How Trump Blew It

After 243,000 Americans died of COVID-19, it is a testament to how intensely polarized this country has become that Trump won at least 8 million more votes than he did in the 2016 election.


“Brad Parscale was on the phone with President Donald Trump and top White House officials in mid-February when someone on the line asked the campaign manager what worried him the most.

Parscale, speaking from his Arlington, Va. apartment, had just told the president how good his internal poll numbers looked. But now he had an urgent message: The coronavirus was a big problem – and it could cost him reelection.

Trump was perplexed. The economy was strong. The president had built an enormous political infrastructure and was raking in hundreds of millions of dollars. That month, Trump’s campaign conducted a $1.1 million polling project showing him leading prospective Democratic challengers even in blue states such as Colorado, New Mexico, and New Hampshire.

“Sir, regardless, this is coming. It’s the only thing that could take down your presidency,” Parscale told the president.

Trump snapped.

“This fucking virus,” Trump asked dismissively, according to a person with direct knowledge of the exchange, “what does it have to do with me getting reelected?” …

Kushner began to take on an even more hands-on role. The Trump son-in-law was demanding details on everything from finances to messaging, and requesting meetings with House and Senate leaders to talk over campaign plans. …”

Let it rip.

Don’t worry. It will all be fine.

If it were not for COVID and letting down his base, Trump would have probably won. The exit polls that I have seen all show that COVID dwarfed all other issues. A whopping 7% of voters said that “racism” was the most important issue in the country after four years of non-stop hysteria. More blacks, Hispanics and Asians voted for the “white supremacist” Trump than any Republican since the 1960s!

Note: We’ve elected our first senile lame duck president to OWN Trump. The funniest thing about it is that he owes his victory to older White men. The media doesn’t know shit about anything. The most clueless people in American politics are progressive journalists.


  1. Nobody seems to talking about internet censorship as a major factor in the election. How many White people had it with Trump because he refused to do anything about them being silenced?

    How many former supporters of the president stayed home or even protest voted against Trump because they felt he turned his back on them?

    Trump refused to defend the people who defended him.

    • I was wiped out of several accounts. Several all star celebrity Alt Right figures were picked off. Although many had ambiguous opinions about the election. The right was definitely suppressed. But much of the suppressed rightists were critical of Trump.

    • I stayed home on election day and watched that Korean movie everyone was talking about. No way was I going to vote for Zion Don again or Batshit Biden.

      • Wallacestein is still pushing the COVID hoax. The hypocrisy of these cucks is telling. The media does nothing but lie along with politicians but they’re telling the truth when it comes to COVID. It’s almost laughable if it wasn’t pathetic. Wallace is controlled opposition and a grifter. I bet he’s never been in a fist fight in his life.

  2. Trump was busy assassinating that Iranian General for Israel so he didn’t see the Covid disaster coming

  3. The “Politico”, yeah right. When did it become part of the President’s job description to cure diseases? Why not cure cancer?

    • Covid19 is a blend of a real plague, and fear. Never the less it was clearly adapted into a godsend for Biden. Then transformed into weapon by the press. Idiots who protested the masks fucking ruined it for the right to use Covid19 as weapon to wipe out the left.

      Btw Buden was the bastard behind the term Weapons of Mass Destruction the invasion of Iraq and the creation of ISIS. So he knows how to gayOp you.

      • It’s so hard to understand why the Dems ran Biden as their candidate. I didn’t care for any of them, but surely Bloomberg or Sanders had more presence and intelligence. I never understood why any of the Dems didn’t criticize the choice of Biden. Maybe it’s the China syndrome.

        • Tulsi Gabbard was the only one telling a shred of truth. But the Democratic upper strata are completely evil, so she was quickly shoved away. Tulsi destroyed your future President Kamala and drove her out of the race, if anyone remembers.

          • @Powell,

            I agree. Tulsi Gabbard was the best out of the whole lot of presidential candidates from either of the Israel first parties. . She was far from perfect, but I would have voted for her over Donald Kushner in a millisecond.

          • @Powell & November…

            Tulsi Gabbard was the only candidate, other than Senator Sanders and President Trump that my wife and I were prepared to support.

            As to why the Democrats ran Biden – it’s not a puzzle : he is an intellectual flyweight, completely invested in anti-American policies and thoroughly compromised by corruption.

