The Rise of Hollywood

When did our age begin?

What distinguishes Modern America from Victorian America?

The transition between the two began in the 1910s, World War I was the rupture and was complete by the Roaring Twenties. The Lost Generation was the first Modern generation.

On one side of this divide, America was a predominantly rural nation. On the other side of the divide, it became a predominantly urban nation.

One one side of this divide, America was in the age of the dirt road and horse and buggy. The streets of New York City were polluted with horse shit. On the other side of the divide, it was in the age of paved roads, federal and state support for transportation and automobile exhaust.

On one side of this divide, America was still lit by candles and gas lamps. On the other side of this divide, electricity and lightbulbs had lit up the country up and created a vibrant nightlife.

On one side of this divide, America was divided into regional cultural capitals and Boston was the cultural capital of the United States. On the other side of this divide, New York became the cultural capital of the United States and other metropolitan areas became its satellites.

On one side of this divide, Great Britain was the world’s superpower and America was a regional power in the Western hemisphere with an isolationist outlook. On the other side of this divide, American power and influence increasingly began to creep into and dominate Western Europe.

On one side of this divide, virtually all blacks lived in the South and the North was lily White and was divided by ethnic, cultural and religious divisions between Anglos and hyphenated Americans. On the other side of this divide, blacks became more evenly distributed across the United States.

On one side of this divide, American culture maintained hierarchies in race, sex and gender. Victorian culture divided the sexes into separate spheres and races into superior and inferior races. On the other side of this divide, American culture became antiracist, sexually liberated and ultimately gender fluid. Women started voting and became the equals of men in the workplace and in sexuality.

On one side of this divide, America had a producer culture with a Victorian ethic that emphasized self-denial, thrift and hard work. On the other side of this divide, America developed a consumer culture that emphasized self-indulgence, consumption, immediate gratification and lifestyles.

On one side of this divide, America had a strong national identity and a moral and cultural consensus. America was a White, Anglo-Saxon (in culture), Protestant nation with liberal and republican principles. On the other side of this divide, America became modernist, cosmopolitan and antiracist, national identity became abstract and deracinated and its moral and cultural consensus was lost.

On one side of this divide, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants were the American elite. On the other side, the WASP elite is challenged by Jews and hyphenated Americans and begins to lose ground to them.

On one side of this divide, Americans believe first and foremost in their duty to others whether it is to their spouses or children and grandchildren. The duty of a woman was to her husband and children. The duty of a man was to provide for his family. On the other side of this divide, Americans become self-absorbed and their duty is to themselves. Moderns believe in “being true to yourself” above all else.

On one side of this divide, religion and morality dominate American life. America was a Protestant country. On the other side of this divide, religion and morality and economic advancement begin to take a backseat to the pursuit of aesthetic lifestyles. Religion is transformed into a subcultural lifestyle.

On one side of this divide, liberalism is about the extension of rights in politics and laissez-faire in economics. On the other side of this divide, liberalism splinters and progressives adopt cultural liberalism which is an expressivist and aesthetic form of liberalism, which begins the culture war.

On one side of this divide, morality is the observance of religion and the construction of character, which is a composite of moral virtues that are practiced by men and women, i.e., courage, fortitude, thrift, temperance, etc. On the other side of the divide, morality becomes associated with the “transformation of consciousness” which is the identification and elimination of Freudian psychological repressions. It gradually becomes the laundry list of -isms and -phobias.

On one side of this divide, America’s national heroes tend to be military and political figures like General Robert E. Lee in the South or Abraham Lincoln in the North and cultural icons like the pioneers and Puritans. On the other side of the divide, America’s heroes become Hollywood celebrities, musicians and sports stars from the 1920s forwards.

On one side of this divide, women dress modestly and it is scandalous to find respectable women alone and drinking at bars. Smoking is taboo for women. Women try to stay out of the sunlight because pale skin is considered beautiful. On the other side of the divide, Modern women are smoking, cutting their hair short, drinking and listening to jazz at speakeasies, dressing less modestly, going out to experience nightlife and having sex with men they have no intention of marrying. Tanning becomes fashionable.

On one side of this divide, Americans practice their religious and moral code. On the other side of the divide, Americans begin to collect and savor aesthetic “experiences.”

On one side of this divide, Americans sharply divide the world into civilized and savage and privilege the former over the latter. On the other side of the divide, the primitive is exalted and the civilized is denigrated. Manners change dramatically. Art, music and especially literature change.

