Trump Fizzles With White Voters

Jared Kushner controls Trump’s 2020 campaign.

The Jared strategy has always been to assume the White working class vote with the heavy margins is there and to focus on pandering to minorities because “they have no place to go.”


“Donald Trump is making modest inroads with Latinos. Polls suggest he’s pulling slightly more Black support than in 2016.

But Trump is tilting at the margins with those groups. His biggerproblem is the demographic that sent him to the White House — white voters, whose embrace of Trump appears to be slipping in critical, predominantly white swing states.

In Minnesota, where the contest between Trump and Joe Biden had seemed to tighten in recent weeks — and where both candidates stumped on Friday — a CBS News/YouGov survey last week had Trump running 2 percentage points behind Biden with white voters, after carrying them by 7 points in 2016. Even among white voters without college degrees — Trump’s base — the president was far short of the margin he put up against Hillary Clinton there. …”

The current scaremongering about “Joe Biden’s America” is resonating … with Hispanics. It doesn’t appear to be working with its intended audience of White voters.

White suburbanites have been souring on the GOP for years and don’t feel particularly threatened by the Antifa and BLM chaos in Democratic cities. The GOP has told White senior citizens that it doesn’t count when they die of COVID-19 because they are old and have preexisting conditions anyway. Older White voters are far more worried about dying of COVID-19 than from Antifa burning down Portland. As for the White working class, swing voters in the Midwest “Blue Wall” states who voted for Trump in 2016 because he seemed different have figured out that the GOP has been restored to power. The Far Right vote isn’t there for Trump like it was in 2016. The 2020 election has more of a 2012 vibe.

Suburbanites, the Far Right, Midwestern working class swing voters who voted for change and seniors are the defections from MAGA. They aren’t sold on Biden, but they aren’t sold on Trump 2020.

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  1. I agree that President Trump is less popular with White Voters in 2020 than he was in 2016.

    That shift, however, is more than compensated for by his rise with Latin and Black voters.

    • “That shift, however, is more than compensated for by his rise with Latin and Black voters.”


      Conservatives never change. They always say they will get the darky vote (after screwing Whites over yet again), and never get it. This kind of mental retardation is unique to the conservative brain. It must be genetic.

      And when Trump loses bigly, they will say the same thing the communists always say when they wreck their countries:

      “Conservatism failed because it was not done right. True Conservatism TM has never been tried. Next time will be different.”

      • @Dog Whistler…

        Indeed, and how very fortunate we are to have the unConservative unSoutherners deliver Dixie from the mire.

        With any luck, one day we’ll all be as impressed with you as your currently are!

    • there is no such “rise”. Drumpf may still squeak thru in the EC, but just barely – maybe 270-280 EV. Or Biden (Harris) will squeak thru. Either way will lead to more chaos. And

      chaos is our friend.

      • What has Jared Kushner’s administration done to stop what the Jews are doing? The hard sell for Trump is ignoring that Trump is letting all of this go on. Anglin keeps writing articles about Trump’s subordinates and their policies, then tells us Trump is our only hope. Either Trump is really in charge and knows what sort of people he picked or Trump isn’t in charge and those people are going to do what they want no matter what. Judges on the Supreme Court aren’t going to stand in the way of the Jews (as though we should really expect them to!). Trump has been ramping up the tensions non-stop in prelude to war, Trump is giving the Right nothing to fight Israel’s war. If the Democrats can do all the things Anglin says they can, they don’t need to win an election to do them.

        • Radical Democrat voters want you dead (and conservative voters want Democrats dead). Democrat politicians and Democrat donors don’t want you dead because they want the same thing Republican politicians and donors want: to milk the white middle class dry.

      • beginning to think Anglin is on the Republiscam payroll. He just spent 3.5 years documenting Trump doing a 180 on every White populist issue, then sez….”go screw yourselves again!”

        • He was working with GOP consultant Douglas Mackey to co-opt the alt-right into non-identitarian civnat Republicanism. He relentlessly defended Mackey after Mackey came under fire for saying things like “don’t talk about white people, it’s not about race, if you don’t agree, you are a wignat.”

          Listen to this:

          All people in the alt-right need to hear this interview, share it and post it everywhere, twitter, pol etc.