            From their point of view, (that of The Globalist Establishment) what is not to like about that?

          • @Novembe…

            Absolutely, Sanders would have defeated Trump, and it would not even have been close.

            BUT … they could not control Sanders, and that meant he could not be allowed to be in serious contention.

  4. I want to see what people are saying when the floods of Mexicans start rolling in again. When the refugee program from the Middle East ramps back into full gear.

    Biden has already said as soon as he takes office construction on the Wall stops on day one.

    And I’m curious to how long before we start bombing in the Middle East again.

    • your only hope is covid continues to spread. As long as covid is spreading, international migration will be limited

      • @thegenius Huh? Central Americans and Mexicans have continued to pour in. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t. Remember all of those Hondurans? They got in. Probably every single one of them. “Processing camps” at the border. If you were turning them away, you wouldn’t need “processing camps”.

    • The border is currently very difficult to travel over as a legal tourist or business traveller.

      • They will roll back coverage in the media about covid as they did with swine flu. They won’t saddle Biden with it as they did with Trump.

    • Trump was a failure, no doubt about that but after the Hindu-Dindu gets sworn in probably by March 1st, 2021 there will be tremendous buyer’s remorse . She is grossly corrupt, stupid and vicious, and that is on a good day. Biden is a non-entity, a place holder, he is insignificant during those rare moments of clarity between drug cocktails and power napping 14 hours a day.

      Camel Toe Harris is no more capable of of running the White House beyond stirring up BLM and demonizing Whites (AKA Real Americans) than my dog is capable of flying an F-15. Buckle up and prepare, 2021 and later are going to be exciting times and not in a good way either. We will get blamed for the forthcoming tremendous failures that are going to descend upon the country even though we have nothing to do with them. Get thee prepared now, it’s not too late.

    • “Biden has already said as soon as he takes office construction on the Wall stops on day one.”

      Brave of him to take the same stance on the wall as orange Hitler

    • Ron,

      That wasn’t a wall. It was reinforced chicken wire.

      What the jews in occupied Palestine built was a wall.

      See (((they))) are allowed to be homogeneous on stolen land, but White Gentiles must be “enriched culturally ” by every shitskin that wipes his or her ass with theirs left hand. Winning!!!

      • @November…

        Every country sits on land that has been ‘stolen’ from someone else.

        This is the real world, Good Sir – one in which, if you and yours have the unmitigated gall to be willing to fight and die to conquer and defend a land to a greater degree than anyone else, then, voila – you get to call it yours!

        But, yes, The Wall scam President Trump had going on was a disgrace and it damn near made me lose every enthusiasm I once had for him.

        • @Ivan,

          There are differing degrees of conquering land like has been done since time immemorial, and the way the jews have used the bible as a deed of property, ethnic cleansing (btw, without any war crimes tribunals), and terrorism via America military hardware to slaughter the indigenous Palestinians.

          Americans seem to get salty about the terminology “stolen land.” It’s not like it’s ever going to be given back to American Indian tribes. They lost the war, and often joined forces with White colonists to wipeout their enemies.

          The Poles are on land stolen from Germany. They have been on stolen German territory for over a century.

          • @November…

            May I remember you that many of my associations, who are Leftists, repeatedly assert that White Southerners have no legitimate place in history because we ‘stole’ our lands from the ‘True Native Americans’, or so they say.

            Of course, they neglect all of world history in asserting so, not to mention neglecting the history of how American Indian tribes relentlessly conquered lands from each other.

            By the way, excellent example about The Poles and Germany.

            East Prussia, Silesia, and The Sudeten lands are all properly German, but, there again, if you cannot defend what you stole, then it will be stolen from you.

            I know all about this, because, as an owner of an antebellum house, I am constantly deployed defending the structure from everything Ole Man Weather can throw at it to fighting off the endless hordes of fleas, termites, bees, wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets, mice, snakes, ‘possums, and fleas which either wish to reassign the historick structure to their own purposes or take it down in it’s entirety.

    • @Ron…

      “I want to see what people are saying when the floods of Mexicans start rolling in again. When the refugee program from the Middle East ramps back into full gear.”

      I’ll say the same thing I’ve been saying for years – it’s time to secede and dare anyone who does not like it to try and stop it.

