2020 VP Debate


Kamala Harris was an unlikable bitch as usual.

Mike Pence was a vanilla mainstream conservative as usual.

“White supremacy” came up again. Immigration wasn’t on the agenda. The most interesting part of this forgettable debate was when the bug landed on Pence’s head. If you didn’t catch the debate, you can watch it below or just take my word for it. It was really boring and you didn’t miss much.

Some people are saying that Pence won but I don’t think this debate will have any impact on the race. My impression was that he was weak on COVID which seems to be the determining factor in the election. I don’t see them digging their way out of that hole. How do you come back from 210,000 deaths?

Do you remember when I flipped out earlier this year about how Trump made the call to “ride it out”? I took A LOT of heat for that at the time, but Trump is losing to Biden by 12 points in the Rasmussen poll with less than a month to go to the election and it is largely because of COVID. Pence is probably right though about a vaccine being available in like two months. By then it will be too late.

Note: Skip ahead to 15:00.

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      • Fear your family and friends, embrace the foreigner on your knees—Biden Harris 2020

      • Bullshit. He was peddling the story that linked Saddam to the Anthrax. He didn’t stage an attack on himself. He’s something of a neocon but that ain’t so bad.

        • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

          Bullshit is right.

          Not only is there no evidence that Pence received any actual anthrax letters, unlike Judith Miller, who “received” fake anthrax letters, there is no evidence that Pence even received any fake anthrax letters.

          He just made the whole thing up. No real or fake anthrax was found in his office and there was no reason to believe any had been sent. He just did a media stunt by going to the hospital to get checked, along with his family, by pretending he had possibly been exposed.

          Many White House officials started taking Cipro BEFORE the anthrax letters showed up – this was a scandal back then – and Pence already had his conspiracy ready to go for the media.

          Yes, he’s that bad. Is there anything good about Pence?

        • The Anthrax attacks were done by Israel. Senators like Tom Daschle who opposed military aid to Israel got a real batch of stolen Ft. Dietrich Anthrax stolen by Mossadnik’s while Jew Trotskyist Neo-Cons like Judith Miller who pushed the Saddam WMD HOAX got fake Anthrax. Why Judith Miller was not arrested for treason shows how weak we are allowing these parasites to get away with mass terror like 9/11 and Anthrax. Gelatin B-Thing, E-TEAM and Urban Moving System laughing and dancing as it happened. 80 or so Mossad were picked up, SDNY under Chertoff let them go, as well as Bernie Kerik’s fly squad who took over transportation of a van load of them just to never arrive at Central Booking. That is why he was convicted, because fellow NYPD hated his guts for allowing the 9/11 technicians to take a walk. However some were caught in jurisdictions not run by total Zionists and a handful of them did time, they will never tell you that. White Hats knew what happened, like Valeria Plame and attempted to blow the Whistle, then Cheney ordered Liebowtiz the Scooter to burn her undercover cover as a Glow in the Dark CIANigger.

  1. Mike Pence absolutely crushed Kamala Harris. His counter-punches were perfect. Pence was never even once knocked off balance, he will make a fine president in 2024.

    There was nothing “boring” about that debate. Of course, since OD is a website with an anti-voting philosophy and actively encourages its readers to not vote, I wasn’t surprised by the “boring” comment.

    I am voting for the Trump-Pence ticket, if anyone here does not want to vote for Trump, vote for a third party candidate or write someone in. But don’t do what OD recommends and not vote.

    Work. Vote. Protect your family and home.

      • Then what are you doing writing about the debate?

        You’ve spent the last year and a half fanning your balls about one thing or another, becoming more insufferable by the month. Hell, even the daily stormer is more readable now, and I hate Anglin with every fiber of my being.

        I don’t know what else to say, besides i’m running out of patience waiting for you to go back to the sympathetic everyman blogger I was easily able to relate to 4 years ago.

        My only recent impression of where this blog is currently is that its intended for people who are smarter than me.

        I doubt I’m the only one reading the pretentious vibe.

        Maybe I’m a midwit, but I know how a bell chart works. Feel free to cater all your content to the 140 IQ racist intellectual demographic.

        I’m sure theres lots of those floating around with time and cash to spare.

        Meanwhile, its a media rich environment. If society is going to hell in a handbasket, I’m going to get drunk and watch Archer again.

        I don’t give a flying fling about modernism, whatever thats supposed to be.