On one side of this divide, Americans were growing their own food or buying food from mom and pop stores. On the other side of the divide, there were parking lots, supermarkets and chain stores.

On one side of this divide, the definition of “progress” is the belief that Americans can and should become more morally virtuous as understood in the traditional sense, which is the belief that motivated Prohibition. There would be fewer alcoholics in a dry America. Progress is the great leaps forward in science and technology of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is the growth of material abundance and lifting millions of people out of poverty. On the other side of the divide, “progress” becomes liberation from traditional morality and culture, exalting the primitive, racial and sexual equality, etc.

On one side of this divide, Victorians values sincerity. On the other side of this divide, Moderns value irony and cynicism.

I’m getting far removed from where I wanted to go in this article. These are just some of the changes that come immediately to mind though that emerged around the time of the break between Victorian America and Modern America in the 1910s and 1920s. The world was changing in countless ways. Even our sense of humor was different in the 19th century.

Arguably, the biggest and most impactful change was the rise of the entertainment industry in Hollywood, the mass media and Jewish dominance in the creation of 20th century mass culture.

The following excerpt comes from Nathan Miller’s New World Coming: The 1920s and the Making of Modern America:

“Some of the biggest names in the movie industry got their start as nickelodeon proprietors and investors: Adolph Zukor, Marcus Loew, Jesse Lasky, Samuel Goldwyn, Harry, Sam, and Jack Warner, Carl Laemmle, William Fox, and Louis B. Mayer. All were Jews, all had come to the United States from the ghettoes of Eastern Europe, and all had an idealized view of their adopted country that, when put into their films, proved so powerful it ultimately shaped the myths, values, and traditions of America itself. …

Fifteen producers were making movies in Hollywood by 1912 and the Los Angeles suburb was on its way to becoming the film capital of the world – and remained so even after the federal government went to court to break up the MPPC monopoly …

In the years following World War I, films grew more polished and the emphasis was on historical extravaganzas, melodramas, biblical epics, and swashbucklers starring the dashing Douglas Fairbanks. The war had destroyed the film industries of France and Italy, and American films dominated the world screen. Hollywood had also already assumed many of the features of its Golden Age: the star system, tight studio control of production that limited artistic creativity, the ownership of theaters by production companies, and domination of the studios by the money men. Movies were big business and Wall Street had the final say. Some seven hundred films were made every year and the industry was pulling in $2 billion in receipts annually. Forty million people went to the movies in 1922 and the audience more than doubled over the next eight years. There were over 22,500 movie theaters – half in towns with fewer than five thousand inhabitants – with a seating capacity of 18 million.”

The movie theater was usually the nicest building in town.

In Victorian America, culture had been intensely local. In Modern America, which emerged in the 1920s, film, radio and mass circulation magazines began to erode regional distinctions. America was becoming the audience of cultural elites based in New York City and Los Angeles. The automobile, the national highway system and suburban living also uprooted and eroded traditional American culture.

The Losters rebelled against their elders and embraced Modern values after World War I. It is understandable why anyone who fought in the trenches of France would hold the political and cultural establishment in contempt. Think of the fury over Vietnam or Iraq but on a far larger scale.

“The war was the unifying force that tied this group of writers together, and gave them a fund of common experiences and emotions. Born shortly before the turn of the century, they grew up in the good years before World War I when American seemed to have unlimited possibilities. Mostly Ivy League educated, they drove ambulances during the war, and were experimenting with literary modernism. Having come to maturity during a period of violent change, they had little in common with their elders, creating the first generational gap of the twentieth century …”

The war left these writers with an unbridled hatred of authority and of the “old men” who had bumbled into World War I, perpetrated its butcheries, and then bungled the peace. “If we only governed the world instead of the swagbellied old fogies that do,” wrote Dos Passos. With the “old swagbellies” still in power, the young turned away from all forms of public concern. In fact, one of the remarkable things about the 1920s is the dearth of new political talent. Until the Wall Street crash, talented young men and women devoted themselves almost entirely to the self-directed objectives of getting rich and becoming famous.