      Trouble is, most Whites are too invested in video ping pong and microwaved burritos to even think about such a thing.

      • Any type of secession brings back the same old problems. Any place without strong natural borders(and even with them), you must defend your lines with the threat of violence and the will to use it.

        • @Powell…

          I completely agree with you.

          If a people is not prepared to use organized violence to defend itself, it cannot exist, or, if it does somehow come to exist, it will be a short one, indeed.

  5. Remember the arguments on here about lockdown…a microcosm of the contrast.

    I still think it’s that whites are outnumbered. Biden really isn’t up to the task.

    • @Captain John…

      I think the only task Biden gives himself is magnifying his family’s power and asserting that of Democrat Party behind him, and the Globalist Oligarchs that put him there.

      How anyone can think that massive cabal is an improvement over Javanka and Adelson is beyond me.

  6. Really? When did the U.S. stop bombing in the Middle East?

    And remember when Obama was deporter-in-chief. Biden, like Obama, will be coy, or discrete about it. If big business for some reason needs a wall there will soon be one.

    I agree it is likely the war machine will ramp up as soon as the pandemic subsides, unless there is some other unforeseen natural disaster.

    Don’t you see? The two “parties” are the same. .

    • Democrats want immigration for votes and dependents. Republicans want immigration for “the economy”….lower wages and higher rents. Whites lose either way.

    • @Anonymous…

      Yes, the two parties have great similarities, but, to call them one and the same is a profound reductionism.

      One only need scrutinize the difference in judicial appointments to see an area of vast difference.

      Justices Thomas, Barrett, Gorsuch, and Alito are day and night from Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, and the decisions they reach, have reached, and will reach, affect, and will affect, my life every day.

  7. I’m browsing Stormfront and they still seem in denial that Trump lost and think all of this can somehow be salvaged.

    I actually was banned on Stormfront in 2019 because I was anti-Trump. I wasn’t the only one, other posters like Odin Awakens and Rona Renegade were also banned along with many others.

    The administration at Stormfront made a clear decision to sideline anti-Trump voices on their platform in late 2019.

    It’s still a good site to get a White perspective on things though.

    • Stormfront and anybody else lamenting Trump’s loss are now confirmed as absolutely worthless. In fact they are worse than worthless, they are outright traitors. For right wing normies to support Trump is understandable, they don’t know any better. But for people who understand Jewish power and have spent a lifetime exposing Jewish power to get behind the most craven Zionist puppet ever to sit in the White House is unforgivable.

      David Duke: Worthless
      Don Black: Worthless
      Patrick Slattery: Wothless
      Andrew Anglin: Worthless
      Ramzpaul: Worthless
      Mark Collet: Wothless
      Nick Fuentes: Worthless

      Actually I’ve had my doubts about Stormfront for a long time. Don Black was perfectly happy to allow neocon shills to spam counter-jihad propaganda there in the 2010s. But of course he was fine with it because Arabs and Persians are non-white right? Brown skin = bad so let’s just let Zionist Jews spread their propaganda.

      God bless Trump for making these useless cucks show their true colors.

      • @Ricky…

        Oh my, it would seem that whose views do not perfectly mirror yours is a treacherous buffoon!

        Why, yes, Sir : The Jewish Question is the only thing that matters – not immigration, not the economy, and certainly not rectifying the lawless corruption all over the place.

        • @Ivan,

          Relentless immigration both “legal ” and illegal, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, and the culture of corruption all lead back to the jews. So the jewish question is of the utmost importance because it is the anti-White jewish agenda (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), and of course the lack of resistance to their plotting and subterfuge that has resulted in the modernist horror and freakshow on full display everywhere in the West.

          • @November…

            I am aware of everything you posit. I did not say that International Jewry is not a profound issue.

            What I am saying is that myopically focusing on that, to the exclusion of all else, is not only a fantastic reductionism, it is not politically feasible.

            Again, I quote Grand Dragon Louis Beam : “There is no Jewish Supremacy without White Weakness.’

            Thus, to completely disregard anything any politician might do, other than focus on The Jewish Question, is profoundly self-aborting.

            Did anyone, other than the propagandists on The Left, really expect Donald Trump to turn into Julius Streicher?

