President Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett To The Supreme Court

I’m deeply skeptical.

The GOP has controlled the Supreme Court since I first got involved in politics. This was twenty years ago. In that time, I have watched John Roberts replace William Rehnquist (2005), Samuel Alito replace Sandra Day O’Connor (2006), Neil Gorsuch replace Anthony Scalia (2017) and Brett Kavanaugh replace Anthony Kennedy (2018). Clarence Thomas is the only conservative member of the Supreme Court who is still there. Otherwise, there has been a complete turnover in my adult lifetime.

For most of my adult lifetime, the conservative narrative was that Anthony Kennedy was the libertarian swing vote on the Supreme Court. Anthony Kennedy was the reason that social conservatives had amassed a solid losing streak on the court in big decisions like Lawrence v. Texas (2003) which legalized sodomy and most famously with Obergefell vs. Hodges (2015) which legalized gay marriage. There were other important decisions like Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) and Fisher v. Texas (2016) which upheld affirmative action. In the Fisher case, Anthony Kennedy upheld affirmative action. In Arizona v. United States (2010), Kennedy was joined by John Roberts in striking down Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law.

Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Anthony Kennedy retired and Gorsuch and Kavanaugh were confirmed and were supposed to consolidate a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Instead, we got the 6-3 Bostock v. Clayton County (2020) decision this summer in which Gorsuch and Roberts sided with Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan in reading transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Supreme Court with its solid conservative majority also finally had the chance to strike down Roe in June Medical Services v. Russo (2020), but instead John Roberts joined Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan in another pivotal 5-4 decision which struck down a Louisiana abortion law.

In replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amy Coney Barrett will soon become the fifth Republican nominee who has been confirmed to the Supreme Court in my adult lifetime. There will be a 6-3 Republican-controlled Supreme Court. Are we supposed to be excited about Barrett joining the Supreme Court and replacing Ginsburg? What is there to be excited about when the Supreme Court even with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on it has delivered nothing but a string of bitter defeats for social conservatives?

Every single time the Supreme Court has been given the chance to rule on a major social issue whether it is abortion, affirmative action, sodomy, gay marriage, transgenderism, disparate impact or immigration it hasn’t delivered any meaningful wins for social conservatives. Instead, liberals have walked away with far more victories from the “conservative” Supreme Court – on sodomy, abortion, gay marriage and transgenderism. The same is true the Republican Congress. It never delivers any wins for social conservatives. It delivers only legislative victories on things like tax cuts or the First Step Act. Politicians come and go. Judges come and go. This fundamental dynamic never changes.

Maybe it will be different this time though with Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court with a 6-3 Republican majority? Based on what I have seen, I have every reason to doubt it. It is more likely that Roberts and Gorsuch will just “evolve” into liberals like we saw in the Bostock decision. When the conservative legal movement put the justices on the Supreme Court and finally had the majority that could have made a difference on abortion and transgenderism, it went missing on the base.

I’m happy to be proven wrong. I will be pleasantly surprised if a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court with Amy Coney Barrett on it actually doesn’t just deliver more social liberalism. If this majority doesn’t overturn Roe or change course on social issues, there is no reason to believe one ever will.

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  1. Stupid enough to adopt Haitian kids. Therefore her judgement on any other issue is questionable. An overly religious virtue signaler will rule against white interests. Another foolish move by Trump. The Cuban would have been better!

  2. Unfortunately, we will not have a 6-3 Conservative Majority on the court, because there are only two conservatives on the court, Justices Thomas and Alito.

    Gorsuch is an eccentric Libertarian, Kavanaugh is a slightly right of center jurist, and Chief Justice Roberts is centre-left.

    So, until Barrett turns out to be Conservative (time has taught us we will not know until we see it for sure) we will not know the disposition of the court.

    My bets are that the court remains center (largely spineless), and does nothing brave like overturn Roe vs. Wade, ‘Gay Marriage’, Open borders, Corporate Censroship of Conservatives, Corporate monopolies, etc, etc.

    Hope I am wrong about that.

    What President Trump has done, however, with this nomination, is put an end to Woke-Activism on The Supreme Court that was prevalent under Ginsburg, Kagan, Breyer, Kennedy, and Sotto-Mayor.

    Also, with this pick, President Trump has made a Supreme Court that will likely vote against any United States’ Government skullduggery, or, if you wish a more sanitized term, ‘The Deep State’.

  3. Amy has proven her “anti-racist” bonafides by “adopting” two little Haitian darkies. She will do nothing to alter the Anti-White status quo any more than any other supreme will. This nomination is the kind of stuff “conservatives” get all excited about and make them think we’re “winning”.