Universal contempt was expressed for the “big words” and lofty sentiments used by “Professor Wilson” to trumpet his war. Young men had been slaughtered, wrote Ezra Pound in High Selwyn Mauberley, “For an old bitch gone in the teeth / For a botched civilization.” Similar views were expressed in Dos Passos’s Three Soldiers; Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms; What Price Glory”, a place by Lawrence Stallings and Maxwell Anderson; and later, from the German side, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. Heroism, if at all possible in the American postwar novel, consisted of making a “separate peace” – a personal retreat into oneself. For Hemingway’s antiheroes, it took the form of preserving individual dignity and self-respect in the face of disaster. Instead of ranting or crying, Lieutenant Henry walked out into the rain after the death of his lover and child. In the same vein, Lady Brett Ashley decided not to be “a bitch” and let go of the young matador with whom she had an affair. Faulkner’s most successful characters – primarily blacks and women – proved the resilience of the human spirit. Three decades before Existentialism formally appeared as a philosophy, the writers of the 1920s had adopted the concept.”

War had been an ennobling experience for the older generations who thought it would reinvigorate their values. World War I though wasn’t the Civil War or the Spanish-American War.

The young Losters of the 1910s and 1920s (my great-grandparents) were the parents of the GI Generation and Silent Generation (my grandfather and grandmother, respectively) who fought in World War II.

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  1. On one side of the divide we made bronze statues of our heroes. On the other blacks and Jews tore them down.

    • On the one side of the divide there’s Christian Jews who think like vote like and act like us. On the other there’s possessed dirtbag Jews like Zuckerberg and all those listed in this article from Hollywood.

    • I think we have greater problems to worry about- have you seen Biden’s MOSLEM Commercial? Produced, paid for, and vetted by the Demon-crapic Party?

      It’s Armageddon. DttJWO.

      • And who did the reporting? And who has been in charge of the seminaries for over a generation? And do you think honest Catholics want this? Have you never read Ann Barnhardt, for example.
        Why not talk about Jews in the Porn Industry, in the vulgar, and vile movies Jewy-wood pumps out?

        take the log out of your own eye, Powell.
        Oh, and for the record, I am NOT a Roman priest.

  2. I always thought it was amusing that Leon Trotsky was a movie actor on Long Island during his stay in America, before his return to Russia.

    • Russian language production of Trotsky on Netflix was excellent. Trotsky was the name of his prison governor in Siberia.

    • What the hell you talking about Krafty? He was never a film actor in Long island. He lived in new york city in the bronx for 3 short months before being held for a month in Nova Scotia captured by the British when leaving NY. He was never a actor but he did write articles for the Yiddish Jewish daily forward before leaving Nyc. Where did you hear that he was a actor in long island from? Just curious

  3. Jew Neal Gabler’s An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood is still best book on the subject of “Hollywood”.

      • I’ve read that book, the old mogols like Harry Cohn and L.B Mayer were pretty conservative for the most part, and were Republicans, it was the screenwriters and directors who were the commies. They were the ones who eventually turned Hollywood into Hollyweird.

  4. “On one side of this divide, America was divided into regional cultural capitals and Boston was the cultural capital of the United States. On the other side of this divide, New York became the cultural capital of the United States and other metropolitan areas became its satellites.”

    This demarcation also signals the rise of Jewish dominance and replacement of the WASP elite.

    • The “WASP elite” eagerly contributed to the rise of the jews, helping it along by destroy White Catholic neighborhoods in cities. Not only were the prots offended by possible Catholic voting blocks (evidently black and brown voting blocks are perfectly fine with them), but also offended by the moral outlook of Catholic neighborhoods.

      • Yeah, that’s why the Catholics and the Jews are political allies in Congress, the State Houses, and city, county and large town governments across the US.

        The Catholic and Jew political alliance is a fact.

      • “Not only were the prots offended by possible Catholic voting blocks (evidently black and brown voting blocks are perfectly fine with them), but also offended by the moral outlook of Catholic neighborhoods.”

        So easy to lie, isn’t it, Mousie? Did you ever stop to think that this happened in the early decades of the 20th Century when having non-Whites or Spics in New England was as rare, as a gay virgin today? Therefore, the WASPs were doing what WE all want today- keep out the Xenos, the foreigner, the religion that is heretical (and Catholi-schism IS heretical… just look at Bergoglio!)

        To paint with such a broad brush as you have done, is not fair- to the Celt, to the Wasp, but possibly to the Jew- since he is eternally damned, and should never have been trusted in the first place.

