• @Ben…

      Yes, they are trying to do it, but, it all will be for naught, this because Trump will leverage Republican state legislatures, like electors, and a Republican Senate in D.C. to put him back in.

      There is absolutely nothing the Democrats can do to stop it, because they do not have the majority of levers in the government.

    • Yeah the Zionist Democrats are “stealing” the election from the Zionist Republicans. Funny how they didn’t steal the house or the senate while they were at it! Also why didn’t they steal it in 2016 if they are so scared of orange retard?

      Sometimes I think you people are so stupid you deserve to be controlled by Jews.

      • Biden can externalize this social fracturing with a war against Iran. That’s the trick. ODDLY Trump can’t get enough support for a war.

      • That’s right.

        “Oh my, NWO candidate #1 is stealing the election from NWO candidate #2!”

        Two sides on the same coin. NWO wins either way.

          • @sc rebel our culture is as septic and toxic as our body politic, thee illumanati boot on my neck, grinding our faces in the dirt. We are no longer the masters of our own house, we are destitute! Strangers in our own land! We are defiled and laid low, father in heaven, forgive us, shew mercy upon us, forget us not in this dark hour! We are sifted thru, by the evil that hates you, avenge us father, remember thy covenant with our fathers , go before us and lead us ! Kind father ! We have no king but jesus we know, no law but liberty!!!!!!!!!!

        • No it’s black voters in philly cancelling out millions of white people in the rest of the state.

  1. Roughly a month and a half before the election, Trump announced the “platinum plan” that would give blacks $500 billion of white people’s money. Why would whites support that? Why should whites vote for Republicans when all they do is pander to non-whites?

    • @N.A.

      Trump’s Platinum Plan for Blacks is a good Southern Confederate White Supremacist idea.


      Because, after 6 decades of welfare, that has destroyed a lot of Black will, not to mention businesses, Trump has to jump start their communities and economies to get them off the eternal draw.

      When I was a child in Raleigh, Blacks had blocks and blocks of businesses and did everything for themselves, without their hand out for anything.

      To get back to that, we have to move the money we are currently giving them to be indigent to being entrepenurial and industrious, which, to be clear, some still are.

      • ‘Jump start their communities’? There is no jump starting anyone’s communities any more, the financialization of the economy on a global level has assured that. The future of small businesses is non-existence. There is only interminable debt for everyone. The last hurdle is the destruction of white communities-diversity and mass immigration from the Americas has almost completely done that In working class white communities , and Trumps plan to import millions of Asians for stem/tech jobs does that for middle class and white collar jobs for whites.
        The entire Republican Party (just like the dems) wants you replaced or dead. Trump and his family’s entire history working with NY J’s has been nothing less than that for multiple generations.
        Trump’s 2nd term will be sending billions/trillions of dollars of US money to support Israel and its wars, providing amnesty for 10’s of millions of illegals already here, and importing millions of Indians to take our jobs. Why support this? The whole political system is a sham.

        • @James…

          I appreciate your point of view and well-written comment, but, alas, I disagree.

          There is no such thing as invulnerable power and, as the Era of Nationalism progresses you will observe many things happen, on a global level, that you no longer considered possible.

      • Look at the movie Green Book before integration. Now after integration all those thriving black communities and business that existed under segregation are gone and they are now wards of the state.

  2. Yes and if the Blue Dog Democrats would have controlled Joe Biden and his talking points….he would really run up the scoreboard on his way to the White House. He should have rejected BLM and picked a better VP. She’s a very partisan figure which we don’t need in office. She’s bad for the Democratic Party. He could have picked a Moderate Democrat that was Hispanic and really bumped up his Votes even more with Hispanics. Trump did better with Hispanics than he should have because Anarchists, BLM, Communism, Socialism, Race Riots, and Violent Left Wing Terrorism turned many of them off because they’ve lived under such situations. Joe Biden could have had a solid coalition of Blacks, Hispanics, Moderate Whites, and the less or more Liberal Whites. It’s really the road of the future in US Politics and his suppport for a National Mask Mandate would have even won over many Republicans who’re concerned about Covid-19 especially Senior Citizens.. Deo Vindice !

