Why Conservative Populism Failed

The American Conservative has its own autopsy up on the Trump presidency which focuses heavily on personnel and economic issues. It is silent, however, on the GOP’s social identity problem.

In the 2016 election, Trump’s populists were 18.95% of the electorate and Trump’s conservatives were 20.4% of the electorate. The coalition was roughly equally balanced.

In the 2016 election, the Populist quadrant was 28.9% of the electorate and Trump won 65% of voters in it. In the 2020 election, the Populist quadrant shrank to 17% of the electorate and Trump won it by 47 points. The Populist quadrant declined in relative importance along with Trump’s margin in it.

In the 2016 election, the Conservative quadrant was 22.7% of the electorate and Trump won 90.2% of voters in it. In the 2020 election, the Conservative quadrant expanded to 32% of the electorate and Trump won the same 90% of voters in it. The Conservative quadrant grew in relative importance along with Trump’s margin in it. In 2016, Trump’s populists were 18.95% of the electorate and Trump’s conservatives were 20.4% of the electorate. He won the 2016 election with a populist-conservative coalition. He lost the 2020 election with a conservative coalition. He lost the election on his left flank.

In both the 2016 and 2020 elections, Trump’s voters were united more by social identity issues than by economic issues. Clearly, it is opposition to the Left on social identity issues that holds Republicans together. Populists, however, are cross-pressured on identity and economic issues. They are torn between common ground with the Left on economics and the Right on social issues. Thus, it is imperative for the Right to deliver on social issues because this is the only point of agreement.

My perspective:


I know it looks like I keep picking on Lady MAGA, but this is where the major cultural shift on social issues took place in the Trump era. Mainstream conservatism became gayer than it was under George W. Bush. MILO and Lady MAGA were a new development on the Right in the Trump era. The mainstream Right abandoned all resistance on LGBTQ issues when Donald Trump was president. Ric Grenell waged a global crusade to legalize homosexuality. The Supreme Court found that transgenderism was covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and refused to take up the bathroom issue.

Can we all agree that the mainstream Right and Donald Trump let it be known that homosexuals and transsexuals were mainstream and welcome in the GOP? If you were a populist voter watching MAGA YMCA, you may have concluded that there was no discernable difference anymore between the GOP and the Democrats on LGBTQ issues and voted on the basis of other issues.


Rightwing homosexuals went mainstream under Donald Trump. This pointedly did not happen with ethnocentric White populist voters. There was “no place” for them in the GOP. Believe me, the message was received loud and clear in populist and nationalist circles.

Lets put this in perspective to see the scope of the problem:

15% of Whites say their racial identity is “extremely” or “very” important. Among the American Preservationists who were Trump’s base in the 2016 primary and general election, 67% of them said their race was “extremely” or “very important” to their identity. 47% of them say that being European is important to being truly American compared to 2% of Free Marketeers.

Among all Whites, 37% have strong feelings of White solidarity and over 25% report strong feelings of White discrimination and White identity. What do you suppose those numbers are among Republican and Republican-leaning Independent voters? Particularly White populist voters?

The numbers are clear: White populists have a far stronger sense of racial identity than any group on the Right. White populists are far more ethnocentric than conservatives. They are far less individualistic than Free Marketeers. They are also concentrated in the Center of the electorate, not the Right. The so-called “Far Right” vote is between the Left and the Republican base, not in libertarian land.

The salience of White racial identity to Republican and Republican-leaning voters is strongest among White populists and weakest among the True Cons who run organizations like Turning Point USA. The same is true of Christian identity and American identity. The Free Marketeers who control the GOP believe in classical liberalism, modernism, antiracism, cosmopolitanism, hyper individualism and especially in the “principles” of free-market capitalism whereas the White populists are much more moderate on economics and inclined to define their identity in more traditional racial and ethnocultural terms.

This blinkered perspective had devastating consequences for Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign which was out of touch with White populist voters. Conservatives are cucked on race. White populists are not cucked on race. The latter noticed when he ran on the Platinum Plan and criminal justice reform and boasting about letting the “super predators” out of prison. The Trump administration went to great lengths not to acknowledge the existence of White populist voters who are a far larger swath of the Right-leaning electorate than any racial minority group and dwarf conservative LGBTQ voters.

In the 2016 election, Trump’s nativist message struck a chord with White populists who have a much sharper sense of White identity. He successfully heightened the salience of social identity issues. Trumpism 1.0 was going to build the wall, deport illegal aliens, ban Muslims, crush Black Lives Matter and lock up Hillary Clinton. Trumpism 2.0 was Lil’ Pimp and Lady MAGA and fell flat in the Rust Belt. The conservatives around Trump persuaded him to give up his high voltage appeal to White populist voters on social identity issues and economics that had worked in 2016. He ran on the GOP playbook.