        Your move Brad.

        • Well, I sat there and wasted my time watching that thing, so of course I wrote something about it. I did not say vote for Trump or Biden or don’t vote. I said that I don’t care how anyone votes because the outcome is going to be the same regardless of who wins.

          What do you want me to tell you? That Trump is cruising to victory when he us down 12 points in the Rasmussen poll? That COVID isn’t a big deal when Trump is losing seniors because of it when he can’t possibly win the election without their support?

        • @Joe’s complete lack of interest…

          Sir, I have not detected much of a change on the subjects covered, on this blog, or how Mr. Griffin writes about them.

          Maybe the only thing I have noticed is that it is less overtly Southern Nationalist, than it was, oh, let’s say – 5 years ago.

          Could it be that you’ve changed, Dear Joe, or that circumstances have changed on the political landscape, which means you are seeing this blog in a new light?

          • @Ivan, my good dude

            Actually thats a great example of whats changed.

            Look. Modernism, I don’t know what its supposed to be, and could argue the opposite of all of this stuff because it’s purely hypothetical, and largely conjectural. I wouldn’t, because I’m not a recalcitrant ass.

            Long and short, it doesn’t matter if he is right or wrong in every or any one of these articles. It won’t affect a single butterfly farts worth of change.

            This is our reality in a nutshell.

            1) We are White, Christian and Southern.

            2) By the manifest laws of nature, and nature’s god we understand we are thus because we were made so.

            3) As evidenced by our existence under those laws, we can infer the great mandate to “go forth, be fruitful and multiply”, as all creatures must.

            4) Hence, the postulate “Its ok to be White” becomes self evidently true, for we are here under that mandate.

            5) Therefore, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” is not a mere slogan, but the distilled essence of what, why and how we should proceed.

            Ours is not the mandate to change the world, fallen such as it is.

            Our job is to fight and survive, and teach our children to do the same.

            Navel gazing and waxing philosophical while our world burns is a crime against our ancestors and our progeny unless it furthers the goal in point 5 above.

            This is the entirety of my worldview, and the lense through which I see everything. That certainly has taken some years to become firmly fixed in my mind and so yes, I have definitely changed.

            But if this is so, based on the above, tell me where I’m wrong.

          • It is funny you mention that because tracking the erosion of Southern identity and culture in the 20th century is what got me interested in Modernism in the first place. I’ve said nothing about the South so far because first Modernism arrived in the North from Europe.

        • I will say that Anglin is a very good writer, and his stuff has been more readable than what’s been going on around here, lately.

      • I think Brad is doing our country a service by letting Trump and the GOP know that not all is well with White Americans, you know, the descendants of the people who founded this country.

    • Imagine getting all sweaty and excited about this pointless dog-and-pony show like this braying clown Gryphon Anglinor.

      It’s embarrassing to see a grown man acting like this.

    • “Pence…will make a fine president in 2024”

      What the…are you insane? I’m pretty sure wanting Pence to become president is a mental illness.

    • @Gryphon Alinor…

      I agree.

      Vice-President Pence spoke to the points effectively and looked far better than Senator Harris.

      That said, I thing Senator Josh Hawley or Tucker Carlson are far more likely to be the GOP candidates for 2024 than is Pence.

      Of course, that assumes the country will still be together in it’s current form, and there are plenty of reasons not to assume that.

    • “Kamala Harris was an unlikable bitch as usual.”

      Thanks. Already knew that. So… there was noting to see in the debate. Pence is a CZ fool.
      And we’ve already dismissed Kabala Ha’aretz.
      J-word. Every. Single. Time.

  2. I agree with your assessment. I actually watched a little of this one, as much as I could endure.

    She was typically irritating, while Pence was typically smooth. A greater representation of evil, and a somewhat lesser representation of evil. Like a big dose of poison, and a smaller but still fatal dose of poison, both are poison.

    She did have him on being directly responsible for mostly ignoring the pandemic (which however she would done the same, if she were in Pence’s or Trump’s position), and on healthcare “reform” – taking away pre-existing, etc. (which the Democrats would also do exactly the same, when they are in charge).

    She got away with denying her extremely brutal, right-wing record as a prosecutor, probably because he has a very similar “law and order” record that he would not want to tarnish by attacking her on it.

    She also got away with BIG-lying, twice, about Russia and Vladimir Putin, because Pence did not dare disagree, and he also “had to” second her condemnation of the Whites at Charlottesville.

