House Votes To Impeach Trump Again

How long would it take for Democrats to start losing their majority?

You could say that it began the moment that Twitter suspended Trump and 70,000 of his followers in an ideological purge that was so outrageous that even Angela Merkel spoke out against it. Instead of allowing Trump to leave office next week and Biden to move forward with his agenda, Pelosi looked at the people who stormed the Capitol and concluded that what is needed right now at this moment is even more political theater, polarization and gridlock in a narrowly divided Congress. Why show wisdom in dealing with these conspiratards and try to calm the situation down when you are about to take power anyway when you can throw gasoline on partisan divisions to own Blumpf?

Donald Trump incited an insurrection in Washington, DC! The rioters desecrated the sacred “Temple of Our Democracy”! This was so outrageous that it must not be allowed to stand!

When Black Lives Matter and Antifa set DC on fire and laid siege to the White House in June, Corporate America showered them with millions of dollars. Kamala Harris tweeted out the link to their bail fund. The street in front of the White House was renamed in honor of the rioters. This is not lost on anyone and explains why Trump won over 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.

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  1. They could have maybe spent their time passing a 2000 dollar stimulus package, of course that might have been productive and a reasonable way forward, but the eighty year old crybaby asshats who run Washington were too busy trying to get even for Trump and everybody who supported him. How dare the American people come to their capital and act up.

    Impeaching somebody who’s going to leave in a week, could a bigger waste of time be found?

  2. WTAM 50,000 Watts Cleveland is reminding people that the secret service thought the threat to the White House was so bad that they put Trump in the White House bunker this past Summer.

    This was during the BLM riots for the drug addict and convicted felon George Floyd.

    Pelosi is a crazy Italian Roman Catholic.

    • What do you think of the controversial Irish Roman Catholic priest Father Charles Couglin, OD? Was he one of the “good” ones?

  3. Is that really the Missouri Congresswoman or did Diamond and Silk sneak in under the cover of Covid mask and decide to switch sides. This is what a Congressional rep sounds like taken with the rambling of people like AOC who bring a Bronx valley girl theme, maybe we need to come to grips that we have no representation

  4. IMO, it’s not what Trump actually is but what he has represented to our enemies from Day 1: He represents White resistance and that’s why they hate and fear him.

    • “He represents white resistance”. Nothing says resistance like First Step Acts, Platinum Plans, DACA amnesty and gibs, and most importantly GIVE ISRAEL WHATEVER THE F*CK THEY WANT. You are correct that many of them supposedly see him that way but we have to view that as either intentional dishonesty on their part playing a part or just stupidity drinking CNN kool aid. Trump was many things, but White Resistance was not one of them.

      • I didn’t say he was White resistance. I said he represents White resistance to them, our enemies. I can’t imagine any other reason for their pathological hatred of him.

    • Nah war machine want a war. War Machine there to feed excess black urban population with gibs.

      Biden will Drone Strike domestic opponents and cause an incident in Black Sea. Its his only chance at survival.

  5. They have to do this. A sideshow is needed or else the people that elected them might actually expect them to accomplish something. These retards think that they’re going to get free college and healthcare….instead it’s just going to be orangeman fascist….white working class man terrorist.

  6. America will be a lot better off when it becomes a Chinese colony in the near future. Unlike America Red China doesn’t believe in global military conquest. They plan on becoming our landlords instead. And unlike us soft hearted, soft headed white folks the Chinese won’t tolerate any monkeyshines from Brackie.

  7. I don’t think Trump even cares if he goes down in infamy as the first president to be impeached twice. All he cares about is the attention that’s being lavished on him.

  8. Why the f%ck are they bothering to impeach him? This is so stupid He’s gone next week ffs this is a pointless shitshow by demoncrats

  9. It is not a Democracy. White middle and working class people are not in charge of jack sh*t in this country. America is an oligarchy ruled by transnationalist elites and multinational corporations. Red states need to secede. I for one and not prepared to ride the USS Titanic all the way to the bottom. Get off while the getting is good!

  10. So awesome to listen to that brown horse-faced creature, who would not even be eligible to vote under the Constitution, lecture to whites that this isn’t their country anymore. Isn’t America great?

  11. Hell of a deal.

    Senile Joe & The Nasty Ho didn’t win the [s]election, I did & by a Trumpslide. But when it cum-cum time to challenge the fraud, Judas Pence pussied out and went along with the Steal. Then antifa ZOGbots were let into the building buy Capital Piglice and the rest of the MAGAtards followed, some like Ashli Babbit to her doom at the paws of a Congoid Pig of Judas Pence’s Security detail.

    Now I’m being blamed because I whupped up the MAGA-tards and the Dem[on]ocrats & Republicucks pissed theysselfs, and ten Republicucks, including Dick[less] Cheney’s lesbo-skank daughter, voted to impeach muh MAGA-tard Orange ass, cum-cum, cum-cum. What a crock!!!

    Well we have an Auntie-Orange Coup, cum-cum, cum-cum!!! I’m gonna have to take Don jewnior, Eric, and Barron and Melania and maybe that clueless Marla-Maplesspawn Tiffany and rush off to Russia and ask Bad Vlad to take us all in. Rushah, Rushah, Rushah !!!

    You MAGAtards voted for a Pussy-Grabber twice in sum cases but all you got was a Pussy.

  12. So those depraved Democrats started another impeachment against Trump, 7 days before he is leaving office anyway? As a European one got the impression the entire 4 years of Trump presidency consisted of nothing but Democrats trying to smear or to impeach Trump. There seemed to be no other issues than getting rid of the orange man. And now they come up with that same crap again. What a farce. I totally agree with Frau Boebert and her statement in the tweet above. Nothing more needs to be said.. That Democratic Party appears so rotten, it reminds me of the current German SPD, or rather a mixture of the SPD and the Green Party, with even some bolshevistic influences.

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