The Conservative Case Against Cucking On Race and Homosexuality

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We’re looking at issues voters actually care about.

Voter Study Group:

What issues are “very important” to the Right?

0.6% of young conservatives and 2.6% of older conservatives rank gay rights as a “very important issue.” It is one of the least important issues by issue preference for both groups. 8.2% of Moderate Younger Middle Income voters rank gay rights as a “very important issue.” It is also dead last for them in terms of the issues that they care about. Democratic Leaning Working Class voters (DLWCs) don’t care about gay rights. DILEs are the only group which is even slightly animated by LGBTQ issues.

3.8% of young conservatives and 40% of older conservatives rank racial equality as a “very important issue.” Younger conservatives are a standard deviation less likely than the general public to say that racial equality is a very important issue. Both groups rank racial equality as their #18 most important issue though. Older conservatives are simply more cucked on being perceived as “racist.” Only 20% of Moderate Younger Middle Income votes say racial equality is a “very important issue.” They also rank racial equality #15 in terms of their issue preferences. DILEs are antiracism voters.

61.2% and 66.2% of younger and older conservatives rank immigration as a “very important issue.” It is their #8 and #12 most important issue respectively. DILEs, DLWCs and MYMIs rank immigration as their #18 and #20 most important issues. The Right cares about immigration far more than the Left does. 54.3% of DLWCs says immigration is a “very important issue,” but they aren’t voting on the basis of that issue. DLWCs rank health care, Social Security, Medicare, the economy, jobs, crime, poverty, education, the environment, terrorism, taxes and climate change above immigration, racial equality and gay rights.

The importance of “identity politics” is vastly overrated by conservatives. DLWCs are voting for the Democrats on the basis of economics and health care.

Voter Study Group:

“What is especially interesting in the 2017 VOTER Survey, however, is the split among DLWC voters — Trump made inroads into this group in 2016, capturing nearly 25 percent of the DLWC vote compared to 70 percent for Clinton.(5) This percentage for Trump was especially significant because only 17 percent of DLWC voters were registered Republicans in 2017. Thus Trump measurably improved upon his party’s historic standing with these voters; Mitt Romney captured only 19 percent of this cluster in 2012. The cluster group analysis for 2017 reveals that DILEs and DLWCs are much less symmetric in their voting preferences than CYs and COs. DLWCs generally provide around 20 percent of their votes to Republicans, while DILEs do not exceed 1 percent (Table 2).”

Democrat/Independent Liberal Elites voters (DILEs) are 13 percent of the electorate, Democratic-Leaning Working Class voters (DLWCs) are 27 percent of the electorate), Moderate Younger Middle-Income voters (MYMIs) are 19 percent of the electorate, Conservative Younger voters (CYs) are 14 percent of the electorate and Conservative Older voters (COs) are 17 percent of the electorate. Conservatives are 31% of the electorate in this study.

In 2019, 37% of Americans were conservatives and 35% were moderates. 30% of Indies were conservatives. 45% were moderates. There simply ISN’T a conservative majority.


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  1. As a Southern Gentleman, I came to a point some years back where I realized my gentility and desire to show kindness to other human beings was being used against me and mine.

    After that I resolved to remain a gentleman, but, I am always ready to risk being seen as an uncouth bully and a White Supremacist hater when it comes to matters of homosexuality and race.

    So, when the matter of faggotry comes up, I make it plain : Southerners have always believed that, in the end, what you do in your private life is your business, BUT, if what you do is not within the bounds of a committed relationship with someone of the opposite sex, you merit no status or recognition from our community.

    As to race, White people oft do ask what the Confederate flag means on my clothing, to which I give a myriad of answers, the most common being : this flag is the sign of my tribe and our right to rule over our lands without interference from any other party.

    Interestingly enough, Southern Blacks never bother me about my insignia, because they, unlike so many ‘educated’ Whites, seem to know precisely what it means.

    I recall once in the Walmart pharmacy, I saw a Negress my age with a BLM shirt on. I walked up to her and, pointing at the flag on my hat, I said, ‘I respect your right to support and advocate for your people, because I sure am going to do so for mine.’

    Then, with an expression of full empathy on her face, the Negress clasped me by the arms and said she understood.

    In any case, we must not back down, must not seek ways to avoid being vocal on these issues.

  2. @Brad — Guess what. Kelly Loeffler who claims she is Catholic in public, is married to a Jew, who is a partner in Blackrock the investment banking house and securities sales operation.

