Patriot Front Is Preparing For The Post-Trump Future

I agree with Thomas Rousseau.


“As the United States hurtles toward the presidential election, the country seems ready to forget that its own homegrown fascism predated President Donald Trump — and to ignore that it will last after he leaves office. Yet for its part, Patriot Front couldn’t care less about the results of the upcoming election.

“It does not matter what people personally believe about it,” wrote the organization’s leader, Thomas Rousseau, who did not respond to a request for comment, in one of the chats. “Casting a ballot is a submissive gesture to legitimize tyranny. It is fundamentally amoral. It is done as an insult to the nation’s cause and the organization.” …”

If Trump wins, he wins.

But if Trump loses, he loses.

We don’t have any dog in this fight. It is not going to make any difference to us.

We’ve never been represented by his conservative coalition and won’t be in the next four years either. The Center Right is useless and the most that can be expected from it is four more years of Ben Shapiro articles going viral on Facebook and Jared Kushner using the White House to advance his own agenda. Regardless of who wins, the country is only going to become more polarized. If the roof doesn’t end up collapsing on our heads before Thanksgiving, we can consider ourselves blessed but given the way things are going in the “mainstream” and the hatreds on both sides that have been unleashed by the election and the methods the Left has used against the Right to get rid of Trump it can’t be far off.

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  1. Though things like this do not feel good, the fact is that it is good.


    Because when you keep ignoring a problem, the problem keeps barking at you until you wake up and deal with it.

    That’s how The Good Lord made this world.

    Smalltown and Rural White Americans, and, indeed, my own Southerners, have some serious problems to deal with and a studied looking the other way is not going to work.

    Those who intensely dislike this country and, as well,dislike those who are descended from those who built it, will keep pecking away until, God bless them, they make an awareness that builds a coalition that makes an effective response to the animus, the subversion, and the vitriol.

  2. Did they not do a Truth and Reconciliation process to a conquered South Africa when the communists took over?

    • @Christina,

      It’s probably obvious, but it needs to be pointed out that the spiteful mutant dwarf (((Robert Reich))) is a member in good standing in the synagogue of satan.

      By the way, Nelson Mandela praised the jews for their support of the communist and terrorist group African National Congress of which he was their leader.

  3. They had? Have a” truth and reconciliation commision in south africa, how has that went for our people , i will hold my nose and vote for the president if only to stall thee inevitable. Our people are not quite ready for the satanist left to be sitting in thee oval office , i for one will never support or accept the left ever!!!! The way they have and are still behaving. I want the left crushed ! I offer up a word of advice to our elected officials. ” put a stop to this evilness now, once and for all or resign”!!

  4. It’s almost like they are forcing the rednecks to ride out to meet them. One. More. Time.

    What can men do against such reckless hate?

  5. Hey dickbrain, if Trump loses its your fucking fault. Stop swallowing so much fucking cum. It clouds your fucking brain or whatever is left of it.

    • Fuck off with your retarded belief that that Orange jew-worshipping bastard is going to do fuck-all for Whites.

  6. “We don’t have any dog in this fight. It is not going to make any difference to us.”

    It makes no difference? That’s not accurate. Let’s take a look at the democratic platform:

    -shut down the economy,
    -raise taxes
    -support big tech
    -expand section 8 to every neighborhood,
    -grant mass amnesty in their first 100 days
    -open the borders
    -tear down the wall
    -make ‘hate speech’ a crime
    -increase refugees by 700%
    -total war on the 2nd amendment
    -declare war on so-called “White Supremacy” which is really just a code for declaring a war on White people.

    It absolutely does make a difference. Just because Trump is a disappointment doesn’t mean he will be the same as the democrats. That’s a very strange argument. Trump will not implement any of the above platform.

    The democrats are the much bigger assholes.

    • Trump did get rid of Critical Race Theory which is basically Cultural Marxist indoctrination. What’s so new about CRT anyway? Its the same BS I had to sit through in my college Sociology class.

  7. Win or lose,as in every elections lots of people can’t wait this election is over.But Trump will get re-elected,he will not go down without swinging.

