Final Thoughts

I’m not voting in the 2020 election.

I’ve always been an independent moderate and populist nationalist voter. I have never been a conservative or a Republican. In the 2000 and 2004 elections, I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry out of hatred of George W. Bush. In the 2008 and 2012 elections, I voted for Ron Paul in the primary and the Constitution Party in the general election because I couldn’t stomach John McCain or Mitt Romney. In the 2010 midterms, I voted for the Tea Party Revolution. I didn’t vote in the 2014 midterms.

When Donald Trump came on the scene in 2015, I supported him because I hated mainstream conservatism – the True Cons or the cuckservatives who I ridiculed at the time – and because his campaign seemed to be opening the door to a new kind of populist and nationalist politics. He was endorsed by Jeff Sessions who was the first Republican who I ever voted for in Alabama. In the 2016 election, I voted for Trump and gave him a chance even though I had my doubts about him. I said that I would follow his presidency and write about it as an independent populist and nationalist analyst.

My politics have always been moderate, populist and nationalist. I’m a social conservative and an economic populist. These are the politics of my county in Alabama. I’ve always been strongly antiwar. Basically, I’m a throwback to an extinct species of New Deal-era Southern Democrat. George Wallace and Huey Long are my political heroes. I’m repulsed by the social liberalism of the Left and the economic liberalism of the Right which means that I don’t really fit into either political party. It seems like America becomes more libertarian no matter who wins these elections due to the wealth and power of the donor class. The modernism, cosmopolitanism and antiracism of both parties makes me want to gag.

As for Donald Trump, the disconnect between what I thought I was supporting in 2016 and what we got from the Trump administration is too great for me to vote for him in 2020. He didn’t challenge political correctness. He transformed it into militant wokeness. He said he was self financing his campaign to cut out the big donors. After he won the presidency without them, he sold out to them and spent his political capital on their agenda. He railed against free trade and globalism only to essentially rebrand our existing free trade deals. He railed against immigration and vowed to build the wall only to destroy Jeff Sessions and all immigration hawks in Congress before losing interest in the issue. He vowed to end our foreign wars only to shower power on the generals at the Pentagon and let them have their way.

The issues we are facing today are also different because of Trump. We lost hundreds of our historic monuments which were torn down by violent mobs. Law and order was allowed to collapse in half the country while Trump boasted about criminal justice reform. We lost online free speech. We lost our right to free assembly due to violent mobs. Democratic cities were allowed to essentially become a 21st century version of sundown towns while the Trump Justice Department prosecuted White Nationalists. He multiplied the ranks of our enemies a thousandfold while demoralizing and splintering our own movement. Meanwhile, he delivered a trophy case of victories for Israel and militant Zionists who hit the jackpot with his administration.

Over the last four years, we have seen a reversion to mainstream conservatism except now the difference is that it is openly gay and more stupid, feckless and ineffective than ever before. There is less room, not more, in the GOP for nationalists like Steve King who was drummed out of the party for wondering why Western civilization has become taboo. President George H.W. Bush could at least put down the Rodney King riots. In contrast, America probably hasn’t gone a day without riots since George Floyd died under the “fascist” Donald Trump. What are these people doing for me as a social conservative voter? After replacing Anthony Scalia, Neil Gorsuch read transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

As a social conservative and economic populist, shouldn’t I be excited about this “realignment” that has taken place under Donald Trump? What is the GOP doing for me on either of those fronts though? Offering the Platinum Plan to blacks and the American Dream plan to Hispanics while lecturing me about “identity politics”? Appointing Ric Grenell to own the gay Left by waging a global crusade for homosexuality around the world? We can’t even get a second stimulus check out of the Republican Senate much less anything responsive to virtually any pressing issue of our times like student loan debt that is not of interest to Republican donors. Predictably, we get “conservative judges” (who rule in favor of social liberalism), more tax cuts, deregulation, hikes in military spending and anything Israel wants. Occasionally, the GOP will deliver some fancy of the donor class like criminal justice reform with power.

From my perspective, the GOP runs on social conservatism and economic populism to win electoral majorities, but in power it pivots to social liberalism and economic liberalism. Congress is polarized and the Republican donor class is always served first. Effectively, this means that voters end up getting nothing they want and when election season comes around it is always time to choose “the lesser of two evils.” When oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson can buy the policy agenda, what is the point of elections? Conservative liberalism offers nothing of value to me on any social issue much less any economic issue. Why vote on “social issues” that the GOP only uses to cynically manipulate its voters?