    • Remember, Kamala Harris was the second-biggest favorite of Wall Street during the primary season, and based on that, and her extreme “law and order” record, I predicted in spring that she would be on the ballot. She’s a very safe, well-proven choice. “The system knows” that she will not REALLY disturb the status quo, no more than Obama did.

      • Extreme Brutal right wing record huh? what made her so brutal and extreme hahaha lol So Camel Toe Harris is ironically a more LAW and ORDER candidate then stupid lyin ass potato blumpf who did the liberal zog first step act to release more criminal joggers onto the streets

      • Right on the money there, “anonymous”! Kamala will obey orders like a good little imperial figurehead.

    • Pence is an Evangelical ZOG bot that worships the Tribe in Israel and at home – the kikes could not have designed a more obedient syvophant in a lab than Pence.

    • Don’t worry – the Tribe’s production of the 2020 Presidential Election will be a real nail-biting, down-to-the-wire event just like Wrestlemania or the Super Bowl and will be every bit as fake – and ghey – as those are. TPTB know that the goyim are as gullible as Forrest Gump and as malleable as copper.

  3. She’s no Cynthia McKinney and certainly not a Black ethnonationalist, but quite the opposite. She’s “capitalist to the bone” as Pelosi says (the exact opposite of her Marxist father who has essentially disowned her for it) who happens to be partially Black. So there is no need to vote against her to save the system. The system can work just as well with either candidate of either party.

  4. If Biden wins we are stuck with a Harris presidency quite soon. Not a pleasant though.

    • Camel Toe Harris is not fit for any public office. She may get sworn in next February after Sleepy Joe does the 25th amendment thing but it’s difficult to believe that the deep state will actually allow her to make independent decisions. They probably have a six inch thick notebook full of her criminal activity like they do for everyone else important in DC. All the intelligence agencies do surveillance on prominent politicians (and others) and use people like Epstein all the time.

    • There is no “we”, Britcuck. You aren’t an American and this election doesn’t pertain to your unimportant backwater or a country.

      • Yes, I’ve just witnessed a society be convinced that it’s appropriate that we fear and loath family and friend while we must love and embrace foreigners from literally Timbuktoo. You know it’s bad. Snap out of it. It’s a mass paranoid psychosis.

  5. Who benefits from a sick Trump? Would Pence, could Pence be part of a plan to spread covid19 in the WH to gain power? Would he do it? If you are of treacherous Irish blood and you have sold yourself out to the Jews already, isn’t it possible?

    • I continue to be astounded by your posts, do you write for Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah? Your maundering sounds a lot like what they spew.

  6. “Do you remember when I flipped out earlier this year about how Trump made the call to “ride it out”? I took A LOT of heat for that at the time”

    You and Spencer put the nail in the coffin on the Dissident Right movement. The “dissident right” or “alt right” died when both you and Spencer kept quadrupling down on being Corona Cucks.

    The dead dissident right movement then became a clown show when Spencer endorsed Biden.

    YangGang was also a mistake. It’s Marxist garbage, pie in the sky nonsense. Andrew Yang couldn’t even get one delegate in the Iowa Caucus, it was a complete waste of energy endorsing him.

    I used to be on your side, Brad Griffin. But you keep doubling down on your defeatist ideas, unwilling to change.

    Occidental Dissent is:

    Pro-Marxist economics

    There’s nothing populist or nationalist about this website.

    • Yeah, we were totally wrong about that.

      +215,000 dead and Trump is losing by double digits to Biden in the Rasmussen poll because he lost seniors over COVID. All the idiots who said it was “just the flu” and that it was no big deal and that the right move was to “let It rip” because millions of people would starve to death due to lockdowns were proven right. Look where they are now politically less than a month from the election

      • You should have banned a certain female art student in March.

        However lockdown now is error. Not a bad idea in spring but now it’s damaging livelihoods.

      • Unbelievable, you keep harping on these phony death numbers. IT IS JUST THE FLU. 98.5% of people who catch Covid-19 don’t even get sick.

        Nobody cares about a few dead Boomers who were going to die anyway. Even Dr. Fauci, who everyone despises said that even if we did everything “right”, 200k people would still die. But it isn’t 200k people because only a single digit portion of that number died as a result of Covid-19.

