupt the Federal Treasury, it will be worth it. There will never be peace in Tennessee till Forrest is dead.”
        — William T Sherman

        After the war Sherman said:

        “After all, I think Forrest was the most remarkable man our Civil War produced on either side…He had never read a military book in his life, knew nothing about tactics, could not even drill a company, but had a genius of strategy which was original, and to me incomprehensible.”
        — William T Sherman regarding Forrest’s military genius

        “…There was no theory or art of war by which I could calculate with any degree of certainty what Forrest was up to. He always seemed to know what I was going to do next.”
        –William T Sherman regarding Forrest’s military genius

  25. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that Trump will pick a Conservativetard like all the rest who’ll do nothing about Abortion, Gay Marriage, and other Sins that been been legalized by the Supreme Court for years. Deo Vindice !

  26. I can’t help but wonder what kind of experience RGB is having in the after life right now with her advocacy of Abortion and Gay marriage.

  27. I have always thought that if you scratch the surface of a leftist, you would find underneath a Klansman without the courage of his convictions, After Bob Dornan gave a pro-life speech in the House, Nancy Pelosi chased after him, grabbing him in the cloakroom to give what she viewed as the conclusive argument for abortion: “What if your daughter is raped by a black man?” Fast forward to RGB, you don’t have to be a psychic to guess who she meant when she said about abortion, “populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” If the left were for once honest on race, now that would be a “color revolution,”

    • The left has been honest about race and fairly recently; it’s just that they are too stupid/ill-educated/disingenuous/crippled by cognitive dissonance to come to grips with it. Every poster of Che Guevara hanging in every college dorm room and meeting place of Antifa/BLM/miscellaneous Social Justice warrior office needs Che’s words of wisdom appended underneath:

      “The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese. And the two ancient races have now begun a hard life together, fraught with bickering and squabbles. Discrimination and poverty unite them in the daily fight for survival but their different ways of approaching life separate them completely: The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.” and . . .

      “We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing.”

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