        It’s long been a given on this forum, that the Christian lens through which these articles are written (if HW is being ontologically consistent) is a Protestant one. Distrust of Papal pretensions is a good thing- especially now, as Rome has shown herself to be the great Marxist Harlot, she has long been accused of. Just sayin’

  5. Hunter-for a good movie portrayal of the pre-modern rural America with Victorian values, check out “So Dear to My Heart”, a Disney movie from the late forties-I think you can watch it for free on you tube.

  6. Hollywood still has a stranglehold on American consciousness. All our ideas of history are shaped by movies: Pearl Harbor, D-Day, the Holocaust. Movies are never made about Stalingrad, Nanking, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Jan Smuts…or the Israeli-Arab conflict. They’re kept within a narrow band. I’ve often been amazed at how I took for granted my “knowledge” of an historical event, only to realize it was a bundle of vague impressions gleaned from movies. Short of being there yourself, or talking to someone who was, you can’t beat reading serious historical scholarship like Beevor, Montefiore or Sugden.

    For that reason, I’d highly recommend the 1997 “Paradise Road” movie starring Glenn Close, a depiction of White women imprisoned by the Japanese, based on a true account (“White Coolies”). An unusual movie for Hollywood…oops! It’s an Australian movie, emphatically NOT Hollywood!

      • Its Always based on a true story for a reason or there is so much fantasy half truths and lies packed in most Hollywood war films. We never get the events that lead up to WW2 like the weimer republic or why this or that happened

        We also never hear the polish side of the war story and the bullshit they had to put up with the soviet communists and the fascists terrorizing them before and after WW2 . All we get is the crying jays packed in trains, the ghettos, anne frank and the 6 million gas chamber narrative A very biased untruthful history of events

        • At 29 minutes, in the Soviet film, the Catholics are burning Russian Orthodox babies alive. “Wipe them off the face of the earth!” But they became too confident of easy victory, and fell through the ice.

          • When you watch Eisenstein’s Alexander Nevsky, the derivative dross that is Star Wars becomes a little more obvious.

      • You beat me to the punch line, Anonymous!

        But yes, the Norman conquest was, without a doubt, a PAPAL conquest of a sovereign England, that was decidedly Orthodox. It almost justifies Henry’s break with Rome, five hundred years later.

    • Many whites look at hispanics and Asians with the sunglasses of “at least they aren’t blacks or jews”…but growing up between my parents homes in both southern california and south florida, i had enough of spics of all varieties by age 18.
      They are dirty people who are not “just like us”….
      Imagine if we tallied up all the dead whites from the hispanic drug trade that originates in places like Colombia and then finally makes it way here via places like Mexico ,El Salvador , Honduras or the Dominican republic.
      Imagine white gangs and illegal trespassers in any of those places selling lethal narcotics to brown people…costing their corrupted ,feckless shithole governments 100s of millions of dollars annually with their shenanigans.

  7. The Conservatives / White People really don’t like Hollywood and I can understand because it’s obvious the Jews and Liberals run the show. However the same people don’t like Sports especially Professional Sports. I wrote a long piece on Facebook about this subject a few days ago. My personal opinion is that Conservatives / White People have become lazy and not interested in greatness. That includes a lack of care in things like being an Actor, Actress, Singer, Entertainer, and being in Athletics. It really comes from parents who care noting about greatness but only interested in living average boring lives. When a kid gets 16 some Parents are done being Parents and want those kids having a Job. That in turn makes some make poor grades because the kids (especially poor kids) spend more time at Work than studying. The same can be said for kids who love playing Sports. Many parents aren’t interested in helping those kids play Sports at a young age and keeping them playing Sports through Graduation in High School. I think it’s called Student Athletes and it’s the kind of kids that other kids admire. I’ll conclude by saying that less and less people (Conservative Whites) are even interested / involved in Athletics so few / none will ever become Professionals like playing in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and so on. NASCAR and so on. Some (not all) sports leagues are conquered by Blacks now especially the NBA and NFL. My question is if Conservative Whites would have been more interested in kids playing sports, being great at it, being student athletes, and so on…..would those leagues have more Whites. I’d say so. Those sports leagues now favor Blacks and Liberals because it seems like that’s the only people playing Football / Basketball at a high level. It really changes with us and the same goes for Hollywood. The White Race must stop Cucking and letting them have it and take part again. If White Conservatives post on Facebook 24/7 about how much they hate professional sports….why would professional sports even care about White People anymore? Deo Vindice !