        This pro-lockdown-virus-fascism of yours is getting old. You lost a lot of your readers and you’ve convinced yourself it’s them that’s the problem not you.

        Muh’ 200k Boomers.

        • Yeah, like why is that even important?

          Who cares if Muh 200K Boomers die of COVID-19? Something like 200K people die every year during the spring and summer from the flu. It is not like those people are the most reliable Republican voting block and Trump literally can’t win without their support. The compelling message you are selling to those people is that it doesn’t count when old people with preexisting conditions die of COVID.

          This “Just the Flu” talking point that you people repeating and which you think is real clever because you are stuck in a bubble is the main reason why Trump and the GOP is getting blown out in all the polls. And yes, you are right that a lot of people got pissed off when I insisted all along that the virus was a big deal and that it wasn’t a “hoax” and downplaying it would be politically devastating. I was right about the virus on both counts and the flutards were dead wrong about it.

          • Why do you even allow these Hasbara Fifth Columnists like Gryphon Alinor to post on OD, HW? It is non-productive to enter exchanges with them and allow them to sew their seeds of negativity. They are forcing you to defend yourself which is a classic jewish ploy – you are in control here – not them.

        • B, you want the .jpeg of Fauci claiming Corona has a case mortality lower than 0,1% and is no worse than a bad case of seasonal flu? Why do you keep harping on this obvious hoax. What do you want him to do? Do a Neo-Liberal Globalist style lockdown where you can’t leave the house like Australia and New Zealand? When it literally kills more people, destroys the economy and part of an organized leverage buyout of the entire small business economy by giant corporations? They are cooking the books on this hoax, they allowed BLM while the media that was saying you were going to die an awful death if you didn’t stay at home with the blinds closed encourage mass riots and protests that were not social distancing. At that point you should of seen the hoax, but no. Your here encouraging people to sit out an election during a colour revolution, where Soros and his Globalist forces can effectively be opposed. What do you want? For Trump to give you a hand job? Seriously, Trudeau already said it, because of COVID we are instituting full Agenda 2030, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and Klaus Earbug Schwabs Great Reset. That should clue you in to the hoaxtastic nature of this, but no, you gotta cry about people dying of cooked stats. The same people cooking these books are the same cooking the climate models. It’s all to advance a sinister agenda of central bankers. The rule is, ALWAYS oppose a colour revolution, you always side with those that oppose it. They don’t have to be perfect, but your guaranteed pain and humiliation if those dark forces that run the colour revolutions win.

    • A(ng?)linor says: “Occidental Dissent is: Pro-lockdown, Anti-voting, Pro-Marxist economics, Pro-Anarchist-Dooms-day-Predictions….”

      (1) Anyone with common sense, good will and a good science education understands the reason for the partial lockdown, and mandatory mask-wearing, and other basic, non-medical public hygiene measures: to slow the spread of the deadly and highly infectious novel virus, while it is being studied and adequate medical treatment is being prepared.

      (2) Hunter is obviously not against voting as such, only some useless voting. I’m not against voting either, only against voluntary participation in the fake elections of a false “democracy.”

      (3) I have never seen any promotion of “Marxist economics” (I assume you also mean socialism) in Hunter’s writing, nor by any commenters here besides THIS one – and I’m not a Marxist either, nor a Trotskyist!

      (4) There is no trace of Anarchism in Hunter’s writing or any of the commenters that I’ve read here.

      The recent tour through Victorian and Progressive era American history on O.D. has been challenging and worthwhile, though I do not agree with all the conclusions. Hunter evidently has a firm grasp and appreciation of natural science as well as history and social science, and is determined to follow truth (facts, evidence) wherever it leads, so he is not easily swayed (not at all) by promoters of “The Plandemic” and other absurd conspiracy theories.

      • Yeah, this blog is clearly the place to be. Why just today I get to learn about woman’s fashion in the 1920’s, and listen to the promotion of a giant hoax and leveraged oligarchical buyout of the middle class. Literally if your still promoting COVIDIOTICY you are not all upstairs.