This is my perspective. I’m increasingly convinced that following the news cycle and mainstream politics is just a waste of my time. Assuming the bottom doesn’t fall out of America and we don’t spiral into the abyss after the 2020 election, I plan to spend much more time writing about my other interests in the future. In this respect, I have learned something from the Losters who I have been researching in recent months. They were also completely alienated from American politics and culture, but it gave them the perspective to articulate a new set of values, which is what I plan on doing with my time.

I’m only speaking for myself here. If you want to vote for Trump, then go vote for Trump. If you want to vote for Joe Biden, then vote for Joe Biden. If you want to sit out the election and just tune out of this shitshow, then misery loves company here. Everyone has their own perspective and values and is ultimately responsible for making their own decision about how to participate in the election. The election is not going to be determined by my vote in Alabama or my opinion anyway.

If Trump wins, he wins.

If Trump loses, he loses.

It is not going to change anything that I am doing here.

Either way, I think the result will be incredibly divisive and will ratchet the polarization up to a new level and the next four years will be terrible. I’m resigned to the outcome though.

Note: I have one last podcast to do on the subject in about an hour. That’s it.

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    • When we’re young we think huge things “turn on a dime,” and we can conquer the world in 2 … maybe 3 weeks. 🙂 Then, after a few more decades of living … we get smarter and wiser.

      First, the outcome of this election is HUGE. “IF” Trump loses, it’s over. No hope of rebuilding or ever creating our ethno state. (((They))) will attempt gun grabbing, forced vaccinations, chip / marking and taking ( occidental, ) dissenters to “camps.” This will instigate a REAL Civil War / Revolution which will give them the excuse to bring in The UN. Bye bye ANY rights hello one world government. WE will all be rounded up.

      So far … prophet Mark Taylor has been right. Term 1 was Trump “learning,” and getting things lined up. Sure lots of political ass kissing had to be done. Term 2 I believe will leave Hunter and Spencer et al., “at a loss for words.” Am I saying Trump’s awesome and I think he’s one of us? NO! But … though we’re not birds of a feather, there ARE some feathers that are the exact same.

      Bottom line = Trumps next 4 years is simply our LAST LAST chance to make the south rise again. Let’s not just keep “voting then bitching.” That hasn’t ever worked. Let’s put forth effort to founding … to designing and creating THE COUNTRY “WE” WANT. It starts with a conversation …

      • Disagree. Trump wins and, as has been the case over the last four years, the majority of the normie right goes back to sleep (as Blacks did during Obama’s presidency) while the country continues to be stolen from us. GOP needs to wither and be replaced by a truly nationalist party.

        ‘We’ll end abortion, immigration, and endless wars next time, we promise!” just don’t cut it no moe.

      • Some of these people remind me of children, who when they don’t get things 100% their way, want to just toss the entire situation away. I don’t know whether Trump is in a learning mode myself, but I do know that if biden and harris get in, our country will be totally destroyed, and I’m sure there will be a lot of bloodshed. Harris has basically declared herself to be a communist, and we all know what happens during a communist takeover. So, yes, I’m voting for Trump and so are my husband and son. At least one of my cousins and her husband and an old friend of mine are, too, along with her husband and son.

        • I sincerely wish you all the best and hope it works out, God willing. But Trump lost me when he assassinated Soleimani. I won’t even get into the rest of the list.

  1. I’m keen on rioting by the left. Can’t help salivating over the crackdown by the National Guard when the Anarchists and BLM go nuts if Trump wins. Not looking forward to the persecution of normie center right naive fellows though if Biden wins. Will be painful to see rando white normicons bewildered and bloody, but probably necessary in the long term.

    • They’ve been rioting for 6 months now. Why hasn’t there been a crackdown in all this time with Trump as president? If anything, antifa/blm are more likely to get crushed under Biden because, as useful idiots for the System, they will have served their purpose and will no longer be useful so they’ll get thrown under the bus just as alt-right Trump supporters have.

  2. I didn’t campaign for him or vote for him, because of his family’s strong jewish ties going back generations, but like most I nursed a tiny amount of hopium. That hopium was crushed the day before the 2016 election, when his rat faced son called for the assassination of David Duke. That was the Trump family thumbing their noses at their WN support saying, ‘Ha ha! Fooled you suckers!’