        • All problems affecting whites have a Jewish origin. You can say you’re being pragmatic by supporting the ostensibly anti-immigration candidate while ignoring his disgusting philo-semitism, but in fact all you’re doing is strengthening the Jewish grip on our institutions. You can’t make deals with the tribe that is trying to exterminate you. There is no lesser of two evils here. Only a total rejection of all things Jewish can save us.

          What prevents us in the pro-white community from ever achieving anything is our complete lack of consensus. If we all just agreed that Jewish power was the number 1 priority that comes before everything else we might be able to get somewhere.

          • @Ricky…

            Thank you for your substantive and civil reply, Dear Ricky.

            Whilst agreeing with you, I must respectfully disagree with you.

            Some problems affecting Whites, in this country, have an origin in the culture of New England, other problems in Roman Catholicism, whilst other problems in Protestantism, and other problems, still, have their origin in the Fallen nature of Man, or, if you will, our innate corruption.

            I repeatedly experience reductionism on the issue of International Jewry with people of every persuasion – either those who maintain Jews are never to be criticized and are only to be extolled, or those who, conversely, think Jews are the sole arbitre of everything that goes amiss in this world.

            Moreover, to completely disregard people like Dr. Duke, who have experienced great personal discomfort putting forth those criticisms and points of view which practically none else would do, is very very unfair.

            All the best to you and yours down yonder way!

  8. If the Dems start to tear down more Confederate monuments to celebrate Biden’s victory maybe they will be “mostly peaceful” since they are in a good mood and will maybe not destroy a lot of other stuff. Actually there would be no government officials stopping them if Biden won or if Trump won — both outcomes means nothing for the South — we and our history and heritage are still hated by everyone else.

    Secede now.

  9. I’m stunned that 41% of the electorate said that the coronavirus pandemic was the most important issue facing the country, beating out all the other issues. Don’t they realize pandemics are temporary?

    We should hit herd immunity and be done with it by next summer. I can’t imagine that this was the reason Trump’s white male vote dropped.

    This really is a nation cowering in fear.

    • Just a point of order — you CAN’T get herd immunity without vaccination.

      That’s why the same diseases recurred over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, for century after century after century, in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

      Herd immunity and vaccination are the same thing, except possibly in some extreme corner cases (e.g. a tiny permanently isolated population where nobody has the ability to avoid catching a specific disease, and the disease has a 100% infection rate in the population).

  10. I think many people in far right circles believed the race riots would push people towards Trump when in fact the opposite occurred. Trump’s supporters saw him doing nothing and became apathetic. Others just got tired of the chaos and voted to appease the mob because they understood a Trump victory would make the riots intensify. Older people especially would see Trump as a trouble maker inflaming tensions and vote for stability.

    • @Ricky…

      It’s the opposite of what you say – The Race Riots are the only thing that resuscitated Trump’s moribund campaign.

      Without them, and the ridiculous calls to defund the police and confiscate your firearms, Trump would have been slaughtered and the GOP would have lost the senate and been much further down in The House.

      No, Sir – The Democrats waged the most stupid and idiotick campaign this born and bred Democrat has ever seen.

      • I’ve said it here that had the Democrats run like the party the pretended to be during the John Kerry election the results would have been known already on election night. That they lost every house race they expected to shift from the Republicans is reputedly causing them to have an internal autopsy and looks like Pelosi may be finished.


    If blew it he did, it was blown over the last six months in not short-circuiting the Democrat plans to cheat in Swing States.

    Or did he plan for it?

    I hear The Department of Homeland Security put invisible watermarks on the ballots the states requested from the Feds for mail-in voting.

    If that is the case – they are in for a serious publick bruising…

    • @Ivan,

      Trump disbanded his own Presidential Commission on Election Fraud after one meeting. The commission was created because of widespread belief of voter fraud in blue states by allowing non-citizens to vote in the 2016 presidential election. There was even a video of Obama encouraging such actions.

      So for Trump to discard a government commission that was set up to ferry out voter fraud and prevent future voter fraud to come back and have rampant voter fraud bite him in the ass illustrates how incompetent he and his administration was in handling domestic issues.

      • @November…

        I totally agree with you that President Trump bears a lot of responsibility for what is going on.

        Congresslady Tulsi Gabbard put forth a measure to deal with this issue two years ago that ought to have been taken up by him.

        One of the worst parts of President Trump’s tenure has been his willingness to forego his principal responsibility as president – that of chief officer of the law.

