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If Andrew Anglin wasn’t already an incel truther and conspiracy theorist with a fetish for teenage Third World prostitutes, he ought to be sterilized for being this retarded.

The Daily Crackpot:

Trust the Plan

I have said that Nick has been sent to us – to me, to you, America, and to the white race – directly by God. There is no other explanation as to how we ended up.

But I want to point out Nick’s own gift from God: that is his true and unwavering faith, which any Christian can see glowing all around him, like a Super Saiyan powering up. This faith is more important than any skill he has. True faith in God is an absolute prerequisite for any revolutionary. That is more true now than ever before, and it was always true. …”

Nick Fuentes is an angel who has been sent by God to save America and the White race. Bill Gates is coming to vaccinate me in a FEMA camp. Let me tell you how all these other people who roll their eyes at this nonsense which is soaked up by chumps and retards are bad optics. Trust the plan!

The reason that the Alt-Right didn’t work is because it didn’t appeal to paleocons who are 6% of the American electorate. It didn’t appeal to the oldest demographic group in the United States. It didn’t bang its drum hard enough about how COVID-19 is a massive global conspiracy.

“Looking back, I realize that the reason the Alt-Right didn’t work, why it turned into an absolute nightmare, is that it was not a Christian movement. As far as I can remember, I was the single Christian of any of the main figures, and some of them turned out to be satanists. Obviously, if we had been chanting “Christ is King” in Charlottesville, things would have went a lot differently. …”

Who is really the bad optics?

Who has really gone insane here?

Who was so cringe, toxic and repulsive that White college-educated voters, Independents and moderate voters in the suburbs defected from Trump to Joe Biden?

“Now, everyone that was involved in the Alt-right has either become some kind of federal asset or gone completely insane. These people promote the coronavirus lockdown hoax, and they literally endorsed Joe Biden. I spent years putting together an internet movement, only to watch all of that energy be pissed away by a bunch of bizarre freaks.”

It was cranks and retards like Andrew Anglin:

Just ask them why they passed on voting for Donald Trump:

Who is he trying to appeal to here?

“I should have known then and I didn’t, but I do now: the only way that any man can stare into the face of the devil without flinching is with Jesus Christ and His Angels at his back. When the maximum amount of pressure comes down on non-Christians, they break. Nick feels the reality of God like I feel it, and he’s not going to break. You can bet the whole farm on that.

I personally struggled to develop the faith that I have now. I always believed in God, but becoming a true Christian was a journey. The number one thing that put me where I am today as regards my relationship with God is the pressure I was put under doing this job, and the sacrifices I was required to make, toiling as I did, often feeling as though no one appreciated it, having to put faith in God that it was worth while.

If I didn’t have faith in God, I would have cracked. It became a matter of simple necessity. …”

The Left Behind Boomers?

Henlo friends, we’re going to replace the Alt-Right …

… with Groyper paleocons who are traditional conservative Republican voters (!!!)

The problem is that there was no possible way for Trump to win the 2020 election with the 22.7% (2016) or 32% (2020) of the electorate that is conservative. He couldn’t win with 94% of Republicans.

Let this sink in.

You can’t win with anywhere between 25% and 33% of the electorate. Every Groyper in the United States could vote for Trump and it wouldn’t matter because the war is fought elsewhere.

What happened here?

The election was fought and lost over here along the front in the trenches between the two parties in an entirely different region of the electorate far to the Left of the Groypers where moderates, populists, Independents and Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWCs) voters are located.

Note: Step One for the GOP has to be distancing itself from the crackpots or else it will continue to bleed White-college educated moderate voters in the suburbs.

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  1. Don’t you pal around with Richard Spencer??? He’s accused of being an fbi asset, isn’t he???

    Why do you feel it necessary to shit on Nick Fuentes or the DS??? Why do you hate an America First movement that proudly identities as Christian??? Are you a democrat that practices paganism?

        • …says the biggest nut on the tree, the PSYCHO CHRISTIAN who’s always CAPITALIZING things and wishing HOLY HELL on anyone who doesn’t follow his DELUSIONS to the LETTER.

          You’re the bitterest, most spiteful person on the Internet.