  3. To much fraud is occurring to draw that conclusion.

    As an example in Michigan a ‘Democrat Dead Voter’ for Biden was born in EIGHTEEN FIFTY!

    Also the immense size of Trumps recent rallies should put to rest any of these black polls. I believe my eyes!

    • Biden said he entered the senate 180 years ago (1840) so that Biden voter born in 1850 had ample opportunity to follow Biden’s career. He must have been impressed!

      It’s very difficult to understand how Biden did so much better than the down ballot democrats without considering voter fraud. What is also difficult to believe is the widespread lack of interest in rebutting charges of voter fraud by the democrats as well as complete lack of support for Trump by the republicans in the senate and congress who kept their jobs due more to Trump than the Republican party.

      It’s almost as though they both want Trump gone. Maybe he has been written out of the script.

      I hope this destroys any credibility or legitimacy of the federal government.

    • I agree that these numbers are too squirrelly to draw any solid conclusions other than something is not right.

    • @Jeff…

      Yes, there are some dead voters in the Democrat larceny, but, the vast majority of cheats are fictitious mail-in ballots.

      That is why they were so anxious to get on the mail-in voting scam 6 months back.

      And then there is the electronic machine scam that reassigns votes for Trump to Biden, a second after the choice is made.

      These things will be hard to trace, and those so colluding know that well.

      They did not, however, calculate the temper of Trump and the enthusiasm of his supporters.

  4. It’s unfortunate that these white men did this. We did need racial solidarity. But I can see why they defected from the boss.

    I notice that Biden was shitting himself in a speech I saw on BBC. He knows something terrible just occurred. Biden is a race traitor and he knows it. He’s an enemy of his people.

    Whatever Trump’s short comings were, especially the clownist zionism he did appear to love his people. Biden knows he’s going to be at war with the ethnic Germans, Irish, English, French, Dutch etc in North America after what he’s done playing second fiddle to a nigger.

    • @Captain John…

      Are you sure you are not projecting?

      My sense of Biden is his soul is so degraded and corrupt, he has no shame.

      His prevarications surpass even that of Presidents Clinton and Obama.

    • Trump cynically used white fear of becoming a minority to get elected and then proceeded to be the biggest whore for Israel America has ever seen. How many times does he have to denounce “white supremacy” before you get it? Trump could literally spit in your face and you’d say he didn’t really mean it.

      “His people”

      He doesn’t have a “people”. He is a member of the cosmopolitan billionaire elite. He married a foreign prostitute and all his children dated/married outside their race. There is nothing Trump gives a fuck about less than the white race.

  5. BTW Riggers is the new joggers which was the new niggers.

    Riggers. Rigging the Vote, in Philly.

  6. I can tell you who the 5% were.
    White working class guys that were spending their last dollars on getting ready for a Nationwide Cat 5 hurricane.
    They were told during the 2016 campaign that there was going to be a WALL built and after 4 years-nada, zip. 400 miles of bollard fencing on a 2000 mile border. They were told that criminals would be locked up- Clinton, Comey, etc. nope. didn’t happen. Instead he passed criminal reform freeing thousands of joggers back into society. They were told that Obamacare would be repealed and replaced. More lies.
    So, they did what any rational, thinking white man would do on a sinking ship. They prepared to survive the “water”. Since the metaphorical ship I’m speaking of is the USA, they dug wells, they stocked up on food & medical supplies. They bought AR15s, magazines and ammo by the cases. (You know, the ammo you can’t find right now at ANY price?)

    Now a Biden’Harris Presidency is going to do a few things right off the bat Jan 21st 2021… Ban semi-auto firearms, and go ALL IN on BLM, ANTIFA and covert, discrete white demonization followed by reparations, and then scapegoating.
    A very small percentage of white Americans are NOT going to go along with this plan.

    So the question you better start asking yourself and everyone here, is “What now”?

    • How do you expect they will do that with a gridlocked congress? And “conservative” court? Overall, it’s looking like the democrats got hosed this election and will be impotent for the next four years as Republicans stonewall them. Biden will be inheriting multiple ongoing disasters, with a few more just over the horizon. I expect the republicans could stage a big comeback in 2022 and 2024 after the next four years turn out to be horrible and Biden takes the blame. Add republican gerrymandering to that, too, and Biden’s win would be a pyrrhic victory for the Dems, leading them to huge losses. They spent so much time going on about defeating drumpf’s “fascism” and “white supremacy” that they forgot to give people a reason to vote for their other candidates.