    • There are NOT two choices for those who participate in the “election,” but only ONE choice: By participating you are choosing to give your consent to the continued rule of the unelected Plutocracy that controls both parties. Either one of the so-called “choices,” and both parties, are for all practical purposes (the Plutocrats’ purposes) EXACTLY THE SAME. They are not right-wing and REAL left. They are the two right wings of the imperial beast.

      • Lying shill Tucker Carlson did an interview suggesting that Biden would be different than Trump on China and that Biden has been “compromised” by the Chinese Communist Party. “This would be the same Tucker Carlson who has been pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories about Democratic Party officials being secret Chinese intelligence agents and Covid-19 being a lab-made virus deliberately released by China, and just generally whipping up anti-China hysteria in his viewers at every possible opportunity. This would also be the same Tucker Carlson who tried to join the CIA after college. The same Fox News that reliably propagandizes its right-wing audience into alignment with imperialist agendas (…) we are being played. A narrative is being aggressively rammed down our throats about China in exactly the same way it was being aggressively rammed down our throats about Russia four years ago; two unabsorbed nations the US government has long had plans to attack and undermine”:

        More: “If Biden is elected you will with absolute certainty see his administration rolling out hostile cold war escalations against China, regardless of accusations by Tucker Carlson et al. about his secret loyalties to Beijing. All signs indicate that Americans are being prepped by the US intelligence cartel and its stenographers in the mass media for an increasingly hostile relationship with China, regardless of who wins the election. A new report by Newsweek warns that 600 community groups in the United States are covertly working to foment unrest under the direct guidance of the Chinese Communist Party. Newsweek sources its report in an analysis by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which is a think tank explicitly designed to manufacture anti-China sentiment that is funded by the US State Department and Raytheon corporation and other arms manufacturers. These are the nice friendly people who we’re meant to believe just want to tell us the truth about what’s going on for our own good. We’re being bombarded with more and more such psyops by increasingly forceful narrative managers alongside statements from US intelligence agencies warning us that both Russia and China are working to interfere in the US election. There’s a virtual press conference scheduled a few hours from this writing by the DOJ and FBI reportedly on a ‘China-related national security matter’ as well, and it’s hard to imagine that will go in any other direction than all the other narrative-shaping we’re being subjected to.”

  8. The folks off the grid may have less at stake in this election than the rest of us. However, we all have a dog in this fight. It’s not strictly speaking our dog, to stick with the metaphor. But it’s a dog taking our side more often than not and it is associated with us. Meanwhile, the other dog is overtly hostile to us and it’s owners are threatening to let their dog eat us if it wins.

  9. Brad, although I planned to vote for Trump, I have decided to sit this election out. I cannot name significant differences in policies between what the democratic and republican establishment favor other than second amendment protection and lower taxes. Both administrations would support increased immigration, wars for Israel, trade liberalization, and state sponsorship of antiracism e.g. platinum plan. The republican establishment might persecute antisemitic rightwingers more than democrats who are comfortably esconced in power. Tom Rousseau was correct when he said a vote legitimizes the system. I do not believe in the legitimacy of democracy and especially not the USG regime. Most of the time, doing nothing is better than doing something. Maybe this is such a moment.

    • “Tom Rousseau was correct when he said a vote legitimizes the system.”

      But your failing to vote does not deligitimize the system. And since Trump gives more benefits than Biden, you should vote for him.

      And don’t say that your one vote does not make a difference. Many votes that don’t make a difference, do make a difference.

  10. Wikipedo — I mean, Wikipedia — describes Patriot Front as “an American white supremacist, neo-Nazi, neo-fascist and American nationalist group which utilizes imagery of patriotism, liberty, and other widely accepted American values to promote its ideology.” You know the group is deeply hated by the woke simps because of the redundancy. Supremacist, Nazi, fascist and nationalist are terms used interchangeably by those arrogant ignoranuses. Makes me want to learn more about the PF, if the soyboys are so set against them.

    • How in the Hell did a group like Proud Boys becomes the poster child of “White Supremacy?” At least PF gets out into the streets and does not have a Black CEO in charge nor does it meet with Black Lives Matter to prove they are not White Supremacists.

  11. WRONG!!! “WE” ( including me, ) and our grandpa / grandma and dad and mom are responsible for the state of affairs in America today. WE / they, sat on our asses doing anywhere from nothing … to just casting a vote. Usually a vote for, “the least worst one.” Compare us to the founders and the 3 % of patriotic society of that era. WE SUCK.