  2. I admire the subtle nature of Myers writing. The mother at the end delivers the punchline…

    It’s easy to miss what’s going on blaming each other for various failures. I think it’s a good idea to concentrate and squeeze the juice with all these lemons we are stuck with.

  3. I actually like Anglin and find this painful. He may have been crude and over the top but he is also a great comedic writer who did a lot of good. He put out short digestible articles which reached a whole new generation and to see him behaving like this is disappointing and painful. I cant believe he is either being serious when he does this Nick Fuentes and Trump preaching garbage. Pathetic and sad are the only words I can think of when reading this.

    Fuentes is just bad optics and at the core. He in an unlikable tiny little man who is unable to do anything beyond ask for super chats and talk about Trump. He has zero core beliefs which dont change based upon the winds of donation sheckles. Seeing a petite man in oversized Hawaiian shirts acting smarmy and commanding you to sacrifice it all for a president that was a disaster needs to fade away sooner than later.

    • I don’t have an issue with nigger Anglin, but he should take a step back for a few. He has lost his way. He has invested a lot in this election and is clearly reaching. Vox Day is also embarrassing himself. They both think this system is legitimate.

      It’s not. Anglin would be better off finding a wife at his age and being a real man. The 4 Chan stuff is fun to read but it shouldn’t be a man’s entire life.

      These degenerates like Spencer, Baked Alaska and Fuentes are homosexuals. Freak shows. They got caught up in MAGA and have been stunted. Like trauma has stunted their growth as humans. It’s cringe seeing it and it is uncomfortable witnessing the strangeness.

      These people like TRS remind me of cultish behavior. Pure garbage. We are in for new times. Best bet is to leave the rubbish behind. I wonder if Anglin will ever straighten up and take his life seriously. Maybe weev can slap some sense into him. MAGA was an odd era. And looking back on it, I’m glad it’s over.

  4. If Andrew Anglin and Spic Fuentes are the ones to define what is and isn’t Christian, then I’ll be glad not be a Christian.

    • @Hampton the reason I have affection for Anglin is because of his few and far between religious posts. He has always been over the top and uncomfortable to read that is his gift. I usually dont agree on a lot of it but his writing is very funny and composed well.
      His religious posts and those times when he has given sincere advice in the past made him come across with a certain level of sincerity and earnest concern. He always said stay away from any type of protest or event that will involve violence or get you in trouble, and have Faith in Christ.

      I know this sounds totally off but I am telling you, go back six months and beyond and look at a holiday post. They are beautiful. I am not here to advocate for Anglin he is a vulgar degenerate and has totally sold out the past year. But i do think the man has a good side to him. Hell, I took the text from a few of his holiday posts and sent them to my parents and family. If they knew the source i would be excommunicated. But they also found them to be really moving.

      • “He always said stay away from any type of protest or event that will involve violence or get you in trouble, and have Faith in Christ.”

        You’re either ignorant or a liar.

        The reason Anglin is in permanent exile is because he encouraged a “Nazi invasion” of Whitefish, MT to harass some Jewish woman who was giving Richard Spencer’s mother hell. He racked up $19 million in civil judgments because he couldn’t help himself from encouraging his readers NOT to stay away from protests. He was a huge supporter of the Charlottesville disaster until a few months later. Daily Stormer had the worse “optics” of the entire movement, then suddenly a deal was struck somewhere and they came out united with Fuentes, whom he would have slammed as a mixed-race mutt in 2017.

        The “Faith in Christ” thing is relatively recent. And wow, it always struck me as a pose. Nothing “sincere” about it.

    • @Josh Hawley is loyal to Israel

      Not the FBI – Charles “Chuck” Johnson, a Shabbos Goy Republican working for Alan Dershowitz and the Jeffrey Epstein crew.

      I noticed that just yesterday Anglin went back to attacking the underage white girls raped by Epstein – calling them “prostitutes.”

      Well, it came out that Ghislaine Maxwell was paying bloggers – through Charles “Chuck” Johnson – to attack Epstein’s and Harvey Weinstein’s victims.

      And Anglin was there, doing exactly what Jews were paying for, at exactly the time they were paying bloggers to do it

      I supposed it could just be a “coincidence” but you know.

