Ice Cube Worked With Trump Administration To Develop The Platinum Plan

Now we know where the Platinum Plan came from:

Strong endorsement of Trump from Ice Cube before the 2016 election.

Ice Cube demands a bunch of things from Trump this spring. Amazingly, he agrees and adopts Ice Cube’s ideas from his Contract With Black America into his Platinum Plan.

Trump offers to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist organization, give $500 billion dollars to blacks, pass the Second Step Act and make Juneteenth a federal holiday … in exchange … for what? He did virtually nothing for his own supporters including his most basic responsibilities like enforcing the law as president, but spent his entire term pandering to Jews, blacks and Hispanics.

Note: Do you remember the time Trump started a diplomatic incident with Sweden over A$AP Rocky who didn’t even bother to thank him when he was released and returned to the United States?

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      Because The Left, either in or out of government, will not be able to handle a Trump victory.

      Thus, they’ll do everything that needs to be done, and then some, to lead to the reorganization of this land.

      If Biden wins, The Right will just swallow it and continue downhill.

      Vote Trump and let’s make a new land.

      • Exactly Ivan,

        The left is extremely exposed. They are blatantly censoring Trump, THEY WILL NOT CENSOR a standard bitch RINO which means the GOP will drop the battle with big tech sooner or later. With Trump he is seeing red over this, he won’t stop. Soros and company are also exposed. Trump needs to win, because many evil forces will be left open.

        • @Michael Leroy…

          I totally agree, dear Michael – With a Trump win there are so many many upsides, even if we will be dismayed by what he does not do.

          With Biden, the termites get right back on track – just as they were in 2015.

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        May I somewhat disagree with you? I agree that Biden/Harris is an evil combination but is Trump so much better? Trump will probably attack Iran if re-elected and I see no good reason for that. Are not American soldiers in Syria and Iraq against the wishes of their legitimate governments? Is that not an act of War?

        At the same time my Mexican-American relatives (as compared to us Mexican Nationals) all support Trump so they do agree with you. They justly fear Biden/Harris. My grandmother just told me that Biden believed that a young child should have the right to be a transgender something.

        My conclusion is I understand why people would vote Trump-just do not expect much from him.

        • Re: “Trump will probably attack Iran if re-elected and I see no good reason for that. Are not American soldiers in Syria and Iraq against the wishes of their legitimate governments? Is that not an act of War?”

          For once I might agree with you. But isn’t it to the benefit of Rome to have the U.S. destroy these Muslim nations along with their scattered remnants of original, Eastern Orthodoxy? Remember, every Crusade, especially these contemporary crusades, destroys Christians disproportionately over Muslims. The destruction of Russia is also a centuries-old Papist objective, so why would you object to any of these wars, if you really do?

          • Communist monster,

            The USA is not in the middle east for christian reasons but for the sake of someone else. They are not fighting a crusade but serving Israel. Now if they were fighting an anti-moslem and anti-communist crusade that would be different.

            Anyway, it really was a private conversation with Ivan as was apparent so as the British say—bugger off.

          • No comment is “a private conversation.” All are open to the world, and recorded and analyzed by various agencies. My question remains unanswered whether it is not to the benefit of Rome to have these Muslim nations and especially the Eastern Orthodox remnants they contain destroyed by these wars – and also Russia, the real center of Orthodoxy, which is NOT socialist or communist now but fully capitalist? The “Endless Wars” of recent decades are obviously not Vatican-run, but my question remains unanswered whether they are not to the benefit of Rome, as well as for the benefit of Israel and super-wealthy Western elites? Remember, the RC-run, “classic” Crusades of the Middle Ages deliberately targeted and destroyed non-RC churches along the way, and killed Christians disproportionately over Muslims. Likewise, after every U.S.-run (and British-and French) contemporary “crusade” there are fewer and fewer Christians and non-RC churches remaining. Whereas Christians were once the majority in many Middle Eastern countries before the classic Crusades, and until the contemporary crusades began, still very substantial minorities, now after a hundred years of Western interventions Christians are very small minorities, even in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. And if Russia, which is now in a Christian revival and has been building and FILLING hundreds of new churches each year is overthrown by the U.S. and falls back into the suffering, moral decline, and birthrate and actual population decline of the 1990’s, under another U.S.-installed puppet regime, would that not also be to the benefit of Rome? The Anglo-Zionist takeover of the Ukraine region of Russia (Little Russia) has obviously, definitely, been to the benefit of Rome. I’m not implying that Rome has DIRECTED an of these contemporary “crusades” but it does benefit from any weakening of the rival religion of Islam, and especially, from the disappearance of “rival” Christian churches. From an RC standpoint, what is not to like about these wars?

  1. What about a turn over Las Vegas plan to the Native Americans.

    Fight Fire with Fire!

    Make this suggestion when Nogs bitch about reparations!

    I’m sure corporate LGBT America will embrace it!

