Joe Biden Wins Electoral College

It is over.

Joe Biden has been elected president.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – The Electoral College elected Joe Biden as the next president Monday, formalizing the former Democratic vice president’s win in the Nov. 3 election as President Donald Trump continues a long-shot effort to try to overturn the outcome. 

Around 5:30 p.m. EST, California’s 55 electors cast their ballots to push Biden over the 270-vote threshold needed to win.

Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect, received 306 electoral votes overall, topping Trump’s 232 votes. Next, the electoral votes will be counted at a special joint session of Congress on Jan. 6 before Biden and Harris are inaugurated Jan. 20. …”

Meanwhile, Zombie Trumpism continues to linger on as performance art as new kraken continue to be floated and swatted down in federal court.

FOX News:

“While Democratic electors in Pennsylvania and Georgia cast their states’ electoral votes for Joe Biden on Monday, slates of Republican electors in those states cast votes for President Trump just in case legal challenges succeed.

The Pennsylvania GOP said in a press release that the Trump campaign asked the Republican electors to do this in order to preserve any potential rights to legal challenges that could overturn Monday’s vote. The Trump campaign and other Republicans have claimed that elections in states including Pennsylvania and Georgia ran afoul of state laws, compromising the ballot counts. …”

The Supreme Court has no interest in the kraken.

It remains to be seen how much longer this farce will continue. Will it continue past Christmas? Will it continue until Biden’s inauguration? Trump has no real path to victory.

Note: In the 2016 election, Julian Assange and Wikileaks was the real kraken, but Trump washed his hands of him and threw him to the wolves. Mike Pompeo and Ric Grenell ensured that Assange was indicted under the Espionage Act. Trump went on to pardon Jack Johnson and Susan B. Anthony and now all he has got are Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and all these dumbass Boomers.

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  1. I’m gonna bribe one of the BLM goons that Biden sends to round us all up so I can get the best spot in the FEMA camp.

  2. Anyone who thought Trump and his sycophants were going to overturn the results of the election, fraud or not has no idea how ZOG operates. The US govt will never admit or do anything about corruption. That’s how they stay in power. You’re not going to change a think by voting in a fixed and corrupt system.

      • @Powell…

        If the Confederate veterans had taken that view after Appomattox, they never would have formed the Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan and whipped the United States’ Government’s ass – and many corrupt treacherous scalawags, as well.

        Time to stop being hopeless and put on the scarlet.

        We have the blood of our forefathers in us and the Lord Jesus Chryst at our back.

        The rest will take care of itself.

      • Let me also remind you, Dear Powell, that George Washington could not put together a significant battlefield victory for six years, until, with great help from General Rochambeau and the French navy, he triumphed at Yorktown.

        Washington was a spiritual warrior who knew the truth : that winning involves going through a lot of failure and loss to get the gold.

        He also had read Suvorov’s military doctrine (Czarina Caterina Velikaya’s great general) that a major war could be successfully prosecuted or won without a single major battlefield victory.

        That doctrine, which was revolutionary for the time, has been proven right over and over again – whether by The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan in the 1860-70s, the Vietnamese in the 1960s or the Taliban in the 2010s.

        There is no technology, no deceit, nor blockade which can beat a populace which does not consent to be governed.

        Not so long ago The Soviet Union seem an impervious part of the landscape. Then, suddenly, it came tumbling down, as have many many empires before it.

        Things change, and this era, rife with a technology that has given birth to a new media and decentralization, is an increasingly bad landscape for those who aspire to a power that no man or entity should have, particularly not where the descendants of The Sons of Liberty live.

        • >George Washington

          You even bothering to say that Washinton needed the aid of foreigners undermines your point. There are no lands on Earth thst are both geopolitically relevant and enemies of Globohomo. No Russia doesn’t count see Putin going to Israel.

          >whether by The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan in the 1860-70s


          >the Vietnamese in the 1960s

          Depended on aid from their Oriental neighbors be they China or Russia. Were slaughtered in the field. Had propaganda working to aid them rather than against them unlike any inssurections against Globohomo.

          >or the Taliban in the 2010s.

          Continously reinforced by other countries.

          > There is no technology, no deceit, nor blockade which can beat a populace which does not consent to be governed.

          The “populace” does not have a will since it is merely a horde of meat to be sheparded. Saying otherwise is just liberal obfuscation. And the destruction of the Amerindian points otherwise also.

          > Not so long ago The Soviet Union seem an impervious part of the landscape. Then, suddenly, it came tumbling down, as have many many empires before it.

          The Soviet Union was always a dysfunctional pit that was propped up by Westerners. Been that way since Lenin was bankrolled. The Soviet Union just ceased to have any need to be maintained.

          >Things change, and this era, rife with a technology that has given birth to a new media and decentralization, is an increasingly bad landscape for those who aspire to a power that no man or entity should have, particularly not where the descendants of The Sons of Liberty live.

          Just some more “da power fears da internet” twaddle we’ve been getting for decades as Globohomo maintains itself with no real opposition.

    • Donald promised to Drain The Swamp, not overturn whatever.

