MILO Teaches Jarred Taylor How To Take a Man

MILO designed the America First website.

The Mercers gave $12 million dollars to MILO to create a media company. Somehow, he blew through it and is over $2 million in debt. He married his black boyfriend in 2017.

Note: All of these people are toxic and repulsive. Whether it was Charlie Kirk, MILO, Andrew Anglin or Nick Fuentes, their cumulative effect was the youth vote cratering on Trump. The past three years of antagonizing “wignats” in order to flatter Boomer conservatives who were already Republican voters sowed so much division in Trump’s base that he collapsed with Independent voters.

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  1. Milo is the epitome of bad optics – and I don’t even know what “Baked Alaska” is supposed to be – isn’t he a rapper like “Little Pimp?”

    I knew Trump was popular in rap songs, but no one expected this.

    • I thought this Jarred Taylor guy was the same one who runs American Renaissance but looking him up in Wikipedia I see he is a different, younger guy. That’s the good news.

      How normal men can associate themselves with a repulsive person like this Milo character and then make sick jokes about becoming a homo is beyond my understanding. Milo is some kind of sick fuck with his black “boyfriend” and is leading the typical destructive lifestyle of a homo and trying to draw as many people into his circle of Hell as possible. These grifters are all repulsive.

        • Do a review of Adam Curtis’s Hypernormalization.

          It catalogues the breakdown of Modernism in the West and the Rise of Suicide Bombing in the East.

          Trump shows up along with Assad and Patti Smith.

          It creates a tantalising link between performace artists and Trump that is so obvious that many missed it like the nose on your face.

          Trump was always part of the NYC cabaret.

          • I watched it, it’s a good documentary. It does seem absurd that so many pined their hopes for a better America on an Oligarch, but he initially talked a good game on a populist-nationalist narrative, and it took him to the Presidency. After that, it was four years of flailing about except when it came to Israel. Watching the movie, it seems likely that nothing will come of Trump’s Middle Eastern peace measures either, not that anyone will notice.

          • Exactly on the Middle East peace moves. One decent thing with Trump is that he avoided kicking off any new wars. Not a small thing.

      • The great Jared Taylor with one r is a listening habit of mine. He does a podcast I highly recommend with Paul Kersey. You can find it on the website.
        The sodomite miscegenist MILO has been critical of Jared Taylor because he felt his outspokenness on race and immigration issues was hurting “our cause.”

        • I’m also a big fan of American Renaissance so when I saw Jarred Taylor (two ‘r’) I confused him with the guy from AR. I thought Jared (one ‘r’) Taylor had gone off the deep end. I’m not current with what these grifters and fags are doing, nor do I want to be.

        • @lsa90

          >>> he felt his outspokenness on race and immigration issues was hurting “our cause.”

          2016: Stop discussing race and immigration you might make Trump lose!

          2020: Stop discussing race and immigration you might make Trump lose!

          2024: Stop discussing race and immigration you might make Rubio lose!

          This is the most important election of our lifetime.

  2. Sorry Hunter, the little spats amongst what was once the alt-right had zero effect on the vote. The total amount of people paying any attention to all of you guys is just about what Rand Paul and Ted Cruz had when they dropped out in 2026, 0%.

    I think it was the website of the Councils, before they commited Hari Kari, that said at the time, it remains to be seen where their combined 0% is going to go. I don’t think the grift right’s zero percent made any difference at all.

    Trump was down in votes with honkies because of what he said and did, his whole negrophile sphiel. But he wasn’t down much. And he did well with white women. Your data set doesn’t show it, because you are getting corrupted joosh numbers.

    • The Platinum Plan must have been a factor. I’d like to have seen a focus group live reaction to the segue into offering niggers half a trillion to stop burning down cities.

      • If they received 1/2 Trillion in cash, all on the same day it would probably be the biggest self immolation in history. Think of all the prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers et al. who would suddenly be rich. The places where they live would be a slaughter as they fought each other over the money, cash, now in everyone’s pocket.

        They would destroy themselves quickly with that kind of money. It would be best not to be within 50 miles of them on the day the money gets delivered, it would be like the movie ‘The Purge’.

    • Agreed. Very few people are paying attention to these idiots. I don’t know who they are and I don’t plan on changing that.

  3. Ridiculous analysis this time, HW. We don’t matter to the GOP, as evidenced by the open season declared on White dissidents by the DOJ. Some didn’t even have to leave home to get prosecuted for not being ashamed of our naturally evil pink-toned skin. What mattered most to the normie voter is economics, in this and every election. Trump broke every major campaign promise on trade, immigration, etc., so all he had to hang his cotton-candy wig on was the economy. When various gov’t authorities used the pandemic to shut down the country, their corporate masters not-so-coincidentally benefited the most. Small businesses have been decimated and cities were burned while all politicians — including Trump — did nothing but ineffectually tweet and posture. (Why do nothing to stop the savages from rampaging? Crises are used to crack down on the compliant, remember. Radical action is used to manufacture the problem, which leads to the inevitably totalitarian reaction and solution.) Broken promises and economic insecurity sank the Unstable Pinhead, not catering to the donor cuckservative crowd by lower-tier e-celebs most people have never heard of before.