        #60%UK was disgusting, the EU/UK plan to deal with NOVEL Coronavirus. They said everyone needs to get it and then we will form immunity, despite the numbers being a 5-9% case mortality rate. They shelved that idea. the scientists went to work, and we discovered the real case mortality was 0.1% at most, but even lower when all factors were taken into account. They were killing patients by force ventilating them, they were padding states and hoaxing deaths, the PCR test was almost 90% false positive. It turned out the virus not a threat worth locking down over, because the lockdown easily killed way more people. But no, despite all the evidence you are still talking to us who have reviewed it as if we were Katie Hopkins, Merkel and BoJo, who were advocating people get infected with a mystery virus who’s kill rate was unknown. We know COVID, we know the people who created it, and what they intend to do with it. Look up Justin Trudeau speech, COVID is his excuse to enact brutal legislation to force Canada to follow all Agenda 2030 and UN Sustainable Development directives as well as force through Klaus EarSchwabs Great Reset. The pandemic is a hoax, we have a flu like virus that is being used as a reason to leverage buyout the middle class and impose technocratic directives.

  7. That debate sucked. Still, I bet Biden wishes he had Ms. Nignog (Michelle) instead of Ms.Nigwog (Kamala).

  8. British Israeli Christian Identity balderdash con of the millennium:

    If Dixie is nothing other than a “judean-levite-christianity sodality, it’s finished as their will be no nation, probably never was looking back at historical shenanigan’s pulled even by the elite of the south (4/9/1865). This is a professional “British-Israeli” “identity” propaganda spam campaign website as is IdentityDixie, meant to shore up the “right” online for British-Israeli Trotskyite communist “neoconservative” propositional “values” (christian identity is a universalist sodality and not of the blood/nation.
    It’s all run out of Breitbart.com’s Tel Aviv offices – as was Trump (so too was Barry’s and Biden’s) entire campaign since the beginning.
    You see the larger campaign is about splitting off the Anglosphere (USA, Canada, UK, Aus, NZ) from the rest of Europe which is no longer accepting Zionism.
    So we have this fake “national populism” thing.
    The basic game is, “let us Israelis do whatever we want and we’ll call off our media campaign against you gentile nationalists.”
    What has actually happened? Four years of Trump, Israel has gotten everything they wanted – it’s historic how the US Empire has squandered all of its power and prestige to help Israel.
    But of course, you don’t get anything but empty promises and rhetoric. As soon as Trump is out, one month or four years from now, everything will go back to the way it was. Israel gets nationalism, and the “Gentile” nations get nothing.
    As Orwell described this years ago… Oceania is the project … And the dumb ass Anglo’s will end up like their cousin’s the Visogoth’s for their “lawd” and master” the thieving he-she tranny Midianite-Kenite-Levite desert demon , totally raced mixed out of existence… ain’t the foreign (to those of European descent) communistic ponzi scheme usury levitical-christianity grand as the oligarchy will own all property and forbid you any personal property ownership ! (sacred-texts.com/mas/sof/sof26.htm psalmistice.com/2017/03/13/the-lawd-of-doubles/) alongside Pope Francis—who 3 days ago went “full woke insane” by publishing his third encyclical letter called “Fratelli Tutti” (translates to “Brothers All” in English)—wherein aside from Pope Francis calling for the abolition of all world borders, and “all forms of private property can only be considered a secondary natural right”, (w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20201003_enciclica-fratelli-tutti.html ) !!!

    Just listen to this immorality they profess for their “lawd and master” “man-god” delusion:
    ‘ “If anyone comes to Me, (the “man-god” of the so called chosenite delusion’s y’all still buy into and inculcated into with out any hint of any real factual evidence, you have a serious “Nazareth problem: nazarethmyth.info/) and does not hate his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers and sisters, and, in addition, his own life also, he cannot be My disciple! Luke 14:26.

    Clearly christianity is a suicide genocide and serious nihilists psychopathic cult designed by, of, and for the communist usury Jerusalem temple cultus oligarchy behold to no kinfolk or nation (classically defined, not the neocon propositional definition!?

    Wake up Dixie!?

    • they won’t wake up, traumatic Stockholm syndrome (the circumcision “mark of the beast/slave-man”, from their inerrant book Revelation 16:2 and 19:20 they are so proud of), idiots will still cuck to the death of their nations).. Dixie is well nothing but an illusion for the globalist Knights of the Golden Circle… looks like their gonna get what they wished for, EXTINCTION, and those boot licking beta, err gamma cucks have the gall to denigrate the Yankee cucks when they are far far worse about CUCKING for a delusion … from their so called inerrant book of propaganda: 2 Thess 2:11 … good luck as your nation is gone forever, enjoy your worship of that bullshit “man-god” son of the tranny he-she desert demon!! sacred-texts.com/mas/sof/sof26.htm psalmistice.com/2017/03/13/the-lawd-of-doubles/)

  9. Yup. I push Rasmussen over the others so if they are saying Trump is in trouble this close to the election I would say it’s true. I was reading some other lesser known poll I can’t remember now and they were saying Biden is done in Florida and most of the battleground states. We shall see.