      • “Anglin is operating under the assumption that Republicans are “the lesser evil,” which is empirically false.” – Poison Dart

        Is it? PROVE IT. How is evil to be determined, unless you know what the GOOD is. Do you?

        Somehow, I doubt it.

    • Anglin is a paid shill for the Zionist Trump campaign.If you’re a proud white man and you vote for the most pro-Jewish president in American history I don’t know what to tell you, other than you’re a lost cause and the Jews are laughing at you.

      Nobody is telling you to vote for Biden either. Both candidates are exactly the same except with Trump you have a slightly higher chance of war with Iran.

    • Agreed – we should not allow the enemy to frame the conversation, even if, for once it is not wrong. Same goes for using the enemy’s terminology – words like “immigrant”, “african American” etc. have no place in our vocabulary, perhaps outside of ridiculing them.

      On the other hand, HW in this article is just a messenger – he is not trying to convince us, just describing what’s happening. In the grand scheme of things, he’s just looking for patterns, explanations, and has no effect on what will happen.

      That said, I’ve come to the conclusion that it does not matter who wins, both “teams” are directed by a single (((promoter))) AND the Whites lost the ability to carry the parasite in style it thinks it deserves.

    • That guy Anglin is ridiculous, he lives in a foreign non-White country and wants to tell the rest of us what to do. He says stuff but he doesn’t deal with the consequences of anything he says because nobody knows where the heck he is. He runs a closed forum where he creates infighting and bans anyone who disagrees with him. He raised 150k to “fight” a lawsuit which he didn’t even bother to show up to court for.

  2. Jared is right that Whites have nowhere to go. But that doesn’t imply Whites will turn out to vote for Republicans. Those who recognize we have nowhere to go will just stay home.

    • I suspect the spectre of biden/harris infesting the White House with their open hostility to Whites will help most White voters who voted for Trump before to at the very least hold their noses and vote for him again, I know I’m going to.

  3. Polling means even less this election than 2016. Whites won’t admit they are voting for Trump, because they are afraid of left wing violence. Lefties care even less about old folks than Republicans, since they were the first on the streets screaming into each others faces, and are still doing it. Democrats the caring sharing party? B.S.

    I honestly don’t think this election will be decided by popular vote. It will be decided by the powers that run the country. Democracy USA is a scam. It’s just a show they put on to pacify the retards. Pro wrestling in suits.

    • Prez elections in ‘Murka have never been decided by the “popular vote”, you silly cuck.

  4. Weakness, Passivity, And Dependence

    American Euro-Caucasians largely have become a weak, passive, and dependent lot; willingly if not gladly, surrendering their territory, their resources, and even their biology to others. Less so with Euro-Caucasians in Eastern Europe.

    Is there an alternative? Yes.

    What? Biobehavioral Science. Never heard of it? The Chinese have and are employing it with 1.4-billion people. They are winning. We Americans are losing. Yet, we can do it, too … and better.

    Where do you find this alternative and better way? One place is in the recent (2018) novel, Retribution Fever.

    “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” -Matthew 7:7

  5. Absolutely right. Trump is toast and this is 2012 Milquetoast Romney all over again. Perhaps a demented, rambling elderly White dude with no morals or convictions is what America deserves. Can’t wait to see how he handles Syria and Iran. It wouldn’t surprise my if Biden was the second – and last – American president to use nuclear weapons.

    • Slow Joe will be President in name only, were he to win the election. Camel Toe Harris will be the real President, but only briefly. Joe’s decline is so pronounced (and everyone knows this) that he will struggle to put his hand on the Bible and mouth the words on the teleprompter, if he wins the election. By February, 2021 he will resign because of “ill health” or be removed by invoking the 25th Amendment.

      President Camel Toe Harris will only be President for a short time also until she is replaced by the Deep State. She is too stupid and unpredictable to be a reliable puppet for the Deep State like slow Joe. Camel Toe Harris will be a place holder, otherwise, she is useless.

      Rush Limbaugh has spoken about this several times and although I’m not one of his fans, he is %100 correct here. All the Democrats, MSM, intelligence (sic) agencies, Republican Establishment, big business, Usual Suspects et al. have to do is get sickly Joe to flop over the finish line. It’s like the 100 yard dash at the Olympics, all that matters is who finishes first, not how he managed to win the race.