      Can we also not forget Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer who spent a decade attacking “online anti-semitic anti-Israel 9/11 truth conspiracy theories” – or Anglin’s employee, Joshua Ryne Goldberg, the Jewish terrorist that wrote for Anglin at the Daily Stormer?

      Good god how gullible are people?

  5. The Daily Stormer, pleaded with Christianity that Eastern Orthodox was the answer. Now they promote a sodomite Catholic Nick the Dick.

    Christianity is still at war with each other since the reformation era!

    30 years war, World War One/Two, and Cold War/culture war!

    Hey that Latina Women on her,

    You’re Pope needs a FEMALE wife with fertility!

      • Yeah, there’s nothing gay about a bunch of incels who’ve never been laid, say women should be kept in chains, wouldn’t even know a woman if they saw one because they’re constantly surrounded with guys, and are absolutely obsessed with gayness.

        Nick is a 22-year-old who lives with his mom and has never kissed a woman. EVERYONE thinks he’s gay.

        America First just suffered a HILARIOUS defeat—seriously, on an operatic level—and your coping mechanisms are a joy to watch.

  6. Dr Anglin says that being explicitly Christian would have produced a different outcome at Charlottesville, but that didn’t prevent Patriot Prayer from being attacked by antifa and having their members arrested. One of their guys was even murdered in the street by antifa. And they are a multiracial basic conservative group not even associated with the “far right” or White identity at all.

    • Wandre is just casting a few blades of grass into the air to see which way the Grift Right wind will be blowing in the Post-Drumpf Era.

  7. Anglin has lost his mind. Staring into the abyss, it stares back ect.

    From what I gather he’s nearing 40 and has never been married and the man has no kids. It is cringe. His slapstick Hebrew humor can be funny, but it’s old hat. He’s aligning himself with radical homosexuals and very odd people.

  8. Yoba’s show reminds me of reality TV from the 2000s. Could he be following in Trump’s footsteps? From cringe reality TV star to President Camacho.

    Remember when Christian Anglin used to post about bashing and pack raping women? It seems like only yesterday…

    • This is why St. Paul says that Christians cannot have even a ‘whiff’ of immorality about them- Because the ungodly, the walking souls already in hell, JUST LOVE TO VILLIFY any attempt at conversion, betterment, or repentance. As this site is more consistently showing, day by day.

  9. The League of the South prayed as a group before Charlottesville. Do you think career criminal Azzmador or the rest of the guys from the Daily Stormer did? I don’t think so. Anglin is simply a liar and a grifter, the “wignats” were always right, and these catboy republicans have always been wrong. Just goes to show that having an accurate read on reality and politics, and taking action based on that, is STILL not as powerful as the cult of personality that Trump and Fuentes had, which was based on virtual reality, lies and hyperreal politics.

    The Alt-Right and it’s consequences have been disastrous for Nationalism.

      • We punch our wives? Wtf you’re talking about you eunuch? You’re the one defending a movement that supports white sharia, defends Harvey Weinstein and has leaders and members who’ve said some of the most disgusting crap about women. Gtfo here loser.

        • White Shariah is sarcasm, although he does want them to be brought back under male control. He does not defend Weinstein you drip, he is opposed to the feminist laws (which will affect all of you) which his prosecution has brought about. Male feminist nazis are the kings of loserdom.

  10. Lil’ Andre, Lady Spencer, Baked Douchebag, the Castizo Princess… hell with all of ’em! They are nothing more than minor internet celebrities whose 15 minutes of fame are over. There is however a new guy in town named Paul Miller, aka, Gypsy Crusader who is raising hell on Omegle and attracting the attention of a lot of alienated zoomers. And he has a very interesting Arthur Fleck type origin-story.

    • Spahnranch 1969,

      We must be simpatico because I was going to ask you about that fella from Gotham.

      There’s been a lot of chatter both pro and cons of Mr. Miller. I find his routine pretty funny, but it wear out quickly, of he remains just a performance artist like Lady F’s estranged beau Catboy Kami who has a similar M.O. as Gypsy Crusader.

