80 Million Americans Didn’t Vote

I was one of them.


“More Americans voted in 2020 than in any other presidential election in 120 years. About 67% of eligible voters cast ballots this year, but that still means a third did not.

That amounts to about 80 million people who stayed home. …”


“The Trump era has been wildly lucrative for pretty much anyone who’s been invested in markets. Schwarzman has seen his personal fortune roughly double to $20 billion. Big policy wins, especially around taxes, suggest that his fealty to a man he’s known since the 1980s has paid off for him and his industry. That support was still on display two weeks ago, when Schwarzman questioned some vote-counting totals as Trump embarked on an unprecedented effort to subvert the election. …

Schwarzman said in Monday’s statement that the outcome of the Nov. 3 vote was “very certain today and the country should move on.”

“I supported President Trump and the strong economic path he built,” Schwarzman said. “Like many in the business community, I am ready to help President-elect Biden and his team as they confront the significant challenges of rebuilding our post-Covid economy.”

It’s a relationship that’s paid off. The Trump years — which in 2017 and 2018 also saw Republicans control both chambers of Congress — have been very good for the firm and Schwarzman personally.

The December 2017 tax law kept the controversial carried interest loophole for investments of three years or longer — a boon for private equity, and a rule change that Schwarzman personally backed, according to a person familiar with the matter.

“The tax reform bill increased the personal tax rates of every senior Blackstone executive given the near-elimination” of the deduction for state and local taxes, said Anderson, the Blackstone spokesman.

Neither of the two parties represent my views.

The same billionaires like Steve Schwarzman who bought Trump will buy Joe Biden.

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  1. Last presidential candidate I, voted “for” was Pat Buchanan in 1992. Last voted against was Slick Willie. Since 2004, haven’t even bothered … why should I? Who anymore in America, represents me?

    Will say, tuned out 2008-12, and in 2016, fully expected Mrs Slick; so Trump WAS a surprise, & welcomed.

    I considered his term tho merely a last chance prepare for, “demographics is destiny.” 2020 nothing if not reality finally here …

    From George Washington to Joe Biden … I’d laugh if only I could, anymore.

  2. I read that Schawrzman article about him doubling his billions off rent hikes the other day as well as his close ties to Trump and was shocked that there are still people that defend this man and go to the streets. I know dozens of them and if you criticize trump they react as if you called their sister a whore.

    The best measure of character is the company you keep. Use this yard stick to measure Trump

  3. I don’t want to hear any more talk about the next election cycle, I want to discuss secession and civil disobedience.

    • Civil disobedience sure, but state secession will never happen. States are too dependent on federal grants to actually risk hot war in secession. Re-zoning of states as secession is interesting though.

  4. No point voting when nothing changes anyway. Don’t waste your time or gas.
    In Australia, you attract a fine if you fail to vote, yet nothing is gained when you do…….they are ALLLL the same!

  5. I didn’t, and don’t vote in federal elections. I believe the White House is the last plantation house, and US citizens are serfs. All enforcement is against us, and in defense of the government. This is not “our” government, or “our” elites. This government and these elites are imposed on us by force, with or without our consent.

    The reason people don’t revolt is because they incorrectly see these elites and this government as an extension of themselves. Only dissidents see this system for what it is: a system of Capital Supremacy against any and all non-elite humans, regardless of race.

    The elites are race aware, and will exploit race to suit their ends, but ultimately only serve Capital, and have no loyalty to Whites. Jews have a huge part in this, and do act in their own ethnic interests to fulfill their plan of Tikkun Olam, but this is still only enabled by the legal space that Capital Supremacy has enabled in the past 200+ years.

    The news headlines, and presidential tweets are elites signalling to elites, over our heads. We have no advocate, and nothing but what we can secure for ourselves. This is what I believe and why I don’t vote. The 5% shares the same general sentiment, though much less articulate.

  6. One of the big problems in this country is that this Steve Schwarzman character and unfortunately, many others have accumulated such vast fortunes, $20 billion in his case. What productive thing has he ever done worth $20 billion? Has he cured any disease, invented something useful, made any great scientific discoveries or produced any fine arts? To ask is to answer; he and his ilk are parasites.

    The money manipulation on Wall Street by companies like Blackstone, Goldman Sachs etc. have weakened the country and corrupted the nation. Together with the elite universities and high tech monopolies they constitute a shadow government ruling in the dark corners of society.

  7. “80 Million Americans Didn’t Vote”

    Yes, with over 2,000 affadavits attesting to the ballot stuffing, cadavers voting, overvoting, non-citizens voting, ballot-harvesting, the tossing out of piles of Trump votes, and unqualified absentee ballots, plus the history of the behavior of Dominion voting machines clear for all to see, the number of who did NOT vote … may just be the only reliable one from this election we ever get to ponder and analyze.