        Many times I have said to Trump enthsusiasts in my neck of the woods : “If Trump leaves office have rectified every single aspect of this nation’s economy, yet, failed to deal with The Swamp, his presidency will have been a failure.”

        • @Ivan,

          Though the juden Lügenpresse and Trump’s most ardent supporters would say different; by February of 2017, Trump had become a swamp critter himself.

          • @November…

            I always thought President Trump was swampy, though he campaigned to the contrary, and when I tried to warn people here of that in 2015, I was roundly cursed as being deluded because of my own dangerous blood.

            That said, after he vanquished Cruz in the primaries, and continued to command such popularity among my people, I was happy to support him.

            If it were not for my prayer life, I would not have supported him again, for my feelings on him were fairly similar to those of our blog host.

            President Trump has been a disappointment, but, that said, there have been some very positive things from his presidency.

    • Ivan….there can be no “watermarked” ballots. Ballots are produced at county and state-level government. The Federal Government is not involved in producing ballots.

      • @Powell…

        if that is the case, then it will be very difficult to ferret out the corrupt ballots from those legitimate.

        I hope you are wrong, but, alas, I am not in a position of assurety to assert that you are.

  12. Second terms are usually underwhelming if not disappointing. If Trump managed to fleece the working class Whites in the upper Midwest one more time, season 2 of the Trump Show would have been MIGA on steroids, more pandering to minorities, and continuing to build his personality cult.

  13. Figures a cuck and hypocrite like Wallace would believe in a disease that doesn’t exist. The media always lies but not when it comes to covid, right, Wallace stein? Wallace AKA Fauci fails to mention the flu has become almost nonexistent because it like all other sicknesses are being counted as covid.That’s how the numbers is being manipulated. Wallace is too stupid to see the obvious. Watch how fast covid dies down when Biden gets in office. When that happens, Wallace will praise Biden for getting rid of it without doing anything. Covid is a lie and only sheep buy into that lie. Keep wearing you unsealed masks and breath in your own C02. Wallace is a shill and a fraud.

  14. “ After 243,000 Americans died of COVID-19” and no Americans died from influenza or heart attacks or cancer or auto accidents.

    Hunter, give it up. You were conned. Just stop it. Admit you were like an hysterical woman during the “COVID crisis”.

    • What did I say at the time?

      I said it wasn’t “just the flu.” Now over 240,000 people have died from it and Donald Trump just lost the 2020 election because of college educated and older White voters. It dwarfed every other issue in the election. In Arizona, it was splitting White seniors with Joe Biden that flipped the state. The same thing probably happened elsewhere.

      Those who wanted to die on the hill of COVID-19 have now died on it. They blew it up into the single biggest issue in the country. Who cares if a bunch of old people die from it? What are they going to do? Vote for Joe Biden?

      • So the ultimate laughingstock COVID cuck is not relenting — literally unbelievable.

        And stop using that profile pic on Twitter — everyone knows you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

        • @Eah…

          You mean the only thing you could think of, at this moment in your life, was come here and cut down our host for the way The Good Lord made him?

          Excellent, truly excellent!

      • Not even that. Covid19 could have been actively utilized to deport millions of blacks to Africa and Mestizos to Mexico. Or euthanize various ghetto populations. The cull could have been enormous and hidden in dry stats on outbreaks. Black rioting could have been punished with cluster bombs with quarantine as the excuse.

      • Honestly I’m done with you, Wallace. Believing in a stupid clown virus is one thing; but then blaming Trump’s “loss” on a lack of support from whites will make this the last time I visit this site. The election was clearly stolen.

        I can only read so much black-pilled misery in a single day. When it’s this intellectually dishonest, however, it’s time to move on.

  15. Um, no.

    Those 41% of voters who think Covid-19 is the No.1 issue are mostly Progressive Liberal voters anyway, and would have voted for Biden regardless. Covid-19 is not seen as a serious issue among Conservative Liberals or Right Wing Populists. If Covid-19 never happened, you’d probably see “Racism” or “Healthcare” or “Climate Change” all receive double digit support as the No.1 issue as opposed to single-digits like we see in that graph above. “Racism” would probably be No.1 for at least 20% of voters if Covid-19 wasn’t a thing, as opposed to 7%. The perceived threat of Covid-19 hits White Americans much closer to home than the protests and riots do, hence why it was No.1. The fact that only 7% of voters listed Racism as their No.1 concern does not mean only 7% of voters care about Racism or feel passionate about it.