      That said it’s not certain by any means that Slow Joe will win, the future is uncertain.

  6. In Minnesota, the Mpls.-St. Paul area suburbs have been getting more blue with every election. Suburbanites here don’t like the coarseness of Blompf. They like the lower taxes, but think Blompf himself is too crude. I know people who usually vote Recuck that wouldn’t vote for Trump in ’16 because of that. I didn’t know we voted for a schoolmarm instead of a president. They will get the right noises out of Nuzzlehumper Joe, though, after his handlers get a high-enough dose of dementia meds into him.

  7. The f/u energy is clearly gone, even the ‘voting-for-lesser-evil’ crowd can feel it. Not to mention the fact that jewish antifa will stage riots and open ballot box fraud this time around. I guess orange man had to happen (because he did), but he’s done. There will be nothing openly (even as fake and gay as he is) reminding Whites of what was (and could be).

    This human boomer sedative needs to not be there anymore.

    Continuing the lesser-evil vote over and over and expecting a different result is a diagnosis (of fake siegmund fraud science)

  8. He’s going to pull the rabbit out of the hat. That poll is within the margin of error too.

    It does make you wonder why the hell he’s pandering to minorities so much though. Is he going to use the power of patronage to dole out cash to people directly? Lord is just another word for Giver-of-Bread.

    • “It does make you wonder why the hell he’s pandering to minorities so much though.”

      Republicans always do it. They have done it so much, Bob Whitaker made a couple of memes about this uniquely Conseravtive behavior. The memes went something like:

      Republicans *win* office by appealing to the White vote/running to the right. When in office they ignore Whites/suck up to minorities/move to the center and start *losing*. They have kept themselves out of power for decades ignoring the White vote. Bob had to continually beg them to go for the White vote, in order to start winning again.

      Why do they do it? I don’t know. It could be the Jews that control their purse strings, or they are genetic mental retards. Conservatives behave the same in every White country in the West. Conservative insistence on not representing Whites, is why we won’t have a country to call our own very soon.

  9. Good example of his troubles is that he forced the Chinese owners of Tiktok to sell it to a Jew with an Anglo sounding name Larry Ellison. That’s the nub of the trouble. Whites in the skilled working class and middle management know there’s a confidence trick, it’s just they are not allowed to articulate the precise nature of the problem.

  10. Just read that Cassandra Fairbanks’ testimony was read out at the Assange trial today (she found out from Arthur Schwartz). Apparently Trump ordered Assange’s abduction from the Ecuadorian embassy.

    Treachery comparable to the hit on Soleimani.

    • Everything the Jews are doing today to increase our insecurity seems to have Trump’s fingerprints on it. Believing four more years of this is going to substantially improve our situation is going against experience. Maybe Trump isn’t worse than the opposition, but we can’t know that. Imagine how badly he will behave with no need to worry about re-election. Your head will spin.

  11. Do all of you want a Kamala Harris as President? Voting against her should motivate White people. Men in particular. You won’t like what President Harris does to you. This worse is better is like waiting for a Messiah. This Messianic thinking has got you all too complacent.
    You must fight to keep what you have, then fight for what was taken. Those that won’t fight will be attacked anyway. Antifa is itching for a revolution. Do not allow them to have Harris in the White House to help them win.
    This Republic is falling, but you have the chance to make this election count. Trump may not be a White Nationalist but he’s not a White Hater either. Do you want a non-White President helping the Marxists? You might wake up to a New Soviet Union and gulags if that happens.

    • each day the Republican pty remains alive is a disaster for Whites in ‘Murka,

      you silly cuck.

    • Damn right I’m complacent. No more of that “lesser of two evils” and “14 words” bullshit for me. No more placing myself at risk and suffering “societal” retribution for a bunch of greedy, cowardly, indolent Gilligans who wouldn’t piss on me if my ass was on fire.

      Blightwingers are simply tools of finance capitalism and have outworn their usefulness.

      I should have seen through this shit decades ago and joined the winners up in the hills.

      When the Left wins in 2020/2024, you’ll comply with their paradigm or risk death to overturn it. My money’s on the former.