    • Assuming for the sake of argument that there was significant fraud, what makes you think it would favor the Democrats? Zion Don was Israel’s preferred candidate and we all know how America’s elite kowtow to Israel. The Zionists are well known as masters of electronic surveillance and trickery. They manufacture all the major processors found in modern computers and it’s no secret they put backdoors in them too. Israeli tech companies also own much of America’s communication infrastructure. Mossad knew Bill Clinton was having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky before the CIA did. If an election was going to be rigged it sure as hell wouldn’t be the laughably ham-fisted scenario you’ve alluded to above. No, if it was rigged Zion Don would get a second term and get his chance to start a war with Iran.

      Zion Don told us he was going to cry fraud if things didn’t go his way well before the counting even began. It’s all a big scam to con his supporters out of their last $20. It’s shameful and disgusting but then that is just what an immoral turd Trump is.

    • Sometimes a local election makes a practical difference, on a very local scale. Above that level there are no good candidates or no good candidate if elected could do any good, and participating in any of these undemocratic “elections” is giving consent to the evil system.

  8. The Republicans are the worst.

    Sen. James M. Inhofe is from Oklahoma where there are no Army bases named for Confederate soldiers. He is SOLELY responsible for the base names being changed. Republicans hold the Senate, and Inhofe is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    He added the base name change provision then shepherded it through the Senate with Mitch McConnell’s help.

    Inhofe did not have to do that, but when he did, he GUARANTEED the base name changes would be in the final bill because it was in the House bill. If you have something in both the House and the Senate version of the bill, it has to be left in and reconciled by House and Senate negotiators.

    Inhofe knew this but went against President Trump then lied to the public about it. Here’s what President Trump said about Inhofe this past July:

    Trump tweeted July 24th that he had spoken to Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, “who has informed me that he WILL NOT be changing the names of our great Military Bases and Forts, places from which we won two World Wars (and more!).”

    Inhofe LIED to President Trump and he lied to us when he said:

    We’re going to see to it that provision doesn’t survive the bill. I’m not going to say how at this point.
    Inhofe KNEW he was LYING. That’s why he didn’t say how. He knew there was no “how.” It couldn’t be done because HE, Inhofe, put the base name change in the bill, then shepherded the bill through the Senate with Mitch McConnell’s help.

    That kind of lying, backstabbing BETRAYAL is what we get from Republican leaders in Congress, and it was completely unnecessary. Inhofe could have left it out and preserved the base names forever.

    Inhofe is worse than Nikki Haley in South Carolina when she was Republican governor and used the Mother Emanuel AME Church murders by Dylann Roof to promote her career. She had no problem with the square, historically accurate Army of Northern Virginia battle flag on the State House grounds commemorating the 40,000 out of 60,000 South Carolina Confederate soldiers who were killed or wounded in the War Between the States when South Carolina was invaded, until she realized she could use them to advance her career. Over 20,000 were killed.

    Don’t let a tragedy go to waste as Democrat Rahm Emanuel famously said and Nikki Haley was listening.

    She had that war memorial removed in disgrace and started the entire chain of Confederate monument removals across the country and the hatred and division that that has caused, but she didn’t care. She had important personal goals to achieve.

    She knew the battle flag next to the Confederate monument memorialized war dead and widows, orphans and the enormous suffering of Reconstruction. That flag represented the blood of hungry, barefoot South Carolinians who fought and were maimed and died when the state was invaded.

    It had NOTHING to do with Dylann Roof, but that didn’t matter. Virtue signaling Haley drooled over the media attention she would get by bullying the legislature and removing the flag, and it worked. She got her name out there and advanced her career on the suffering of people, the least of whom had more character than her.

    Thank you Sen. Jim Inhofe for helping Elizabeth Warren while spitting in the faces of Republican voters.


  9. 30 million are illegal economic refugees that wouldn’t risk going near the county seat for fear of the deportation dawgs.

    a bunch 20 million of dope addicted and homeless morans don’t care.

    and you have 20- 30 million fake votes they invented to get riid of trump..

    voting is for saps…like PCR testing for flu

  10. Somehow this nation can’t produce leaders that can stop Marxists, Communists, Anarchists, Leftists, etc. Politics is a total waste of time. All compromises benefit the Left. If the Left doesn’t get what it wants they at least get a half step closer.

    If Trump does not declare martial law then the Yankee Empire is toast. It will be amnesty for everyone who is illegal and open borders for all. White people will eventually have to fight to the death in their own homes or flee to some wilderness area.

    If Trump does declare martial law, he must just forget about the election fraud but use the military first to purge all the Leftists from itself. Then burn down and totally destroy the Left wing propaganda machines known euphemistically today as the M$M. Then round up every, and I do mean every, Marxist, Communist, Anarchist, Leftist, homosexual, sexual deviant, etc etc and either execute or deport them. Then maybe the Yankee Empire will become half way decent again.

    The woke need to croak…

    May God Save the South!

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