    I don’t know. China sending us this special delivery on purpose; Trump getting sick a month before the election; jewsnews pounding on Trump all day everyday; early voting, mass mailings of voting to everyone not just absentee; the economy taking a hit, people depressed and frustrated, Trump not able to campaign like before due to covid, etc. It’s a lot of negatives directed at Trump. Maybe too many. I hope not obviously because 4 to 8 years of Joe and the witch is not good.

    Many people are dumb politically. They get off on the ” acting presidential” routine which Pence has down pat. Trump never had it down..lol. So it seems to me simply doing the act while putting up great policies is a win. So the next Republican should learn from Trump’s success to become president while ” acting presidential” which Trump never has been. To me guys like Tucker, Pence, Senator Cotton and Senator Hawley have that down. Not getting into if folks like them or not but let’s face it- all of those names listed could be running in four years.

    There is no doubt Trump is a divisive figure. He is arrogant yet funny. Politics is all a lie. It’s why an America hater like Obama could become president. He was viewed as presidential while wrecking the country from the inside. So it shows to do the presidential act that could drive your ratings up a bit while at the same time committing to your policies.

    No matter what diversity is what created the mess our nation has become. It’s why people now speak of states like Texas and Georgia going Democrat. It’s why places like New York, New Jersey and California will never vote Republican. This theory of it does not matter what race or religion we are and the nation still prospers is the most disgusting lie pushed all the time. It’s like brushing all your garbage underneath a rug and saying the house is clean.

    The left is always pushing hard. When they are losing they simply look to get a sliver of something. They also look to breakup conservative strongholds by trying to replace or weaken that population with section 8 people, more forced integration, refugees and low income housing. It’s a highly effective way to ruin a country and they are.

    Republicans are weak on race. You would figure a party who gets most of their votes from White people would be pushing Whites to immigrate to America yet they did nothing. They never changed a thing regarding the beginning of the end of America- the 1965 Immigration bill that ended White immigration that we still run with to this day. Zero has been changed. We had people like Paul Ryan doing nothing. We had blow em up Bush speaking in Spanish instead of changing our laws. So now we are at the tipping point thanks to these do nothing traitors. It’s why the Democrats have put a mixed race black person in 2 of the past 3 presidential elections. Demographics is destiny and our destiny is to be like South of the border.

    • Republicans aren’t weak on race, they are completely absent on race. Everyone’s the same, don’t you know? There’s a good little Republican just waiting to come out of everyone.

      This pathetic foolishness shall be our doom.

  10. Biden has suddenly transformed back to his old self, and is headed for a historic landslide (not that it makes any practical difference who wins) Anyone who has seen Biden’s campaign speeches since the debate must agree that “First, Biden was energetic, confident and punched his speeches home. A lifelong national-level orator and debater, he did not bother with a teleprompter and was able to deliver his speech casually, complete with adlibs, direct to the audience. Second, Biden did not make a single embarrassing mistake and never stuttered or lost his line of thought This was not the speech of a senile old fool or drooling puppet, it was the speech of an exceptionally dynamic veteran politician even if he is almost 78 years old. It was also the speech of a man who knew in the marrow of his bones that in less than one month from now he will be elected President of the United States”: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/10/07/the-race-tilts-to-biden/ Veteran journalist Martin Seiff goes on to predict the landslide may even sweep away McConnelll and Lindsay Graham.

    The masses will feel a little bit empowered (momentarily) by their “voting.” The “change” might make them feel good (temporarily) while in fact Plutocracy has merely changed the puppet-proxies it uses to rule and plunder most of the world (perhaps very soon ALL of the world).

    It would be far more instructive, I think, to give attention to REAL politics, such as the ongoing U.S. (CIA) torture and “trial” of Australian journalist Julian Assange, or the latest U.S. color revolution being carried out in Kyrgystan (in support of the war to regain control of Russia, China and Iran) than to pay any attention at all to these ridiculous “debates” and “election” contest between two practically identical right-wing parties.

