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    • Maybe he’ll get appointed Ambassador to France so he can bat his eyelashes at his main crush, Manny Macron.

  1. I’ve noticed that the effeminate white men who did not come to terms with their homosexuality are the main haters of Trump! Kind of like you Hunter with your “research” about the causes of liberalism and irrational hatred for Trump! Just come out of the closet.

    • Interesting that Spencer left a fairy attractive woman he supposedly fathered a child with to go live with his mommy. He certainly is a big Biden supporter. I’m guessing as time goes on he going to organize rallies in support if Biden and Harris, and our host here will certainly join him.

      • I wasn’t invested in voting for either of these Boomers. Four more years of “owning the libs” with Lady MAGA and sucking off Israel had no appeal to me.

        • All the years of Catholic priests talking about how Jesus was a communist a/k/a Liberation Theology, have finally paid off for the Democrats.

          • I really don’t see “Our Dick” Spencer as a real player in politics. I could be wrong, because someone did do some real world organizing for him, an unknown political genius. Who was it Brad? Who did the nuts and bolts political organizing for “Our Dick”?

      • @Ron,

        I do not like Spencer or his lame takes, but Richard isn’t a homosexual. Je isn’t living with his mother. He’s either still engaged or married another woman, and I believe they have a child on the way.

        Look at the actual homosexuals that supported trump. The list is to long to type, but it only got longer diluting his first them.

        Go back to before the 2016 presidential election. Trump supported Bruce Jenner’s sex change, and said that Jenner could use the women’s restroom at Trump Tower in NYC.

          • Anyone who has gay friend he lets live, is deserving of death, himself.
            Romans 1

            Either remove yourself from such abominations, or turn them over to God for death.

            Just sayin’

        • It’s a bit like the accusations that Hitler had an affair with his niece. No turns out In Goebbels Diary that Adolf was a womaniser.

      • I thought Richard Spencer endorsing Biden was a good move. There were undertones about Biden’s “racist past”, and having a White Supremacist publicly endorsing him was a good move.

    • Normalizing homosexuality and drag queens on the Right was the only way that Trump moved the “Overton Window” during his presidency. Trump’s campaign was attacking Joe Biden for supporting the Defense of Marriage Act and for opposing gay marriage.

      • Yeah, I just don’t understand how Christians could support Trump after all his pandering to homos and trannies.

        • @Jannie,

          Because mainstream Christianity panders to homosexuals and trannies when they aren’t fellating jews.

          • Then you got GOP characters like Lindsay Graham, Rob Portman, and the Log cabin Republicans all of whom are light in the loafers.

        • Jannie- How can you support your mother, when it turns out she was cheating on your father?
          Because she’s STILL your mother, and (hopefully) she can REPENT.


          Also, politics is the least honest pursuit in the world. DJT thought he had the Evan-jelly-goos in his back pocket- along with white males. He then went after the ‘shithole’ candidates- blacks, queers, and Jews.

          Of course, what White Men did, in voting for Biden, is their own sin. But it also shows that they are already damned in their souls, because they weren’t man enough to see that the country is more important than their N-ball, brewskis, and/or continued existence as soy boys or incels.

          • “Fr. John”,

            Do you mean to say you will support your mother even when she turns out be a harlot? Then you are not Fr. John, but Fraud John. You are nothing but a shameless cuck and whore for Jews, just like your hero, Blumpf.

      • So, the Democrats are not only the real racists, but the real homophobes also. What’s not to like about Joe Biden?

  2. “Where do the ecelebs and grifters go from here?” I’m guessing they will just go back to 2015 style “owning” SJWs, at least those of them who still have Social Media accounts will. The bigger ecelebs like Lauren Southern have now wormed their way into mainstream Zionist conservatism.

    It will be interesting to see what the kosher right does in the Biden era. My guess is it will become even more gay, even more black and even more Zionist. The MAGA movement proved you can get Nazis to vote for Jews if you throw them a few implicitly pro-white crumbs. This is bad news going forward, it shows just how gullible and easily manipulated white people can be. It’s enough to make a man want to check out of politics forever, but once you know the truth there is no turning back.

  3. Joe Biden is a sick and dying man. Losing his marbles, super-dysfunctional family, blackmailed and extorted…I don’t envy that piece of s***.

