Occidental Dissent Endorses Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff For U.S. Senate

This is a very tough choice.

The alternative, however, is allowing the ridiculous “deficit hawks” to continue to lord it over the Senate passing massive tax cuts for billionaires and corporations to juice the investor class while sending out pathetic $600 stimulus checks to financially stressed working class families on Christmas. I’m beyond fed up with voting for these people only to get this kind of shit in return. The $600 stimulus check was a slap in the face and the last straw after four years of throttling Trump’s MAGA agenda.

If the Republicans hold the Senate, Lindsey Graham will become the chairman of the Budget Committee. The plan is to deliver more shit like what they just did with the COVID relief bill and go back to being performance art “deficit hawks” like in the Tea Party era. No thanks!

Note: Politically speaking, I have nothing in common with Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson. Just listen to what he says below about how the “deficit hawks” wanted more military pork and to help make life better for women in Pakistan. These people need to be hurled out of Congress.

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  1. My goodness you really are a closeted demonrat!! So you feel that you have more in common with a filthy nigga and a juden cockroach, both of whom would castrate you come January 2021!!!And all this because they might give you 2000$ instead of 600$!!!!! ‘Nough said!

    • Compared to Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson? Absolutely.

      Those people people don’t give a shit about the White race and have spent the last four years proving it nearly every day in Congress. What they really care about is carrying water for their plutocrat donors. This is why “deficit hawks” unanimously supported a budget busting tax cut for the richest people in the country, but unanimously opposed a bill supported by 88% of the country. Conservatives need to be removed from power because all they care about is protecting the ultra rich. Warnock and Ossoff would do more for the White race than either of these two.

      • I too support the jew and schvartze HW, even at the risk of being called a “demonrat” by clever, sophisticated intellectuals like Eric “I always squat when I pee” Kolvenson.

        • Who the hell are you illiterate southern retard Spahnranch1970 ? Did you ask for permission before speaking with me? Because I am pretty sure I have more education than you and all your southern inbred family combined!

      • To be fair to Trump we do know he was keen on a dole out of cash in summer/autumn. Obviously self serving, but he did get the basic problem. Shutdown without lavish cash subsidy? Can’t be done anyway. No matter what he privately advocated for, absolute cunts in his own party were going to make it impossible to navigate Covid19 politically.

    • And what would any GOP senator do to stop the castration? They are all fags, faghags or cuckolds anyway.

    • @Eirk…

      Many of us here are Dixiecrats, and, as such, we really do not have a party, or candidates, that represent our aspirations.

      Thus, we wind up having to make painful case by case judgement calls.

      I supported President Trump, again, but, in light of the fact that the majority of The GOP party structure does not support him, I feel no compunction to support them.

  2. Vote for whoever promises the biggest check. If they don’t deliver, vote them out for someone else.

    Rinse and repeat until the occupied Federal government is destroyed. Not deconstructed – destroyed.

    I also support punitive taxes on billionaires. I will also support any General or Strongman willing to go all the way like Jared Kushner’s Saudi partner MBS:


    GOP Delenda Est.

    • It could be one of the positive side effects of having Trump in there. The reaction was so over the top that it melted the face off McConnell.

  3. money printer will go brrrrr

    y’all may soon live in a ‘million-dollar’ house

    ‘think of inflation, as your friend … haven’t you always wanted to own a $100,000 car? …’

  4. I’m done voting because it;s a waste of time and effort. Nothing changes under the two party jew scam. The best way to win is not play their rigged game. The quicker the system collapses the better it will be for us.

  5. What do these ” deficit hawks” have to say about the 7 trillion dollars (conservative estimate) price tag all the jewnited states wars in the Middle East for Israel since 2001?

    Add that sum to the trillions in “bailouts ” for “too big to fail” banks and Wall Street since 2008.

    To add insult to injury, illegal immigrants (or in PC newspeak ” immigrants of undetermined status “) are eligible for the $600 and possibly retroactively qualified for the first $1200.

    Fuck ZOG! Bankrupt this neoliberal cancer of a nation.

  6. A) Openly anti-White Jewish and Negro democrats who want to give you free money


    B) Openly anti-White republican insider traders who want to loot the treasury while unemployed White people starve to death

    Demoncrats are just the lesser evil at this point.

      • Kike-usurped White genocidal ‘Murca must do down in flames, and the first concrete step must be the fall of scum Lipless Bitch McConjob, Miss Lindthey Gwaham & the other GOP cuck whores of the (((billionaires))). Voting for the open racial enemies who will still put ZOG funny money in your pocket will speed the necessary total collapse that will give us our chance to reclaim our stolen birthright.

    • @Dart…

      I really do not know who is ‘The Lesser Evil’, at this point.

      Then again, I do not really think this nation’s problems, or that of The South, are likely to be solved at the ballot box, whether it is Dominion or otherwise.

  7. Anyone participating in this Zimbabwean-level farce of an election is clueless. The Nigerian Musloid who bedheaded the hapless British cuck-soldier (disarmed when him on Cuck Island naturally) accidentally spoke the truth in his remark: Remove your governments They are not for you.. Not one of the “choices” in this race is for any white person unless they are self-hating and suicidal. All four want your erasure. Why would anyone endorse this or give their imprimatur to it?

  8. Electing the two Democrats in Georgia puts Joe Manchin in charge of Biden’s legislative agenda. Manchin voted for Obamacare because it helped working class voters in West Virginia who were not getting health care through their private employers, but made too much income from their jobs to be eligible for Medicaid.
    Therefore, it is likely Joe Manchin will force more government aid to working people, which primarily benefits people championed by OD. So yes, if in Georgia, vote the lesser if two evils. Or just sit back and watch the Establishment steal another election. I mean, after they spent 5 years trying to prevent Trump from winning in 2016, then preventing him from exercising his lawful authority through the systematic abuse of power, do you really think they would not commit wholesale election fraud in those swing States necessary to”win” for Biden? If you truly believe that, you are unqualified to opine about anything.

  9. After the behavior of The Republican Party, both nationwide and, more particularly, in Georgia, I agree with this endorsement of Warnock and Ossoff.

    Not for the reason of ‘Deficit-Hawks’ however, do I agree, but, rather, for the fact that, in light of the little support the Republicans have given to President Trump’s fighting off this election conspiracy, and, as well, that we, Southerners, need to ween ourselves off anyone who does not reciprocate our support.

    Let the Judeo-Bolshevik Democrats rule for a time, and let us see all the positive that comes with a populace attempting to grapple with their particular form of lunacy.

  10. Vote for the jig. It will keep the witch Loeffler out of the Senate. The jig will be just a one termer. If I was a Georgian I would definitely vote for the jig, and for Perdue, who really isn’t all that bad.

    Mitch will be dead in a year. He looks dead now. Give his Chinese wife one more year of de facto majority leader, vote for Perdue.

  11. No Choice for White Americans
    In Georgia, you have a choice between a Communist Jew Jon Ossoff, and a Communist Negro Raphael Warnock. Or perhaps you prefer Pro-Israel Republicans, David Purdue, and Kelly Loeffler. White America deserves a party that stands up for our values. Alas, both parties are controlled by the Jewish lobby. We must organize a bloc vote against Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. This is a legal and a very effective strategy. Don’t let the Reds take over the State of Georgia. Fight back White Americans!

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