BREAKING: Punished Trump Threatens To Veto COVID Deal

$2,000 or veto!

For a brief moment, the madman has returned! This is who we voted for in 2016!

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  1. I would not hold my breath while waiting for a Trump veto.

    The claim is that buried in the thousands of pages there is language not allowing Trump to use the Insurrection Act.

    That would bring things to a head, wouldn’t it.

    @Brad How about a name the new Negro Pope Contest? Pope Okra? Pope Malt Liquor the Fifth? Pope Where the Wimmens?

  2. Continued: Notice be left out Israel in the foreign counties getting aid from the “Covid” stimulus bill. This BS stimulus package never had anything to do with the BS Covid but bailouts for special interests and foreign assists abroad. Covid was the scam they used to bail out their friends and never about the so called virus. I can’t believe people are this naive or stupid. “Covid” is the excuse to add trillions to the deficits and most bought the lie, hook,line and sinker. Just like most thought Trump was the savior. You’ve been scammed again.

  3. I have a feeling there won’t be any more Chink flu compensation checks coming for the millions of Americans who lost their livelihoods because of the government imposed shutdown. But at least Israel and Pakistan will still get tens of billions in American “aid”, so we can be grateful for that.

  4. “HE PULLS ME BACK IN”. Trumps greatest facet which is also his worst based off his narcissism is the need to be loved by the masses. It would really be at least a decent gesture for him to do this as Jared is in Morocco and Israel getting son of Zion awards left and right.

    HW, I have gained such new insight spending the past few days with older family members. The “racist Boomer Uncles” and Aunts who look on in disgust. I have stories upon stories and have seen first hand how the older men can be reached. They will be furious when you insult Crenshaw at first but after a few days these guys come around 100% and hardcore at that. The women are a lost cause unfortunately as they keep their heads down and refuse to ever look to deeply as they tune in to their Fox News 24 to the 7

  5. What happened, HW? You were off the air for at least 24 hours! That damn Bonosanti, I know he’s somehow responsible.

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