    The smart money is on him dying in office before completing his first term.

    • He’s got to complete the Russian genocide in Crimea and Donestk before he meets his lord and master In hell.

      • Well. with Kabala Ha’aretz as his ‘assistant,’ the goddess Kali the Destroyer I’m sure will help damn Biden even more than his heretical Catholic pretending has already done.

        Anathema to them both. NOT MY Prez-Elect and hoe.

    • “The smart money is on him dying in office before completing his first term”:

      But he already has some of the best medical care, free and instant, and now he will have the very best in the world, and should live a long time and be fully functional for as long as he is needed.

  4. Catboy is on to something but he does not go far enough. It is the blood of white Christians and the blood of Christ that is hated. White Christians held the Jews as a group and the blood of the Jews as responsible for the cold blood murder of the innocent Christ. White Christians held themselves up as racially superior, because whites Christians would not do what the Jews did, kill the innocent without reason. Nothing has changed in 2,000 years, Jewish blood is still inferior and Jews still persecute and torment the weak and the innocent like Goddamned animals. The Palestinians and unborn are today’s spiritual equivalent of the innocent Christ. I am racially superior to a Goddamned Christ killer. I would never do to an innocent person what the Jews did to the innocent Christ. Never in my wildest dreams.

    • “I would never do to an innocent person what the Jews did to the innocent Christ.”

      That is unless the person in question happened to be Irish. Were you molested by a Mick as a child or something?

      • Mick the Irish are not innocent. The Irish persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. The Irish are the modern day Pontius Pilate. The Irish are the henchmen for the Jews in tormenting innocent Muslims and they are the most disgusting servile whoring people on this earth. May the Han man be with you Mick.

        Oh and Mick words can not kill, you are equating words of disgust with murdering innocents. As for your punishment and the punishment of your kind I will live it to God. He will see to it justice is done.

        One last thing Mick, I love Christ and I hate his tormentors and those who torment the innocent. I hate you and your blood because you serve the Jews in tormenting innocent Muslims. I hate your fzxcking guts. Go pray to your Han man, he will help you.

        • Yup, I was right. You were molested by a Paddy. Not only did it turn you queer but you developed schizophrenia as a result. Now go take your medication and stay away from young boys! Lulz

          • I am giving you a chance to make things right with God. It is up to you to come to terms with the sins you have committed against the innocent. Suit yourself.

          • Muslims did not kill the innocent Christ, do you find them guilt of that? Are you saying Muslims killed Christ retard? You whore yourself to the enemies of Christ like a cheap diseased teo cent whore, you sicken me. Your kind has forsaken Christ and his teachings long ago, but now you’ve got your new Mick messiah the Han man. You worship the Han man don’t you Mick?

            Oh and Mick Ann Barnhardt has never once say why she hates Muslims, never once. She is just like you Christ killer.

            Oh and Mick your Han man, your Mick messiah has said, he hates white nationalist, told the entire world he hates innocent whites without reason. WTF have whites done to the Irish, you were starving and too stupid to go fishing and we took you in and fed you. Now you have grown strong and you got the never to tell us how much you hate us.

            What are you ding on a white nationalist site when your Mick messiah hates whites?

          • “NO MUSLIM IS INNOCENT. Not only are they Ishmael’s seed, they are cursed”:

            NOT all Muslims are “Ishmael’s seed.” Some are African, Asian, and White. Besides, no one is cursed in the womb or by birth. Heresy!

    • You’re forgetting Who is in charge. Not the Jews, not Pilate but Jesus Himself, Who died on the cross to redeem us from our sins. His horrible death was His Plan all along.

  5. Say what you will about Catboy Kami, but he gave that crowd of MIGApedes a speech by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, and they applauded. That speech was better than any Donald ZOG Trump gave during both of his campaigns or presidency.

    • Geobbels Dairy is really amazing. It’s a good manual for any activist trying to take over a hostile city. Goebbels would struggle with the US though because US urban areas are populated by unreachable hostile niggers. Bioleninism beats National Socialism in North America.

  6. Fuentes is blackpilled capslock posting right now haha saying we are all gonna die by Biden/ Harris’s cornpop deathsquads lol
    He’s calling all patriots for a Maga march at the whitehouse next Saturday should be interesting…

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