MAGA Meltdown

Does anyone know why they lost their base?

Are they getting a little out over their skis here?

Do you remember voting for this in the 2016 election?

Imagine watching this shit as a disaffected, populist leaning White working class voter in a middle suburb who voted to shake up the system in 2016. This is where Trump lost the election with blue collar White male Indies making less than $100,000 a year. The Trump campaign spent months hitting Joe Biden for supporting the 1994 crime bill and locking up superpredators. They hammered Joe Biden for supporting the Defense of Marriage Act and the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Trump’s message was “I’m the guy who let the superpredators out of prison.” I’m the gayest president, the most pro-Jewish president ever who passed the biggest tax cuts ever. Have you seen DOW 30,000?

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  1. The Dems did something revolutionary this year. They offered up a crusty white chap as candidate. Not a woman or black or a Jewish guy like Kerry. It was a good strategy.

    However, Biden will be a neglectful old bastard, just like he was with his son.

    • Cap’n. “The Dems offered up a White Chap.” You have said it as clearly as anyone.

      But perhaps you didn’t realize what you said. The DEMON-CRAPIC party did OFFER UP Biden- as a HUMAN SACRIFICE TO THE MOLOCH GOD THEY WORSHIP.

      Biden will be killed in office, as he is: a) Old, b) Senile, and c) White.

      Kabala Ha’aretz, the Hindoo Hoe, WILL BECOME HER FRAUDULENCY within six months, if they are allowed to take over the country by their crimes and gross misdemeanors- which are really FELONIES.

      HW shows these stupid pics, AS IF THE DEMONCRAPS aren’t TEN TIMES MORE FAGGOT FRIENDLY!? So, Brad, what does this prove? NOTHING. Either you voted for Trump [WHICH YOU DIDN’T] and voted to secure the Union (such as it is) OR YOU VOTED FOR SATAN – even if you didn’t vote. Better a totally corrupt king, than a godless sub-human caste of hominids, WHO HATE EVERYTHING YOU ARE.

      True Lutherans…. would ‘get that.’ “Thus there is much heresy where Jews live; also one finds that Christians commit unchaste acts with Jews and have children by them. These children remain Jews, which is no doubt a great, notable, and shameful evil. Christian blood is subjected to eternal damnation, and, as I have mentioned at the beginning of my booklet, there is in the whole city no sect or nation that hates the Christians more than the Jews.” – Pfefferkorn, a jewish ‘convert’ to Christianity in the days of Luther. –

        • Since some people have said you are Cambria, Father John of the Cross, please settle the matter. I think the stylistic differences are obvious, but commenters here previously insisted you were CWNY.

  2. Brion McClanahan outlines how the Republicans can use the 12th Amendment to keep Trump in office.

    Of course the Dems would go ballistic…

    Podcast Episode 380: If Republicans Had Guts
    Nov 13, 2020 by Brion McClanahan

    Donald Trump refuses to concede the election and with widespread accusations of voter fraud–and now confirmed cases–it might be another month before anything is sorted out. Maybe longer. That’s because if the Republicans had any guts they could use the 12th Amendment to their advantage. I explain in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

    • Over three minutes of non-stop SELF-PROMOTION and huckstering…..
      by a man who can’t even spell BRYAN/BRIAN?!?!

      Thanks, but NO THANKS.

      • Well, at least he knows and says that Biden is a crook and knows and proclaims that Robert E. Lee is not.

        He is better than any Yankee I know and most Southerners for that fact.

      • Brion is actually french/celtic spelling for Bryan John. There are many variations of “Brian” Bryant, byron, and brien

      • At least Dr. Brion McClanahan defends Robert E. Lee instead of attacking him as most of these so-called scholar historical revisionists do today. He is Dr. Clyde Wilson’s last doctoral student.

        Here he is defending Robert E. Lee.

        Misreading the Man: Robert E. Lee and Elizabeth Brown Pryor

        Jan 19, 2015

        A review of Elizabeth Brown Pryor’s Lee biography, “Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters.”

        • And things didn’t turn out so well for Elizabeth Brown Pryor. Maybe she should not have “rear-ended” Robert E. Lee through her put down observations on his letters.