  11. I don’t know why the left insists on having these women that behave like rude unhinged whack jobs. It isn’t appealing to anyone except maybe 15-20% of extremely feminist women. For everyone else it just reminds them of some sadistic teacher they had as a kid.

    They think the behavior projects strength, but really it’s just how resentful people perceive strength. I actually think Hillary lost the vote of White women in 2016 mostly because she has that same personality. Normal women hate the type even more than men do. I recall some of my female cousins at the time talking about how much they hated Hillary for her grating personality (one commenting something like “if I have to listen to her voice for eight years I’ll probably slash my wrists”), and they are typical millennial women, not exactly right wing or conservative.

  12. I watched the post debate survey with Frank Luntz.

    It was clear that the still unaligned voter thought Pence won and that they were particularly disturbed by Senator Harris’s mannerisms.

  13. 12 points is just goofy. I can’t imagine anyone believes that number.

    The whole COVID deal makes this the most difficult race to call. My gut instict is that Trump will win. It’s going to come down to voter enthusiasm and willingness to deal with how much of a pain in the ass it will be to vote.

    Shitlibs are mail in voting….but are the minorities that they need to win going to deal with that process? Blacks didn’t turn out for Hillary when it was easy to do so?

    Trump winning is a meta-political victory. It shows lower middle class whites that they have political power. Trump activated and still does activate a new electorate….to the point that they drive around with giant flags attached to their vehicles….before 2016 these people were barely voters.

    The question now is how do we get the right candidate in front of these people when Trump is gone…and how do we get the right candidates for lower offices in front of them?

    I don’t know.

    It’s going to have to be outside of the 2 party system.

  14. Yea I didn’t even bother watching. I didn’t watch the Preaidential debate either. I’ve looked at the Third Party candidates for 2020 and none of them are worth voting for. The Constitution Party and Libertarian Party think this is the 1700s and it’s obvious that form of government is a complete failure. It’s sad as I really do like political campaigning and voting. However I’m not gonna vote for someone unless I agree with them. That’s only a Nationalist. We have the new Mississippi Flag on the ballot and Medical Marijuana and this state is run by the Republican Party which shows how Socially Liberal the Republican Party really is. I’d rather not Vote than waste my vote in 2020. Deo Vindice !

  15. Kamala Harris’ wicked facial expressions remind me of Lydia Brown — Stoneman’s mulatto housekeeper — in Birth of a Nation (1915):

  16. I always laugh when Breitbart shows the latest Hollywood unhinged rants on Twitter. It’s always basically a bunch of jews and blacks ranting against Trump or pretending baby killer Kamala did a great job against Pence. The amount of jews is staggering in these industries.

    Jews fly under the radar so sometimes you read they are half jewish or they mention a grandmother was jewish or whatever. But the mentality never changes even if they are 2% jewish.

    With blacks it will never change. They love riding that pretend victim gravy train. That train rides over their crime rates, out of wedlock births and welfare abuse. So, far better to talk about a White guy saying the word nigger or a White cop shooting a black guy no matter the circumstances.

    Jews have a great racket. I read they make up about 35% of billionaires yet speak of White privilege. Again, they fly under that radar so it’s mostly non Jewish Whites who will be kept out of elite schools or not hired for a job due to diversitard. Hollywood will punish non jewish White actors the most so more blacks and browns can sneak in

    Nothing really changes. The Bible spoke of ” for fear of the Jews they said nothing.” Sounds familiar today, huh?

    I was watching One America News today and they were going after New york City Mayor Deblasio and Governor Cuomo strongly hinting at ” muh anti semitism” from both men because of the obvious fact religious jews are not paying much attention to covid restrictions and the rates are going up again in their areas. Sooo, Christian churches have to pay the price too because of weird jews.

    One America News ( Oan) I see is going to become another of those ” conservative” stations that does the old routine of jews being discriminated against while only hinting at general Whites being discriminated against.

    Amazing how Christians shut their mouths to clear discrimination by jews in Hollywood, media and general hiring practices. Jews are some of the most blatantly racist supremacist people around despite their ” open to all” reputation. Jews are the only ones who will ask you if you are jewish as if saying yes is the password into the club. Well, I guess it is. Jewish women are big with this even if you feel tremendous flirting coming from them. I have had married, religious jewish women flirt heavily with me and then they get into their jewish routine of how they can’t go with the goys..lol. Talk about conflicted.