After the death of George Floyd, the Left redefined the meaning of “racism” to mean basically all White people who are privileged and who benefit from systemic racism. Donald Trump and the GOP were unable to bring themselves to say a word in defense of White men. Cities were allowed to burn for months. If you were a White populist voter watching this, Trumpism 2.0 simply didn’t resonate with you.

Law and Order

In the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump ran as an authoritarian candidate. He ran on “law and order” and enforcing immigration laws. He was “God Emperor Donald Trump” in memes.

In the 2020 campaign, Blumpf was the candidate of the Department of Situation Monitoring. He was the candidate who impotently tweeted “Law and Order” while Antifa and Black Lives Matter ran wild and burned down cities. He was the guy who let the super predators out of prison. He was the candidate of the Platinum Plan and criminal justice reform. Joe Biden was the candidate who had supported the 1994 crime bill and the Defense of Marriage Act and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

If you were a White populist voter watching this who had voted for a strong man in 2016 to Make America Great Again, you were disappointed by your tough guy president.


In the 2016 campaign, immigration was Donald Trump’s hallmark issue. It is what set him apart from other candidates and won him the support the Hard-Pressed Skeptics who came into the GOP and voted for him. This is the reason why he won the 2016 election. He won over 25% of the DLWC vote (Democratic Leaning Working Class voters) and beat Hillary Clinton by a 3-to-1 margin among Populist voters. This is why the Democrats lost their minds about “white supremacy” too.

Fortunately for the Democrats, the conservatives in Donald Trump’s orbit persuaded him to spend his political capital on Paul Ryan’s agenda. In 2017, he backed Ryancare and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which were the two most unpopular policy initiatives of the last 25 years. They persuaded him that the Republican Congress would fund the border wall after he spent his political capital pushing their agenda. They persuaded him to walk back his harsh rhetoric on immigration to win suburbanites.

As we saw yesterday, the Trump that ran in 2020 didn’t have much to say about immigration or terrorism, which were two of the biggest issues that were on the minds of voters in the 2016 election. He didn’t deliver much on the issue either. The salience of the immigration issue declined.

What happens when cross-pressured White populist voters are not motivated to vote on the basis of immigration? They vote on the basis of economics which is what they did in the 2018 and 2020 elections. This is the reason why Nancy Pelosi runs the House of Representatives.

Political Correctness

White populists are social conservatives.

They are not the Religious Right though. They are significantly less religious and less likely to attend church on a weekly basis than paleocons. They have mixed views about abortion, homosexuality and gun control. These are not issues which really motivate them, unify them and which bring them out to the polls.

White populists are identitarian voters who resent political correctness. They were drawn to Trump in 2016 because he seemed to be inclined to challenge these norms. He wasn’t seen as a cuckservative. No one in the United States is more opposed to political correctness or wokeness than White populists because this group retains the sharpest sense of traditional White American ethnic identity. White populists look at conservatives and see people who are weaker on racial and cultural issues.

Between 2016 and 2020, the SJW problem dramatically intensified among DILEs (Democratic Independent Liberal Elites) who are the core of the progressive Left. Political correctness mutated into wokeness. If memory serves, this group is about 13% of the population and 20% of politically active Democrats. It is overwhelmingly composed of upper middle class, college-educated, White professionals.

How did Donald Trump and the GOP react to the explosion in wokeness and leftwing violence? They did nothing about the problem except for fundraising off of it. Instead, Donald Trump spent the last month of the 2020 election disavowing “white supremacy” while running on the Platinum Plan. White populists drew the conclusion that having Trump as president was simply making the matter worse.

In the eyes of White populists, Donald Trump’s reaction to the George Floyd riots highlighted his weakness on law and order and political correctness which are two of their key issues.


Donald Trump was obsessed with delivering victories for a tiny group of ultra-Zionist Jewish billionaires. The fact that he ignored his White populist base while delivering victory after victory for his Jewish donors did not go unnoticed. No one cares about “fighting anti-Semitism” or Israel. In the end, the Jared Kushner strategy netted more of the Orthodox Jewish vote in New York City and a larger fundraising haul than in 2016 while losing key White male voters in the Rust Belt and Sunbelt states.

American Heritage

The 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was about American Heritage which is an identity issue that strongly resonates with White populists. How do you think White populists took the destruction of hundreds of monuments by BLM and Antifa mobs? Did they take out their anger on the Left by voting for Trump in 2020 … or Trump for monitoring the situation and doing nothing about it?

Sex and Gender

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump won White men by historic margins. In the 2020 election, however, the gender gap shrunk because more White men voted for Joe Biden. Specifically, Donald Trump had much greater appeal to conservative men and Republican men and less ideological appeal to White moderate men and White Independent male voters. He didn’t win the same White men.