    Here’s the situation NOW in a nutshell : We MUST re elect Trump to buy us 4 years of semi normalcy vs economy killing vaccine forcing ‘reconciliation attempting’ gun grabbing contact tracing censoring China controlled demoncrat government take over … TO BUY US TIME TO … found a new country.

    We will have to put on our ( founder, ) big boy pants and begin to plan for the obvious – a restructuring of America into “Republics.” 90 % of everyone I read and talk to and hear news reports on WANT this now!!! This has never happened before. Now’s our chance to create an ethno state … with the blessing of most people in every segment of society, even the NWO!!!!

    We’ll have to fight the soy in us. We’ll have to fight the brainwashing that has taught us that darkie is equal and even superior. We’ll have to “get our grove back.” Regain our “mojo.”

    A Utopia, ( an enlarged all white 2nd Confederacy, ) awaits. It starts with a conversation with ALL our family friends peers and associates.

    Then it steps up to the initial planning stages …

    DIXIE 2030

    • “Buy more time” my ass.

      The only thing you will do with that time is whine on internet blogs, where you will tell us to vote Niki Halley to buy even more lazy time.

      • “Buy more time” is not an argument, it is a meme that (((Republican))) astrotufers use to get WN to vote for their shitty neo-liberal Zionist party.

        “tell us to vote Niki Halley to buy even more lazy time.”

        They absolutely will. They repeated it thousands of times on Stormfront to secure the nazi vote for Trump.

        If I was king of this country, I’d round up all the (((WN))) who repeated that shitty meme, and give them free helicopter rides to Israel. Oy vey!

      • @ jannie if i may address you please, thee south.african truth and reconciliation commision , would appear to be the predecessor to , thee spiritual, whorish mother too our very own blm movement , the power of suggestion, such as suggesting we adamites bow and beg , my friends the recociliation they have planned for us, will make the reconstruction. Our ancestors went thru, seem like a walk in the park.

        • You know Terry, a South African acquaintance told me he thought Obama sent activists over to South Africa to learn from the ANC; he believed that’s where BLM got their ideas from (“make the country ungovernable” and all that). There was that Gaspard diplomatic spat at the time, however, with SA gov accusing Obama of coup plotting. My SA friend reckoned the “coup” he was plotting was against America.

  12. “Post-Trump Future”. That suggests Trump will lose. Here is four reasons why the polls are wrong and why Trump is going to win an upset:

    From The Hill article:

    Don’t believe the polls — Trump is winning

    We predict that President Trump is going to win the 2020 presidential election — and win big.

    While the majority of the polls suggest that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is leading, or at best that it’s close, those polls suffer from at least three problems.

    First, the tone of the questions. There is significant evidence from behavioral psychology that suggests that the way a question is framed predetermines the range of potential answers.


    Second, the sample of respondents. Who responds depends on many factors, including the medium (e.g., landline versus cellphone), the location, the sample size and demographic factors. Moreover, the pool of respondents is not necessarily the same as the pool of likely voters.

    Third, the content of the current news cycle. What’s going on in a particular moment in time can influence voter attitudes, particularly in swing states. For example, the recent revelation of Hunter Biden’s hidden emails…

    We delved a little deeper into the data from Gallup, coupled with voter registration data, for eight swing states. We find that states with a higher proportion of people who report that they are thriving have a lower polling average for Biden and a higher one for Trump. What’s even more telling is that there’s a big gap between the percentage of people who say they’re thriving and the percentage who say they’re voting for Biden. For example, that gap is 5.3 percentage points in Pennsylvania.

    • @Gryphon…

      Yes, the exit polls show that President Trump is not only exceeding expectations, he’s handily beating Biden in Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona.

      A born and raised Democrat, who has been following presidential campaigns for a half century and I’ll say this : I never saw a more self-destructive campaign than the one the Democrats have run in 2020.

      First they arrange for their two most unpopular candidates to be the ticket then they go out of their way associate themselves with lawlessness and base their campaign principally on style, rather than substance.

      Moreover, this unseen collusion of vast elements of The United States’ Government with the Chinese government, numerous NGOs. over one hundred oligarchs, Silicon Tech, and god only knows who else to launch a Colour Revolution (the second one in 4 years) against a sitting president is not only something unprecendented, it is the most vile, lawless, craven, and sinister thing I have ever seen, and or read about, in the 4 centuries of the history of this nation.