      I’m going to sit on the couch with popcorn.

  12. I suspect that Trump will lose this election to the senile babbler and his Bipoc V.P. Outside of Baby Boomers and Evangelicals, does Trump even have a base anymore? And, he is crassly talking up another round of $1200 for us peasants, when he knows that McConnel will not get with Pelosi on this, and knows that the masses will never gasp that it was all just electioneering.

  13. Both of the female flakes Trump likes for SCOTUS have non-White immigrants in their immediate families.

    These two are unacceptable picks by the Kushners.

  14. “White suburbanites have been souring on the GOP for years and don’t feel particularly threatened by the Antifa and BLM chaos in Democratic cities. ”

    Not true. Everyone I know is very concerned about crime and violence. Even those of us who live outside the cities are concerned because it can come to us.

    “Older White voters are far more worried about dying of COVID-19 than from Antifa burning down Portland. ”

    Concerns over Covid-19 are going down. People will be voting for the economy and law and order.

    Your article does not match with reality. I’m afraid you are seeing what you want to see, Hunter Wallace. Trump is more popular with working class Whites now then he was in 2016.

    • Seniors are supporting Joe Biden because of COVID-19. They backed Trump in 2016. The message that “it doesn’t matter only old people in poor health are dying” has had a predictable effect.

      • I don’t know what convinced you that seniors are so selfish that they are willing to vote for a Trojan horse of Marxists. Seniors are not so selfish that they are willing to let Joe Biden shut down the economy again which would wreck the economy for years for their children.

        Not only is Trump going to win the election, he’s going to win in an electoral collage landslide. The only Whites not supporting Trump in droves are White-Collar Whites.

        I just don’t buy it. Trump is more popular with the White vote now than he was in 2016. The White working class and seniors are going to give Trump 4 more years in the White House.

      • Did he actually say that? The worst hit are really going to be middle age white men. A year of disrupted earnings on top of lung and circulation damage. Retirees over 60 are on balance doing alright. If you recover you still don’t have to work. Pensions largely unaffected yet. Last betrayal by the boomers on GenX, that’s what it’ll be. The only good that could come from a Democratic presidency would be a nationalisation of healthcare. But that’s not really likely.

      • Literally nobody is saying that Covid doesn’t matter because only old people in poor health are dying.

        People are saying that old people in poor health dying isn’t a reason to deliberately destroy the livelihoods, businesses and futures of the young and healthy who for all intents and purposes are at no risk of complications from Covid.

        This is an imminently reasonable position. As time has worn on its increasingly clear that 200,000 dead boomers and inner city minorities wasn’t worth the willful destruction wrought upon what little is left of the White middle class, or the deliberate and sytematic curtailing of our civil liberties.

        You had, and have every opportunity still to get off this dead horse you have been beating.

        You were wrong. Be White enough to admit it. Hell, I’m wrong all the time.

        The shame isn’t in being wrong, its in being too stiff necked and proud to admit it to your peers.

        Who exactly do you think you are kidding?

      • I suspect the main factor isn’t any of this stuff. It’s that

        the electorate will, as usual, be another 2% browner.

      • Let’s look at the CDC website, and see what are the CDC’s “current best estimates” of the Infection Fatality Rate” (the percentage of infected people who actually DIE from it) for different age groups:

        The IFR for children and youth, 0 to 19 years of age, is only about 0.003% – almost nought, and no one knows why! This is the “extremely low number” that conservative, libertarian and Alt-right “Plandemic” conspiracy theory sources take out of context.

        But the IFR for young and early middle-aged people from 20 to 49 years – .02% to .03% – is already ten times higher than the very low figure for children that the “Plandemic” conspiracy theorists tout. The IFR for 50 to 69 years rises to .5% to 1% – which is much higher than the IFR for influenza for this age group. At 70 years and above the IFR is estimated from 5.4% to 9.3% – which is extremely serious. But who cares about old people? Not in America.

        Also, look at the CDC’s current percentages of those “that die among those hospitalized, which includes both non-ICU and ICU admissions”: 2.4% of those 18 to 49 years of age who are admitted to the hospital for treatment for Covid have been dying; 10% of those 50 to 65 years of age who are admitted to the hospital for treatment for Covid have been dying; and 26.6% of those over 65 years of age who are hospitalized for treatment for Covid have been dying.

