Jexodus: Jews Abandoned Trump In The 2020 Election

Correction: I’ve been saying that Donald Trump won 3% more of the Jewish vote based on the AP exit poll. It turns out that MIGA lost the Jewish vote by the largest margin since John McCain in the 2008 election. MIGA turned in the worst performance with the Jewish vote in 20 years.

The Jerusalem Post:

“A GBAO poll commissioned by J Street found that Jewish voters voted for nominee Joe Biden with a 56 percentage point margin over President Donald Trump in the US 2020 presidential election.

Some 77% of Jewish voters voted for Biden, compared to 21% who cast their votes for Trump, according to the poll. This is the worst presidential election performance by Republicans among the Jewish community since 2008, according to J Street.

In congressional races, American Jews supported Democratic candidates by a similar margin – 78% to 21%. …

Jexodus has happened.

The Jews got everything they wanted out of Trump.

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  1. Bacteria in the gut of a flee,
    on the back of a rat,
    In the hull of ship,
    Owned by a merchant.

  2. Joos betrayed a Gentile ally? When has that ever happened before? Gosh, Wally, it’s almost like certain people can’t be trusted!

  3. Trump’s biggest donors were Jewish. They gave him literally hundreds of millions of dollars. Just because most American Jews are liberal doesn’t mean the MAGA movement wasn’t a thoroughly Jewish phenomenon.

    By the way Stormfront are now fans of Alan Dershowitz because he says Trump will win a second term lol I think they need new opening music for their radio show. I recommend ‘Super Trump’ from the talented lads of the Jerusalem Boy’s choir.

    • The big Jew money on Wall Street went to Biden by all accounts. Trump’s Jewboy gambling buddies like Adelson, Winn etc. stuck with Trump.

      • Yep, betting on both horses is what Jews do. But if you’re anti war you should be aware that the big Zionist Jews, and the Jewish supremacists donated to Trump.

  4. I am doing a major lol on this. Just like the sucking up to blacks never works, it also never works with Jews. 21%, eh? Even if a couple of other polls were to find it at 24%,, it’s still a comical vote. Romney got 30% of the Oyyy veyyy vote.

    Without a doubt the Trump presidency has been an extremely bizarre one. He did many things halfway or not at all. Lock her up? Remember that? Yeah, not even close. Deporting millions of illegals? Not even close. Cracking down on social media scumbags? Not even close. He got a ” Hail Mary” pass completed on the wall when he and a 100% Republican dominated House and Senate did nothing on the wall during his first two years as president. Only due to a 5 to 4 Supreme Court decision was he allowed to use money from the military budget for the wall. Allegedly, 450 miles is due to be completed by the end of the year. Better than nothing or 100 miles up? No doubt about it but once again it shows another Trump moment of not getting it done or only partially done. He should have been on that wall issue no later than 3 months into his presidency. He waited 3 years!

    I just saw something else about Trump regarding birthright citizenship. Thinking about doing an executive order on it. Lmao. Now? Are you kidding me? In the ( probably) twilight of your presidency and you do this now? Why not 3 years ago? Unbelievable. What a mess.

    I voted for Trump because virtually all Democrats make me gag. They are an anti White, anti Christian, pro homosexual, pro open borders, pro black thug party. Just that simple why I voted for Trump over the absurd, out of it Biden. But I do love it when Ann Coulter trashes Trump. Why? Because she’s right. Trump is slow and bumbling. Kushner and company truly did a number on him.

    While I do hope the voter fraud issue is dealt with 100%, Coulter and Hunter and others may well be very right that Trumpism without Trump is the way to go. I will at least always give him the respect for bringing these issues to the table, though sloppily. He simply is not as coherent or strong as advertised. Ironically, the anti war people have proven to be disgusting hypocrites. Trump has not been a war president yet he gets no credit. Thanks, jewsmedia and Hollywood.

    On a side note the talk is that Obama will be pushing into billionaire status soon. He put out his 5th book and in typical ghetto fashion, an ex president doing 5 books is totally against protocol. He is simply a disgusting hypocrite. Plus he got all that Netflix cash for being a leftist black dirtbag. Such an arrogant jerk, too. His pictures, poses and statements show a totally self obsessed jerk. Of course he and his racist wife live in White areas because well, even blacks know other blacks can’t keep up anything.

    The ” all cultures are equal” routine is America’s undoing. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be great comedic material. It’s gonna all blow up soon. Too many people with too much diversity with too much economic tension while the super rich incredibly pull away from the rest of us like no other time has put us on the threshold of a much needed breakup.

    The Super rich suck. I even saw a video of Trump years back reveling while saying he ” beat a lot of people” in the real estate game. And folks wonder why socialism never goes away? Lol. A strong middle class is what’s needed and not the wealthy doing better than ever. Maybe Trump’s comical 21% of the jewish vote would disagree.. Miga baby!

    • This was the Brazilification of the US. You all got to witness it. Whites finally outnumbered if not outgunned,

      • I’ve been saying that Brazil is where we’re headed for some time. I had hoped it would take a little longer. These “stop the steal” people are going to have to wrap their heads around the reality that their country has been sold out and given away.

        • Lol try South Africa perhaps Haiti if the Chinese dont use America for the overpopulation crisis like India’s been doing

      • Brasil with nuclear weapons and chabad-lubavicher masters.

        I’d hate to be a millennial or zoomer 15-20 years from now.

  5. I think the Jews & Catholics are going for a conspiracy theory to explain Trump’s election loss—rather than admit their own part in it.

  6. I think the Jews wanted Trump out because, with his open sucking up to them and giving Netanyahu anything and everything on a silver platter, singling them out as a protected race whom it was illegal to criticize as a hate crime, it kinda forced them to stop shape-shifting into “Fellow White People.”

    Yeah, BLM is still going to shake down REAL White people – the vast majority of which never even owned a slave, because the pay they got toiling fourteen hours, six days a week barely sustained THEIR families much less made a slave affordable – because its low-hanging fruit within easy reach.

    They know that the Jews’ money is parked overseas too far out of their reach to bother.

    We need to educate the brainwashed White masses of asses to shed any guilt over crimes their ancestors did NOT commit against poor, so-called “people of color” and contest any debt assigned to them. Once you agree to a debt you did not rack up, you’ve promised to pay and you’re stuck with it
    Our mission is to stop allowing our race to be scapegoated for the crimes of our “Fellow White People” and dispute, dispute, dispute, demanding that any debt-collectors beat feet and pursue their REAL debtors.

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