Nick Fuentes: Stop The Steal Is Largely Run By Grifters

H/T Autismo

I agree with Nick Fuentes.

Is he referring to Ali Alexander? Back in 2016, Ali was trying to steal the delegates for Ted Cruz.

Nick is lucky that he wasn’t allowed on stage with the rest of the cranks and grifters at the Jericho March. He dodged a bullet. It struck me as less of a Trump rally than a throwback to a Glenn Beck era religious tent revival. The only thing missing was Beck himself talking in tongues.

Glenn Beck used hold these events:

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  1. Fuentes is now the grifter he claims he despised. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. Fuentes is only looking to make name for himself, either on one of the media stations or working with his look alike, Ben Shapiro. Nick the spic stopped calling out jews months ago. He has bigger aspirations and that is making millions. He cares nothing about what’s going on. That’s the biggest grift of all.

    • Fuentes still has the cojones to put himself out there in public. He’s not scared. He’s very eloquent. Interesting to see what he does next.

  2. The interesting thing about it is Trump would have said nothing negative about the Election if he Won. Would Antifa and Black Lives Matter have launched Race Riots and Violence in the streets? Yes and Trump and the Republican Party would have done nothing about it. Deo Vindice !

    • No Mr. Pace, with all due respect Trump would have done something about the rioting had he been reelected. He would not only have tweeted “Law and Order!”, he would have doubled down, doubled, maybe even tripled down on both his monitoring and his tweeting.

      No doubt that would scare the Hell out of those bastards when they saw how intense the monitoring was. After that they would have changed their clothes to Polo shirts and chinos, gotten haircuts and shaved, found gainful employment, started watching Fox TV and reading National Review and the WSJ and joined the Republican Party.

      • The idea that someone has to be re-elected to do something, is crazy. He let a lot of businesses be ruined by BLM and rioters, because the Republicans feared blacks wouldn’t vote for them.

        • Very good point. When was the last time a re-elected president ever got anything good accomplished, especially when it came to prosecuting criminals in the highest levels of government?

  3. Trump’s peope paid those black rappers a million dollars to perform. Nick is mad he isn’t getting any of the 200 million Trump raised, after he lost to a racist old right white guy with dementia.

    • It’s stark isn’t it. Lil Pimp was probably paid a massive lump sum to endorse trump while the real battle was probably being fought by relatively cash starved Pundit types like Fuentes who does have a following among right leaning whites in colleges. It’s good to be a pimp I guess.

  4. Monetizing Trump doesnt sound so bad. The Orange One monetized you, and so did the left.

    Grifting is the most authentic rebellion.

      • I saw that piece on OD, it was great. Had I been in Washington I would have gone to the Jericho march thing but I think I would have gotten in trouble there. I would have been doubled up laughing at all the shills, morons, clowns, Glenn Beck wannabes and assorted lunatics, I wouldn’t have been able to help myself.

        The My Pillow guy is the best though. There he was in the middle of some black “Reverend” type, with his shofar horn thing pitching his My Pillow crap and: “Don’t forget to text the discount code at the bottom of the screen!”. These crazy bastards are both horrifying and fascinating at the same time the same way people would stare through the iron fence at lunatic asylums in the old days.

        • “all the shills, morons, clowns, Glenn Beck wannabes and assorted lunatics (…) The My Pillow guy is the best though. There he was in the middle of some black ‘Reverend’ type, with his shofar horn thing pitching his My Pillow crap and: Don’t forget to text the discount code at the bottom of the screen!”:

          The gullible Fox New audience is the perfect target for the My Pillow and Giza Cotton Dream Sheets scam.

          • We need a new party. But those of us who work real jobs can’t really come out like the ones who sit home all day can. So guess what you get for the leaders…

  5. I think Fuentes has a gift for public speaking. I also tend to think that’s he’s relatively straightforward and candid about what he believes. Stop hazing the kid. That clip shows you he understands the score.

    On more serious business a Biden is gearing up for an attack in Crimea. I’m also hearing some odd things about the Caucasus. It’s time to look forward and figure out positions on domestic and foreign policy challenges. There’s a new DA in LA planning to release all the crips bloods and cholos. That’s a literal threat.

  6. Spic Nick will be an unknown in a couple months. He is realizing his fifteen minutes are up and he failed to get in on the big cash grift. He’s clearly bitter about being upstaged by the nigger Ali.

    • I’m listening to FTN deep dive on Frank Sinatra. It’s like Ali and Fuentes are Sammy and Frank.

    • Disappointing to here I was holding out hope that bitchute would be a better alternative to ad invested shitheap that youtube turned into. Wasn’t the Jewish woman who went after Richard Spencers mother property giving her a ultimatum to sell it apart of the Hope not hate cult group?

      I remember reading a year ago that hope not hate organisation worked very closely with antifa Hope not hate is very pro immigration, and very anti white Very odd Hope not hate doesn’t have a base of operations in Palestine… tikkun olam anyone?!

  7. Conservatism is nothing but a Jew-orchestrated clown show of charlatans and grifters and Fuentes is no exception.

  8. Fuentes has more influence than anyone in the comments section. So they lash out impotently at someone who is actually has a following and is building a movement.

    • Put on your catboy ears and join him then what you doing gawking around here? Stop that steal boy! Nicks grifter movement needs you

    • Yeah, by making pretty speeches that people forget in a day. Nick’s 15 mins of fame are almost over but hey, if you want to add to that 15 mins, maybe you can blow him on live TV. His “stop the steal” rallies didn’t do a thing. Biden’s still going to be President regardless of what these grifters do. Looks like conservative Inc lost again.

    • I think Nick Fuentes is just picking up on the whole bad election thing, and it’s not a bad idea. I don’t think they are still worrying about Trump. I think this is more about the future.

  9. “Fuentes has more influence than anyone in the comments section.”

    Charlie Kirk has tons more influence than Fuentes. So Nick lashes out impotently at someone who’s a foot taller and has 10x the social media followers.

    Two can play this stupid “Y’all is player-hatin'” game, you brainwashed little retard.

    Nick’s best days are in the rearview mirror.

      • “Charlie Kirk” is the perfect rejoinder to any Fuentard who thinks having a big audience is evidence of anything but knowing how to sell things to the rubes.

        But they hate being reminded that Charlie Kirk still has tons more influence than Fuentes. After all, isn’t Kirk’s scalp the only one they’ve claimed?

  10. We don’t need a third party. We need a new nation. How do you think you can fix the system while plying the systems electoral games. Your odds are better winning at a Vegas casino! Still upwards of 74 million people believe the election was stolen but awareness without action profits us nothing. Do we see now the Confederate wisdom in liming a President to one six year term with no re-election possible?

    PS: where is the League of the South in all this? I have not heard one peep.

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