Joe Biden wasn’t as repulsive of a candidate to White men who are moderates, populists and Independent voters. Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign ignored the fact that Joe Biden was more popular with White men and less polarizing than Hillary Clinton who always had higher negatives. The same was true of Andrew Yang who attracted Trump supporters in his primary campaign. Instead of shoring up their White populist base in light of this crucial fact, the Trump campaign spent 100% of its time appealing to marginal non-White voters. Basically, they neglected the group of White men in the Center of the electorate who lean toward the GOP in favor of appealing to non-Whites who lean toward the Democrats.


Donald Trump’s appeal to White populist voters on social identity issues declined between the 2016 and 2020 elections. At the same time, the salience of issues that mattered to voters changed. Immigration and terrorism were on the minds of voters in 2016. Health care was on the mind of voters in 2018. Finally, COVID-19, economic recovery and the George Floyd riots were on the mind of voters in 2020. In light of the economic collapse, more White populist voters voted on the basis of economics in the 2020 election, which is the reason why Trump’s margin with them declined from 3-to-1 to 2-to-1. The fact that Congress was unable to send the second stimulus check likely played a big role in it.

Conservative populism failed because it simply lost traction with White populist voters on both social identity and economic issues. White populists support restricting immigration, law and order, raising taxes on corporations, sending out a second stimulus check, a single national government program to provide health insurance and a sensible response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The GOP wasn’t willing to acknowledge White identity, restrict immigration, maintain law and order or do anything about political correctness and in light of this pocketbook issues became more important.

The GOP is controlled by Free Marketeers who believe America is a proposition nation based on the “principles” of classical liberalism, hyper individualism and free-market capitalism. This faction of the Republican Party is radically out of touch with White populist voters and the wider electorate across a range of issues. The Republican Party will never become a majority party again until it ceases to be held back by this albatross which is out of alignment with both its own voters and moderate voters.

Note: I get at least three or four texts a day from these people … who want my money after doing nothing for me and losing the election.

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  1. It’s also possible that Covid19 has revealed the basic weakness of the US system. State intervention is going to be needed for a few years, healthcare, education, public services.

    • The Medicare dumps where are spread the elderly were a well-mulched bed for its growth.

      • More that the states have required shut down of business without compensations. You missed the point.

  2. A decade ago National Review would have probably said something along the lines how the “transgender community” is a natural conservative constituency which we should reach out to.
    Today they would probably offer lady MAGA a job.

  3. It’s worth noting the now-expanded lawsuit by Texas, Louisiana & Missouri, against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan at the Supreme Court

    Regardless of what the court does, this seems symbolically deep … has the whiff of leading up to USA secession break-up. if not Fort Sumter … heartland states against coastal & northern states … even some mainstream media is getting into this theme

    And the Ted Cruz offer to argue the case himself before the US Supreme Court … Cruz taking on the mantle of ‘based’ Latino, suggests a new era in USA politics, the ‘trad-minded’ including that 1/3 of Hispanics voting Right, in coalition with many whites and a sector of black voters too, and Asians as well who will climb on once it is ‘safe’ to do so

    With lots of whites marrying Latinos now, goings-on by right-wing Latinos like Cruz and yes even Nick Fuentes may have some long-term potential … the USA future might be one of restoring open respect for whites within an overall frame that is somewhat Latino, given the demographics already in place

    • That’s disgusting. We really need people to push back against Latinos. All Latino mutts who enter into our circles turn out to be just grifters like Fuentes. We shouldn’t destroy our purity on these terrible “people.” Latinos are a greater threat to us than blacks, why won’t people call them out and attack them. They take our jobs and drive down wages and make our lives miserable. Their language is atrocious and they invade our neighborhoods and kick out the urban White poor to more expensive suburbs where they can suffer even more. They peddle drugs and rape and it is they who are making America nonwhite. Blacks remained at 13% their entire existence as a people and continue to do so. Latinos are why America is verging upon being majority nonwhite. Latinos are literally conducting a genocide of us. Intermarriage with them is White genocide.

      • “Their language is atrocious” – A European languages is atrocious?

        Anyways, as a Latino, a “non-white” (a term used non-ironically here in these circles), and an anti-white supremacist/nationalist, who’s gone down the rabbit hole of websites like this out of curiosity to see what the White Right thinks, I agree and hope you maintain your staunch ideology of “White purity”. The last thing I would want is Brown people of my kin trying to sell-out and LARP as whites in order to win acceptance from a malignant group and ideology that is pathologically cancerous to America, especially an America that is going to be minority-majority. I am someone that would like to remind pale Mestizos like Nick Fuentes that their ancestry doesn’t go away, now matter how hard they try win acceptance of whites by shitting on other groups. Hopefully it’s perceived by people here as a song and dance from a comical Court Jester who isn’t aware of the joke yet.