    • Playing professional sports is “greatness”? LOL~ Surprised you don’t understand the reason there are few Whites in professional sports today. It’s simply because professional sports, like the US gov and jewsmedia, are anti-White. While it is overwhelmingly Whites who have financially supported the NFL, the NFL blatantly discriminates against prospective Whites trying to make the teams thus considerably less Whites bother to go out for these teams. It’s hardly about “laziness”. Those Whites foolish enough to try, are routinely passed over simply because they are White, and instead, black players chosen. This is the jew template. Besides, how can any self-respecting prospective White player even put up with being around these violence prone thugs all day long, anyway? Who would want to play in the NFL when the NFL is 80% black?

      Other reasons that jews have populated the NFL, as they have with many other sports, with blacks is because it is much easier to steal large percentages of multi-million dollar incomes from most black players. If you have to ask how the jew owners, managers, lawyers, and agents do that, you don’t know much about niggers or jews.

      Another important factor for jews is to parade these negro football “heroes” in front of our corrupted White women to further promote the already rampant racemixing that is going on in our formerly White countries. Presenting a practically all black NFL has been, up until now, a win/win for the jews. It is all part of the jewish plan to destroy White homelands and make them into violent, third world, banana republics, with jews sitting as effendis over it all.

      • It looks like professional sports is circling the drain now and that is a very good thing. Sports is another form of entertainment (like movies and TV) that has been incredibly subversive. It has numbed the minds of people who devote so much time, money and interest in a club of degenerate millionaires and their vain lives that they have no idea what is going on in the world that is arrayed against them. Between covid and BLM giving the finger to the White fans who pay the ridiculous bills it looks like they are going down for the count.

    • I think you’re wrong about sports. I’ve seen plenty of parents who emphasize them as the most important thing in the world. Whites don’t play in the NBA and NFL because blacks have a genetic advantage in most positions of those sports. Whites’ problem is that they don’t push their children towards paths of great learning and power, like the jews do.

      • “Whites don’t play in the NBA and NFL because blacks have a genetic advantage in most positions of those sports.”

        A lot of Whites have been indoctrinated for decades to believe such nonsense. The White vs. black narrative, the exclusion of Whites at certain positions, particularly running back, wide receiver and any slot in the defensive secondary. All to push the bullshit ‘blacks are the better athletes’ meme. It’s just plain antiwhite hogwash. The jews remove Whites and because ignorant fans believe, falsely, that blacks are better atheletes. How gullible we are as a race! The antiwhite NFL intends to maintain the existing lopsided black/White ratio to provide the illusion that blacks are superior athletes, but finally, fortunately, Whites have finally gotten a clue about the antiwhite NFL and other pro-sports and many have stopped worshiping negroes.

        “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”– Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912

        • There is a lot of truth in what you are saying, but blacks have more fast twitch muscle in the legs. It shows out at the highest level in the positions you mentioned, with a few exceptions. Most of the problem is the jew-led promotion of those sports and white consumption of them. Whites are overall stronger, just not faster. Look at who usually wins all the strongest man competitions.

          • Few exceptions because the antiwhite NFL doesn’t want Whites to star on their teams. This is the reason there are no Whites at those positions. Not some jewish tale about “fast twitch muscles”. You forget yourself! ITZ all jewish
            mumbo-jumbo ! LOL~

        • “we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party”:

          Anglo-Zionism had no intention of establishing communism as such. The promise of socialism was a useful tool, at that time. Fascism, fake socialism, “democracy,” all popular ideas with the appropriate audience, all useful to the same end, that “justifies” ANY means.

    • The last NBA finals game had a 68% drop in viewership from last year. As sportsball leagues already have been bleeding viewers for years, this is good news. I’m looking forward to an eventual 99.99% percent loss of fans for all pro sports. Then cities and states won’t be socializing stadium costs and privatizing profits for rich team owners anymore.

    • Disagree. In my experience, right-leaning White families are often too obsessed with sports, spending thousands on trying to get their kids into college scholarships & professionalism via the club sports system/racket – clearly influenced by the shining false god of televised sport – while never spending a fraction of that time, money and effort on encouraging their kids to be statesmen, scientists, engineers, businessmen…

      • Sports worship has become nigger worship. Sports can be good fun, but when they become more than that for the youth, it borders on abuse. Go smash your head and get concussions on the football field son, so you can prove to the 16 year old girls on the birth control pill that you’re a real man.

      • Many of these peoples’ lives revolve around watching sports. It’s pathetic. We’ve become a race of spectators and consumers.

