Donald Trump Unveils The American Dream Plan For Hispanic Americans


The American Dream plan includes a “permanent solution” for DACA recipients.

Note: Please keep in mind this is the “white supremacist” who is tearing apart the country. The guy who is offering an “American Dream plan” to Hispanics that includes a DACA amnesty, a $500 billion dollar Platinum Plan to blacks, who is “the most pro-Jewish president” in American history and who has Ric Grenell waging a global crusade for liberal values and homosexuality.

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  1. Hispanic American community African American community Asian American community,the power that be has gone full retards.

    • I find Puerto Ricans amusing, They will start to speak, and gesticulate in Spanish to let White people know they are not Blacks, just because they have strong African features. LOL. Now, I would think the Puerto Ricans will discover their African roots to get in on the Platinum Plan.

  2. Thats so Based! Pandering, virtue signaling and backstabing your original base repetitively over and over again. Promises made lies kept! Gotta keep that republicuck grift show going somehow I suppose it is afterall Joe hiden Bidens America.

    Conservativetards the RINO party are just ghey usless libtards fuck them I just want to see them lose now blumpf is the lesser evil my ass

  3. Speaking of blumpf, blompf2020 got unpersoned on twatter “this account doesn’t exist” it says

    Trump sucking big techs cock says greatly considering action but actually jared and trumps donors wants to invoke article 230 to remove all free speech on internet arrest people who hurt colored and small hat feelings probably. RINOs and demoncrats agree Zog plutocracy wins again

  4. Black get the “Platinum Plan,” Hispanics get the “American Dream Plan,” and Whites get the Kalergi Plan.

  5. Anti-Whites say Whites don’t need a “dream plan” because we have so much “privilege” already. Who are the “white supremacists” again?

    Trump is trying to cover all the bases at the last minute. Assuming the election isn’t rigged, we’ll know in a few more days if it works for him or not.

  6. Would to God we had Tucker Carlson or Patrick Buchannan at the helm instead of Donald J. Trump. Regardless the majority of Blacks and Latinos will vote for Biden so it is an exercise in futility At best Trump may give us four more years if he will go after the Deep State and BLM and Antifa. Instead we will probably get into a major was with Iran. The Ethno-States resolution is the only solution!

    • “Tucker Carlson or Patrick Buchannan at the helm instead of Donald J. Trump”:

      “Paleo-conservative” Roman Catholic Buchanan would not be better, and the Faux News shill would be worse than Trump. Buchanan is too old to run again, but Carlson is being discussed as a future Republican candidate who would instantly have the votes of the entire Fox News audience.

      “we will probably get into a major was with Iran”:

      We have been fighting a one-sided imperialist war of aggression against Iran for decades, and it is being escalated because (1) Iran has the world’s largest oil reserves, which are partially socialized and not under full control of U.S.- and other Western-based corporations, and (2) Israel wants it destroyed, because it is the bulwark of anti-Zionist resistance.

      • I dashed off that reply and wrote “world’s largest oil reserves,” Sorry, that’s Venezuela. Iran has one of the world’s largest reserves but not the largest.



  8. I believe his promises to the wogs no more than I believe his promise about the Wall.

    In fact, I think they’re in for a hilarious let-down.

  9. the plan seems to be to have a white male president so the left can demonize whites and make them an effective scapegoat for non-white aggression. this keeps the elites safe from that wrath. but, roll out nothing but anti-white legislation to stay on track with their true globalist agenda. naturally, trump and biden are traitors, as are all white males in government.

  10. I need to state this plainly. Trump and the GOP have demonstrated that they believe that men who insert their genitals into other mens’ anuses and oral cavities and men who castrate themselves and/or wear women’s clothing have a valid identity and belong to a politically-relevant community while European Americans do not. They have demonstrated that they believe that a group devoted to sexual perversion must be pandered to while the founding stock of the American republic must be ignored. I want to leave this cursed land.

  11. @ aw that is exactly.what they want! You , me and all the rest of us gone, dead or alive , they dont care, well i am not leaving, the bones of my fathers , lie buried here. Be patient, you really dont have time, to be demoralized , there is too much to be done.

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