    • If she doesn’t completely fall apart, go full retard and find gay marriage, corporate monopolies, censorship, tranny rights etc. hidden there six inches under that “penumbra” thing in the secret part of the Constitution, you know; the part written in invisible ink I will be shocked. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson himself who used a UV light to write that part in the Constitution. It may take her a year or so to fall apart but she is already fucked in the head.

      She bought two niglets just like Madonna and the other Hollywood celebs did a few years ago, is part of some whacked out religious cult and she had to have abandoned her maternal duties to her five real children to pursue her vain ambition to the top. Such characteristics in anyone no matter how “smart” should be disqualifying. Amy is unpredictable. Lawyers were the only profession condemned by Jesus Christ and for good reason, too.

  4. Like I said before social conservatives love this country too damn much maybe that’s why their so distracted they haven’t been gaining anything from it instead just being socially ostracized all the time. Even with Amy on I doubt anything will change I think we’re too far gone for anything like that.

  5. There is a 100% chance that if she’s nominated to the SCOTUS that means she’s a lawyer, a capitalist, wealthy, and a modern “New Woman” irrespective of race or religion. ANY nomination to SCOTUS by ANY President will be a good choice for the elites and extremely bad (with NO justice!) for the people.

  6. It won’t matter..nothing will change.
    Politics is the entertainment division of the zionist industrial complex.

  7. Quite so, the liberal progressive agenda has been confirmed with the latest absurd decision, but note how it has gradually weakened after spiking and further gaining steam in the 2000s…the latest abomination can be considered to be the farewell gift to the agressive progressive left, respecting the abrasive cultural trends of the last ten years of full-out communist collective fascism after the post-war economy got completely destroyed for all intents and purposes…You can liken it to Trump’s pandering to the detrimental “causes” of minorities and his ass-kissing of the jews…his fake concern and efforts to contain the bug, as well as his carefully prepped sympathies for the death of the monster RBG (“love your enemy” (because his time his over and yours is just beginning)), as well as his taking over the satanic FED and employing the equally parasitic Blackstone to take all the essentially worthless liquidity to lay the foundation of a completely new economic system…

    Essentially, he is just burying his (and our) enemies’ causes quietly and with resepect and dignity in order to legitimize the new conservative order he is quietly and diligently establishing fara away from the mendacious and destructive sensationalism of the dying progressive left (and the muribund elites behind them).

    One day, we will all wake up and realize that Trump and the White Hats have quietly cleaned up the old system in the background and established a new base for a conservative age.

    Time and momentum is on our side – nothing is more powerful than an idea for which the time has come.

    Progressivism has run its course, conservatism has arrived and it is going to stay for a long time after hunderd years of relentless destruction in service of Israel.

    Deus vult.

      • @cd

        What it shows is how terrified the Trump campaign – and the GOP in general – are of whites starting to just tune out and not buy the “conservative Republican” gimmick anymore.

        OD is a big site that has been around for a while, but it’s still fringe – yet – they are so terrified of pro-whites criticizing the Trump GOP they spend a LOT of time astroturfing.

        They would never acknowledge any “way-sists” in public, they would just denounce them. But they still need their votes, and online astroturfing is the way to get them.

        I always found it really insulting. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to vote for Trump and the Republicans. I didn’t vote for Trump and I’ve never voted for a Republican – but even I could make a better case than the astroturfers.

        • Voting is fake – and ghey. Why should White males participate in a system where their vote counts the exact same as an illiterate Mexican landscaper or some Sheboon from the South Side of Chicago – the same System that has shown its absolute hatred of Whites over the last 60 years. Your participation in the South Africanization of the US has been duly noted, though.

        • Republicans know they can’t directly appeal to us, but they also know that they need some of us to vote for them in order to win. I believe they learned this with the Romney loss in 2012. That is when they really started pushing into white nationalist space and why they have guys like Douglass Mackey, weev, bronze age perv, and Andrew Anglin who can try to get people to vote Republican while maintaining plausible deniability that they are appealing to the white nationalist vote (unless they get outed like Rickey did).

          • @Dart…

            You must be right, Dear Dart, for President Trump has done a number of things, over the last month, solely to appeal to White Nationalists.

      • And I hate self-pity. Don’t worry, you disgusting white supremacists will get your role to play and I will be thanking you for it.

        Deus vult.

  8. I agree 100% with your assessment HW.
    I’m only voting Trump at this point to enrage the left & accelerate the coming collapse.
    The alternative would be a leftist Justice that would eventually criminalize “hate speech”.