    Moreover, Covid-19 didn’t cost Trump the election, as evidenced by the fact that his support among Whites over 65 years old did not significantly dip. According to the CNN exit polls, in 2016, Whites over 65 supported Trump 58-39. In 2020, they supported him 56-43. Only a very small minority of White Seniors felt abandoned by Trump over Covid-19. As acknowledged by Hunter himself, Trump won the same amount of support among White Seniors in Florida in 2020 as he did in 2016.

    Covid-19 is only a serious threat in the minds of those who are Economic Leftists, which includes Populists like Hunter. My response to that attitude: Shut up and deal with it. The government doesn’t exist to serve your economic needs or to keep you safe from all the lions outside. It exists to ensure that you can make a nice life for yourself using your own merit, and it exists to protect you from violent criminals such as murderers and rapists. It does not, an in any case should not, exist to protect us from negligible threats, such as Covid-19.

    • @DP84

      “[Government] exists to ensure that you can make a nice life for yourself using your own merit”

      And there you go folks – this is why “conservative liberals” – “libertarians” – are worthless.

      In the real world – this world – earth – the government exists to express the power of those that control it.

      This guy thinks he’s in a debating society with Jefferson and Mises. We just need to get the gumit off er backs! Free market!

      When China does something, what do these types do? “But that’s not fair – they are interfering in the free market!”

      Slave morality. They also sit quietly after they get banned from social media, because free market and one day they are going to build their own platform! With blackjack and hookers!

      • In the real world – this world – earth – the government exists to express the power of those that control it.

        In a strict factual sense, yes, government’s serve those who control it, which in the case of America and the West, means governments run of Jews, by Jews, and for Jews. But when the White Race establishes new governments, like we did in Britain in 1688, America in 1776, or Germany in 1933, we do it under the assumption that it will exist to serve us and our particular interests and values. We can argue until we’re blue in the face about who “Ackshually” controls the government, but in the case of America, the government’s normative purpose is exactly what I said: To secure our freedom to reach our full potential within the sphere of economics (meritocracy), and to protect us from violent criminals.

        I’ve read many of your comments, and I know you’ve expressed disdain at Hunter’s justification for the Covid-19 lockdowns. But I’ve also read some of your blog posts, and I remember the comments you used to make back in 2013 on Mindweapons in Ragnarok, where you went by Hipster Racist. You’re generally an intelligent commenter, but your views on economics – and for that matter, women and feminism – reek of a man who has lost the game of merit and wants to flip the board game over because he can’t win under the fair rules of conduct set for everyone.

        The government should not protect or prop up Populist White Men who would rather complain about the jobs in their factory town disappearing then learn a new trade and get a new job, even if that means leaving their village and moving to a more densely populated area. There is unironically nothing wrong with Blue States like Minnesota, California, New York, and the New England states benefitting from the new Information Age economy while Rust Belt states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania whither and die because they can’t or won’t move on from the old Industrial Economy. Joseph Schumpeter was right about “Creative Destruction.”

        The Agrarian Age gave way to the Industrial Revolution, which gave way to the Information Age. New industries rise and make old industries obsolete. This is the natural way of things in advanced, 1st world (White) countries. As of 2020, we are not yet at the point all the jobs have been automated or highly specialized, therefore, the government should not unfairly prop up through welfare programs and manipulative regulations those who can’t or won’t get a job for themselves. And I’m not just talking about Blacks or Mexicans, I’m talking about Populist Whites.

        The economy should not be rigged in favor of Populist Whites, and no, the argument that “neoliberalism rigs the economy in favor of corporations!” is not a valid counterargument. Populist Whites don’t produce anything of value for the economy like Businesses and College-Educated Whites do. They used to back in the heydays of manufacturing, but they don’t anymore. Populist Whites should unironically take Ben Shapiro’s advice and get better jobs. Instead, they’d rather wallow in their misery, hence the phenomenon described in Charles Murray’s book, “Coming Apart, The State of White America.”