        More especially the case since you in the (not rich) White Right perpetually vote for the Republican Party because they always tease you with “Culture War” issues. Just like the Orange Used Car salesman, who really conned you guys. He promised you a return to the Apartheid era of some romanticized 1950s era, you rushed to vote for the guy, and what? He benefited the 1% with tax cuts and more (potentially criminal) giveaways to the rich, and himself. You guys fell for it. The last thing I would want is 4/5 “whites” continuing the tradition believing their being virtuous to their “white” roots and becoming the next sucker GOP voters for the ultra-rich. Especially if you don’t want to become puppets to the 1%.

        And as a reader of people like Noel Ignatiev, someone (a “Jooooooo”) who wanted to eradicate white essential-ism, which inevitably leads to the White Right, I hope what you describe as “white genocide” manifests. Hopefully interracial marriage eradicates white indentitarian sentiments, especially if we applied your rule of “white purity”. By your standard, hopefully the next generation will have eradicated that mindset.

        • A vile minority.

          Most white people are always sucking up to your group begging for approval. Self-flagellating their whiteness to gain your acceptance like losers. You’re living in a deluded world. Very few “non-whites” do it the other way. The only one I can think of is Cadence Owens. White people constantly shit on themselves for “non-whites” who despise them.

          I once believed that eventually this would die out but I think such rhetoric by white hating white people sucking up to you will intensify as time goes on. You just want white people pandering more and more to your group as time goes on, and hilariously, want the very white purity you despise to be breed with to kill it- just showing your warped views.

          And no, most Mestizos do have some European ancestry due to Spanish Conquistadors- and European colonialism. AOC last name is literally the same as the most famous of them. Hispanics are more European than Mestizos are. Spanish is the language spoken- a European language from Spain is, again, a big killer indicator of this. I don’t know how many straight up pure Mayans and Aztecs descendants there actually are.

          Well not everyone was conned by Donald. I for one knew he wasn’t going to deliver. But I did think he was going to do more than he did. Anyways, he did further in other ways. You get conned by antiracist non-white people who claim to be for you while pushing corporate shit (Obama). I don’t know why you gloat of your superiority of racists, when by your own rhetoric, you’re probably worse than they are on this metric. Yet your side keeps pushing for racial representation under the notion, continuously often proven wrong, that such people don’t fight your interest. Do you even have the ability to be introspective of the shit you spew? Probably not.

        • “The last thing I would want is Brown people of my kin trying to sell-out and LARP as whites in order to win acceptance from a malignant group and ideology that is pathologically cancerous to America, especially an America that is going to be minority-majority. I am someone that would like to remind pale Mestizos like Nick Fuentes that their ancestry doesn’t go away, now matter how hard they try win acceptance of whites by shitting on other groups.”

          That is likely why the country is going to split apart in multiple pieces.
          Multi-racialism only works when there is a shared common culture ala Brazil.
          We don’t even have a common language in large parts of the country.

          Also, since you are likely some sort of communist, you should be aware that demographic change contributed to the breakup of your flagship state (USSR).

          “Ethnic Russians composed only 50.8 percent of the population according to preliminary 1989 census results.The changing ethnic composition of the population of the USSR as a whole reflects large differences in growth rates of ethnic groups.”

        • Wow, you’re a new twist … a (((brown))) fed posting sh*t talker. I’ll play.

          As far as mestizo power goes, I would agree white people are not as proficient in the use of machetes as brown and black people are. We’ve got plenty of guns, but there’s just something about edged weapons… our ancestors were once barbarian savages too. Some white people might think they should re-learn these old ways in order to be able to out savage the savages in the coming minority-majority norte americano economic zone. Just saying but not advocating.

          And now that we white people know know just how you POS, sorry POC, folks feel about us… hopefully we’ll step aside and let you storm the beaches of Taiwan sometime in the very near future, in order to take it back from the PRC, your brown bad ass self fighting through wave after wave of yellow killers, alongside your POS, oops sorry did it again my bad, your BLM and fabulous LGBTQP band of junk less brothers and pre op sisters… you go grrrl !

          We white boys will hold back and watch on the electric jew from a local black metal tattoo shop, getting our ink, you know a neck swastika tattoo or “KILL ” “1488” across our knuckles, in order to make us ineligible for Uncle Schlomo’s draft.

          Have fun in that Xinjiang POW camp … hope you meet some nice uighurs, cause there won’t be any whiggers there lol! Did you like the pun?

          While you away, some white boys without that blood purity hang-up will be siring you some new mixed race half white nieces, nephews and cousins.

          Not all of us are what you think we are.

          • The implicit assumption of the “New Americanos” is that they will seamlessly take the places occupied by the dwindling Anglos and enjoy the same kind of country created by Anglos; a high functioning, first world country. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The Third World types coming here are the bottom of the barrel and will re-create the Hell holes they came from, they cannot do otherwise.