          She was married and divorced twice, first to Anthony Pryor, then to Frank Parker.

          Pryor was killed in a rear end vehicle accident caused by a speeding car driven by Robert Stevens Gentil in Richmond, Virginia on April 13, 2015. Gentil’s long term mental health issues led to episodes of manic delusions, including the belief on this occasion that his car was flying.

          She was survived by her mother, Mary Brown Hamingson, and two sisters.
          — Wikipedia: “Elizabeth Brown Pryor”

      • “Over three minutes of non-stop SELF-PROMOTION and huckstering…..”

        At least he is a shameless CAPITALIST who wants to exchange all the work he does for money from those who benefit from it. He apparently does not live entirely off Soros money and publish things to promote the Commie anti-South Left.

        That must disturb all you latent Communists out there I am quite sure.

        Here is what McClanahan and other conservative pro-south students had to deal with (and this at a southern university).

        “I thought South Carolina and graduate school would be different. Every one of Clyde’s students has a similar story. It was like serving several years in academic purgatory. We were ostracized, criticized, and at times demoralized. The department had it out for Clyde and in turn had it out for us. At least we thought so. There was no conclusive proof, but life in the department was not easy. We were all pariahs, independent thinking students who did not adhere to the “fashionable” trends. Some–the handful of good people in the department both students and faculty–saw that as a benefit; others wanted to marginalize us. Clyde once said that when he arrived at South Carolina he hoped for rigorous academic discussions, real scholarship. He didn’t find it, and all of his students soon realized that no matter what we wrote or researched, it would be ignored by the mainstream historical profession.”
        — “Clyde N. Wilson” by Brion McClanahan, Abbeville Institute.

  3. Also the concrete changes that a shift from Trump to Biden bring.

    War with Russia/Iran/Syria

    No Brexit.

    Trying hard to think of anything else meaningful.

    • BOLSHEVIK RUSSIA, Captain. Jewish, Godless, DEMONIC, Bolshevik Russia.

      “When Trump won in 2016 without cheating, the liberals treated his election as an illegal usurpation. The election was supposed to be a mere formality, like the elections in the Soviet Union used to be. This time around the liberals made certain that there would be no repeat of 2016. The Biden-Harris ticket got fewer votes than Hillary the witch got, yet they won, because the liberals were quite willing to break every electoral rule in order to win, just as they were quite willing to commit murder, through the communist Chinses virus, and through the Antifa/Black Lives Matter barbarians, in order to eliminate their enemies, the white Trump supporters. And as is always the case with liberals, they didn’t care if thousands of non-whites, the collateral damage, were killed as well. The liberals adhere to only one law – their will is sacred because their will is God’s will. And who is their God? It is Satan, whom they worship in and through the sacred negro.” Cambria, op. cit.

  4. They are doubling down now.

    “A Blueprint for a Multiethnic Anti-Socialist Movement”

    CIA limited hangout Mike Scheuer interviewed neo-con warmonger huckster General Thomas McInerney – who made up the ridiculous lie that the reason they couldn’t find Saddam’s WMD was because the Russians helped to sneak them into Syria – so we should invade Syria next.

    General Thomas McInerney said that “the CIA” stole the election using “a software” called Hammer Scorecard.

    Then General McInerney warned that “these Democrats” are always talking about “free health care and free college.”

    And “free health care and free college” are … SOCIALISM … and socialism is COMMUNISM!

    So therefore don’t vote for Democrats because they might give you free health care and free college.

    Instead, let’s start another war and give trillions to Defense Lobbyists like, well, like General McInerney!

    What a Perfect Plan. The Best Plan folks! Do we have plans or what?

    • UberGefell. It sounds much cooler in German.

      Maybe Saddam’s WMD are in Crimea. That’s where Biden will look next.

        • Who will Biden bomb first? ANYONE THE JEWS TELL HIM TO.

          As Jazz and James noted, ‘Whether Dem or Repub, ISRAEL always wins American elections.”
          Our common enemy is….. and always was….. DIE JUDEN.