  3. Greg Johnson has jumped back on the trump train. He has gone back and forth on Trump about a dozen times just this year.

    • @ Dart,

      Of course he did. Trump is an accelerationist of globohomo, and Greg likes running trains.

      I could almost overlook Greg’s homosexuality, if he was a based faggot like Ernst Röhm, but he’s more of the persnickety variety a degree or two to the right of Milo.

    • @Dart

      Greg Johnson is a militant and effeminate homosexual who encourages sexual perversion, doxes his nationalist opponents, and blacklists socially conservative European nationalists from events.
      Trump and Greg share the same goal of divorcing right wing politics from traditional morality ie. cisgenderism and heterosexuality.

      • Precisely. Trump is not a Christian and is not interested in the least in returning this nation to Christ.

  4. Looking at that crowd in Butler Pennsylvannia I do not see how Trump loses there. Its got that sort of Nuremberg Rally vibe. Triumph of Faith.

    • Star Trek Conventions and the Rocky Picture Horror Show draw huge crowds, but that doesn’t mean the majority of people are into either. I fear the females are going to give the media exactly what they want hoping things go back to normal. Trump has shown himself powerless against the media, deep state, and rioters and women always side with power.

  5. It’s rare when the populace gets what they need. Most often, we thrive despite the machinations of the elites. Their tampering with markets usually brings economic disaster to the plebes. They get bailed out, we have to rebuild our lives.

    I voted for Blompf in ’16 because of his populist message. He was the last bulwark against the corporatist takeover of the nation, or so I thought. He’s not even a bump in the road, unfortunately. Under Trump, donors at the top get their way, we get the leftover scraps. Just like with every other pol. Trump allows us more scraps than Biden would, but Woke Capital still calls the tune the vain powerseekers dance to. And capital is woke because division keeps us focused on each other instead of them. Until someone comes along that will offer a true challenge to TPTB, not much will change at the national level. Focus on who’s running your locality, because that’s where you will have an impact.

  6. Well stated and completely correct Brad. Until the 99.999 % rise up to defeat the .ooo1 once and for all there is no point in putting oneself in harm’s way to be deleted as a social entity by the totalitarian establishment. The normies who vote these criminals into office and buy the products of companies that would sell them out to the mobs do not deserve our help in seeing the error of their apathy and ignorance. Stay safe, ride out the coming collapse, then rebuild over the ashes.

  7. A Pastor over a Parson

    Pastor Martin “Mad Dog Half-Beard” Lindstedt is an ‘Offishul’ Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri.

    Please do not vote for the incumbent Mike Parson as Parson is merely a former Polk County sheriff and politician who shut down the state and collects money from lobbyists while working against the interests of White families — just like all Republicans who shouldn’t have your vote.

    If you do want to vote for someone on the ballot who is a solid citizen I recommend Rik Combs who is the only Libertarian candidate who isn’t for the LibberToon ASS Platform of Abortion, Sodomy & Smokin’ Dope. But even Nicole Galloway, socialist bitch is a better candidate than Mike Parson for White Missourians.

    Pick a Pastor over a Parson.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin “Mad Dog Half-Beard”
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Oaffishul Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

    P.S. Bradifer, I think you are a ZOGbot since Dylann Roof’s actions made you shut down the Council of Conservative Citizens. “White Nationalism” is even more of a farce than “conservative Republicans” as a racket and Charlottesville was a ZOG False Flag operation all along.But by all means r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to the safety of Revisionist History.

    I’ll be voting for the ZOG-Emperor and if Roxie was still alive I’d pay her with $5 worth of McDonald’s slop and let her eat it like in 2016 to vote for Trump in Missouri which like Alabama will go for Trump.

    That said, I’m posting here in order to get a few more write-in votes from your readership in Missouri even though you have turned out to be a ZOGbot “Whigger Nutsionalist” trying to ride the storm out since at least 2015.


      • “I would probably come to church if I had a pastor like you!”
        … And be sure to damn your soul, with an antichrist bastard like Lindstedt.
        Vulgar, unregenerate godless Impastor. Anathema.

        HW. Good Lord, what an Ass. This is all I can say to your cowardice.