        I don’t feel sorry for them, not when their economic interests necessitate taking my hard-earned money and redistributing it to them, and not when they support economically crippling lockdowns under the morally and intellectually bankrupt guise of “collectivism.” Small businesses have shuttered and livelihoods ruined because these guys are afraid of the remote possibility that they might catch a disease that messes with their lungs, which they believe is the government’s job to stop. They don’t get to prey on those who are more successful then them and then claim they are the victims. It’s nog-tier behavior.

        I’ve seen it on Twitter since March from these people, whether it’s Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Marcus Cicero, Billy Cornpop Williams, Tyrone Jackson, or that vile b!tch Sadie Long. All of them enthusiastically supported the lockdowns, all of them engaged in vicious cyberbullying against Pro-White figures who have been doing good work for years now, and all of them support leaders from the past with terrible economic policies, such as Huey Long and even Joseph Stalin (in the case of Punished Marcus). Who needs Antifa or BLM with “Pro-White allies” such as these?

        Whatever valid criticisms you can make of the neoliberal system, they are drowned out by their association with Nazbols and other Totalitarian scum. I’ve been delighted to see the rise of the Racist Feminist movement on Twitter in response to these people. The Pro-White Movement must return to its original purpose, which is to protect our freedoms and keep us safe from non-white thugs and Jewish shenanigans. The whole point of White Nationalism is to conserve and uphold everything we’ve created over the last 300 years, not to burn it all down because we got outfoxed by Jews.

          • Trump lost Michigan and the other swing states because College-Educated Whites hated his “Fascism” and his mean-spiritedness, and therefore abandoned him. It has nothing to do with “not reaching out to White Men.” That’s a bad narrative you and Spencer are pushing right now. Populist Whites not being as enthusiastic for him wouldn’t have mattered if College-Educated Whites held the line, and they abandoned Trump and the GOP because Trump was perceived as a racist asshole.

          • WEIRD.

            They elected him last time in 2016 when he wasn’t perceived as a rock ribbed conservative on economics. The exit polls also asked about “racism.” No one cares. He lost because moderates and Independents dumped him like they did everywhere else.

          • Not really.

            According to the CNN Exit Polls, Whites without a college degree voted 66-29 for Trump in 2016. They voted for Trump 64-35 in 2020. Biden did indeed increase his share of the White Populist vote, but this can just as easily be interpreted as Biden being acceptable and Hillary being a shrill harpie, as opposed to a rejection of Trump, who only lost 2 points with this demographic.

            Among White men without college degrees, they voted 71-23 for Trump in 2016 and voted 67-30 for Trump in 2020. That’s a more sizable move, to be sure, but it still doesn’t compare to the hemorrhaging of College-Educated Whites from the GOP, who in the swing states are just as numerous a percentage of the voter total as non-college Whites. It’s one thing to lose a small dent among Populist Whites – and more specifically among Populist White Men – its another thing entirely to be abandoned by an entire class of educated Whites.

            College-Educated Whites cost the GOP in 2018 and cost Trump in 2020. Spencer’s December 2019 Whexit prediction came to fruition. However, the implications of this are being misunderstood by both of you because you are deluding yourself into believing that Populist Whites are responsible for the Whexit. Sorry, but 71-23 and 67-30 are still massive victories for the GOP among a traditionally Democratic voting base that has been trending Red since 1992 because, well…they have nowhere else to go. Kushner was right about Populist Whites, whereas his team apparently made no effort whatsoever to bring back the College-Educated Whites that won the GOP midterm victories in 2010 and 2014.

            Even if the Trump administration did more to reach out to Populist Whites in the way you desire, it wouldn’t have mattered, because College-Educated Whites wanted nothing to do with Trumpism. As it stands, they think he’s a Fascist because he “caged Brown people.” Imagine if Trump and the Republican Congress actually funded and built the wall. Trump would have failed to win even 40% of College-Educated Whites in 2020 if he did that, because it would have confirmed he is a “Fascist,” which they deplore.

            There is no market among White voters for the kind of rhetoric Trump used in 2016. They voted for him despite his rhetoric about immigrants and Muslims, not because of it. ONLY White Nationalists got the tingles over his racist rhetoric. No one else did. For Conservative and a few Moderate Normies, Trump was the ultimate way to “Own the Libs.” They were willing to forgive his racist rhetoric because the payoff was bullying and trolling the Left, whom they hate even more than they hate racists and White Nationalists.

          • LMAO.