    • @November…

      “A Jeb Bush administration wouldn’t have reached this level of cringe.”

      I very respectfully disagree, Dear November – Jeb Bush has actually come forth and stated that he ‘identifies’ as a Latin.

      Trump will never, not in his wildest dreams, ever manage a cringe like that.

  2. Yeah, I’m sitting this one out. It’s like McCain / Obama 2008. Ashamed I voted for McCain; should’ve sat that one out, too. What a crock of horsesh*t. The Empire rolls on.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you about sitting this one out. I also voted for McCain and am haunted to this day by that horrible decision. While I respected Palin, McCain was nothing more than another neoconservative and Zionist.

      If I vote, I’ll write in Pastor Chuck Baldwin or possibly Patrick D. Little. There’s absolutely no way that I can support Trump, other than hoping that he wins because it will cause the left to implode. Regardless of who wins, societal decay and tension throughout the country will continue to accelerate.

      • I regret voting for McCain. I sat out the 2000 and 2004 elections, and felt guilty about sitting out again in 2008. It was more a vote against Obama than for McCain.

        Sometimes I feel like the only good vote I have cast in a Presidential election was for Perot in 1992, my first election. At least I can say I never voted for a Bush.

    • I was going to sit that one out, until he picked Palin.

      Dumb move on my part. I love Sarah, but McCain was pure evil. You can’t change that.

  3. Have you guys ever considered the 500 billion to Black communities will be used to gentrify these areas?

    Kind of like an infistructure development initiative. Nobody is handing out 500 billion to citizens.

    What are you people smoking?

    • Sorry, I don’t think there’s any way to give this BS a positive spin. We’ve already poured trillions into the Black community since the 1960s, and people like Ice Cube are the result.

    • Gryphon,

      Once bitten. Twice shy. Perhaps, you should put some in your pipe and have a toke.The world will make a lot more sense to you.sorry, but it doesn’t come in a kosher blend.

      • November,

        I have some elderly relatives who hope Trump wins but none of them have much faith in him. They believe in the whole lesser of 2 evils approach. Kammala Harris is their main concern to avoid.

        • Your relatives are correct to be concerned about the Hindoo-Dindoo. She’s quite a nasty piece of work. Pol-Pot in a pantsuit.

        • Christina,

          There are those that believe that a Kushner-Adelson victory will slow down the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’s endgame, but it is not the “lesser of the two evils” dichotomy as much as ‘a half a dozen of this and six of that.’

          In 2016, a lot of us wanted to believe that Blumpf would at least build the southern border wall (without Mexicans paying for it btw), end the “anchor baby ” loophole, fast track the deportation of illegal immigrants, but we received none of those campaign promises. As I’ve written several times, Ann Coulter is first and foremost an immigration hawk. It was due in a large part to Ann’s endorsement of trump (more than sessions’ and guliani’s imho) that brought lethargic and first time voters to the polls. What did we get in return? Hunter Wallace has written about his betrayal to his core/base voters and supporters many times.

          Tom Metzger of (Founder of White Aryan Resistance) warned anyone will to read the documentation on trump’s deep ties to international jewry. I didn’t listen to “Terrible Tommy ” four years ago against my better judgement, but I will next month.

          • November,

            I agree that anybody who is elected will speed up the disintegration of society. What happens in the USA affects the whole world.

            When the victorious side commences with their plans the ones that voted for the winner will have buyer’s regret and the ones who warned the other side not to vote for the winner will say “they told you so”.

          • November,

            My father did say that the two main sides internationally and in the USA domestically are the marxists and the zionists. The Republicans are the zionists and the Democrats are the marxists. So, yes my father does agree with you.

            Just two wolf packs fighting over the herd.

        • @Cristina…

          “I have some elderly relatives who hope Trump wins but none of them have much faith in him. They believe in the whole lesser of 2 evils approach. Kamala Harris is their main concern to avoid.”

          Sounds like the view of many Southerers…

  4. This pathetic sold out rapper is still dining out on his hit “It was a good day” a song detailing his crazy harsh life in da ghetto after the LA jogger riots. Of course before some heeb signed him a million dollar record contract so he can rap about selling drugs, killing rival gangs and cops. You know Real deep healthy stuff that kids should be listening too. White kids from the suburbs would listen to this trash and be influence by this gangster lifestyle thug bullshit

    Blumpf is a jogger lover this doesn’t surprise me considering his cringe friendship with kayne west and getting that other rapper released from swedish prison Asap Rocky from after talking to Kim Kardashian the fatassed whore. I tried to listen to this rappers music just now out of curiosity, God does Rocky Asap rap muzak suck even more then Ice Cubes.

    Thats what Blumpf legacy as a potato puppet president will be know for appeasing joggers after they riot burn down and loot the country while capslock tweeting LAW and ORDER 200 times. I hope Biden is the racist Trump warroom and Blumpf himself says he is because how could he be even more pathetic then this?