        “Understand that: stupidity is evil. So often we are taught by the Jewish media that actually, the bad guys are smart people, but the truth is, intelligence tends to correlate with high morality. Yes, there are “diabolical geniuses,” that’s a thing that exists, but there is no real such thing as a “moral moron.” Stupid people are usually always bad people, given that they are impulsive, selfish and abusive, and they don’t listen to people who are smarter than them, because they are too self-centered to acknowledge how stupid they are.” – A. Anglin

        “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.” – CS Lewis

        “To see and not to speak would be the great betrayal,” said Enoch Powell, author of the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech before English Parliament

        May God have mercy on the Elect of these dis-United States.
        And may he wipe clean all unregenerate, self-serving, and apostate CINOS from this land.
        Because “we have transgressed Thy Covenant, and thrown down thine Altars… and I, only I am left.”
        [I Ki. 19:10]

        • Calm down Fucker John, Fake mamzer jewboy playing Greek Orthodoxer See-Eye Dentist:At least I’m White while you are just another jewboy troll hiding out in the synagogue basement like a fly eating shit and bothering White People.

          Me and Fucker John have a Genesis 3:15 antipathy. First noticed it when Fucker John was all put out with me back in Jan 2013 when the murderous jew pig William Baal Finck was disowning the Satanic origins of Cain the first jew. Fucker John wanted to pretend that Baal Finck was a Greek Skrewler instead of just a murderous pig who fincked out another pig in the Jersey City jail for murdering a Puerto Rican sneak thief named Arnauldo Ortega.

          Can’t be a Greek Orthodoxer and a See-Eye Dentist at the same time, like Fucker John pretends. The goofy mamzerkike infests all the sites pretending to be both. Anyways Fucker John first showed up around the time that the two Mattoids Chaimback and Parrott were pretending to be Greek Orthodoxers and got kicked out by a real “Fr.” for racism.

          Fucker John is yet another fake pretending to be what it is not, other than a jew mamzer posting in sundry forums, sort of like a See-Eye Dentist Greek Orthodoxer in the synogogue basement.

          Anyways, Fucker John, everyone with discernment figured out you are a fake. You need to either show jewr snout or mangina to be believed even by the newbie fuktards.

          Hail Victory !!!

          Pastor Martin “Mad Dog Half-Beard”
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
          Oaffishul Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

    • The Ballad of Pastor Lindstedt,
      Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

      Pastor Lindstedt, Aryan Man
      With an Armeggeddon Plan
      Derailed ZOG’s Railroad Train
      Wants to kill all the jews.
      And a lot of whiggers too
      He has a psycho Aryan non-whigger brain.


      Martin has a wife, he loved all his life,
      Four grandkids they are so brave.
      Destroying ZOG caught his eye,
      And finishing off ZOG lies,
      And putting ZOG/Babylon in its grave.

      It was on any weekday night,
      When jews lie that theys’ right,
      He pissed on damned kike claims,
      And the whiggers yap with a shout,
      “Them stupid fucking louts”
      That Pope Marty done hits at what he aims.


      Musical Interlude:

      It was on any weekday night,
      When the Pastor is at home,
      Talking to Christ’s Family Tree
      When along cums dirty jew,
      And a ZOGling whigger or two
      Making theys’ ass-whuppin’ necessary.


      Well the ass-clowns hold theys’ breath,
      When they hear of Pastor’s depth,
      They wonder why He don’t fucking lie.
      It was dirty ZOGbot lawyers,
      And all of Satan’s mamzers
      That want to take him down on the sly.


      Video Download:

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog Half-Beard’ Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

      From the “Whigger Problem 2010” LP video-recorded 1 Nov 2020.

      If you live in Missouri you have a choice in the race for Governor !!!

      (I’m Pastor Martin “Mad Dog Half-Beard” Lindstedt and I approve of above message, even if the Owner of Occidental used-to-could play at being a mere White Nationalist and not (ever) a full-growed White Supremacist like Pastor Lindstedt)

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog Half-Beard’ Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

  8. Whoever wins White Gentiles lose, Ashkenazis win, and riots continue. This is the bill come due for World War Two’s European Theater of Operations. Enjoy the non-stop talmudic roller coaster ride.

  9. Trump “delivered a trophy case of victories for Israel and militant Zionists.”

    Yes, Trump delivered to Israeli Jews, in full and on time.

    For Americans, you get an IOU. “Vote Trump and you’ll get this. Oops, Demon-crap Real Racists blocked us. Vote for Trump against and he’ll finally deliver for you.”