    • @Krafty…

      There can be no doubt that Senator Loeffler is a denizen of The Corporate-Globalist Swamp – to the very highest degree, and, if she were not Governor Brian Kemp, himself one of them, never would have appointed her.

      I love her hair and, in general, how she presents herself as a full-blooded woman with unremitting wiles.

      The rest of her you can keep.

    • Well most Catholics are going to Hell anyways for following “Pope” Francis he is very evil hope the Muslims burn him alive after he washes there feet

      • There’s a funny meme going around where anti-pope Francis says that one must be inoculated with the (((covid-19 vaccine))), or they cannot get into heaven. It’s supposed to be a joke, but he would definitely be onboard with that neo-RCC doctrine.

        • Aside from the fact that it’s doubtful Pope Francis even believes in God, future generations of Catholics are likely to remember him once a year, as the English do Guy Fawkes.

          (Penny for the Francis, Señor?)

  3. They know what we want which is why the 2 party system cuts right through the middle of it. This is how you know they are firmly against populism, they are for control over the masses and the rich getting richer: Capital Supremacy.

    They know the issues we care the least about, and they only stage their “fights” there to give the illusion that there isn’t bipartisan consensus, when there clearly is on every issue that matters aka the issues the people care about.

    The only thing people should be taking from all of this research is that the federal system is firmly against the interests of the people, and BOTH parties are actively working against the interests of the people.

    We are serfs, and this is a plantation. There is no solution within their system.

    • “There is no solution within their system.”

      What you are really saying then is that there is no solution other than by extra-legal means. Those that would ask ZOG’s kind permission to create a White ethnostate, or even expect it, have already accepted slavery in their own hearts.

    • Socialism is popular so the Dems make it explicitily anti-White, so just enough Whites get scared and leave the Dem plantation to keep the GOP’s unpopular conservatism relevant.

      Nationalism is popular so the GOP paycheck talking heads add implicitly anti-White selfish libertaranism, small gov to the mix, so just enough Whites are repulsed and go vote Democrat for their socialism promises.

      Libertarianism is a fuck you I got mine ideology. Nationalism is groups working together to keep their territory. How does a bunch of atomized selfish individuals work together to keep interlopers out of their space? They can’t. Libertarian nationalism is an oxymoron.

      Someone here said it best about (((the establishment))). Their plan is to keep Israel on the map, while taking America off the map. That America being Whites. That is why the two party system’s policies compliment each other perfectly. They are taking Whites off the map while keeping the GOP/Dems on the map.

    • Racial separatism is not a sin in the Orthodox Church, regardless of what some degenerate former Episcopalian believes. He shamelessly cites the Russian “basis of social concept” in support of his argument, when that same document explicitly states that ethnic loyalty and ethnic nationalism are both good. He’s a liar and he’s scum.

  4. Everything he says is true at least to a degree. But he also leaves out that the nation/ethnos itself determines who is an invader and who is a welcome immigrant, and that this too is right and just. St. Moses the Black became a desert Saint in Egypt, well and good; he didn’t advocate or speak about his kinfolk entering Egypt and swamping the original inhabitants either.

  5. Any White man or women for that matter who doesn’t put their race 1st, is a race traitor and should be shunned. Whites are the only race that puts other races above their own. The GOP and conservatives are proud virtual signalers.

    • @John,

      Being virtuous is a European behavior that other races do not share. Another one of our Achilles heels is being virtuous to non-whites and expecting reciprocity.

      • Some Whites have to learn the hard way. Will they ever overcome their virtuous behavior? I don’t see it in the near future. I have FB but never use it but once in a while I look to see what my “Conservatives” friends are saying and it’s nothing but based black conservatives. It’s like they’re almost ashamed to post anything pro White for fear of being labeled racist. The brainwashing is that strong even among “Conservatives”

      • No. European history is filled with exterminating the enemy and brutalizing degenerates. The “being virtous” you speak of does not predate modernity (1600s up) and is largely driven through the efforts of a hostile infiltrator, collabortating or degenerate elites, entertainment, with hordes of freaks and Mud thugs backing them.

  6. Charlie Kirk is right about liberals coming after us. What is wrong about is Trump. Trump is a wuss and has always been. He didn’t stop non-liberals from being persecuted during his administration and he failed to put a single liberal in prison despite conspicuous evidence of their guilt in a panoply of crimes. Plus, he let his daughter marry a (((weasel))) and convert to weaselism in order to do so.

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