Trump Condemns The MAGA Marchers, Concedes To Joe Biden, Gives Up

I told you so.

There was never any plan.

Just an incompetent narcissist who saddled his most delusional supporters with another big fat L on the way out the door. Now the small fries and pawns like YOBA are going to federal prison.

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  1. At this point Trump is more or less laughing at all the suckers who supported him. Sad, but, true.

    • @Ron,

      Your hero just made shit on his most die-hard supporters, but hey, buyer beware, amirite?

      Maybe one day, that guy that gave you his address in Mississippi will make your acquaintance. I’d love to know that he took that unearned chips off your shoulders and smug grin off your face.

      Karma is a bitch.

  2. I really hope the Dems are vindictive enough to lock this clown up, and don’t give him a pass because of decorum or whatever. He needs to do hard time.

    • Blompf will certainly be facing multiple state and federal lawsuits if he decides to stay in the U.S. He cannot safely leave the country either as he has made too many enemies in the world.

      • You are forgetting they love him in Israel, even named a town after him. And they have no extradition treaty with the US.

        • Jews don’t love anyone, and they certainly don’t make their decisions based on love. They are not dumb enough to offer asylum to such a widely detested goy as Trump.

        • Trump can’t do anything for Israel anymore, so their loyalty to him is evaporating. Jews don’t care about goyim after they outlive their usefulness. Israel would throw Donald under the bus at the first convenient opportunity.

      • How does your boss at Hasbara decide if you are going to be Ron or Ivan Turganev for the day? Does he flip a coin?

      • No, he cynically pretended to be fighting for his presidency while collecting a quarter billion in donations from chumps like you.

  3. I’ll bet the Trump troops never dreamed they’d end up getting the Charlottesville treatment, treatment which most of them probably applauded at the time. The usual suspects are calling these folks the “far right”. The “far right” learned their lesson 4 years ago and had enough sense to stay away.

  4. I wonder how the MAGA-tards and Anglin. will spin this one? I knew he would concede, it was just a matter of time. Trump is a coward and a conman who told the fools what they wanted to hear. Same as a used car salesmen and I saw it from day 1.

    • There are already freaks and losers on the internet claiming the concession was a ‘deep fake’ or that Trump’s family members are being threatened. I expect wigger Anglin to get back to his conspiratard roots and jump on that bandwagon.

      • Anglin is citing Lin Woods and using Q anon quotes now. He’s already trying to pivot to his next grift in the post-Trump Q tard sphere.

          • I’ve looked into her. She was divorce coping. From what I can tell she smashed up her old mans car and he dropped charges then they split. Something like that anyway. Poor thing. Then she got into the Epoch Q Trap.

          • Lin Wood is still doing his stop the steal routine on parler now. He is saying Trump will declare martial law and have Pence executed by firing squad any minute now. WWG1WGA

  5. Hunter,

    You’ve got a lot of nerve browbeating those Trump supporters who went to DC. I like many others warned many of you who believed in rallies, workshops, marches; that it would wake up white people. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

    A lot of the public pro-white Nationalists have been proven to be frauds, grifters and e-beggars (can’t and won’t work a real job) but will take the cat ladies money. All they do is talk about the problem and get paid for it.

    Years ago, I tried to tell you and others, Jews were buying up cheap land like crazy. Now they’re sitting pretty. When a white family can no longer stand the cities and having their daughter raped and set on fire, they flee to places where the jew birds bought cheap property and will pay a high price for it.

    But OH NO, let’s e-beg for money, send me donations, buy my books, let’s go to rag-tag rallies and other stupid shit and where has that got you? Nothing.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for blasting Trump supporters. You’re no better.

    And shame on you for dissing that poor woman who was shot.

    • Really?

      I’m happily married. I own hundreds of acres of land. I have also never lived in the city. I wasn’t anywhere near this shitshow either. I spent years telling people not to truat Donald Trump, vote for the GOP or support these grifters.

    • @Debbie Johnson

      “A lot of the public pro-white Nationalists have been proven to be frauds, grifters and e-beggars”

      The ENTIRE “movement” is fake. It’s run by Jews and feds. Don’t go anywhere near the “WN” or “Alt-Right” “movement.” It was started by an Andrew Anglin type figure, a Hollywood clown grifter named George Lincoln Rockwell who was an FBI informant and had his script written by a Jew. Like Matt Heimbach he used to wear specially made costumes to look like a clown on TV. Like Heimbach, he was given a HUGE amount of publicity by the ADL.

      The ENTIRE movement is fake – all of it. Stay far, far away.