    Just the other day Trump handed the Israel lobby a massive victory, promising full support for Israel no matter what illegal things they do or how many Palestinians they kill. Trump gave Israeli Jews land – literal real estate – backed up with military might, billions of dollars, and the full diplomatic power of the United States of America. Trump delivered to Israeli Jews full backing for their racial apartheid while lecturing Americans about “racism” and pandering to everyone except for white people.

    Trump delivered to Israeli Jews before the election. One week before the election, Trump made sure to sign the check for Israeli Jews, to deliver substance, not merely words.

    But Americans get, “vote for Trump again and if the Demon-craps don’t stop us we’ll doing something about illegals or whatever.”

    The wouldn’t even give Americans a Covid-19 check after throwing millions our of work and bankrupting hundreds of thousands of small businesses after locking down the economy for nearly a full year.

    But Israeli Jews got billions, with no “debate” from either side.

  10. I have been doing the whole podcast circuit as well as consuming almost everything out there, and genuinely enjoyed your show with Richard probably more than 99% of all others both big and small. As mentioned both of yo I were excellent and i only got a bit of annoyance when Richard spoke on the Civil War. Besides that he was on point. Drop that link, I am out of material to consume on this the Lord’s day of rest.

    • We did another podcast this afternoon in which we speculated about the political landscape in 2021. I think Trump will lose, but I don’t trust the polls. Who knows?

      The only thing I know for certain is that the country will become even more unstable and polarized. We discussed how these trends usually end in violence. Following Peter Turchin, I cited the Chartist movement in Britain was one example of getting to the brink of civil conflict before turning back. Usually, there are unhappy ending though.

      • Do you have the link. Eventhough I am firmly in your camp that it just does not matter who wins, my natural fear instincts are starting to get tweeked, tempting me to vote for the Trumpeter. I will not but am tempted.

        His campaign miscalculation was the whole last minute gsy, black and hispanic push with big promises. It is easier to speak frankly with someone black you know than your average fearful brainwashed white normie these days and the feeling I am getting from black people is they find Trump to be full of hot air. They dont seem to care about Biden either, but you have to imagine the 24/7 “i love black people” rhetoric has turned off and disillusioned more white voters than it won over white voters. I cant pretend to understand what the motivation behind this strategy is. Baffling

        It is probably the same with Hispanics.

        • It’s done to suppress black hostility. Rioting will activate lazy non voting whites to vote for him.

      • I’ll fill you in with some info. The polls showing Biden ahead in Pennsylvania use the methodological concept of likely voter. That means the voter must have voted in the last midterm and general election and more besides going back a decade. This strong showing by Biden can be reconciled with anomaly of Trump crowds in Pennsylvania in the 70k range in Butler. Around 30% of attendees were first time voters outside the methodological parameter of the polling we are seeing in the MSM. It would explain that Daily Express poll where New Hampshire has turned pro Trump. That poll counts respondents with spotty voting records who are going to vote for their God Emperor.

      • I think Trump might well carry New Hampshire and that he will win Pennsylvania. Riots will ensue and rioters will be shot flat.

        • Riots have been going on for nearly six months and Trump has done nothing to stop them or nothing to defund the rioters, aka BLM and “Antifa”. Instead, his DOJ is going after “white supremacists” for being the “real” terrorist threat. What makes you think that’s going to change?

        • The Des Moines Register just came out with a poll showing Trump well ahead in Iowa and Limbaugh was touting it today. However Iowa hasn’t been flooded by foreigners the way other states have. Foreigners totally changed the electoral dynamics in California and Illinois. and over the last 4 years increasing numbers of foreigners have poured into Florida and Texas, HUGE population states. Not to mention, VA, NC, GA, AZ and NV, states soon to fall or already fallen to the Ellis Island crowd and their cohorts.

  11. My prophesy is that Donald will win an win big. But commies launching their revolution anyway and at least in the beginning any kind of paramilitary gun owners will get very bad surprise from “snowflakes”

  12. “… the wretched ephemeral babble of politics …”
    — Nietzsche, “The Antichrist,” Preface

  13. I voted for Trump knowing he is a zionist con-man. Only because it is less likely that he will raise my taxes to throw good money after bad and subsidize Section 8s into my neighborhood. I am still stuck in CA and if Biden/Harris win, it will encourage the marxist running things here to double down. Besides, Biden and Harris are just as much zionist suck-ups as Trump.