          “Of course, we should know that Christians should always have odium towards Jews, who even when they convert always carry with them a certain Jewish agenda. For instance, in large part Jews are responsible for the universalism of the Roman Catholic Church, because they are responsible for obscuring the identity of the true Israelites of Scripture. We have seen that even in Medieval Spain it was Conversos who led the way in wayward attempts to convert arabs and mestizos, as well as other Jews, to Christianity. Why is it that so many Medieval Jews, converting to Christianity, immediately sought to force other Jews to convert as well? And once Jews claimed to convert, true Christians exalted them above all others? Like a dog that loves ticks, the lack of Christian odium towards Jews has allowed the parasite to destroy the host. “


          • Israeli agents just slipped inside Iran to assassinate a supposedly high-ranking (“number 2”) Al Qaeda figure, who had “gone off the reservation,” so to speak.

    • Free healthcare and free education is not socialism or communism but common sense. Darwinist survival fight atomizes every group or society. Nobody should be forced to choose between death and working for Soros.

      Lot of white surrender is based on yesbuts. You know those guys. Yes, everything you say is correct but I have mortgage and 2 children so I can`t say or do something to keep my income.

      Basic income and covering other basic needs should be on every pro white group agenda. Now the enemy main weapon is starving us by taking away jobs from resistance. And this main weapon must be taken away.

      • @Juri

        Finance Capitalism actually stymies eugenic Darwinian selection.

        Yes, government health care and college are NOT ‘socialism’ – right-wing conservative Republicans are too stupid to even bother to read the dictionary.

        Socialism means the government controls the means of production. If the government seized the Nike shoe factory, and started making “Government Sneakers” and distributing them to the population, that would be “socialism.”

        No one – not even AOC – wants actual socialism.

        Many state governments have an Insurance Pool for the mandatory automobile liability insurance. Having a similar system for health insurance might be a good idea. “Free college” is a bad idea, in my opinion, but any bright young person who can’t afford an education can get one, for free, in the USA already.

        But what these Republicans want to do is make sure our taxes don’t do anything FOR US – the Republicans want 100% of our taxes to go to Israeli Jews and Wall Street bankers and Pentagon lobbyists.

        Republicans LOVE paying for the health care of Israeli Jews – and even paying for Israel to Build A Wall.

        Republicans only complain if American taxes go to help Americans.

        Why? Because Republicans are traitors, a fifth column, and should be deported.

        Let’s start with Trump – deport him to “Trump Heights” the illegal settlement named after him in occupied Palestine.

  5. Well there are a lot of Catholic homosexuals, the Catholic priesthood proves that as a matter of public record. LOL.

  6. I think the “alleged” voting fraud is real. There is no unified, system-wide conspiracy, but it is simply how capitalism works: restricting the voters’ choice to two almost identical capitalist parties (“the two right wings of the imperialist Beast”), and corporate-monopoly mainstream “news” media guiding them to mostly make the “best” choice, or somehow help in any way they can (vote fraud) to make sure that choice wins.

    “Trump may actually have a case and be able to get the votes counted accurately, i.e. in his favour (…) The Old Russian joke that ‘a revolution could never happen in America because there are no US Embassies in Washington’ has now become obsolete. The media, including even the supposedly conservative Fox News, has completely and totally given the election to Biden despite many irregularities. Not to mention the fact that as these words are being typed, the election is not officially over.If there is one key element to a Color Revolution that must be in place for success it is control of the media. If every TV channel and news site says candidate X is the winner, then he has won regardless of votes and regardless of how many people still use said dinosaur media. They ultimately cast the big final ballot. The rampant tampering and falsification witnessed (and often self filmed by the perpetrators) during the election looked like something you would expect to see in a “backwards third world hellhole” type of country. The manipulation was rampant, blatant and primitive. This fact can and should be used by the nations at odds with America (Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Syria etc.) in perpetuity as proof that the US never had, nor should have, some sort of democracy-based moral authority over anyone else. America’s own Color Revolution delegitimizes any attempts to spread regime change via media elsewhere across the globe”:

    Hunter, I agree the pandemic is real. The systematic election fraud is also real. I agree it is likely that Trump lost the popular vote, but he should have won, or should win, the Electoral College vote. But what difference does it make? Either way, the Empire of the Almighty Dollar marches on to total world hegemony.