            When the Third World wogs flee their homelands they are really trying to flee from themselves. When they arrive in the U.S. or Europe they are immediately aware that they are on a lower rung of life and there is nothing they can do about it. This breeds bitter resentment against real Americans as evidenced by various ethnic pride events and flying the flags of their shithole countries. This bitter resentment against White people is the strength of the Left/Democratic Party, the KKK Krazy Glue (HT Steve Sailer) that holds their miserable coalition together.

            As the numbers of Third World types grow the failure of the U.S. increases. In NYC it’s the wogs who are inheriting the city as White people flee for good. There is no way the wogs, even pajeets and chinks, the smartest of the bunch, can run the place, it is just going to shit.

            In the event of a military crisis the diverse military will fail if up against a high tech opponent like China. The U.S. Government, after a defeat will try to conscript Whites to rebuild a competent military. That is the time for Whites to vote with their feet, give the U.S. Government the finger and tell them to use their diversity to fight and win their wars. After all, the Government has been telling us for forty years that diversity is our greatest strength.

        • Roger P:

          At the risk of sounding like I’m patronizing you I understand your hostility towards the “Anglos”, who are the human equivalents of The Great Auk. They like to boast of how numerous they once were, of their ancestors having been Pilgrims or Confederate officers. They are now passing from the scene and some of them are bitter about it, so they lash out. But hey, they have no one to blame for their misfortune except themselves! Fratricidal conflicts like The Thirty Years War, The War Between the States, The Great War and WWII killed off millions of their best men. They married off their most beautiful daughters to the sons of swarthy, hook-nosed jew bankers and merchants. They brought in Chinamen and other low-wage nonwhite foreigners to replace more costly domestic white labor.

          Now many of those white Anglo men no longer find their own women desirable. Those women can’t cook, they don’t look or act feminine, they don’t want any kids and they only care about their friggin’ careers. So Juanita and Maria will take their place at the altar. Ay dios mio!

          • And as an alternative to the sultry, hot-blooded Latinx there are lots of Oriental girls with names like Chang-Ying and Chun-Hua available as well! (Of course most of ’em are spies working for Peking)

          • @Spahnranch 1970,

            Latinx is a cultural marxist term. They adopted it because it does not denote gender.

            As you are already well aware of, many of the languages of Europe have masculine and feminine proper nouns. The pushers of gender-fluidity didn’t appreciate that distinction, and so they took it upon themselves to remove the genders Latino and Latina, and replace it with the odorous term Latinx.

            I do not understand Whites with “yellow fever.” While a small percentage of East Asian women have attractive faces, but on the whole, they are built like prepubescent girls. No thanks. I need some curves; not a straightaway.

        • Roger Palafox,

          I have been on here for more than a year and been called many vile sexual and racial/ religious insults by some. Most of the people on here are not like Pat Hugh. He might be only pretending in order to bring discredit to this site. Hard to tell. Most people on here have treated me well though there are religious and racial haters on here.

          For what it is worth I never supported Donald Trump. Nor can I vote. Most of my elderly relatives who voted did vote for Trump however. I will not disrespect them for what they did.

          I am 18-19% Germanic with the rest being Spanish/Mexican. I am still in school and subject to heavy parental censorship while on this site. I really did not want to jump in with a comment but felt I should.

          I am a traditional Catholic and we might not have much in common assuming you are who and what you claim to be.

          If you reply my answers have to be mild for as a general rule I am not allowed controversy with anyone here. I am not on here because I am lonely, bored, or looking for love.

          I will take up for the Anglo when they deserve it and condemn them when they do not. Last year I stood up for Mexico when the subject was the Texas War of 1836 and the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. I was debating 7 people on here at once on the subject.

          I carry several identities–latin, white, female, Catholic, Mexican and of course after God there is my family.

          • Apparently, the Portuguese and North West Spanish have a large infusion of Celtic ancestry, and aren’t included in the official list of Celtic nations only because they no longer speak a Celtic language.
            I’m an Australian of Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry, and some of my family look Swedish, whilst some look Spanish!

          • Roger P,

            I forgot to add that even though I already have some Anglo-saxon blood in me I do not believe in mass interbreeding with the Anglo .A little here and there does not hurt but not massive amounts. I like our latin distinctiveness.

            One cannot destroy the Anglo by interbreeding without also destroying us as well. I like the way we are.

            Sounds like you hate the Anglo more than you love our people—IF you really are what you claim to be.

        • Yo ese, what up?

          Do you think that kike Noel Ignatiev has a high opinion of you cholos? Like all fellow travelers, you and your ilk are just useful idiots and worthless eaters to the Ashkenazis. They are very good at flattery and making you believe that you are both on the same side, but jews only have one side theirs (research their entire history).