  8. Is there a salient resemblance between the modern alternative-right with its anti-war sentiment and loathing of Woodrow Wilson, and its lost generation forebears? Does Richard Spencer have an F. Scott Fitzgerald dissipated air about him? Is he a Jay Gatsby pretender? Or a Dick Diver with his failed marriage and drinking problem? BG never mentioned that The Sun Also Rises has a prominent Jew character and anti-semitic subtext to his portrayal as a love rival.

  9. Good points on Jewish control of Hollywood from the beginning, and of their movies eroding our regional cultures and consciousness. This piece made me reflect on the John Wayne and western movie obsession of my father’s generation. This was brought to light to me (again) a couple months ago, when I was discussing our genealogy with a 78 year of cousin of my mother. He opined that perhaps we had ancestors who helped settle the wild west (a la the western movies he consumed in his youth). But he knows that all his grandparents were born and lived their lives *east* of the Mississippi! Does he think (fantasize) that after settling the west, they all just moved back east to farm 100 years ago? Our people hail from the Dixie Block, and never crossed the Mississippi River westward. He is only mildly interested to know that some of his ancestors helped settle Kentucky and face-to-face knew Daniel Boone and a few other noteworthies. Instead, he dreams of cowboy movies.
    Endnote: I support cowboys, and those descended from cowboys, but I am not one of them.

  10. The key error of the USA Victorian establishment that heated the selfish passions of the modernist American hell, was the sadistic imposition of alcohol Prohibition 1920-34

    That was so crazy and disturbed – a war of Protestant fanatics against normies – that it discredited establishment society, and invited the strongest of reactions

    Prohibition got the masses of American people to accept gangsters – because it was from gangsters, that you could get a drink

    One of those gangsters selling ‘illegal’ drinks, was Jewish Meyer Lansky (1902-83), who before he died, got linked via Roy Cohn to the up-and-coming Donald Trump, apparently the front for Lansky’s money in the new gambling centre of New Jersey, in Trump’s first big deal

    The USA was not merely ‘Protestant’, it had a big streak of extremist fanatic Protestants who were so obsessive they felt pressured to leave their old homelands so they could be fanatic in a new world

    By contrast, even the strict Calvinists of Scotland allowed and fostered distilling the ‘water of life’, whisky … the way we know Haig distillers to be about the oldest whisky name, was because in 1655 Mr Haig was arrested for distilling whisky on a Sunday

    But it was fanatic Ameri-burgers who even in the 20th century, let the Bible be a tool for social engineering manipulators to deprive them of a normal life on such a huge scale … and Americans and the world are still dealing with the consquences of the twisted, sadistic Prohibition repression

    • Prohibition was a direct result of WOMAN being thought the ontological equals of Men.
      [ They aren’t- not even shrew/pagan/dilettante Denise is, to be honest.]

      It was moralistic (but not spirit-led) women ‘leaders’ who first tried on the ‘wings of power’ and flew too close to the sun of Male Hegemony, that brought that about. It was the false opposite of the Flapper/Fitzgerald era- both were disobedient children, in defiance of their Heavenly Father.

      The Bible condemns DRUNKENNESS. It actually encourages wine drinking!

      • “The Bible (…) encourages wine drinking!”

        It does not encourage wine drinking, and regardless of whether it does or not, teetotaling is the only intelligent position on the alcoholic drug trade/industry.

        The OLD testament that you seem to follow says “Wine is NOT for princes” (elites) but an opiate to relax the “heavy hearts” of common people, and even they need some restrictions on its use.

        • “Ass/nonymous”- Christ said, ‘THE SCRIPTURES CANNOT BE BROKEN.”

          that means there is not such thing as an ‘Old’ (out of date, invalid) Testament. ALL OF SCRIPTURE in II TIM 3:16 encompasses the ‘Old’ Testament a functioning, viable WORD OF GOD…. because the NT hadn’t been written when St. Paul wrote that.

          Take your blasphemy, your sectarianism (If you claim to be an “Xtian”) and go to Hell.
          Because that’s all your pov is good for.

          • Father John,

            Not that you need convincing of course. Just some tidbits:

            Go, eat your bread with enjoyment, and drink your wine with a merry heart; for God has long ago approved what you do.”