      Russia and Eastern Europe know for centuries how Jewry operates and somehow we got rid from Jews and from Soviet Union and from communism or as you say liberal democracy .

      Donald is burning entire house down. Like our Gorbachev. and Yeltsin did.

      Last one with good optics.

      Real war is not old Hollywood movie. Real war is really winning the real enemy in the real fight. Drunk Yeltsin convinced Jews that he gave the Jews everything Russia had and now he needs to rest, so Jews must appoint the next gray powerless zero IQ puppet. Jews agreed and so Putin got in charge and the rest is history.

      Drunk Yeltsin singed and danced and Jews thought that JHWE promises filled and nobody noticed what was going around behind the scenes. When Putin made his first moves, they understood but they lost 9 long years and then it was hopelessly late.

      Real war is not about elections or courts or walls or immigration or any savage wooden god tokens.. Real war is long term process getting the mortal enemy permanently gone.

      • @Juri…

        I agree, that, whether he continues to be in office or not, President Trump is burning the house down.

        In fact, much of the house already has burned down, it’s just that those residing on the top floors have not yet quite understood that the embers are now engulfing the sill-beams that hold up the house in this country.

        No matter who is inaugurated on January 20, 2020, Trump’s scorched earth policy over the next month is going to leave The Enemies of Mankind, and their servant bureaucracies, a terrain not unlike Generals Winter and Mud would leave behind for the Wehrmacht in the 1940s.

        And Trump’s desire for vengeance, whether in office or not, will lead to all good things in the coming years.

        When The Good Lord installed Trump, He knew what He was doing.

  3. The Conservatives and Republicans wouldn’t be mad and protesting the Election Results if Trump would have been President of We The People. Instead he became President of the Super Rich / Right Wing Libertarians and Jews who care nothing about White People. He dropped the ball on Covid-19 and he dropped the ball on stopping Antifa / Black Lives Matter in the streets by way of the National Guard. He was all talk and he lost the Center / Moderates in our Country and for good reason. Those are the voters who look for practical solutions for the problems of the day. All Trump had was his Cult following that still can’t realize that he lost….simple as that. What’s even more crazy is the thought of Nikki Haley being the favored pick for the Republican Party in 2024. Funny enough he didn’t even like her until she removed the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. When he was elected he had a meeting with her and magically she was picked for the United Nations. You got noting from Trump and if she’s the pick for President in 2024 you’ll really get nothing. We should strongly consider Third Parties for 2024. Deo Vindice !

    • “What’s even more crazy is the thought of Nikki Haley being the favored pick for the Republican Party in 2024”:

      You mean South Carolina’s Nimrata Randhawa. More than a year ago I began predicting that Wall Street’s favorite, Kamala Harris, would be the Democratic candidate for Vice President in 2020. I think Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa is a very likely Republican vice presidential candidate for 2024.

  4. There were people who actually believed it would be overturned in the Supreme Court. I doubt the Republicans have it in them, to treat Biden and Company, the way the Democrats treated Trump. Turnabout is fair play.

    • That’s why Republicans and conservatives always lose. They play by the rules while the dems play to win. When Biden takes office, the weak, coward republicans won’t do a thing to stop him. They will go along to get along.

      • Repukes and conservatards play by the rules that their enemies set because the last thing Repukes and conservatards want to do is disrespect their enemies.

    • I will never consider His Fraudulency the President. Besides, Kabaka will have him murdered before the year is out.

      • Murdering Scumbag Joe won’t be necessary. Besides, his family is in very good standing with The Party. So he might be given the title of President Emeritus after Kabbalah becomes Chief Soul Sista. Right on!

      • @Fr. John…

        Unfortunately, though I have never considered any other president or senator illegitimate, in all the decades of my human life, I have no choice but to agree.

        I cannot accept the Biden presidency, and not because he is unbelievably corrupt, a Democrat, a Yankee, or anything else but that the process which may bring him to office was a conspiracy of fraud perpetrated on this country by The Communist Chinese, in cahoots with the U.S. Government, the Globalist Oligarchy, Silicon Tech, and The Democrat and Republican parties.

        That said, I continue to think it is unclear who will be the next president.

        Yes, Vice-President Biden does seem to have the electoral majority at this moment, but, the uproar over an evermore convincing case of conspiratorial fraud on a national level threatens to create the atmosphere in which Congress feels it must do something out of character – act with the law in mind.

        President Trump is fighting a scorched earth war, and, that so, it is a long way to January 6.

        When Trump seizes all the Dominion machines in the coming days, the publicized results of those audits, late next week, along with other actions, are going to have a very telling effect on the nation.

      • Hunter, you keep saying you’re a moderate, but moderates have a combination of conservative, liberal, and centrist views. You being left wing just on economics doesn’t exactly make you a moderate. National socialists and the alt-right are more liberal on economics since most of them are working class, but they’re still part of the far right because of their social views.

    • He is just one of the thundering herd of grifters with an eye to his bottom line. Whatever else he was, Trump was good for business for the grifters, very good, and we won’t see the likes of his bullshit again for a long time.