            In 2016, Trump did better with college educated Whites and the White working class in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. This was when he was seen as MORE populist in the polls.

            Unfortunately for Trump, his image changed once in office. Trump and the GOP became more closely associated with incompetence and Zombie Reaganism or classical liberalism and lost the last two elections. In all three cases, moderates and Independents flipped away from Trump because of his cringe policies. Seniors in particular abandoned him over COVID. Conservatives, however, moved toward him.

            Where did Trump win in the 2020 election? It basically comes down to demographics. He won conservatives. In places where conservatives dominate, he won. In places with lots of moderates and Independents, he lost

          • In 2016, Trump did better with college educated Whites and the White working class in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. This was when he was seen as MORE populist in the polls.

            The way you phrased this makes it sound like College-Educated Whites supported Trump in 2016 because he was a populist but didn’t support him in 2020 because he wasn’t a populist. That’s flat out wrong.

            College-Educated Whites:

            2016: 49% Trump, 45% Hillary
            2020: 49% Trump, 49% Biden

            They were never enthusiastic about Trump to begin with. Trump’s 2016 populism never appealed to them. College-Educated Whites are socially liberal and economically moderate, which from your vantage point out there in Yangbux Land, might as well be economically conservative. College-Educated Whites and Populist Whites have different values and interests, particularly on social issues.

  16. So, now that the dissident right no longer has Trump to strawman against as an excuse for their near total irrelevance in the real politic of power, what do you plan to do now?

    Just commentate on the destruction of whats left of the West, and the coming overt persecution of White people?

    If politics is all fake and gay, why should I read this blog anymore, or listen to TRS podcasts and Spencers increasingly cringey YouTube videos? On FTN this week they took credit for tanking Trumps numbers with Whites, which is right in line with Brad’s narrative here also, which ascribes his loss to that loss of support.

    If there is no political pathway to power for us, no chance for autonomy or independence/secession and the dissident right’s “thought leaders” and “intellectuals” are wholly irrelevant in meatspace, what can any of you possibly have to offer me?

    Why should I care in the slightest what any of you big brains think if this is all just gonna go nowhere but downhill fast toward civil war or mass unrest? If conflict is the imminent result of this, none of you are suited to be involved. You have no reach, no resources, no message and bring serious legal baggage to any organization since you all are completely discredited as nazi’s after being directly involved in the Altright and C’ville thing. You’re all completely radioactive, and no legitimate businesses or organizations will have anything to do with you (rightly or wrongly, its irrelevant in terms of the facts on the ground).

    You can’t even produce effective propaganda anymore and even if you could its pointless because you have no goal, support no specific ends and are just existing on momentum from 2016.

    Are you all planning to actually advocate for White interests again? Or is the tikitorch march going to be the zenith of this thing (btw wtf even was that cringey shit?).

    I’m not going to trust you all again anyway, but I’m genuinely curious what the plan is for you guys. Are you anticipating making a bunch of shekels from disaffected White ex republican voters as the biden administration puts its boot to the neck of the White working class? Is that the shot here, and why you decided to help Biden by actively suppressing the White vote for Trump?

    Cause, thats how it looks to me.

  17. COVID IS A SCAMDEMIC! Trump blew it by being Israel’s bitch, by assassinating the hero general, by being weak in office and not making moves like the Saintly Vladimir Putin, and by waiting for his 2nd term to battle big tech. I am so angry with you man, your a total shill. You literally support Biden/Soros revolution so you can show you anger with Trump not being perfect. Your writing is nowhere near the quality of Anglin’s, you refuse to acknowledge real conspiracy, and you write stupid articles no one cares about for history. You have no concept of real politik and whine like a baby about COVID. Be a man, its another disease in a long list on them, no reason to implement total technocratic control by oligarchy over a bad flu.

  18. “Be a man, its another disease in a long list on them, no reason to implement total technocratic control by oligarchy”:

    That’s exactly what the oligarchy wants you to think (that public health is not important) so they can exploit you to the max. “Real (lower and middle class) men” are not afraid of AUSTERITY. Bring on public health AUSTERITY!

    When the Democrats re-take the figurehead throne, I predict that the pandemic will almost disappear from the mainstream media propaganda stream, no matter how bad it gets. While socialism takes public health seriously, the capitalist Empire does the absolute minimum for its slaves.

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