      • GOP should maliciously Torpedo the economy now. Embrace the enforcement of antikulak masking and lockdown. Get the whites violent.

      • How can Republicans come back and win the White House when Georgia and Texas turn blue? Wake the F up. That will happen in these next four years. End game!

        Resolved: That these red states of America should, and of right ought to be, an independent nation.

  7. Let’s be honest with ourselves.

    Not even Trump believes in MAGA himself. The only thing Trump seems to be good at is collecting power and not even using that power.

    I used to think Trump is incompetent but Richard Spencer is probably right, Trump “stumbled” upon the immigration issue and used it to win, he never even believed in it in the first place.

    I’m just accepting the fact that Biden won, yeah there is probably fraud going on but it makes no difference because the elite / establishment will declare Biden as the winner.

    Trump has made enemies with everyone, I don’t think even right leaning judges will entertain Trump’s arguments based on fraud.

    My only hope is that Biden governs as a moderate and sidelines the WOKE cultural-Marxists. I think the Democratic elite and Democratic donors will have more an effect in moderating Biden than the slim majority Republican senate.

    People had a right to be scared of a Joe Biden presidency. Biden campaigned on a WOKE – cultural Marxist platform. He picked the most liberal senator in the senate to be his running mate, he literally based his election platform in the image of Bernie Sanders and AOC.

    • November,

      That was a long article primarily one that supported Trump. Whenever I started to be moved by my classmates and an outspoken anti-Democrat grandmother my father took me aside and said that at the highest levels they are the same.

      It was the Zionists (Republicans) versus the Marxists ( Democrats). Just two forms of evil playing a game. Good cop versus Bad cop.

      I will not mock the pro Trumpers since they sincerely believe in the man and they sense the rapid end of what is left of the United States. Wednesday morning and the vote turn around shocked me as well.

      • Now is the time to tell disappointed whites that Trump lost because

        1. Blacks vote in lockstep against whites
        2. Trump neglected ordinary white people to pander to blacks

        • Captain John Charity Spring MA,

          I will cautiously do my best. Easier for me to do with girlfriends than with elderly relatives. At the same time I do not know personally any Latin who is pro-Black.

          • I know a White Mexican divorcee of solid upper middle class origins in Mexico (formerly married to a Mestizo type) who remarried. #2 is a US negro. (y bien negro) An outlier case to be sure.

      • Re: “the Zionists (Republicans) versus the Marxists ( Democrats)”:

        Both right wings (“parties”) of the imperial beast are equally pro-Zionist, and NONE of them, (none of their members including Bernie and “the Squad”) are communists. Study and learn. I hope that in the future “communist” (and “socialist”) will not always be a slur as you use it. There can be no real ethno-nationalism without true freedom and equality, and only socialism/communism provides the maximum of liberty for ALL of a people.

        This is what real communism does (what little is left of it in the beginning of the twenty-first century) : Cracking down on and preventing global-scale Talmudistic usury based in China:

        “The world of global finance capital has been delivered something of a shock by the sudden and unexpected decision of Chinese government regulators to block the initial public offering (IPO) of the financial firm Ant, a spinoff from the Alibaba firm controlled by one of the country’s richest oligarchs, Jack Ma. The Ant IPO, which was to have been launched today, was aimed at raising around $37 billion. As such, it was set to be the largest such launch in history, beating the previous record set by the IPO of the Saudi Arabian oil giant Aramco last year which raised $29.4 billion. The decision to block the IPO was clearly taken at the highest levels of the Chinese government. As Eswar Prasad, a professor of trade policy and economics at Cornell University and an expert on China, told the Wall Street Journal: ‘The fact that [Chinese regulators] waited so close to the listing to pull it is very striking. This sort of thing doesn’t happen without everybody in the top echelon (Chinese Communist Party) coming on board.’ The underwriters for the IPO included Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and China International Capital Corp. Investors, including China’s national pension fund and US firms such as BlackRock and Fidelity Investments, were in line to reap what the Wall Street Journal described as “windfalls” from Ant’s market debut. Wall Street banks, including Citigroup, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley were set to share in at least $300 million in fees as a result of the IPO—a payout described by the director of a Hong Kong-based financial recruitment firm, cited by the Financial Times, as humungous”: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/05/chin-n05.html

        (Note regarding the Trotskyist source, WSWS: It is accurate on this subject but I do not accept its internationalist Trotskyism, which is diametrically opposed to national/ethno-national socialism.)