      Trump’s only chance at this point would be if Slow Joe were to die between now and Jan. 6th, 2021. The election would be thrown into the House with each state caucusing and sending one (1) delegate to cast a vote for President. This would probably favor DJT but who knows at this point?

      The Democrats have dragged Slow Joe this far along, they surely can drag his corrupt ass another six inches over the finish line now. After Jan. 20th, 2021 when Joe puts his hand on the Bible and mumbles something about the Constitution it’s only a matter of time, not much either before the ugly and angry Hindu-Dindu, Camel Toe Harris becomes Mr. President, then the roof caves in.

    • Vox and his clown mod, “Snidely Whiplash”, are thin skinned morons that ban anyone that doesn’t agree with the nonstop ridiculous conspiracy theories they buy into.

      Vox has egg all over his face on this one. His fragile ego won’t allow him to admit he was wrong. He is a loser that fled the US years ago and yet he acts like he knows what’s going on here. He is a complete mess.

  5. I always believed that Beijing Biden had it in the bag. Trumps claims were too out there, and contrary to what most were saying. Not that any of it matters to our demographic……….nothing will improve, and not much will change.

    • “Beijing Biden”:.

      No. He is just as much an enemy of the Chinese people as Trump, but more discrete, or coy about it.

    • I call him Shanghai Joe, because he shanghaied the election. Now he’s on the road to Beijing, with Bob hopeless and Bing Crosboo, via the South Manchurian Railways Asia Express. It doesn’t matter that Beijing is in the other direction, it matters that Joe is in Manchuria.

  6. I heard Lindsey Graham talk about how important the election in Georgia is otherwise we lose control of the Senate and conservative Supreme Court picks as a result. WTF! Like the “conservative” Supreme Court did a damn thing in any of this. Useless as tits on a boar hog. Watch how fast Trumpsters pivot and transform into swamp critters once more after he leaves office. They will come back from the dead faster than Lazarus!

    • @Heartland…

      If I were a Georgian, I would stay home. Let the Democrats have charge of the whole government and do those things which will make sure Rural and Smalltown Southerners do not have their ire grow cold.

  7. Who gives a fuck who the POTUS is? All three branches of the US federal government are anti-white.

    Let us review one more time.

    The USA is a corpse crawling with maggots.

    The political left is rooting for the maggots.

    The political right is rooting for the corpse.

    It’s all over folks. Culturally, American is a superfund site that has been leaking its emissions around the globe infecting other cultures in a talmuldic pandemic.

    The (((system)))wants you and your family dead or enslaved.

  8. ‘Joe Biden Wins Electoral College’

    Apparently Trump’s Republican alternate slate electors and the man who will certify the tally in early January, Vice-President Pence, did not get the message…

      • @Powell…

        It’s shaping up to be that you were right.

        That said, we have at least another month of this process to go forward, so let’s withhold judgement until then.

        Let’s not be impatient.

        Sometimes big wins occur on the last drive of the 4th quarter.

        I can see Auburn driving down the field on Alabama right now…

  9. @ hw, dumbass boomers! Really? What about us, dumbass boomers who are lotal too you and od, thanks for your gratitude, generational war? You sure you want that? Is that really wise? We can spout some negativity also, but what is the point, it accomplishes nothing, boomers are neccesary, too remind you of what is normal, there is nothing new under the sun, each new generation that comes along, if they are “lucky” , picks up where the last one left off, their are some of boomers, that actually care about you whiners, we have the same enemies, we fight too preserve as much of this civilazation as we can! The world does not revolve around you millenials, what about the children of today? From what i hear, a lot of these school kids today, think the 20 and 30 something” people are crazy as hell and they cant stand you assholes, when your generation accomplishes something beside rioting and looting and hating and attacking people because somebody told you to do so, then point your finger at the boomers, we.can talk some seriously mean shit about you people also, but personally i am protective of your generation and would much rather be kind too you all , what we have, we leave for you all . mr.hw you are thee epitome of thee southern intelectual, this great tradition has been left to your sharp mind and capable hands, you represent, i pray ye success and victory , scholarly sir!

  10. From those I *personally* know, it seems that the only people who think Trump won the election and still might somehow be sworn in again next January are financially comfortable Baby Boomers. And they are usually on the edge of QAnon, and also pro-Zionist. The idiotic Jericho March last weekend is their kind of thing. Reasoning with them is a lost cause.

      • He’s gonna make pillows and make money, safe in the knowledge that Minnesota and the other fifteen Northern states are not gonna get hammered flat and punished for voting for Trump, like the South and the Interior West. Somebody’s gotta pay for electing Trump. It might as well be Bubba and Skeeter in Dixie, or the Q Creek Ranch in Wyoming. Not him.

        • That My Pillow Guy has become for the Left a hated symbol of conservative activism, so they might want to make an example of him which will serve as a warning to others. Perhaps some Federal judge (Susan Noseberg, Maria del Taco or D’Quan Jackson) will sentence him to 400 years for drug dealing or tax evasion.

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