      This stinks to High Heaven, and, even though The Average Joe knows only a little of this, and could never have an exchange with the folks at this blog, the fact remains that he gets the essential drift.

      This Colour Revolution is out to destroy what is left of The American Way, as designed by our brilliant White Gentile forefathers, and Donald Trump, no matter how imperfect and inconsequential, is the Saint George that The Lord has selected to slay this dragon.

      More than 50% of the electorate get this, which is all President Trump needs, and he is getting more than that.

      Biden is toast, and, though they know it not, the Anti-American cabal within the government, both at state and national levels, is, as well.

      The Day of Reckoning is at hand.

  13. Maybe now is the time that secession will become the only solution to our survival as these unhinged Leftists punish all of us by completely turning this nation into a dysfunctional 3rd world country ruled over by their degenerate totalitarian Leftist regime which is trying to kill all of us in the Left’s lust for power. Not that any state will actually secede but rather to have everything ready when the time comes that this nation is finally destroyed by foreign enemy powers without which will allow new nations to come into existence in the different regions of the country.

    God speed the riddance of all these ungodly perverts.

    • @ banned for life., if i may sir, to rely on a foreign power, let alone a foreign enemy power for my, our freedom is unthinkable!! Unthinkable!!! , ban those rhoughts from your life and come over too this side of the lord sir.

      • If you read Leviticus 18, you will find that the land itself will vomit out the inhabitants if they commit abominable sins. Trump not only supports homosexuality but approves forcing it on the entire world.

        No, I’ll keep supporting God and the rest of these homo supporters can be broadsided by some foreign power who will be empowered by God and the land itself to destroy this wicked nation.

        I just pray that there will be some God fearing people left to form a new nation and a new Confederacy that will put God at the center of morality and not these false idols of abolition and anti-racism that this nation bows down to currently.

        But Trump may win and give us four more years of being hated by both the Dems and the Repubs. It really doesn’t matter in the long run.

        May God send Jesus Christ to rule this earth. And guess what, He will allow men to take and possess servants once again. Can’t wait to see these Marxists and White haters go crazy as they see their false morality and false religion crushed before their very eyes.

  14. I’m looking forward to seeing Yankeedom and Cascadia in flames if Trump holds on. Seeing the Northern establishment, with their Jewish handlers, trip over their hypocrisy and double standards, while trying to blame it all on the Southern People and Cattlemen in Wyoming, will be amusing and instructive. And absolutely revealing.

    When the Southern People see how weak and ineffectual the Northern State governments, and the federal government that they monopolise and control, really are, maybe they’ll be incentivised to get the ball rolling in the direction of regional autonomy, and ultimately, Independence.

    At the very least, maybe, the Northern States and the Pacific Coast may demand secession, and Mexifornia may secede, or break up, or sink into civil war, or all three.

    Unfortunately though, it’s a big maybe. But there’s always Hope, as long as we’re still alive.

  15. The missile attacks THAT he ordered on innocent Syria, and the drone assassination of Qassem Soleimani while he was on a diplomatic peace mission, and the moving of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to a Palestinian property in East Jerusalem are just three of many sufficient reasons to deny him any support in this so-called “election.”

    Foreign policy is just as important as economic policy, and BOTH parties (both right wings of the Plutocracy) are EQUALLY bad on both. Voting for either party gives consent to the same system.

  16. “That” was capitalized by mistake or a glitch. While I am adding another comment, might as well make it substantial: “we all agreed that ‘the system’ was perfect, so to speak, and that the USA would only collapse if a strong external shock would hit it hard. We all agreed that the combination of the best propaganda machine in history, the stupidification resulting from many daily hours of watching the Idiot Tube and, finally, a very effective repression apparatus made for a quasi perfect dictatorship: the one which only gives the illusion of democracy and people power”:

  17. You are wrong to say or imply that the election is of no importance to us.

    (“Us” = Whites and Christians, the targets of the leftists and globalists.)

    Election results will neither destroy nor save us, but the re-election of the President brings benefits: At minimum a slowdown of our enemies (giving us more time to strengthen our people) and occasional substantial victories. That’s worth fighting for.