    One of these two will win. To paraphrase General Buck Turgidson, “We face two unfortunate but distinguishable outcomes”.

    • @Skeptic I am in the same boat as you, except on the opposite coast. Restrained from moving due to familial obligations, 25 miles outside the biggest city in America and in what was once my ancestry home but now resembles New Delhi and buffered by “the hood” on three out of four sides. One Guatemalan, one Salvadoran and one half Haitian and Jamaican. During George Floyd we just escaped the blast radius although our family historical site which has been here since 1822 was damaged beyond repair.

      No family left. Not many friends close by. So I am with you in spirit and prayer. That goes for all of you out there. Everyone in this comment section and OD overall, meaning Brad, have really meant a lot to me over the years and kept me strong knowing that there are decent people with good hearts out there. Keep your families safe and God Bless, good people and good intentions will prevail

  14. Like ‘Mad Marty’ I as well voted for the ZOG-Emperor.

    Prediction: Trump will lose Florida due to felons being allowed to vote but still might win the election if he holds onto Pennsylvania.

    The Future: Just as Goldwater lost but still launched the contemporary conservative movement Trump has injected a new populism into the body politic. I see Trump still influencing the nation for awhile thru tweets and TV appearances and the Trump Clan may start their own tv channel even with Michael Savage & The Apprentice re-runs.

    • “still might win the election if he holds onto Pennsylvania”:

      I have never seen these parts of rural PA quite this “red” before. These counties are normally,
      historically, red, but now even more than in 2016. (I mean “red” in the Republican sense, of course, not socialist red.)

  15. No one can deny a single fact in your article because each point is objectively true. That leaves 3 categories of 2020 Trump voters IMO.

    1) People who perceive his “rally bluster” as him actually doing something & so they think he’s a macho tough guy. That could not be further from the truth. He is an entertainer.

    2) People who will vote for him again to “own the libs”, which is an unserious, silly reason. The left throws temper tantrums all of the time, but it hasn’t stopped their agenda. In fact, they are more motivated and emboldened than ever. It turns out they are not only unconcerned about Trumps “tough tweets”, they openly mock him. They are organized. This category of Trump voter is looking for laughs and memes to share on social media.

    3) People who will vote for Trump again out of fear. Fear of the left, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Section 8 in their neighborhoods, or whatever. Decision making rooted in fear is both irrational (Trump tweeted the Section 8 thing, but nothing happened), and does not inspire people.

    Not voting in this charade. “Fool me once”… I won’t even watch the returns. I’ll take a peek Wednesday morning after breakfast.

  16. “If you want to vote for Trump, then go vote for Trump. If you want to vote for Joe Biden, then vote for Joe Biden. If you want to sit out the election…” – Hunter Wallace

    That is a statement which implies the outcome is the same no matter who wins. Which is false. In fact, this entire article is an argument against Trump and no criticism of Joe Biden.

    They are not the same. Trump executed over 400 actions against immigration. Biden wants section 8 in every neighborhood, mass amnesty in his first 100 days, open borders, piss poor trade deals.

    I’m not going to shield Trump the way you shield Biden. You literally blame Trump for what the left does. Wokism? Trump’s fault, not the left. Tearing down statues? Trump’s fault, not the left. Attack on free speech on the internet, Trump’s fault, not the left.

    Trump is guilty of losing, not implementing these actions against us. There’s a difference.

    Trump has a lot of flaws and losses but at least he is slowing down immigration, which you falsely blame on the pandemic. For the past 3 years, immigration has been going down. In the end, that’s what we really voted for in the first place.

    I get it, you are mad because Trump didn’t give you a personal hand job. I’m disappointed by Trump too but I don’t let my disappointment blind me.

    By implying our votes make no difference and the outcome will be the same no matter who wins you are encouraging people to not vote. You do you think you are kidding? Biden and Trump being the same? Are you shitting me? Are you trying to tell me it makes no difference whether we have section 8 in every neighborhood, mass amnesty, open borders with Harris-Biden?

    That metrosexual clown Richard Spencer has poisoned your mind.

  17. Well articulated Hunter. I don’t vote so I was never fooled by the feds, but I’m glad you won’t be fooled by Trump again.

    What type of culture are you supporting moving forward? I’m into localism, ruralism, faith family and folk. The cities aren’t for me personally. I think we need a serious culture, where those that have something valuable to offer are venerated, instead of rallying around ironybro children.