          Unlike the more WASPY elements in the White dissident sphere, I’ve know plenty of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, et cetera, and I understand the way they think. Your people are simple and violent and share impulse control issues similar to blacks. That being said, I have befriended Latinos that live in my area , and as a matter of fact, we were going to defend our neighborhood together against fagtifa and blm had decided to riot and loot in our vicinity , after the presidential election. Also, the Latinas I attended high school with are sweethearts that are fully assimilated and are embarrassed by low-rider driving barrio hood rat types.

          Bottom line: Make your kosher bed with the synagogue of satan jews, and maybe you can be the next Geraldo Rivera and have bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs for your half Indio and half demon offspring.

          Puta ass bitch.

        • @Roger

          You and your kind are what is cancerous to this country. No honest person thinks that the U.S. would be improved by becoming just another Latin American shithole. And that’s exactly what is happening as more and more non-white Latin Americans come here. But thank you for admitting you support white genocide. It’s good for curious, new readers to understand that non-whites are out to destroy them. Luckily, non-Hispanic white intermarriage rates with Hispanics remains quite low, and I’d be willing to bet that the majority of those are with white Hispanics or castizo Hispanics.

        • @Roger Palafox

          Noel Ignatiev, someone (a “Jooooooo”)

          So, as we can see, Palafox is not a “Latino,” he’s Jewish – even though in his activist circles he probably does identify as a “Latino” for rhetorical purposes, based on his Sephardic Portuguese last name.

          Actual, real Latinos do not read Ignatiev, who was a fringe Jewish writer of zero interest to Latinos.

          The funniest part of the social construct of “Latino” is the fact it’s a racial supremacist doctrine. “Latino” thinkers have declared “their race” superior because they are the “People of the Sun” and have a “mix” of European, Amerindian, and Africa. They are superior to the “monoracials.”

          (Also don’t get them started on actual Africans, whom they hate and hold in sheer contempt.)

          And of course, no one is more racially supremacist than Jews, although it’s funny that Ashkenazis think of the Sephardics as their retarded cousins, while Sephardics think of Ashkenazis as cultureless barbarians.

          I’ve always found it fascinating when these people come to a “bad, white racist site” to posture before us, alternatively declaring their superiority while at the same time accusing the audience of somehow being “the establishment, man.”

          I bet Palafox is a Zionist.

        • Listen to yourself. Imagine if I was an Anglo (even though I’m Irish American) in Mexico and me and all my Anglo buddies kept flooding into Mexico to the point where Mexico was verging upon being minority Mexican. Imagine if my group became the majorities in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Veracruz, etc. and Mexicans were pushed out into refugee camps (suburbs) surrounding the cities their ancestors lived in and built. Imagine if we Anglos took all the working class jobs plummeting wages making it hard for young Mexicans to find work forcing them into college which became extremely expensive because none of them could compete with us and then on top of that if my children wanted to go to college they would get preferential treatment through affirmative action and would get special scholarships unavailable to those who would actually deserve it (Mexicans). Imagine if we committed way more crime than Native Mexicans and refused to speak Mexican Spanish and forced people to learn English and would sue if an employer made us speak Spanish. And worse of all, if you complain about this you would become a social pariah. How would you feel? You would feel like your country is being robbed from you, which it is. You would feel like an oppressed minority nobody cares about, which is true. That’s how we “Anglos” feel and here you are gloating about finishing us off on one of the last refuges where we can air our grievances. If you’re going to take our country, at least leave us be here.

      • Pat Hugh, you may be one who recognizes that “racial” genetic-cultural-national identity depends on / cannot exist without ETHNIC genetic-cultural-national identity. Some ethnicities / ethno-nationalities do not even involve racial identity since they overlap or exist on the borderline of two or three races and could claim to be any of those.

        • Of course, and Latinos are one who do not have this and hence why we should reject “White” Latinos as well. They are completely raceless and if we touch them they will consume us.

    • I don’t give a fuck about the future of this country if it means having a base population of mongrel white-Latinos. White people are worth preserving. There are enough mongrel Latinos in the world.

      • Catholics are mostly high-yellows. Look at Spaniards and Italians. LOL. The Irish would have gone that way, except the English kept them from it.

        • Ireland is mostly Catholic.
          And i will never berate southern Europeans, as they are intelligent, Christian, and have a culture and way of life that’s similar to that of the rest of Europe, and North America. They’ve invented many things.
          There are blonds in Spain and swarthy people in Wales.
          Please just leave it alone.

          • Goose,

            Well said. Northwestern Spain was conquered 1500 years ago by the German tribe Suebi if I remember correctly. The Moors never conquered them. They are a lot fairer than than other Spaniards.

          • Re: “swarthy people in Wales”:

            Probably the Iberian and Phoenician legacy of the ancient tin, copper and gold trade between the Mediterranean and southwest coast of Britain and centuries of Roman occupation.