    Also, the President has brought out the worst in our enemies, hastening the awakening of normies.

    In the long run we are all dead, but while we are alive we ought to do the good that we can.

  18. “A “representative” democracy with only two choices…”

    Within those two choices are different governing ideologies.

    Personally I would prefer the Classical Liberalism / Libertarianism of Rand Paul.

    However Trump picked up the Populist football fumbled by Pat Buchanan and ran it in for a touch-down!

    Anything is better then to go back to Bush-ite war-mongering neo-conservatism or the Socialism of Obama / Biden! Trump Train!

    • Muh Socialism! Let me know when all Whites in the US get free Healthcare and paid college education for their kids, nitwit.

  19. The American People (especially Southerners) should understand that Democrats and Republicans both hate the South. Sure the Democrats are 1,000% letting that be known in 2020 by funding Anarchists, Black Lives Matter, and other White Liberals organizations and have literally launched Race Riots and Violent Terrorism. However it’s not like the establishment Republicans really care what’s happening because the Race Riots and Violent Terrorism has been going on from the Left in Big Liberal Cities. However our American, Civil War, and especially Confederate Monuments are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many of them have been removed or vandalized in those Big Cities and Trump and his Republican Party have done nothing but talk. He’s afraid of using the National Guard because he’ll be seen as a Dictator and a Racist. Well I think we need a version of Fascism right now because it’s better than watching the left destroy America. I don’t believe that Joe Biden is a Democratic Socialist or a Far Left Extremist. He’s always been more Moderate and more in the spirit of FDR. However his party is pushing him Far Left so he can be elected but will he be elected? I agree I really don’t care at this point who’s elected. I’m all for Voting Third Party but the CP and Libertarians think this is the late 1700s and just don’t have an idea how to run a Country like the US. Every policy has no practical solution from those parties. We really really need a Nationalist Third Party that will put people on the Ballot or at least make a Write In run for President. People like us need a choice from candidates who have our Nationalist Values in mind. If not it’s gonna be real hard Voting in these elections. We can talk all day about this and that but I honestly believe if the Moderates don’t take back the Democratic Party and Republican Party….this country is doomed. That’s bad for America but could be a good thing looking at a stronger White Nationalist Movement. Deo Vindice !

  20. This sycophancy is enough for me to change my mind about staying home and voting for Biden, as an act of rebellion. Does anyone see what has happened over the last 4 years? What continues to happen? We can not possibly be this tied to Trump. It’s Embarrassing. Trump is literally pandering to blacks and hispanics and we shout 4 more years? He means what he says about the Platnium Plan, or he has been a liar all along, as accused.

  21. I am not pandering to Trump. I am recognizing that a Trump second term gives more benefits than a Biden presidency.

    The election is not a popularity contest. Vote for the one who gives more benefits and fewer drawbacks. Despite his failures, Trump gives more benefits than that other guy.

    • What benefits, exactly? More corporate tax cuts, increased H1B visa issuance, antagonization of Iran, Russia, China, more defending of Syrian oil fields by US troops so that Israel can steal it, more pandering to Blacks, Mexicans and jews, Trillions more in bailouts to the Wall St Tribe?

      • “What benefits, exactly?”

        Drastically reduced immigration, an openly pro-Christian president, the executive order against anti-white CRT struggle sessions, open hostility to the left,…

        And Trump doesn’t have to be good to benefit us. He only has to be better than whoever will rule if Biden is elected. Your complaints are irrelevant.

        Also, since Trump is (wrongly) seen as a white nationalist, the re-election of the president would be regarded by most Americans a gigantic “F-you” to the white-hating, Christian-hating leftist Cathedral. It would be a huge morale booster to patriotic whites and Christians.

        It would also make the left become even more insane and dangerous, showing even more normies that we have to fight. Resistance to the left would grow even stronger.

        This is not rocket science. A second Trump term is the better outcome. Support it.

  22. You are dead wrong, HW — You do have a dog in this fight. Your internet blog the least among them. Your very freedom, and that of your wife and child’s are at risk with the likes of Biden-Harris in the White House. It might even happen under Trump, but its less likely. You are delusional if you think you will be allowed to remain an amused bystander.

    I write this with all due respect; which is quite a lot.

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