MIGA: Israeli Goods Will No Longer Be Labeled “Made In West Bank”

How much winning can MIGA squeeze out of their lame duck president? They’ve only got two months left to push through their agenda before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In four years in office, Blumpf never once picked up his pen to do anything about the student loan issue. Even though he temporarily suspended student loan payments because of COVID, it never occurred to him to try to take credit for it. He has celebrated endless victories for Israel though.

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  1. Jewish nationalism good, European nationalism bad. If you don’t hate yourself, White man, well, we’ll keep everyone in their hovels, so it won’t matter. Try to get anything done when you’re kept in your place most hours of the day.

    • The outrageous “Holocaust denial” laws in Europe say otherwise. In Germany, old women are locked up and tortured by Jews for the wicked crime of questioning some minor details of the official “Holocaust” narrative.

  2. Sir, the Yankee Haifa and Acre Israelis, with their carpetbaggery and their highfaluting ways, have always lorded it over the Hebron and Beersheba Southrons, who are too meek and, yet, too proud for their own good. But, sir, we are all Southrons south of Jerusalem, Jew, Arab, and Ethiopian. Except for the Elat-ians, good sir.

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