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    • american elections are boring,
      After electing a mulatto the elections lost the appeal, and the country certainly reached the “banana republic” phase, of which is impossible to escape.
      Even in a country that is the epitome of the banana republic status like Bolivia they would never ever elect such a ridiculous President, his wife or whatever is even more bizarre to say the least.
      Most people live in places in which a mulatto like Obama is at the very bottom of the social scale, dogs are much more respected.

    • Trump could redeem himself a little by de-classifying everything in sight that the FBI, CIA, NSA have buried and then pardoning Julian Assange and Eric Snowden. If he wanted to hit a home run he could also pardon James Fields and assorted Proud Boys et al. who have done jail time for him or caught charges. These things are entirely within his purview yet he has feet of clay, he will do nothing.

      I would like to see the files on “Our Greatest Ally’s” numerous betrayals such as their thefts of nuclear material after JFK refused them nuclear technology, their deliberate attack upon the USS Liberty and their successful demands that LBJ and the scumbags in Congress cover up that attack. What would also be interesting is their threat to use nuclear weapons in 1973 unless President Nixon resupplied them with weaponry. He did resupply them by stripping U.S. Army units in (then) West Germany of their ammunition and most modern weapons such as TOW anti-tank missiles and rushing them to Israel.

      The 9/11 files Trump promised to de-classify also must be very interesting because the U.S. Government is keeping a tight lid on them. No doubt there is more betrayal by “Our Greatest Ally” and “Our Second Greatest Ally”, Saudi Arabia, regarding support for the terrorists. The dancing Israelis have never been accounted for, just down the memory hole.


  1. Secession will never happen. The south tried seceding from the criminal union and Lincoln (R) declared war on the South and martial law and the rest is history. We need to secede from the jews, blacks and every other non white. Then again, it won’t happen because most Whites have been brainwashed.

    • @John…

      If you mean to imply that secession does not happen often, then you are right.

      It takes a tremendous amount of energy and sacrifice.

      That said, it is about to happen a 3trd time in our history, and, yes, the previous two times it worked.

      The problem is that, just like a garden, all the good work you do has a shelf life, at which point someone down the road will have to reinvest in the garden you have grown and preserved.

      Yes, Gentile Whites have clearly had their heads hacked, yet, miraculously, that is falling away over the last 5 years.

      Even better, the Supreme Court just rules against voter visual identification in Kansas, (just as they did in NC) and, that so, people of every stripe have begun to lose their belief in the last major pillar of a system that they thought was still working.

      Have some patience.

      7 decades of sloth and neglect cannot be fixed in 5 years. It will take some time, and that will be ongoing over the next decade, two, or three.

      But, yes, it will happen.

      • @Ivan,

        I agree with you that it will happen one day, It’s inevitable. It just won’t happen in my lifetime and probably not yours, that’s the part I dread. I wanted to be around to see it happen. All empires fall at some point.

        As far As the supreme ct folding on voter ID, well, I saw that coming all along. ” I guess those “conservative” Supreme Court nominees didn’t work out after all. “

        • @John…

          I respect your right to think what you think. Nobody can be 100% sure.

          That said, in The Olde Confederacy, where I live, the air is suddenly thick with secessionism – even the old ladies inhaling and exhaling it, without anyone prodding from others..

          As to The Supreme Court, I am not going to write them off, nor all these Conservative justices Trump has appointed.

          Though it is clear that, under Chief Justice Roberts, it, The Supreme Court, is hellbent to stay clear of election-refereeing, there can be other areas where the could be of service, and we will have to stay tuned to see where those might be.

          As our blog-host, Mr. Griffin, is wont to say : even a dead clock is right twice a day”!

          If you think the court is bad with Barrett, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh added, just imagine three Ginsbergs, Kagans, and Soto-Mayors in their stead!


          At any rate, Merry Christmas!

          • The supreme ct doesn’t rule by law, they rule according to their political views for the most part. I believe it was Jackson that said ” the supreme ct made its decision, now let them enforce it. ”

            We will never agree with each other 100% of the time but we must be willing to support each other on the other 90% we agree on. I have been guilty of throwing people overboard for less. If we are to to thrive, we must overcome our most stringent convictions. It’s a hard habit to break.

            Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. I dont care what anybody says, I love Richard. Smart, charming genteel afectations, smart guy. I never understand the hate this guy gets and really shows the need to tear each other down and why we never succeed. He has never grifted like Cernovich or short pants Fuentes. The man comes from wealth he doesnt need to do this. Thanks for the post HW, i always forget about the McSpencer report.


      I do not care what Mr. Spencer’s sexual habits are, and, yes, though he is a New England Yankee, I overlook it because more important than any of that is his bravery.

      He’s a patriot and he is brave.

      You may not like him or agree with many things he says, but, I’ll say this : if this nation were filled with Spencers, this nation would get right lickety-split.

      • >I do not care what Mr. Spencer’s sexual habits are

        Of course you don’t you Cuckservative. Next you’ll be saying you’d be proud to have a half-Black grandson.

        • @Aldon…

          “Next you’ll be saying you’d be proud to have a half-Black grandson.”

          Nope. I taught my daughters better than that.

          That said, if half-breeds will defend Dixie, I won’t care what their sexual habits are, either.

          Too much on the line to go around nitpicking everyone in the purity spiral tango, not to mention that I’m too old for that kind of ‘youthful’ tomfoolery.

          • If you’re allowing in half-Nigs (who by nature are subversives) for defending muh land then you’re just another Proppositonal Nation cuck. Just as how you don’t get to pick what family you’re in, you don’t get to vote yourself into a nation. It’s a matter of pedigree.

    • @MP look at the comments underneath. These people think an entitled midget billionaire yelling at working class people and crew to “mask up” is the greatest thing ever. “Hey carpenter and catering people sweating your tits off making sets and preparing my food how dare you take off your fucking mask to catch a breath”…

      These people think that is great.

    • This is the fundamental problem. It will just turn into rich people abusing workers. Yep.

  3. Jason Kessler Scores Major Win In Charlottesville Unite The Right Case

    Jolene McCarthy
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    Earlier, November 2017: Sam Dickson’s Statement To Charlottesville Inquiry: “The Police Were Acting Under Orders. WHO GAVE THOSE ORDERS?”

    Jason Kessler, original organizer of the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville VA, has just scored a major win against the City of Charlottesville: he was awarded court costs after proving that the city had withheld key evidence. Kessler has followed up with a new law suit seeking the city to recover the evidence, possibly decisive in ongoing litigation. All of which is part of what VDARE.com has termed “Charlottesville Narrative Collapse.” But Joe Biden’s handlers don’t seem to have told him yet.

    For the record: VDARE.com had nothing whatever to do with UTR (although it was anyway deplatformed by the Tech Totalitarians at PayPal). But it nevertheless took the lead in exposing what, contrary to the Fake News, was obviously an attack by vigilante, uniformed, elected, useful idiot, media and robed Democrats on a lawful assembly. Of course, in 2020 this combination of Antifa violence, Democrat official complaisance and Main Stream Media cover-up has become all too familiar nationwide.

    The first undeniable sign of Charlottesville Narrative Collapse: the November 24, 2017 Charlottesville Independent Review (aka the Heaphy Report) revealed that, instead of protecting the speech and assembly rights of protesters, black Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas ordered his police to “Let them fight.”

    After the event ended in disaster, “Chief Thomas and other CPD command staff deleted text messages that were relevant to [the Independent Review].”

  4. Hahaha. Good show.

    I’d say that you could call LadyMAGA, Beck and Proud Boys CringeCons.

  5. Hey Trump & Biden Tards: Why is the DOJ powerless to do anything about these various phone scams using government, credit card or banking identities?

    Where’s the Federal Reserve? Shouldn’t they be pushing to have the DOJ or FBI act?

  6. I noticed that the Daily Shoah as been trafficking in half assed virus denial lately. I wonder if they are facing pressure from their subscribers to shift to a more boomerish stance.

    • When you have sat there for a year watching the left abuse the concept of public health while you sat there patiently… You’ll get a hardening of the heart. We just watched blacks rip up everything and super-duper-spread and then have the press blame rednecks for the plague.
      All they have asked for is more state money to cover the economic disaster of covid. That’s not virus denialism. It’s a reaction to the Finkelthink and fingerpointing. George Floyd was an active SUPERSPREADER.

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