    Most people don’t get much out of Wall St., with the S&P 500 being largely turned into the elites’ preserve. The Fed and Plunge Protection Team will flood that higher echelon of the stock market with trillions in e-currency and charge it to the plebes. We have gained nothing from Trump but added debt, radically increased White hatred and being put further under state control in almost every aspect of our lives. What will matter in the near future isn’t how Biden will be told to administer the nation by his masters, but how we respond to the increasingly neo-feudal treatment we’re subjected to by our herders in office. If we don’t fight back against having our most basic rights taken away, we will be living in one large prison, and we will deserve our ignoble fate. If anyone doesn’t believe that the political class is using this pandemic situation as a control exercise, you are too stupid to use shoelaces. Stick with velcro, and don’t forget to empty your drool bucket every two hours.

    • The Prison is strongly fckn implied in the last 30 minutes of this film.

      If only Trump had the instincts of a Hitler. If only. The reality is that he’s an actor on a stage.

      • Joe’s former friends in the Democrat Party are going to beat him like a rented mule. There are no real friends in politics, and everyone is just a tool to be used right now or later. That Joe is mentally not there is now inarguable, and his former Democrat friends have calculated that betraying him will pay off more than loyalty toward him will.

        The only question remaining for them is how to betray Status Quo Joe with as little cost as possible to themselves with maximum political benefit.

  4. If you call yourself a conservative, White Nationalist, Southern Nationalist, etc and you support homos and degenerates like Milo, you are neither. These people are the scourge of society. Modern day conservatism and liberalism is synonymous.

      • It should also be noted that Milo is literally a willing federal witness in the Charlottesville case for the prosecution.

        He also has doxxed dissidents and leaked the Richard Spencer angry rant that went viral.

        Oh yeah, he’s also a zionist jew. Sorry to bury the lead.

  5. It must be a Millenial thing to so flippantly talk about sodomizing another man. It is disturbing to see what passes for humor/entertainment now after 30 years of the jews’ Entertainment Industry brazenly promoting their GloboHomo agenda.

  6. Re: “the increasingly neo-feudal treatment we’re subjected to by our herders”:

    Yes, They (the neo-feudal nobility) even use the term “herd,” as in “herd immunity” for the masses of common people. We are their herd, their animals, their “market,” and mere statistics.

    “having our most basic rights taken away”:

    Replaced with the “right” to “vote” in their “elections,” the “right” to continue working for their businesses and shopping in their stores during a pandemic, etc.

    But here is what a state that REALLY is “of, by and for the people” can do:

    • In an article about Malawi and Israel at MintPress, I noticed the Malawi foreign minister is Eisenhower Mkaka. Heh. Eisenhower could indeed be filled with caca. Ciao.

      • Yes, that is a good article, too, explaining that Zionism has literally bought off (at bargain prices) Africa from supporting Palestine. Soon the indigenous people of Palestine will not have a single state in Africa supporting them by acknowledging their existence. Sunni Muslim nations in the Middle East are also being subverted, to abandon Palestine.

        MintPress is a reliable source. .

  7. When Trump is out of office I can see nigger Anglin creating some distance from these degenerates as Hunter is now. These people are a joke. If our adversaries wanted to make Trump supporters look foolish they couldn’t have picked a better group to do so. They must be having a good laugh.

  8. I am so glad this era is ending. Everything about it ended up being repulsive, and it all it did was delay and detour the path that the “alt-right” was already on. Things are finally getting back where they were prior to Trump, but what a waste of time and energy it all was.

  9. @ i really feel sorry for you younger guys & girls , if all you have is n, fuentes, b alaska, milo, anglin, as your voices, you have. Basically no one. Instead of hating and insulting baby boomers, you should be picking their brains, while they are still around, the powers that be have certainly upped rhee ante, we are in uncharterd territory, tread carefully..

  10. A surefire test to separate the real right from conservatards is fawning over sodomites. The latter do; the former don’t. Trump does, of course, which, along with his devotion to his murine son-in-law, is definitive proof his brand of conservatardism/civic nationalism is a dead end. That having been said, he would have won the election if not for fraud.

  11. Got no problem with Nick or Anglin. They are on top of the issues, and Nick represents us well. Why don’t you save your venom for the Israel First Crowd trying to reconfigure the GOP holodeck instead?

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