    Either way, the ship is going down. Nine black robes aren’t going to save the Nation.

    What I do find interesting is the Left, that has called us “traitors” for a century now, are openly supporting secession from the Union.

  9. You’re not seeing the big picture. The real issues are immigration and the 2nd amendment. Abortion is an important issue but it is not nearly as important as immigration and gun rights.

    Did you read your own article? I did. You basically blamed the entire conservative court and its future because of a George Bush appointed Roberts for tilting every decision.

    I think the reason Gorsuch sided on tranny rights is because he’s an extreme libertarian, not because he’s a liberal.

    “It is more likely that Roberts and Gorsuch will just “evolve” into liberals”

    The supreme court is now 5 conservatives and 4 liberals with Amy Barrett. Roberts was never a conservative, ever, he’s always been a liberal. What else would you expect from a George Bush appointee?

    • What makes you think this is a “conservative” or Republican website?

      And no, the real issue is the survival and eventual seperation of white Southerners from this Godless multikulti cesspool called America.

  10. Donald does carpet bombing. When there is enough bombs, then probability that important targets will get hit rises. When you appoint many judges, then one is traitor, t another is cuck, third will be bought, fourth will be frightened but overall his supporters number rises.

    Trump uses the same tactic what Stalin used in his purges. Put many own guys into low level key position, promote people you want destroy to the high position. Then lot of noise, false flags and mess and finally use justice system and law enforcement to root out entire opposition.

    Most important is root out the swamp. Then all other cultmarx problems will disappear by itself.

    In the beginning, backlashes are inevitable. It took Stalin 13 years to go after Jewry, Putin spent also decade and Poland and Hungary needed 10 years to get nationalists in charge and another decade when they actually start doing something. It was only as late as 2015 when Hungary went openly against mass immigration.

    Jews also built their network for a long time. And Soviet Union came down when Gorbachev was in charge almost 6 years and similar to Donald, failed to deliver anything. Gorba came with promises about big reforms and failed to do almost anything. Until his enemies hysteria went through the roof and they brought tanks on the streets.

    And this was the end. Abortion and immigration are irrelevant. The only things what matter, is the question, when moment of truth arrives, will low level law enforcement folk support the coup or not.

    • “Donald does carpet bombing”

      And he “plays chess” brilliantly.

      Re: “The only things what matter, is the question, when moment of truth arrives, will low level law enforcement folk support the coup or not”:

      Like, is there honor among thieves? Not even low level ones! The only things that matter to the “folk” (mercenaries) of the standing army are the six-figure salary with tenure and very good benefits, and the early retirement with guaranteed pension.

  11. She’s not conservative. She’s a self hating white … a virtue signaling ( to who ????, ) “look, I’m not a racist, I’ve got black kids,” PC fake ass freak show candidate. America’s at stake. It’s no time for political theater. Trump should’ve picked a far right white man. Especially at this point in Civil War II.

    Fellow white southern nationalists … hurry and get the Confederacy 2.0 conversation going with everyone you know. Disown anyone against it. The lines are drawn. There’s no middle ground.

  12. Northern culture and civilisation totally dominate the formerly United States. They have since 1865. Consequently, there is no such thing as conservatism in the Southern sense of the word. Nor is there any social stability or civil peace. There is only the Boston-New York-Chicago government, Neo-Puritanism, and endless new fangled social revolutions.

    What can be done about it? For Southerners and Westerners, secession. For Northerners, revolution.

  13. I don’t want a woman to rule over me- even a Catholic with five natural children… and ESPECIALLY not one with a Haitian mongrel adoptee! You have to understand- this position is both biblically repugnant and Scripturally aberrant. Both from the standpoint of treating non-Adamics as our ontological equals (in any case) and having a woman to ‘rule over us.’ John Knox made this point in his 1500’s pamphlet, “Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.” St. Paul said it clear, ‘Women are to keep silent.” Written as it was, in an age when the Church and State were not conjoined, the latter part ‘in the churches’ might have merit then, but not today. We were covenanted as a Christian nation, whether y’all like it or not- and thus, even more so, to have a Lesbian, a Jew, a Jewish Lesbian, and a Roman catholic baby mamma on the court is little less than BLASPHEMY.

    Others have made the point that Drumpf should have nominated a Male, Conservative, PROTESTANT.
    But no- the greatest fear of the Founding Fathers- that Catholics, Moslems, uppity blacks and womyn were to be thought the White Man’s Equal- have come true.

    This nation is accursed. Anathema.