  5. I wonder what Anglins blender brained take on this will be?! Oh thats right he won’t even talk about this at all. He’ll just avoid it completely like the proudgoy disavowal or the shooting in denver. He can’t have negative news about Potatus Blumpf on his timeline now can he?!

  6. It’s just salt in the wounds at this point. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore. We are in an absolute state of idiocratcy.

  7. He has a Deal of the Century for Palestinians too. They can’t refuse it. In Gaza the people are starving, searching for scraps in garbage cans, little or no electricity, water contaminated with untreated sewage, medical supplies cut off by the U.S. and Israel, tight blockade, constant killing.

    The Platinum Plan or something like it is always being given to Blacks, and also to us. As Nancy Pelosi says, “We feed them.” The Plutocracy keeps the masses of all races fed, but not too well fed. Gruel, not meat that would give the commons too much energy. “They” want the Blacks, Whites and other “identity groups” to be competing for, and squabbling among themselves over who gets the crumbs.

    So keep focusing on The Platinum Plan, and others like it, and at the puppet politicians, so you don’t see who ultimately pulls the strings.

    • It’s Whites aka Real Americans who pay for the “Platinum Plan” and everything else including foreign aid, we get a sharp stick in the eye instead.

  8. Ceaseless pandering to blacks is the kind of shit “conservatives” eat up because the Dems are the real “racists”.

    • I wonder how the “Platinum Plan” is any different from reparations. Any differences are merely a quibble and it’s just Government robbery of Whites, again. I don’t like being robbed. Tell me again, why should I vote for the robber?

      • The entire Fedgov, whoever is “in charge”, is going to rob you either way. You think Uncle Joe is gonna give you a break?

        • No, I don’t think Joe is going to give me a break but Slow Joe/Camel Toe Harris are campaigning on the usual anti-White Democrat grievances, that is the Democrats’ whole campaign, no surprises there.

          Trump campaigned against what he is doing now which makes him no different than the standard, worthless Republican. He is grovelling before every ethnic minority, none of whom will vote for Trump in any numbers, while completely taking for granted the White vote. He was not elected in 2016 to do that and many of the White people who voted for Trump last time will probably just stay home like they usually do. The days of the Republicans automatically getting the White vote may be over.

  9. The trouble with conservative politicians is they have not understood the Concept of the Political. (They ought to read the book!) I urge you to watch the movie straight out of Compton about the rise of the Rap group NWA. Notice who produces and finances their records and how they were ok as long as the group was trashing whites and police but when ” Dr. Dre” laid down some lines that their producers and financers considered “anti-Semitic” watch how quickly the whole situation changes! yes, I HATE rap and it was hard to watch parts of this movie but its highly instructive as regards the influence of Oberjuden.

  10. Another useless darky savage who screams “kill whitey and burn his civilization down” at every chance he gets -so of course the orange jew potatoman will kiss its monkey ass and hand it whatever it wants.

    America is a dying cancer patient….when can we pull the plug already?

  11. FWIW Gryphon is obviously a Trump campaign agent desperately trying to convince the Right to vote for him next month…but he’s getting dumped like Romney 2012!

    • It’s not just Gryphon. Ivan Turgenev and “Jeff”, too. They keep it clean and operate within the parameters, so they stay up. It’s also useful to know what angle the enemy is approaching things from.

      • And that eastern European guy Juri. If Trump was waterboarding us in Gitmo Bay, Juri would explain its 3D Chess, and if we don’t vote for Trump, the Communists will take over America.

        I am starting to wonder if there might be more astroturfers commenting on White Nat sites than actual dissidents, because while Republicans want to kill all the “nazis” to own the libs, they are addicted to “nazi” votes.

        @James Bongstreet
        “Trump campaign agent ”

        Trump campaign agent, is code for Israeli agent.

  12. Speaking at the Iowa rally last night to an overwhelmingly white Christian audience Trump again repeated his stump speech lines about record low black and hispanic unemployment, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, giving the Golan Heights to Israel, etc. They ate it up.

      • If you are referring to the God of the Bible, I assure you that He is very real as is the need for the forgiveness of our sins, because the wages of sin are death and Christ Jesus paid that penalty for us.

        I think you seem to be confused in thinking that these cuckservatives practice biblical Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are preaching another gospel as Paul warned us these false teachers would.

        It’s not a coincidence that the downslide of this nation coincided with the turning away from the true faith.

        Just because these so called “Christians” use the language, doesn’t mean that they are truly God’s own. Even Satan knows scripture and that is who they serve.

        It really is quite simple. You are either with God or you are with Satan. There is no middle ground. Any residual Christian virtue that existed in this nation has expired. You cannot expect to keep Christian values separated from Christ. It’s impossible. But of course, with Him, all things are possible.

    • It sez so in their Scofield bibles, which are endorsed by the Judeo-Christ himself. Uncle Sheldon just shoveled another 75 million shekels to his favorite shabbos goy for four more years of MIGA.

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