  6. Whites were just the means to the presidency for that orange whore; once there, he instantly shitcanned us like a besnotted kleenex in favor of his beloved kikes, nigs & fags. Anybody who stuck with him after the first year of betrayals proved themselves fools.

  7. Did I miss the part where he would return the 250 million he extorted from decent people via daily text messages for the “Stop the Steal” grift? Rudy and the Kraken team got quite a bit of it too.

    Biggest grifting con team in the history of America, including Don Jr., Ivanka and Jared. Wow.

  8. On a side note, I wonder if Nick Fuentes will contribute any of the payola he got for MAGA grifting towards the legal defense of his friend Baked Alaska. Or will he throw Baked under the bus and condemn him as a wignat with bad optics?

  9. AmNat e-grifters Vincent James and Nicholas Gay Fuentes have both gone full Judas on Baked Alaska, They are getting their alibis and stories lined up to escape ZOG’s dragnet.

    The Mockingbird jewsmedia have even labeled Fuentes and Baked Alaska as infamous “White Supremacists ” that attended the Charlottesville UTR march.

    Fuentes can afford a good defense lawyer with those 13 Bitcoins the shill fairy dropped in his wallet.

  10. Simple Question – Is it time to end the American experiment ? There are other words associated with that question, better left off right now —
    Now is the time to ask & think : what can we for OUR wHpopulation ?? A future answer has to do with wHWomen and geography —
    A current suggestion : all that spare change you’ve been saving — Let’s go through that and spend all the dimes and pennies — quickly !
    TY ! TY HW ! GOD SAVE The Queen ! GOD BLESS This Land ! GOD BLESS White People !
    . . . to Live and Die in DIXIE . . .

  11. A clever politician in South America or Eastern Europe pulling such a stunt would have been serious about it and had his own security forces rolling in behind the protestors who would simply be propaganda cover. Instead The Narcissist just wanted a show sending what I’ve heard described as a “Duck Dynasty Cosplay” mob in for a photo op and then turning on them.

  12. Sounds like Cernovitch is finally off the Trump Train. At this point only gluttons for punishment and grifters like Nick Fuentes and Mike Lindell would still want anything to do with Zion Don.

    You know what The Plan consists of? Trump playing golf while his army of lawyers try to get dozens of lawsuits against their client thrown out of court.

  13. Yup, the old adage of stay away from crowds applies once again. Trump reminds me of a flash in the pan radio host years back named Jay Diamond. He had a big following in the Northeast area for a while. But he would always lead his listeners to the edge and then when they started acting or speaking like him, Diamond would say” Where are all these nuts coming from?” Lol. He wound up quitting a great gig in solidarity after radio legend Bob Grant was fired. He then basically became a small time angry socialist on small time stations.

    This is what Trump does. He stirs the pot and then walks away. With that being said, one has to be nuts not to expect trouble breaking into the Capitol despite it being filled with traitors and seditious scum. Plus there really was no plan doing it.

    Ironically his support will stay high due to the jewsmedia doing their usual fake garbage like focusing on the Capitol break in while calling blm and antifa scum ” mostly peaceful protesters.” What those savages did in one hour is far more than the Trump people ever did the other day.

    The anger will continue to build up. Just one or two states breaking away from post America would really solve a lot of problems but this absurd and stupid philosophy of the nation must stay together is at the point of a 300 pound wife with zits and warts cracking you over the head everyday with a frying pan while friends say” Hey, you guys need to stay together.,

    Biden and his affirmative action pick will make America far more divided as the kosher media will say otherwise. And gee, what a shock Zuckerberg banned Trump at Faceberg! Remember Trump comically complimenting Zuck on his dedication to free speech? Lmao. Or how about the post middle aged man with the nose ring, Jack Dorsey, having a field day shutting Trump down or censoring him on Twitter? The guardians of speech, eh? He should have dumped Twitter for Parler a long time ago.

    Trump’s downfall was getting away from his instincts and letting ” his team” have too much input. Hilarious frauds like Mick Mulvaney are now abandoning ship to save face.. Same for Devos and others. Nothing but grifters looking for cash and a spot light.

    Trump is horrendous on hires in gov’t. F minus! He still opened a door no others came close to despite his goofiness and sloppiness. Too many opinions in his ear weakened him. He is not instinctively a political animal.

    Either way, gimme my 2 thousand stimulus, bitches! All I need to do is cash it at a check cashing place while eating chicken wings and rice and I can be a typical Biden voter!

  14. MrHunter – on this post of yours’ ( … gives up ) I left a comment . TY !! I mistakenly put some letters that actually spell my last name > < where my ' handle ' should have been ]] BMMRA2Z [[ Could I please impose upon you to re.edit that .. ?!? TY !! apc .

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