    • Agree with Fr. John+. Satans plans have always included the destruction of masculinity and femininity. 2 things there must be to have a balanced normal society. In our near future all white “enlarged” Confederate States, there will be no women representatives, judges, prosecuting attorneys, police or anything with police power or in charge of men in prison or in charge of men in the military.

      Sometimes to move forward ( to our Utopia – or as close as we can get to it, ) you have to take a couple steps back. Somethings are “timeless.”

      Hurry … get the Confederacy 2.0 conversation going.

    • Fr. John +,

      All this bellyaching about the nominations of Catholics and jews to SCOTUS by Protestants is quite amusing because it was Protestant presidents that sent their names to the US Senate for confirmation.

      Bush senior did nominate David Souter a New England Protestant that the senate confirmed. Protestant elitists should take a detailed look at Souter’s voting record while he was an Associate Justice on SCOTUS.

      Bush the lesser had to be talked out of nominating his twin daughter’s nanny Harriet Myers to fill the seat of retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Conner. Bush the Lesser’s second choice Samuel Alito has been a steady vote for issues social conservatives can rely on.

  14. With two Black kids, a special needs child, plus four other children, shouldn’t Barrett be at home taking care of them, and not on the Supreme Court?

    Isn’t this child abuse by Barrett?

    I guess it’s ok because she’s Catholic.

  15. Amy Coney Barrett is apparently linked to the Roman Catholic cult group People of Praise but did not disclose her associations on earlier forms filed, a technical violation

    Barrett says she will recuse herself from cases if her authoritative RC teachings differ from what would be the Constitutional conclusion

    But given that the current RC Pope Francis is fairly completely on board with the George Soros globalist and cultural Marxist LGBT agenda, she should be right in line with the other Catholics who fill out the court apart from Jews … the lone ‘Protestant’ Justice Gorsuch, apparently being Catholic in his youth and going to an Episcopal church run by a lesbian priestess

    Catholics seem to naturally fit in with the quasi-priestly USA cult of the ‘courts’

    So it would be 6 Catholics, plus 1 crypto-Catholic & 2 Jews on the Supreme Court … so ‘representative’ of the USA

    Isn’t this ‘racist’ given the holy Ginsburg tradition of jurisprudence, where ‘unfairly-proportioned outcomes’ prove ‘racism’?

  16. “In 2017, her affiliation to the small, tightly knit “charismatic Catholic” group called People of Praise caused concern while she was a nominee for a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

    Members of the group swear a lifelong oath of loyalty, called a covenant, to one another. They are also assigned and held accountable to a personal adviser, known until recently as a ‘head’ for men and a ‘handmaid’ for women. People of Praise describes itself not as a church, but as a “charismatic Christian community” on its Web site. The group has about 1,700 members in 22 cities across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, they say.

    Little-mentioned in media reports is the fact that (like many Christian groups) a main focus of “doing good,” according to People of Praise, is giving “love,” time, and resources to non-Whites.

    Members are encouraged to confess personal sins, financial information and other sensitive disclosures to these advisors and advisors are allowed to report these admissions to group leadership if necessary, according to an account of one former member. Members are expected to donate at least 5 per cent. of their earnings to the group. Unmarried members of the group are placed living with married member couples. Members often look to buy or rent homes near other members.

    They believe in “Bible prophecy,” “speaking in tongues,” and “divine healings” — and they also have a ineradicable itch to prove how “good” and “superior” and “anti-racist” they are by giving attention and “help” to non-Whites.

    At least 10 members of Barrett’s family, not including their children, also belong to the group. Barrett’s father, Mike Coney, serves on the People of Praise’s 11-member board of governors. Her mother Linda was also a ‘handmaiden,’ now called a Woman Leader.” – NatVan

    Amy’s sister also has two adopted chocolate milk duds.

  17. Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

    Young antifa/BLM punks are oppressing us and “demonocracy” with women voting demands that women be put in charge…what could go wrong?…

  18. Trump got to pick the person he wanted this time without the Irish trying injecting themselves into the matter. Kavanaugh was Kennedy’s pick not Trumps. Where TF do these Irish get the nerve? Where?

  19. Everyone seems to focus on the two adopted black kids while forgetting she has 5 White kids of her own. Isn’t that something?

    I’ve been reading the complaints here, but she’s very pro-gun and a strict constitutionalist. Trump could have done a lot worse.

    I’m sorry but I’m not going to play the defeatist game here, where everything is a loss.

    • I haven’t drawn any conclusions from that.

      Clarence Thomas is black. He is married to a White woman. In spite of this, he is the most solid conservative justice on the Supreme Court.