            Ecclesiastes 9:7

            A list showing the alcohol for good purposes: Genesis 14:17-20, Gen. 27:26-29, Deuteronomy 14:26, Psalms 104:14-15, Proverbs 31:6-7, Ecclesiastes 9:7, Isaiah 25:6, Matthew 11:18-19, Luke 7:33-34

            There are of course numerous biblical passages condemning the abuse of alcohol called drunkeness. Drunkeness becomes a sin when a person under the influence cannot make proper and moral decisions.

            For starters, Jesus drank. He was no stranger to alcohol:

            Some tried to accuse Him of being a glutton and a drunkard.
            His first public miracle was transforming at least 120 gallons of water into fine wine.

            The Catholic Church continues to support alcohol consumption in moderation. For centuries, monks have brewed beer to support their monasteries. We even have patron saints of beer, wine, hangovers, and alcoholics (St. Augustine, St. Urban, St. Bibiana, and St. Monica respectively).

            Need I add that I drink wine for communion every week.

    • “Prohibition got the masses of American people to accept gangsters – because it was from gangsters, that you could get a drink”:

      The alcohol drug trade is and always was evil. “Resveratrol antioxidant” is an advertising hook, telling people what they want to hear: that “now we know” it’s good for their health. They were also told for many years that tobacco has “certain health benefits.” Recreational drugs only have MONEY benefits, for gangsters. “They” will also tell you that fornication is a right and can have health benefits too.

  11. I said this when Trump announced he was ill:

    “I think he’s faking being sick so he can say it wasn’t his fault, when he loses the election in a landslide. Don can never lose. His ego won’t allow it.”

    I still thought he was faking it, but came to the opinion it was a stunt to divert attention from something else and gain sympathy. After his debate with Biden the libs were screaming about White Supremacism and the Conservatives were getting hysterical and forming circular firing squads. Trump had to do something to change the narrative, so he faked getting sick.

    Now this miraculous recovery:

    Nothing about these people is real. They are fakers.

  12. A common feeling after WWI was that ‘old men’ had led everyone into war, but that’s not quite correct. Everyone wanted WWI, and all over Europe, youth flocked to the colors. Many thought it was needed, that war would purge people; no one anticipated what modern war would be like. Granted, the leaders in Europe let things get out of control, but to say the old manipulated the young? The young were quite willing to be manipulated, even though by 1917, they had buyer’s remorse.

    The idea of Hollywood as a bringer of a new consciousness was explored in Gore Vidal’s Hollywood, the next to last in his American series. He examines through Caroline Sanford how Hollywood imprints its mentality on the American, and later world mind. As she worked under Hearst and learned how print manipulated people, as an actress in WWI she sees how it is used to rouse people for war, and how ‘reality could now be reinvented and history revised.’ As she learns, film can subvert and control people without their knowing it, and one controlling Hollywood would have no need of overt preaching; ‘if they had done their work properly, their ends would be achieved subliminally.’ As she explains, ‘what we invent others reflect, if we’re ingenious enough, of course. Hearst showed us how to invent news, which we do, some of the time, for the best of reasons. But nothing we do ever goes very deep. We don’t get into people’s dreams, the way the movies do-or can do.’
    The jews are mentioned not as dream makers, but their understanding that to own the cinema and distribute its products is real wealth, and ultimately power.
    The world of Hollywood is contrasted with Woodrow Wilson’s attempt to remake the world with his League of Nations…the American imprint upon the world that his acolyte FDR eventually imposed on the world in the United Nations.
    A very thoughtful, funny, and ironic novel that should be read.

    • “A very thoughtful, funny, and ironic novel that should be read.”

      I’ll check it out. Though I doubt a faggot can ever tell the truth, even when he’s being bitchy and reveling in it, since he denies his own created personhood 24/7/365. Mass market paperback- can get this for under a fiver. And he’s dead, so he’s not profiting from it any more… i.e., Gore the whore.

      “The wages of sin is death.” [St. Paul] Looks like he got paid in full… for all eternity.

  13. I just noticed CptBlackPill and ArnelsMom got banned at the same time. This is the second banning I’ve seen shortly after convos at Banned Hipster’s blog. The last one taken out a result of a convo there was David Icke’s Youtube channel.

    I was trolling him about his obssesion with optics, how cowardly optics people are, and how funny Hunter was when going against Nick’s cat boys and Mexicans. Then a day later both your Twitters go down at the same time. My last comment wasn’t approved mentioning Hunter and the cat boys, so its obvious Hipster done it again.