    Anyways, enjoy the grilling with the fam bro.

  18. I hope everyone who’s thinking about handing the election to the Democrats has a come to Jesus moment and goes out and votes straight ticket GOP. The Democrats are the opposite of what I think the type of people who read this site would agree on (the honest actors anyway). Trump and the Republicans are *obviously* far from perfect, but the left has the patience to accept partial victories and go from there. Are electoral politics alone going to save us? Of course not, but when one party openly says they want to destroy everything about your way of life, you have no choice but to attempt to use the other party in self defense if possible.

    Tldr, vote freakin’ Republican. Please.

  19. Trump or Kamala? THAT is the question. Forget Biden. It is only: Trump or Kamala. Trump or Kamala…Trump or Kamala…Trump…or KAMALA…. The possible result of everyone here not voting at all is: a soon-to-be President KAMALA! She’s as right-wing as can be, just look at her record. Staunchly pro-capitalist, pro-bankstering, pro-Zionist, pro-mass-incarceration, pro-universal surveillance, pro-imperialist war, anti- White commons…. Nothing will change!

  20. A friend asked me yesterday who I thought was going to win. I told him that I did not know. He asked who I thought the winner was leaning towards. I told him Biden and qualified that with some mealy mouth gibberish on my part that Trump might win if those who have been watching the riots turn out in big numbers.

    Putting all emotion aside and engaging my objective analysis, I predict Trump will win because for the moment conservatives outnumber liberals.

    Trump is no Romney or McCain. That is why he won in 2016 and that is why he will win this year. Trump is a Reagan of sorts and that puts him over the top.

    Conservatism and the Republican Party will be the death of America.

    Anyone with true honor would never vote.

    Honor First!

    I am not voting.

    • “Conservatives” and the Republican party love “Diversity” as much as the Dems do. “Diversity” will continue regardless of wins. “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

  21. With all the baggage of Biden and scandals, is this the DNC best candidate can come up with,the fix is in,Trump re-election.

  22. God bless Donald Trump because he has forced everybody in the ‘pro-white’ community to put their cards on the table. Anybody still making excuses for this Zionist conman cannot be trusted and ought to be shunned.

    Trump is a turbo-Zionist and Zionism is anti-white. It’s not rocket science people.

  23. I will grant every criticism of Trump as true, especially that the Swamp persists. But, the Democrat Party and Biden and Harris represent true evil, and they will destroy every nook and corner of America, including every county in Alabama. The only sane, rational choice is to vote for Trump, merely to hold back the tide four more years. People who will not vote, or worse, vote for some third party nonentity are foolish in the extreme.

    Mencken said: “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”

    Please don’t foist your choice on me.

    • Sorry, not sorry Bob, but Zion Don lost any chance of even a pity vote when he chose to pursue putting the skirt onon SCOTUS instead of another $1200 in Covid relief for us peons.

      I hope you and the rest of the suburbanites enjoy section-8 North American pavement apes in your towns. See, I’ve already had the displeasure of the kind of “cultural enrichment” that they bring. It’s only fair to share the wealth.

  24. I am very disappointed in Trump but plan to vote for him tomorrow because:

    1. He might do an amnesty for “dreamers” but a blanket amnesty and citizenship for all foreign invaders as promised by Biden is unlikely.

    2. A respected source says that Syria prefers Trump despite his bombing and oil-stealing because it is expected that Biden would escalate.

    3. All those criminal scumbags who have lied, framed, spied upon Trump and his campaign and committed other crimes just might suffer consequences during the next 4 years under a Trump administration. With Biden in the WH they all get away with it and are, in fact, rewarded.

    4. Trump seems genuinely hostile to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing scheme. Just maybe he would stop it.

    I might add to this list.

  25. The Bottom Line (Unless You Live in Your Parents Basement): A vote for Biden and the Democrats is a vote for large federal, state and local tax increases. Remember, most taxes are paid by middle income people, and, middle income people will bear the burden of any tax increase. Not the wealthy, and not the poor—that’s the facts. Do you want to pay more taxes to support Blacks, Browns, Yellows?

