Late Victorian Women’s Fashion

Queen Victoria died in 1901.

Technically, we are looking at women’s fashion in the Edwardian era to put this shift in perspective. King Edward VII died in 1910 and was succeeded by King George V. Victorian culture ended around 1914 at the start of World War I. Women dressed much more modestly before the big transition to Modernism with the Flapper of the 1920s and the femme fatale of the 1930s.

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  1. Got to disagree with OP and his apparent yearning to time travel to pre-1920 America.
    Thank heavens for rock n’roll and the sexual revolution. Who in his right mind would rather look at women in dowdy Victorian outfits, hats and gloves, and pajamas looking bathing suits than miniskirts, halter tops, hotpants, and bikinis? Even most men in the GI and Silent Generations today would prefer the latter.

    Trump Trump
    Wally Wally

  2. Monarchical Europe was overthrown, Bolshevist sympathizers came to the fore. It wasn’t Bohemians that changed social customs, it was social revolutionaries in Europe who ruined the social proof of the old elites. The clothing of post-1789 Europe and the French Empire style was also a radical departure from what came before. Tolstoy always talked about the women dressed with their breasts practically exposed in War and Peace. To radically change fashion you have to create the impression that the whole world is changing everything old is being discarded. In many respects this is a top-down planned process.

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