      • “Seniors are supporting Joe Biden because of COVID-19. They backed Trump in 2016”:

        SOME elderly Whites (the INTELLIGENT ones) are not supporting Trump, and may even vote against him this time because of his “herd immunity” policy (which means hastened death for hundreds of thousands of the elderly) and his war crimes, and other crimes. But other elderly Whites are still supporting him, as a mass hysteria of fear of violent social unrest develops among them, along the lines of Fox News and other media amplifying the orchestrated riots.

        But the Kamala Harris alternative is just as “capitalist to the bone” (as Nancy Pelosi described herself) as Trump. Harris and her administration would also allow the elderly to die, but the only difference would be they would not be so blatant about it! Neither right wing of the U.S.’s one-party system will deviate one step from the road of “herd immunity” through the pandemic, privatization of all public property and services, full austerity, and full enslavement, by voting for community-based police, free public banking, universal free public healthcare and education, rescindng the “personhood” of corporations, ending all wars (including cold, “hybrid” and proxy wars and blockades, sanctions and coups), closing all foreign military bases, shutting down the plea-bargain mass incarceration industry and private banking and insurance, and setting strict limits to income, inheritance and ownership of property.

        “Whether they admit it or not, capitalist governments around the world have adopted the policy of ‘herd immunity,’ that is, allowing the virus to spread without restraint. Even conservative estimates say this would lead to more than 23 million deaths globally in the coming years”:

        • 60% UK hashtag in the UK during March was disgusting and ghoulish. However the numbers came out and COVID is a flop. It’s a bad flu season, even according to their data. The PCR tests are all false positives, the numbers are massaged to give oligarchs more control of you by destroying the middle class and forcing social engineering through crisis. Your just too bland to see it. Also, OP calling Anglin evil for support a candidate that is the target of a Soros colour revolution, you are useless. In every instance no matter how bad a candidate is, you must always oppose Open Society insurrection. Every instance, no matter what. Once you remove his threat to steal the government, society, and economy then you can move on other issues. Is this blog fallen to bitching about the threats of COVID and how we are going to let a colour revolution win because our guy was not competent enough? It doesn’t matter, as a rule things always get worse if you let colour revolutions succeed. It is a problem within the oligarchy, which has lost control and is essentially run by Satanists and evil. If the oligarchy proposes Trump most lose and Biden win by all means necessary we deliver them the opposite as they are the worst criminal class to lead a society since Trotsky and the Jewish USSR of the 1920s and early 30s. Stalin as evil as he was opposed Trotsky, and life got better when the Satanic Ghould was kicked out of the USSR and received a GRU ice pick to the head. This started a cold-war because the Globalists had lost control over the USSR when Trotsky’s clan was expelled. His disciples were welcomed by our oligarchs in the West. Always oppose the colour revolutionaries, even if its Stalin over Trotsky. Stalin’s worst crime according the NY Times is the “Purges”, when he executed 30,000 Jewish terrorist mass murderers responsible for a range of 20-66 million deaths. This blog is dedicated to ideology and has no idea how real politik works. Ideology was invented by Marx, and leads Sean Hannity to support Tech Censorship/Monopolies because of Muh Freemarket. When nations are infected with economic ideology, mostly libertarian otherwise known as the final phase of Globalist Communism they end up crashing their economies while a few get rich, when they make reason based decisions based on known model that actually work their is high growth, like the 1950/60s in Japan, Germany, and the US. Albeit it plunged the parasite UK economy, home of the international central banker.

    • “White suburbanites have been souring on the GOP for years and don’t feel particularly threatened by the Antifa and BLM chaos in Democratic cities. ”

      yeah nobody cares about safety…but I can’t buy any more ammo anywhere in america!

      more people than I can count that i know have bought guns in suburbia ! most are staunch anti gunnites!

      will this help when the bolsheviks brings shit to their town ? probably not, but they sleep better for time being.

  15. What you said is basically my motivation. Trump was in his best case scenario kind of a third party who didn’t really belong to either party base. He totally went full bore into the Republican base. To say George W Bush was even worse on foreign policy doesn’t make this acceptable.