        • And from the same source (remember, although WSWS is excellent on many subjects, I do not accept its heretical Trotskyist internationalism) comes this excellent analysis of the so-called democratic “election”: “2020 election results explode the identity politics narrative” https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/06/pers-n06.html

          “There was a pronounced increase of votes against Trump among men, white men and whites without college degrees….”

          • “…as a share of the electorate, voters with family incomes over $100,000 declined substantially from 34 percent to 28 percent, an estimated 3 million vote decline from 2016 to 2020. This is not so much the product of a decline in turnout among the rich, who always vote with far higher consistency. It primarily reflects the worsening economic position of substantial sections of the working class and lower-middle class, who went from having family incomes above $100,000 in 2016 to the $50,000-$100,000 range in 2020. This layer, seriously impacted by mass unemployment caused by the pandemic, now makes up 38 percent of the electorate, a massive increase from 30 percent in 2016. The ‘new’ voters in the $50,000-$100,000 category (that is, those who either were in the higher bracket in 2016 or did not vote for either of the two main parties in 2016) cast an estimated 14.1 million votes for Biden versus 5.2 million for Trump. While Trump won the $50,000-$100,000 category by a 49-46 percent margin in 2016, Biden won it in 2020 by a 56-43 margin….”

            There’s your five percent.

      • @Christina,

        I posted that essay by Dr. MacDonald because he has a lot of gravitas in White dissident circles. Dr. MacDonald is one of the most knowledgeable person alive in regards to the “jewish question.”

    • Flaxen,

      Glad to hear from you. The case you mentioned above on the marriage is unusual. It is what happens when individuals are allowed to do what ever they want.

      I am glad Archbishop Vigano said that. Hopefully, high level Protestant leaders will comment on the situation as well.

    • That nutcase archpriest, Carla Maria Vagino, has been getting “messages from heaven” telling him to warn Donald Trump about “the Great Reset” that is coming, and that Joe Biden is a secret servant of Communist China. He even blasphemes God, in his November 4th letter addressed to “American Catholics and all Americans of good will” (guess which ones are not “of good will”) saying that Satan and the devils “fear the Most Holy Virgin, she who is Almighty by Grace, more than (they fear) Almighty God”!

      • “V-I-g-A-no,” correct spelling. Viganò claims that the Vatican has been lying about “the third secret of Fatima” https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/archbishop-vigano-third-secret-of-fatima-has-not-yet-been-fully-published and he is upset that “Russia has not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary PROPERLY,” which is why the “church” has failed to make much headway in Russia. Mystagogy. Really crazy stuff. He traffics in many absurd conspiracy theories and he is the one who tricked the Pope into meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who it turns out had four husbands and was living in adultery (Davis was right, however, about not legitimizing homosexuality) and now he is advising Trump to stand firm, not concede and prove that he really won the election.

  8. I think the election was Trump’s to lose and he lost it fair and square by spurning Straight White male voters in favor of Anyone but White Male Voters.

    He needs to get his lawyers to leverage the end of all further legal action against himself and his supporters by Democrats and the Never Trumpers in exchange for leaving office quietly.

    In his exit speech,Trump should then pull a Stacey Abrams and refuse to concede, citing rampant cheating but announce that he will be vacating the White House in the interests of putting America First and maintaining what is left of national stability which would be further damaged by even more Civil Unrest on the heels of the Co-Vid lock-down.

    Last, Trump should go out in a blaze of glory with both middle fingers extended to his detractors and pardon ALL of his supporters, including the Charlottesville defenders and any White Nationalist prosecuted and locked up on bogus charges.

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