      • @Mr. Grififn…

        Yes, Sir, this time in history is rife with irony, and one big reason is that the greatest defender of White America has been a former Black Panther.

    • So her 5 white kids weren’t enough for her?

      It’s clear that the two muds are a virtue signaling move. She’s a female David French.

      • Yep its pathetic leftie virtue signalling, Amy is a libtard with tradcon values. Its such a bizarre and twisted thing to do to your kids by adopting two black children from haiti and putting them in the family just for a selfish virtue signal.

      • It’s grotesque. To be clear, however, her actions have nothing to do with Catholicism and everything to do with her real religion, the “conservative” sect of the American “equality” cult. I’m from a Catholic background and I have never heard of any relative or acquaintance who brought the young from an alien race into their homes to be raised side by side with their own natural children. Had anyone done that in saner times, they would be regarded not as virtuous but as weird and untrustworthy if not deranged. The few who were unusually concerned about starving Black orphans—or, as a matter of fact, any other class of wretches—would become priests or nuns and dedicate their lives to that sort of charity. Had Sister Amy done that, she could have helped dozens or even hundreds of Haitian orphans without cucking up her country and community. It would be poetic justice if her nomination somehow were derailed because of her virtue signalling.

    • @(((Gryphon Alinor)))
      Her sister also pulled two Haitian kids out of Haiti, and brought them to a White neighborhood. So it is a mindset she has been indoctrinated into since birth.

      Conserva-shit-lib David French did the same thing. There’s pictures of DF and wife dragging their black kid around to all the conservative conventions, and they were using this kid to draw attention to themselves.

      Having a black kid is a status symbol for White conservatives and shit-libs. It is a sign that you’ve made it in life, because you can afford it, and most importantly, it broadcasts your moral virtue, which opens new business opportunities.

      @Hunter Wallace
      “Clarence Thomas is black. He is married to a White woman. In spite of this, he is the most solid conservative justice on the Supreme Court.”

      Race mixing was not a conservative value before the 1960s, but now it is. In 10-20 years someone will say, “X is transexual. In spite of this, he is the most solid conservative justice on the Supreme Court.” and no one will bat an eye lid. Because *that* is what real Conservatism TM is.

  20. All of the judges on the Supreme Court attended Ivy League law schools, Harvard and Yale, where they all absorbed the same anti western anti Christian bias. Some turn out to be better than others, but all seem to be on the wrong side, and are part of the problem.

    Elected officials have sat back for decades and let the power and authority of the government be taken away by unelected bururocrats, None of the public votes for these judges, yet they’re given what often amounts to life time appointments .They have no particular knowledge of anything except case law and court procedure. These over educated dildos have as much power as anybody in the country, congress can’t seemingly overturn them, or doesn’t want to try.

  21. Nothing will change because American “conservatives” are actually liberals. Yes, the other major liberal faction, the “progressives”, hate “conservatives” with a passion and long to exterminate them along with us, which feeling they expressly ever more openly. However, “conservatives” believe in the central tenet of the liberal ideology: “All men are created equal.” That means that in ideological terms they have much more in common with “progressives” than they do with us “racists” and “fascists”, whom they despise. Murderous hatred of one liberal faction by another liberal faction is nothing new. The Bolsheviks in the USSR exterminated the Mensheviks, the social democrats, and all left-wing factions other than themselves. Then, when they ran out of “enemies”, they turned on other Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks in the USSA will do much the same if given the chance because they are bloodthirsty, hate-filled nihilists.

    • @Ray…

      “Nothing will change because American “conservatives” are actually liberals.”

      More specifically, if I may, Dear Ray, today’s Conservatives are ‘New England Yankee Republicans’, this because all other forms of Nationalism, that previously existed into this country, have been successfully stigmatized and marginalized by them and their Jewish allies.

      There are only two political philosophies left in The Mainstream body politick, and that is not by accident – one being New England Yankee GOP Civick Nationalism and Judeo-Bolshevism, thinly guised as, ‘Democratic Socialism’.

      Essentially, we are left with not political identity that permits a White Gentile Nation to continue to exist, except as a collection of cracked shards, that have been subjugated to serve all the other corporate and racial interests, but, our own.

  22. Blumpfers “The libtards are gonna be trolled so hard by when they see Amys adopted black son and daughter”. Dems are da real racists lol

    • Yes, real “conservatives” are primarily concerned with the opinions of their “liberal” political enemies; they want the liberals’ approval more than anything else. They would gladly get down on all fours Lewinsky style to show that “Dems are the real racists”.

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