    I laughed when Trump was actually patting Mark Zuckerberg on the back for neutrality on the net. Ole Zuke broke that pretty quick as its clear Faceburg is going after conservatives and nationalists now like good goy Jack at Twitter. This is what you get when conservatards speak of a business that has clearly become the ” town square” is allowed to do as it wishes instead of being forced to allow free speech. The conservatard screech of ” Well, just build an alternative” is a joke since one does not exactly create another Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in little time. It’s amazing Republicans win anything with a media that is literally 90% against them.

  17. Trump and Biden were essentially even in the Rasmussen poll on the day he nominated Amy Conehead for the Court. Trump went into a freefall immediately.

    I posted on several sites the day after the disastrous nomination, that Trump would now lose. Now he is 12 points down, or worse, depending on the poll.

    Trump is very smart, but he is also a real dummy. And he will never overcome the Amy Conehead nomination. It buried him.

    Coming during the next three weeks, constant coverage of the confirmation process of this affirmative action nominee, and of course the images of her two darling adoptees.

    What kind of fool would make a nomination like this during election season? A fool from Queens and Manhattan, who really does not understand America.

  18. To OP HW,

    The only reason you were raked over the coals over the China Virus is because you affiliated yourself with the alt-right which is the most skeptical of the science behind the coronavirus. If your website were geared towards moderate independents or even moderate Republicans, most readers would’ve agreed with you on Covid-19.

    You said you don’t care about the election because the result will be the same, but what’s your basis for that? If Rockefeller had been nominated instead of Goldwater, the GOP wouldn’t have suffered as many losses that year and a watered down Great Society and 1965 Immigration Act would’ve been passed instead. If Watergate hadn’t been blown out of proportion Nixon would be hailed as one of the greatest, the deep state would be weaker, and Reagan wouldn’t have won which means no free annual aid to Israel, 86 amnesty, or a religious right and plutocratic takeover of the GOP. The parties are not the same. Elections have consequences.

    Wally Wally
    Trump Trump
    Nixon Now

      • I tend to agree that a Biden presidency would mean that white or white adjacent militias will form and be crushed. Same dynamic with Trump winning. Leftist militia will form and be crushed. I don’t see a way out of it.

    • Comment section is infested with a set of plants. The Anti lockdown protests between March and middle May, were AstroTurf along with several commenters on here. The alt right were the keenest to use the lockdown as a way to get racist migration, borders and law slipped through on a biological medical excuse. The Antimask fuckwits made it impossible for the rightwing to use the crisis.

      • Yeah, look what happened to your Michigan militia buddies and their delusional “brilliant” plan recently. You’ll probably end up like them because like them, you seem to have a narcissistic impression of yourself and your vision.

        USA USA
        Wally Wally
        Trump Trump

      • “The alt right were the keenest to use the lockdown as a way to get racist migration, borders and law slipped through on a biological medical excuse. The Antimask fuckwits made it impossible for the rightwing to use the crisis.”

        The Alt Right are prancing around on twitter and OD with irrelevant and pretentious talking points meant to be seen as deep intellectual strategy.

        The Alt Right does not have a strategy for anything. They are incels, metrosexuals, and/or clowns who think they know everything.

        • I meant to say “remnants of the Alt Right”. Since the Alt Right is dead as a door-nail. Hunter, Spencer, and others like them killed the Alt Right, Dissident Right with their cooky OCD-flu chimp out.

          But don’t forget, Covid-19 is worse than AIDS. Because “Science!” says so, well at least the hip version of “Science!”.

          • No, it is more like the mainstream Right steadily degenerated back into the paranoid, cranky libertarianism of the 2012 to 2016 era and lost political support across the board with White voters. The alt-right, suburban women and college educated voters were the first to go in 2016-2018. Finally, Trump and the GOP began to slip with the White working class and seniors after COVID.

        • Really?

          The overwhelming majority of the public agrees with us on COVID. It is the main reason why Trump is losing the election so badly. The GOP is going back to the political wilderness because its own coalition has disintegrated.

  19. The Republican Party has an ideology to it. Trump winning didn’t change that. The best hope was that Trump could have been a very independent leaning Republican. That’s why I banked on him. It didn’t happen.

    • He dissipated all the energy on opposing masks and failed to crack down hard on niggers as niggers. Then he appointed a barbie doll judge with two niglette adoptees.

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