  7. @anonymous
    “Israeli agents just slipped inside Iran to assassinate a supposedly high-ranking (“number 2”) Al Qaeda figure,”

    As reported by 4 lugenpress jews at the jew york times … I hope no one reading this blog gives much credence to the grey yenta.

    And I also hope that whatever ZOG alphabet agency you work for realizes the crappy job you’re doing at fed posting.

    • Re-read my comment, WP. Note that I do not accept the “news” as The New York Times reports it. If the bragged-about Israeli covert operation inside Iran did occur, be sure they would not kill one of their best proxies (“number two in Al Qaeda”) unless he had “gone off the reservation” (as I wrote) or otherwise become expendable.

  8. Sydney Powell reveals what she has on the U.S. Government conspirators and their state-level colluders with the Dominion Voting machines.

    Proud to say that this Tarheel lady attended the same school I attended, and that she has a bigger set of balls than most men living…

    • Re: Her ABSURD claim that Dominion was originally a communist operation used to make it look like Hugo Chavez won by a landslide:

      Yes, on Faux News’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” show last night, the woman lawyer was mouthing a CIA confusion-disinformation narrative that Dominion Voting Systems “was created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez,” and that it is funded by Cuba, China and Venezuela (and if she was not a Trumpist she would no doubt have added RUSSIA to the list of “enemies behind” Dominion) – and that it has been used all over the world to change election results to take away freedom.

      Reality check for you, Ivan: Chavez really DID win his elections by REAL landslides, and his successor Maduro also wins his elections, despite massive U.S. interference.

      • “Dominion is a communist plot” indeed! Faux News manages to be even more stupid, and cater to even more stupid people, than the Democrat TV channels. For honest, reliable news journalism, you generally need to turn of the TV and go online and then it is a needle in a haystack due to censorship and the corrupting power of money. Study science, history and logic, and apply the knowledge as you cross check sources. Ye shall know the truth…

      • @Anonymous…

        I knew you you would be the one to love it, Dear Anonymous.

        Reality check #1. for you, Sir : what Powell has revealed about this presidential election has nothing to do with what Chavez did or did not do!

        Reality check #2 for you : I am nether anti-Chavez nor anti-Maduro!

        Reality Check #3 : I did not approve of Trump attempting to overthrow Maduro, anymore than I approved of his overthrow of Morales in Bolivia over his nationalizing of the lithium mines!

        But, yes, of course, you do love yourself some totalitarianism, which is why you will defend the conspiracies of the United States’ Government, UNLESS they are trying to overthrow other totalitarians, in which case you recant!

        Have a nice day!

  9. Fraud has been shown at both the level of the paper ballot, up to the level of vote tabulation. When sudden, massive increases occur for one candidate, and the other one loses votes overall, wouldn’t you be suspicious? Because that is what has happened in Wisconsin, for just one example. I don’t trust Trump or Biden, as they’re both just lying, pandering, corporatist puppets. But the fraud has been obvious. The process is as corrupt as the parties. It’s all of a piece, an obviously slimy piece. The system is completely rotted through.

    • @Boomer X…

      Absolutely … this election does not pass even the most superficial form of analysis, but, to those who are desperate to get Trump out, any mention of it is ‘a baseless conspiracy theory’.

      And, yes, President Trump, just like Biden, is a tool of the corporations, though, President Trump has upside that Biden does not have.

      A born and raised Democrat, I have never seen such a bad Democrat candidate for president as Biden. He’s corporate as the day is long, a war criminal, an advocate of secret-state spying, the most brazen liar I have ever seen, was long in favour of throwing away the key on people for even small non-violent crimes, and, if that is not enough, he’s clearly addled.

      Oh, and, yes, he’s for open borders and critical race theory, not to mention 3rd stage abortion, even though he’s says he is a Catholic.

      That tens of millions of people voted for him is quite telling about what they can respect in a politician.

      Biden is so bad he makes Trump look downright good, and that’s sayin’ somethin’!

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