    So this is a friendly warning, ya’ll. Don’t post there, and don’t let him promote his blog on your blogs. His 9/11 jewspiracy, Trump/Alt right conspiracy act is just bait for White Nationalists. If David Icke was mentioned on his blog in passing, then it goes up the chain of command to the Jewish Forward mag and from there, the order goes to Youtube to wipe his channel, and they it, then Hipster must have some heavy connections.

    • I woke up to find half the people I liked on twitter banned. Seems like they’re doing a pre-election purge. Even though most are against Trump now, they aren’t taking any chances and will just ban all of the people who were Trump supporters in 2016. Especially guys like HW or Parrott who are more public and already on the ADL’s hit list.

      • Yeah you are right. I thought it was just those two who got banned when I posted that. Still I won’t be reading or posting at Hipster’s site ever again, which I’m sure he’ll be pleased about.

        I think this was a purge on behalf of the AIPAC/Republican Party, once they realized we aren’t going to support their boy Trump. That guy Gryphon Alinor was obviously one of their paid operatives. If he stops posting here, and it looks like he has, it will confirm it as far as I’m concerned.

        • “That guy Gryphon Alinor was obviously one of their paid operatives. If he stops posting here, and it looks like he has, it will confirm it as far as I’m concerned.”

          Baseless conjecture. This is not the National Enquirer, and it is YOU who are ‘anonymous.’

    • @anon

      This is truly hilarious. I am so connected that I can get people banned from Twitter.

      For a fourth-rate blogger, I sure attract a massive amount of hostility from the Alex Linder/SPLC crowd.

      I used to get it for pointing out that Matt Heimbach was working directly with the SPLC, but now that I was proven correct, I guess the same crowd is going to blame me for them getting banned from Twitter.

      I was banned from Twitter, in fact, for saying rude things to Matt Hiembach, years ago. Then I was banned from WordPress for … I’m not sure … I suppose pointing out the connections between Jeffrey Epstein and named NYT journalists.

      The fact some Jews and SPLC antifa posing as “Wns” are obsessed with my blog says a lot, I guess.

      I see “anon” is VERY CONCERNED about my constant discussions of Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

  14. “War had been an ennobling experience for the older generations who thought it would reinvigorate their values. ”

    WWI was the first “industrial” war. Whatever “glory” had been a part of human warfare didn’t seem so glorious when they were picking pieces of brains off of the walls thanks to explosives and tanks.

    The “modernists” won because the old generation was completely discredited, and as usual, like typical reactionaries, they just couldn’t accept that things had changed and their “old ways” had nothing to recommend them.

    “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.” — Theodore Kaczynski

    The comparison to Vietnam shows that war and the opposition to it was just a natural continuation. “Conservative” America was mostly behind Vietnam and freaked the hell out when the new generation wanted no part in an imperialist war in the jungles of Southeast Asia … for, what, exact?


    • The gus that fought the war, at least on the German side were keen to have another go. The French feared facing the same foe and the British expected bankruptcy in two campaign seasons. The general American public felt they had been tricked into a war for Bank loans. I can’t speak for the Russians.

    • “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.” — Theodore Kaczynski

      Really can’t disagree with that. It has proved to be massively dysgenic.

  15. Luckily the theaters are all dying now. Disney is laying people off. We can only hope that Hollywood never recovers.

  16. Why didn’t you include the fact that most of the early Jewish Hollywood moguls like Warner and Mayer were patriotic Republicans and produced pro-USA cartoons and movies during the war? “God Bless America” was written by patriotic Republican supporting Irving Berlin. I don’t like how organized Jewish elites try to open the borders of their host countries, but I have no problem with legal Jewish immigrants or citizens of Jewish origin working hard and pulling themselves up instead of whining and blaming others like so many here seem to do. I don’t blame legal immigrants for coming here because our government invites them. Don’t like it? Vote for people who agree with you and convince voters to agree with your views. Otherwise, you consent to what’s happening, so stop inciting violence against others like babies just because you don’t get your way. Grow up.

    Trump Trump
    Wally Wally
    Nixon Now
    I like Ike
    The Gipper

    • Court Jews. Serge Eisenstein was making Stalinist propaganda when he made Alexander Nevsky. The film was practically imitated by George Lucas and later by Abrams. They’ll kiss any amount of gentiles ass if it benefits them in the long run.

    • Being “patriotic American” doesn’t mean anything. Max Boot and Ben Shapiro also claim to be “patriotic Americans.”

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