  26. That idiot Anglin over there telling people “we only get one chance! They’re trying to steal this election!” Who’s we? Who’s they? The jews have had it in the bag for four years. I’m sure they have big plans for both. Anglin still claiming to be “banned from everything.” Why is it when you go to the .com, the site comes up? Fact is, he probably was never banned from anything, he just made it all up for donations. Like his idiotic Whitefish, Montana scam. Or brilliant I guess. Plenty of people fell for it. Maybe him and the rest of those jew scammers over there are in their last stages. When the money goes, so will they. The other day he was giving his “deep thoughts” about the Spice Girls. If that’s not a site in decline what is? Agree with Hunter Wallace totally. Not voting. My nephew is not happy with me but he’ll get over it. I live in Arkansas, my vote doesn’t matter. At all.

  27. I am proposing this as the official theme song for the election. Maybe someone can use it to make a funny video montage later.

  28. You and I have much in common on Political Ideology and on Voting. I agree on being more of a Moderate / Populist / Nationalist. The majority of people that are “Conservative” are really just Social Conservatives. That being Evangelical Christians aka The Christian Right. However the problem we have is that when Gay Marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court….the The Christian Right dropped out of existence. Now even many of them have become Right Wing Libertarians stuck on that ideology in the Republican Party. Oh but now care nothing about Christian Family Values & Morals at all. Only talk about “Religious Freedom” which goes directly against God. Oh but these people just love it when the Republicans do something for the Jews. Now being a Jew Supporter (Israel) is seen as really the only moral issue which is pathetic. This country is less now because Right Wing Libertarians have hijacked the Republican Party and now 100% dominate it with Trump in office. Trump did nothing about Antifa / Black Lives Matter when those groups attacked our Big Cities, American Monuments, and Confederate Monuments. This will only energize the left and soon those same Anarchists / Socialists / Communists will come after our Churches and Christians as a whole. The partisan divide will continue and nothing will get done in Government until Moderates / Populists / Nationalists take back the Democratic Party and Republican Party and make a real difference. We can always protest vote for a Third Party but of course you’ve got a real choice like what….Communists, Socialists, and Third Parties who think this is still the late 1700s – early 1800s and the Constitution is the only thing that matters….of course if you live in Montana with like 9 people living in a small town….not when you have a giant country like the US and the people have little / nothing in common but some abstract views on Freedom, Liberty, and the good ole US of A??? We really hold the solution… least Nationalism has sense and will save Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

  29. real White Nationalists remember the Codreanu quote. Traitors are far worse than enemies and Trump is a traitor through and through.

  30. Voting Trump. Because we are not going to vote our way out of this.

    The system is breaking down. A continuation of the status quo, a continued slow slide into degeneracy and third-worldism, would be irrecoverable. A crisis would be bad but has potential.

    Trump drives the far left nuts. It doesn’t matter that they are largely reacting to their own hallucinations: they’re totally convinced he’s a racist fascist anti-semitic Nazi who’s on the edge of rehabilitating Hitler (I am not making any of this up; the exact same people I saw start talking four years ago about packing the supreme court are now very repeatedly discussing how thin the line is that they see between Trump and what they see as Naziism).

    Yes, we’ve lost freedom of speech, association, etc. Yes, cities have been burned down. And in so doing a much wider swath of the population is starting to be sympathetic to certain far-right-adjacent concepts. People are repeatedly pointing out that knocking over statues didn’t stop at Charlottesville and didn’t stop with the Confederates – I’ve had a Biden voter tell me straight up that if he believed it would stop with taking down Confederates he’d be all for it, but he knows it won’t. 44% of Republicans support violence in that poll Hunter cites. Hunter thinks that’s a bad thing.

    In the absolute sense, it may be; in the present situation, it looks like an unavoidably necessary evil that must be endured and intensified before any resolution can be found.

    If re-electing Trump causes the left to intensify the openness of their revolutionary efforts, I consider that a good thing in the long term. (The BEST thing would be for them to realize they’re all horrible people and have horrible values and to go home and forswear violence or political involvement and take up vegetable gardening.) It puts the fight out in the open, rather than in boil-the-frog territory where it was for the past 40 years. The sooner the contest is open, the sooner it can be won.

    • In an open conflict scenario of civil strife, nobody will have time to read philosophical articles about modernism.

      Thats why Hunter thinks its bad that 44% of Republicans support the use of violence.

      The dissident right is a junkfood blogosphere. Its all media intended to be consumed in leisure time and has no real utility.

      When this thing goes weapons free, these folks lose their meal ticket.

      Thats why they are all nihilist and gay all of a sudden.

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