Lil Pump Didn’t Vote For Donald Trump

These are the optics you needed to be a VIP in Trump’s 2020 campaign.

The 2020 campaign was premised on Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon’s fantasy of winning legions of based blacks and based Hispanics over to civnat cuckservative populism. We now know from sources inside the Trump campaign that Jared Kushner and his team assumed that White men were chumps who could be taken for granted. How much of Jared Kushner’s shit could they take?

Lil Pump/Pimp wasn’t even registered to vote. How many of these other black rappers do you think actually voted for Trump? Did Diamond and Silk actually vote for Trump or was it always a grift? Did Candace Owens really vote for Trump? Ice Cube said that Jared Kushner promised him $500 billion dollars for blacks in the Platinum Plan and in return he didn’t even have to endorse Trump.


    • Your question actually opens up a real can of worms. Ever hear of “Amygdala Hijacking”? Basically, it’s the Fight or Flight survival system. In situations *perceived* to be very dangerous, the parts of our brains associated with logical “let’s just stay calm & focus on what our eyes actually report – the facts – best we can, & think calmly + rationally…” thought shuts down – blood flows right out of those centers of the brain – when we perceive danger. The Amygdala lights up as blood flows into it, and immediately shoots huge amounts of cortisol’s (stress hormones) & adrenaline into our bloodstream.

      Most of us, including myself, were indoctrinated in our early years with belief systems which take advantage of this “Amygdala Hijack” phenomenon; belief systems with which we were indoctrinated before we could assess such beliefs for ourselves. All of that said, since this is what ppl need to hear rather than what many want to hear…

      For centuries, insane Aryan men have tried turning Homo Erectus black noggers into Aryans, and it’s only intensified in recent times.

      Pretty sure it was Zoroastrianism which heavily centers around a non-Aryan turning into an Aryan – a “conversion” – and it’s where the idea of two big dawg deities battling it out for each & every lonesome individual’s souls comes from. Two deities…one a positive feels/vibes happy go lucky jolly good chap…and one of the inverse, a very naughty chaos deity trying to corrupt individuals souls. If the basic plot (& a blueprint for Individualism) sounds familiar, it’s not coincidental. Don’t forget the concept of Amygdala Hijacking, which shuts logic down, & causes the widespread hysterical & unhinged Emotionalism very common among Aryan’s wherein we outright deny reality, *presents literal mountains of thorough & carefully documented evidence supporting a thesis*..”lol nu uh, you a bad bad meanie, nu uh nu uh nu uh!!! roflmfao buzz off, me not listenin’…”

      Universalist & egalitarian belief systems are both a blueprint for Individualism that led us (((here))), keep us stuck (((here))), and also the basis of Liberalism (minus the theological/supernatural elements, but embracing the ethics with a vengeance). Same contempt for grounding/valuing one’s self in this world/reality/life and for demonizing thinking/acting within such a reality/life. Blind & unquestioning belief = “good,” regardless as to the consequences, is present in both the theology & secularized versions. Total denial of reality when it contradicts.

      Which do you want, if you have racial feelings? Survival & thriving for you and your posterity….or a slow & torturous doom for you & your posterity (they’ll torture Aryan children in front of you like they did in 1917 Russia…they’ll cackle like hyena’s laughing as you won’t be able to stop yourself from begging for mercy, mercy that will not be forthcoming, really think we will be forgiven for not protecting our children/grandchildren by actually fighting our enemies? We won’t), b/c this is one of the relatively rare things that isn’t about shades of grey/compromise, but of black or white, either one way or the other…unfortunately, we cannot have it both ways (i really wish we could b/c we are up against the most ruthless & determined sob wretches and they’re determined to do us in, a house divided cannot stand but the idea of “fighting Jews” by worshiping them &/or trying to be them is absurd).

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