The American Social Credit System

Rod Dreher has a new article about White identitarians and their long running problems with the American social credit system and how it is now being applied to conservatives.


“OK, but what would happen here in the West if private enterprise started imposing an informal social credit system on us? Gavin Haynes, writing for the UK commentary site UnHerd, says that it’s already happening to far-right people. He gives the example of white identitarians in the UK who were without warning refused service from their banks — including access to their money. …

We had all better pay attention to this. If you think that the banks and other gatekeepers of the financial system are going to stop with far-right political extremists, you are deluded. I mentioned here the other day that conservatives ought to be pushing legislators to fight wokeness with substantive policies and legislation. Here’s one: pass a law guaranteeing every citizen a right to a bank account. Everyone — even the bad people. …”

He has a book out about it.

It is called Live Not By Lies. I haven’t bothered to read the book because it isn’t going to tell me anything that I don’t already know. We’ve been living with the American social credit system for decades. The way this works is that the SPLC and ADL calls you a “racist” or an “anti-Semite” which defines you and severely limits your ability to live a normal life. You become a political outcast.

I’ve been banned from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Pay, Stripe, PayPal, Cash App and countless other services. It hasn’t shut me up though. I’m still here sharing my thoughts, but I am not voting for the Center Right in elections anymore because from my perspective it is useless. What is Donald Trump doing about any of my problems? He cut their taxes and celebrated Big Tech as the Trillion Dollar Club in the White House. Back in February, he couldn’t shut up about DOW 30,000. He made those people billions of dollars and they happily returned the favor by censoring the shit out of him.

The real story here isn’t the American social credit system. Just ask all the folks who have been hit with “racism” and purged from mainstream conservatism over the past few decades. No, the real news here is that so many pissed off White men were so fed up with Donald Trump that they just fired him. The 5% who made Donald Trump the president in the first place tossed him out of the White House. If they had shown up at the polls and voted for him, he would have easily won the 2020 election.

This was the Trump presidency.

It was a hot air balloon that inflamed the country and made our lives objectively worse while making billionaires like him richer than ever before. It was a simple cost-benefit decision. The costs of having Blumpf floating over the White House and being blamed for it weren’t worth the benefits.


  1. IF he really did lose Nevada and Arizona it was because of California transplants. We are being flooded with them by the tens of thousands.

    • There was a lot of fraud in this election. The mass unprecedented and unverifiable mail ballots alone threw the election.
      Acceleration never works. Trump was disappointing but created breathing space and moved the conversation to less pozz

  2. You are correct. Social credit in the U.S. is nothing new. The U.S.’s for-profit “social” credit system is inaccessible for poor and middle class people, whereas the Chinese social credit system is a free public service that is completely transparent. Chinese people are pleased with their system because they know their “score” and exactly how they have earned it, and what they can do to erase from their record any faults or mistakes they may have committed and regain good social standing.

    In the capitalist system, peoples’ “credit” concerns how much debt they can be loaded down with, and at what rate of interest – whereas in true socialism, there is no interest at all, no rent, and no taxation.

  3. The main difference between the Chinese and America social credit system is that the Chinese government is run by Chinese people and does not hate its own people. Now compare to this to the foreign run US regime that is now openly attacking white people, the US social credit system is also being implemented by all the usual US puppet states, it is obvious that the US one is profoundly worse than anything the Chinese can muster.

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