  16. Any white man that votes for Trump again is a weakling and a fool. Women are another story, they’re just emotional creatures that vote according to what’s popular and looks. Stay home and send a message, white man. Stop being used as canon fodder for the Republican party. Rise up or use your head.

  17. Aren’t any of the Trump voters understanding that they’ve been lied to? That they’re being taken for granted? The abused wife syndrome is strong with them: “He’s not hitting me as hard! Really, he’s a good person who cares about me! The other guy will treat me worse!” The GOP assumes you’ve got nowhere else to go, so they don’t give a crap about you. Just like how the controlling, abusive husband acts towards the cowed wife.

    The evidence says Blompf has broken his promises on immigration (and everything else he ran on), is actively prosecuting those unafraid to be Huwhite, and is pandering to minorities. If you’re voting for the Potatus on the basis of “the other corporatist puppet is even worse,” you’re showing that you’re a cuck afraid to leave the GOP plantation. You’ve been enslaved, just like the blacks thoughtlessly voting for the Dims because of da gibs.

  18. I basically trust no polls except for Rasmussen which seems to be the most balanced, polls everyday and called the election in 2016 for Trump while very few others did otherwise and instead of being pollsters they were more like shills for Democrats. Rasmussen stood out as being different.

    Even with that I do not trust what people say regarding Trump. I think many give the ” not sure” answer or even say Biden when polled but in truth are voting for Trump.

    America is clearly under attack by left wing psychopaths who seem to dominate our media, schools and entertainment industry like a bad drug. Jews have a huge influence in all the above. And of course you get goys like Jack Dorsey of Twitter who is every bit as shady and repressive.

    Social media has gone all out to try to defeat Trump. Countless of his supporters have been tossed from social media while few Democrats get tossed and few blm types get tossed unless they are insulting names that end in a Berg or a Stein. Then suddenly social media cracks the whip.

    Just in the past couple of days it’s truly nauseating what is considered big news or who is literally trying to buy elections. Here are a few examples: A black woman in New York was called a nigger and had a bottle thrown at her as the she jogged by. It certainly was not a nice thing to do and the interview with the black woman showed her to be a decent, good person. The White woman or possibly White Hispanic woman was right away arrested, charged with a hate crime and assault. I would say she is staring at a couple of years in jail.

    The media soaked it all up in its never ending appeasing to blacks while literally either not reporting White victims of blacks or simply not showing the black perp or never bringing up why no hate crime charges when a White is the victim.

    Another one I just read on Breitbart was about the Jewish lunatic Max Kellerman of espn who is the grifter of grifters. He is consistently anti White, hates Trump of course, always denigrates White athletes in his never ending shoe shine of black athletes. Incredibly, his brother was murdered some years back by a black boxer he let live with him. As time went on he wanted the black boxer out who then proceeded to flip out, beat Kellerman’s brother to death and then lit the place on fire. He was eventually caught and got life in jail.

    One would think such an event would make you right wing or at least sane. No, Max doubled down and is a literal lunatic who just took some verbal shots at that mma fighter who likes Trump. Kellerman then went on to say 93% of blm protests are peaceful and that right wingers are causing the violence at protests.

    This is what is on our tv, folks. Jewish run espn gives jewish Max Kellerman a nice paycheck to shill for black ballers who would turn us into Haiti. Truly disgusting.

    Finally, I read not only is jewish Michael Bloomberg putting an astonishing 100 million dollars of his own money in advertisements to defeat Trump in Florida but now is putting an extra 16 million to pay the fines and court costs of ex convicts so they can vote in November.

    This is how resentful, bitter and loathing Bloomberg is. It also speaks to the insanity of allowing people to get this rich and literally buy elections. Don’t forget, this was the guy who stole a third term as mayor despite a two term limit. He hooked up with fellow Jewish billionaire Ron Lauder to literally steal the extra term. This old man Bloomberg is truly horrible. The guy said about death: “If there is a GOD I deserve to get in. No stopping for interviews. I am going through the Pearly Gates.”