      FYI, Gypsy Crusader has close to 20K subscribers on Telegram.

  11. It’s pretty weird that Anglin, and his ‘optics-cuck’ companions (the apparently ‘right wing’ homosexuals, trannies, furries, drug users, pedophiles, zionists, and the other miscellaneous freaks of the ‘Degenerates For Capitalism’ coalition of social and physical misfits, most commonly referred to as the Alt-Lite – or, more accurately, the Grift-Right), are so intent on rehabilitating Milo’s image – him being an unprepentant degenerate homosexual Jew, and an admitted Federal informant. Anglin’s condemnation of Cantwell for naively cooperating with the Feds, Chris perhaps foolishly believing at the time that the FBI was a legitimate law enforcement organization rather than the American Cheka, makes this embrace of Milo even more bizarre.

    A good rule of thumb is that anyone connected in some way to Milo, is pure poison.

  12. Anglin shaves he heads because if he didn’t, he would have an afro. Look at that flat nose and negro lips. no wonder he likes yellow women.

  13. Really good writer, but trustworthy? Can’t say. To his credit he was the first to report on the truth of what really happened at the unfortunate Charlottesville incident and the innocence of James Fields. I do also recall him urging everyone to go there the night before but he did not, Legal suits came against him and he started saying he was playing a character and the site was all parody. Now he claims to have has found faith in our Savior. I pray that is true. Do I believe it is true? Not for me to judge.
    I do not regard TDS or FTN as parodies but they have s…t all over my Christ this week so I guess I no longer have company them either.

  14. I’ve been busy working, since I still have a job.

    I don’t know what the latest drama is, and it has made no difference to me IRL.

    I’m tuning out. If the dissident right gets its shit together and becomes a serious influence of anything, I’ll notice.

    Until then, all of this is a waste of time.

    Neither side of this has provided me any benefit, and I won’t give any more energy to any of you.

    Its all fake and gay.

      • Nah. The only prevailing wisdom at Identity Dixie is that all of our races issues emanate from an insufficient adherence to what Rufus calls “Anglo Saxon Common Law”, which is basically his version of your “Modernism” forcememe in that it has no explanatory force or bearing on the reality I live in day to day.

        I don’t even listen to the TRS flagship podcasts anymore. They are repetitive and formulaic, derivative of a time when they actually did show prep.

      • No, I’ve been here under many names. Identity Dixie doesn’t have any answers that bear more explanatory force for my day to day than your “Modernism” forcememe.

        Even TRS’ fagship podcasts are getting old and formulaic. Derivative of their recent past when they actually did show prep.

        There is literally nothing of value for me on the dissident right.

  15. He is correct that neo-nazism is fake and gay, probably invented by the CIA. These street thugs and weird fat people are neo-liberal apparatchiks.

  16. Andrew isn’t trying to help the GOP win elections; he’s testing a new market niche. The tl;dr is after whining about his followers not donating enough, seeing boomer conservative site’s Alexa ratings vis-á-vis Alt-R sites, watching multiple qanon peddlers get elected to office while Steve Kings get put under the bus, Andrew simply became disillusioned in the years after Charlottesville. However, since he has no work history, no marketable skills, and self-doxxed, he’s basically unemployable and stuck doing something that he really doesn’t believe in anymore. Hence the extreme cynicism, the fake Christianity, and the disingenuous tone. He’s actually too smart to believe the nonsense that he’s writing.

    I still donate to Andrew out of sheer pity despite hating his site. Imagine the self-debasement ritual he must go though to attach his name to articles like the one about just to appeal to a greener-pastures audience that he secretly has extreme contempt for. If his rebranding fails, he’ll be totally screwed since people don’t follow “leaders” that change their positions and he’ll have no support base to fall back on. It’s more a case of the the American right failing him, rather than visa-versa. Have a bit of sympathy for the guy.

  17. No, I’ve been here under many names. Identity Dixie doesn’t have any answers that bear more explanatory force for my day to day than your “Modernism” forcememe.

    Even TRS’ fagship podcasts are getting old and formulaic. Derivative of their recent past when they actually did show prep.

    There is literally nothing of value for me on the dissident right.

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