        • Krusty Wanker,

          All three of those White ethnic groups are more attractive and well liked than North American WASPs and your first cousins on cuck island. That’s not just a retort. That’s the absolute truth.

          Way to make enemies and alienate friends. You will find yourselves alone with no allies.

    • Re: “goings-on by right-wing Latinos like Cruz”:

      Remember when he almost became POTUS instead of Trump. He was the Republican machine’s last preference over Trump, but the other Latino, Rubio, an “anchor baby,” was preferred first. Rafael Cruz was definitely born in Canada of a British citizen mother, but the Republican party had been critical of evidence of Obama’s U.S. origin.

  4. @Brad What do you estimate the % decrease in the White vote for Trump to have been as compared to 2016?

  5. The real name is Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel.
    A Michigan GOP hack from a Mormon family who play white Christian conservatives like pawns.

    • It is objectively interesting that around one in five black men supported Trump. I’m not sure what it means though.

      • Within the population of black men who actually vote (engaged with no felonies), it means they are primarily athletes, rappers, and Bob Johnson types who want to pay $750 in federal income taxes. Like Trump.

  6. These white “populists”—of whom, for whom, and as one of whom you speak, Mr. W.—have a position that is untenable, self-defeating, self-contradictory really. The bulwark of social identity is private property. Who would violate the latter leaves the former undefended.

      • Private property leads to higher levels of wealth and productivity, but it has also led to “every man for himself”.

      • What they had—and have—is enforced non-identity, which is the truly-Jewish creation of Marxism. That’s what’s being fashioned, too, in the so-called public schools and the student-loan-funded universities and even in the pseudo-private hospitals and by the pseudo-private medical-insurance companies and in or by all the rest of ZOG’s reeducation camps, into all of which, our host, Mr. Wallace, would like to see yet more white money drained.

    • Private property, always private property.

      Property is theft. Ethno-national social identity depends on / cannot exist without COMMON wealth.

  7. I don’t know why you are writing these.lond dissertations and analysis’ of the 2020 presidential election and the GOP. It’s almost as if you want them to hire you as a consultant for the 2024 presidential primary and general election.

    Really, who gives a shit why Trump) Kushner lost? They didn’t represent us, as a matter of fact, they disavowed us and our support.

  8. “conservatives” are no better than the left. Both support mass immigration( one legally and the other illegally), homosexuality, and endless wars for Israel. They have become synonymous with one another.

  9. Yes and it’s really gonna take time before the Republican Party understands that. Just commented on a person’s post on Facebook about this subject….that a Moderate Republican would probably Win against Joe Biden in 2024. A candidate that’s “Civic Nationalist” , Populist, Moderate, Patriotic, and so on. Good ole fashioned oh I dunno…..Donald Trump for President 2016? It’s a fact that he lost those voters because he got all “right wing” and he lost the Presidential election because of it. I see people constantly posting that under no circumstances would they go along with the election results and say that Joe Biden is President. LOL Yea so what if Trump would have won? Those same people on the right wing would be all about early voting and how great Trump is. Fact it is was those right wing extremist voters that made him lose the election and you’ve been making that well known with FACTS here. Good job my friend! One other note…it’s pretty obvious that Fox News is afraid of Trump and still putting out Conspiracy Theories right out of his campaign. They act like he’s still President. Not! LOL! They must be afraid he’s gonna get his own media company going with all that Jew money left out of his campaign. They’ve even been emailing out saying that Trump 2021 Calendars are for sale. Who would buy that? Losers! LOL! With all joking aside…I think the Republican Party really should jump off the Trump Titanic and focusing on Moderate Republicans in the future…especially the Mid Terms and 2024. The Blue Dog Democrats are probably not happy with the far left wing direction of the Democrats right now so it would be a nature Moderate friendship that could take this country forward. Deo Vindice !

      • Although I dislike the guy, elderly relatives who listen to that fat fraud Rush Limbaugh have told me that Rush predicts Slow Joe will be gone by the end of April, 2021 and Camel Toe Harris, the Hindu-Dindu will be sworn in as Mr. President. I think Rush is probably correct on this one.

        Perhaps the tax investigation of Hunter is the first warning shot to Slow Joe that the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA etc. have lots more where that came from. Slow Joe also took lots of bribe money from Ukraine, China and everywhere else, too; he is as dirty as can be and vulnerable to blackmail.

    • Trump was a unique moment in U.S. politics, he broke through, triumphed, and was in a secure position to force change. He could have forced the building of the southern border with an Executive Order and likewise stopped immigration as GWB II did (with an Executive Order) after 9/11. He could have ordered massive deportations of illegals, they were already here illegally, all this was within his purview as President. He could also have ordered U.S. troops to be withdrawn from overseas as Commander-in-Chief and said he changed his mind, the U.S. would stay in the Iran deal, tough shit to “Our Greatest Ally”.