    One would think a man around 80 years old with roughly 5 to 10 years to live and obviously highly intelligent would at least read about JESUS CHRIST but like many ego filled rich people, their love of mammon takes precedence over all. I pray he sees the Light of CHRIST because when we die there is no flipping the script.

    • You are obviously invested in Trump, so I’ll let you have that. One thing I can NOT let go is that Trump is the Grifter of all Grifters. That is a well known fact, and I ignored in when I voted for him in 2016. We all did.

    • @Jeff…

      Yes, Rasmussen is the only consistent poll and Bloomberg is the kind of megalomaniac which brought the Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, of the mid 1860s, into existence.

      People like the venerable Mr. Bloomberg only understand two things – submission or guns.

      Yet, Bloomberg is not an isolated phenomenon, but, someone who exposes the fact that White Gentiles have no real political protectors, this as he, Paul Singer, George Soros, and numerous meddling megalomaniacks of numerous bloods ride about the land pillaging, at will.

      We’ve come a long way down in The South, for when I was a child there were no megalomaniacks who were prepared to do this to her, because they knew what they would reap.

  19. if whites don’t start producing white babies we won’t have a country. Too many immigrants from 3rd world having 4 to 6 kids while whites have 2… What do you think will happen? Trump is doing his best to keep this country in check. Its up to us to have kids. In fact men should be selling their sperm to other countries to make white children for the future of this continent

    • whiteangel777,

      I agree on the belief that sex and numbers are weapons. I am one of 11 children and have almost 100 first cousins. I go to school with primarily Mexicans with some Anglos. We are all Catholics and yet the most children any Anglo family I currently know has only 4 children-all daughters.

      The official fertility rates per family in the United States as of 2018 by race is the following:

      Pacific Islander–2.1
      American Indian–1.65
      Source-Statista 2018

      I believe the Hispanic fertility rate is under counted. Many Latin families do not register births and/or go to hospitals to deliver. The fertility rates in Mexico have also gone down but they are undercounted as well.

      • It takes (amopng other things) MONEY, and lots of it, even in Mexico to have 11 kids and raise and educate them to your level.

        • Flaxen,

          Well that is not universally true. Do not poor people breed more children on average than the wealthy? And then society pays for their children both in USA and Mexico?

          I did not look up the statistics but I think that is true otherwise there would be few poor people and lots more wealthy children. Correct me if I am wrong of course.

          • “Society” does not pay for the spawn of the poor to attend private/church academies of quality classical instruction. In Mexico, they get the Academia Esther Gordillo de Cuita de Zopilote de Excelencia and in the US, they get our Publik Edjewkashun. Note that I did say: “. . . and raise and educate them to your level.” which does not mean street urchin. All of that said, I imagine that even Mexican elite families, by and large, keep their brood down to about four or five provided that there are at least two promising males in the group to carry on the family enterprise.

        • Flax,

          Yes, good comment on the difference between being supported by government subsidies and thriving at a high level.

  20. Ah jeez Oriental Dissent us using Fake News polls! Yellow Yang Gang Fever strikes again?!?!

    My people are clearly behind Trump!

    Trump has torn up awful free trade agreements & put in tariffs! Yes Orange Man I want more.
    Additionally he has expanded his anti-Critical Race Theory EO to cover federal contractors & granted. Glad this happened as I gave been dreading diversity trainings this year and Trump is getting rid of this White Privilege non-sense. He has my vote!

  21. B, your still on about COVID? I though after all this time you would of seen the scam in all its glory. Protesting lockdowns you get rushed by cops, BLM looters have free range and according to the same health officials enforcing this scam, BLM riots have been proven according to their science no to spread COVID, but our protests do. It’s an engineered flu by the China and the US, Dr. Baric/Wuhan et al. Another Oligarch ploy for more control. The main problem we have is our oligarchs, they are out of control, infected by Satanism, and evil. They are pushing the COVID scam, from forced ventilations to get FED money thus killing the patient, to forcing 20 year violent blacks with COVID into the same room as grandpa in nursing homes, to lying and hoaxing statistics, to promoting new control agenda’s centered around bizarre social engineering in relation to crisis management. Standard play, its very weak showing your not aware of this. Soros Open Society related publications promoting lockdowns to fight “climate change”. It’s all interconnected, yet you think its one way, but its the other way.

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