      To do these things he needed reliable staff which was there for him, people like Kris Kobach on immigration. Trump could have stuffed the bureaucracy with his people instead of careerists and Republican hacks. Trump, as President also had the power to declassify anything he wanted to push back against the CIA, FBI, NSA and the rest of the (so called) intelligence agencies to keep them in line and pardon Julian Assange and Eric Snowden as a big FU to the ruling class. All of this would have been hugely popular with the people who voted for him and even many normies who didn’t.

      When Trump was sworn in the establishment, especially the Republicans were deathly afraid of him. Trump drove Bob Corker (R. Tennessee) and Jeff Flake (R. Arizona) out of office. Paul Ryan (R. Wisconsin) followed later. Politicians fear nothing more than losing an election and Trump could have threatened even people like Mitch “The Undertaker” McConnell with political defeat if they didn’t go along. Politicians, especially Republicans have no courage and they would have hated Trump but their fear would have led them to reluctantly support him and defy their corporate owners.

      Instead, Trump gave the Republican establishment what they wanted, abandoned his voters, listened to his miserable son in law and grew a cult of personality. The 2018 mid term loss of the House was a warning that went unheeded by Trump when he still had time to correct things. More than anything else Trump was incompetent, that was why he lost the 2020 election and he deserved to lose, too. It’s too bad we get stuck with those vile, cretinous animals, Slow Joe and Camel Toe Harris, the Hindu-Dindu.

  10. Neither side gives a shit about us. That’s been apparent since the 70’s. Whenever someone comes along that wants to effect real change, they’re sucked into the center by the establishment vacuum cleaner. The system is big, and won’t tolerate boat rockers.
    There’s genuine frustration throughout the West with government backed endless ‘legal’ immigration, actual illegal immigration that’s not being dealt with, the loss of jobs to China and endless wars that mean nothing to us.
    We live in a world where ‘progress’ usually means progress toward leftwing causes, and never benefits us. And we never voted for any of this back when we were the obvious majority.
    And let’s be honest:- the Right is far from united. We all want a similar destination, but differ on the journey that should be taken to it. To cap it off, our message can’t reach mainstream readers as the noses control all the major platforms, and block what we say, preventing them from being viewed in their true light.

  11. The lgbt stuff is most apparent. Conservatives didn’t even show up to the fight against transgender child abuse. They just pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s clear they do this because they support it and they really really do not want their voters to know it is even happening at all or to make it an issue. People who don’t keep up with current events don’t really even know that there is this big campaign to brainwash kids with transgender ideology and then subject them to an experimental drug regimen that sterilizes them and blocks their puberty.

  12. Big brain: conservatism wastes your time because it thinks economics and culture are orthogonal.

    Bigger brain: conservative economics is a theodicy for the American system, mystifying power while moralizing failure. A vindication of American goodness in the presence of evils! Some would be surprised by the number of broke lolberts; such high-trust people love a warm story about bootstraps to make their sufferings intelligible.

    Instead of faith in a Great America — and we can make it great again if we really really really believe! — why not agree with Mencken that this place sucks? Then you’d have a free conscience to tax our worthless richers and enjoy the blessings of gibs.

    • The power of the Cuck is evident in the way Paul Ryan threw away his party triumph in 2016-18 and went back to private life. I’d assume he’s a candidate again in 2024.

  13. “Why Conservative Populism Failed.”

    I respectfully disagree.

    Like it or not, President Trump not only beat Biden, he grew his constituency in many more categories than he shrunk.

    Only Dominion, Smartmatic, and Sequoia have thusfar shielded these facts from those who do not wish to deal with them.

    • Griffin has become a Bidenite.

      He’ll never speak the truth again because it would contradict his personal malice against Trump, which has apparently and literally become the main defining trait of his personality. He would support John Brown if it was the choice between that and not even supporting Trump, but admitting anything positive — or even neutral — about him.

      Trump has become the Satan of his personal religion, a creature of pure evil that can do nothing but commit harm, whose every action, however trivial, must be greeted with shrieks of anathema.

      Weirdest stuff I’ve ever seen.

        • I notice you don’t deny being a Bidenite, or that you would support John Brown in preference to Trump.

          Just like right now, you’re in full-throated support of massive fraud by brown Maoists who will stamp on the faces of your people and destroy any chance of White resistance gaining momentum, as long as it gets rid of the Bad Orange Monster living rent-free in your brain.

          It’s hard to decide whether you’re paid off, flat-out insane, or both.

  14. “Joe Biden was the candidate who had supported the 1994 crime bill and the Defense of Marriage Act and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.”

    Now he’s just the expendable puppet of our insane and evil enemies.

    • @James…

      Yes, and he will be discarded quickly, and the whole point of the fake election, to get President Obama, back to the top (this time in female guise) will have worked.

      IF … that is, the courts allow the farce to go on and the states accept that.

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