Should The Republican Senate Convict Trump?

Should the Republican Senate vote with Democrats to convict Blumpf?

New York Times:

“What McConnell has before him, then, is an opportunity to exert agency, to wield power, that is entirely unique to early 2021, and will be long gone by 2024. There is no guarantee that using it will work, but at a moment when every Republican scenario looks bad, it seems more likely to leave Trump weakened than just doing nothing and hoping that some kind of wasting disease will carry his political potency away.

My expectation is that the lure of doing nothing and hoping for the best will still prevail, as it has for Republicans so often in this era. But there is a chance, at least, that a man who understands institutional power so well will see the opportunity before him, the chance to actually prevail over Trump and not just manage and contain him — and for all of our sakes, take it.”

After losing two Senate races in Georgia and spitting in the face of the populist wing of the GOP on the $2,000 checks issue, Ross Douthat thinks Turtle should gamble again and roll the dice. Keep in mind that the GOP lost the Senate races in Georgia with the support of Trump and with his most delusional voters still committed to the idea that he would ultimately prevail on January 6th.

The Week:

“It does, however, mean that elected representatives have obligations to their constituents. Republican leaders have a legitimacy crisis with their own voters. That is what created the conditions that led to Trump’s rise, that made his presidency thinkable in a way that Michele Bachmann’s or Tom Tancredo’s was not.

For the Republican Party to truly move past the last four years, its leadership class must attempt to determine why so much of their constituency believes Trump offers them more than the party establishment does. If the only answer they can come up with is “because our voters are stupid,” their struggles will continue. …”

Hopefully, we can remove even more establishment Republicans from power in 2022 and 2024 who refuse to represent their own voters. Personally, I am in favor of redistributing all the money of their wealthiest donors until they throw in the towel and quit screwing over their base.

Note: Needless to say, this site doesn’t support Blumpf but letting him go out on this sour note as a failure is much better than martyring him. Convicting him after Biden becomes president though would further polarize and inflame the country and probably kill off the GOP for good. Maybe he should do it just for the hell of seeing what happens. It isn’t like Trump will run anyway in 2024.

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  1. They want him convicted so he can’t run again in another 4 years. That alone I hope they convict him so he can’t con the masses on the right again.

      • Hw, he was too broke to run this time but an Adelson in hand or pocket is worth more than two in the bush. His diehard Zionist base will still be there to fund his main run while his loyal base sends him their nickels like a crooked preacher on tv

      • OT, read the Robert Putnam book ” The Upswing” you linked in a prior post touting Democratic tax and spend policies. It expressed puzzlement at the historic swings between individualism and collective action. Of course, there ought to be no surprise: people with one view or the other take control of the levers of power, then enact policy that favors them and disfavors the opposite viewpoint, until the opposition finally retakes power, then the cycle resumes. People in power tend not to be charitable. A soft liberal like Putnam will tend to be blind to these human realities.
        What was valuable in the book was Putnam’s recitation of the many acts of individual citizens joining together to agitate for change in society as it existed at different points in time for different people. The long march through the institutions was not the only source of change-private persons joining together to accomplish specific goals was even more important. And like the Marxist Marchers, these private citizens kept up their efforts year after year, and combined political action with neighborhood action. The moral was something I have tried to emphasize here: top down efforts by a strongman savior are hopeless unless representative of the efforts of a majority of citizens. Donald Trump could not save us. Only we can do so, acting together, first singularly, then jointly, locally, then expanding out to encompass the whole society. That is a ticket to success, not complaining or critiquing others. We should all ask ourselves what each of us can do to make life better, using our natural genetic endowment, then do those things to fight, or die trying ( figuratively, of course).

      • Blormp will be a broke-ass nigga after Melania’s divorce lawyers get through with him, HW. Not to mention all the other lawsuits that are awaiting him the moment he leaves office. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  2. I for once am in 100 percent agreement. After seeing the crazy loyalty this man still has martyring him is not the answer. It gives him an increased role of worlds most dangerous man of the people that does nothing but harm. Let him try and stay relevant until his memory fades away and hopefully any of his base

  3. Hunter, I have been away for a while and want to know if you think that Trump lost fair and square. I don’t think antipathy for Trump should factor into whether you think he fairly lost. Curious to know what you really think. Living in GA, I know for a fact than many lost faith in election integrity and refused to vote in the runoff. The two GOPe turds were also horrible candidates who ran on defeating socialism. The GOPe in GA is run by corrupt, arrogant elites who refuse to fight back against Stacey’ Abram’s race conscious politics and they paved the way for GA to turn blue by allowing so much potential for mail in ballot fraud. None of them wanted the truth to come out cause it would have exposed their incompetence and or treachery against Trump.

    Have you read Peter Navarro’s reports on the election? If you read it, I don’t see how you can think the election was fair and square.

    • Yes, he was blown out in the suburbs everywhere and Georgia was already close in 2016 and again in 2018 when Kemp narrowly defeated Stacey Abrams. We knew it was only a matter of time. Of course, the $2,000 issue is why Ossoff and Warnock won in Georgia. The GOP really is that stupid and would rather lose than do anything for its own voters.

      • If the GOP really wants to seal their fate for all of eternity they will allow passage of Joe B’s “Citizenship For 12M Illegals”. This whole Trump debacle and its aftermath may turn out to be Custer’s Last Stand for the GOP.

        • Can we stop with the 12million charade. Everyone knows that number is between 25 and 60 million. I can drive for miles and see only Central Amaricans until i enter an Indian neighborhood. Then Central Amaricans for miles and miles more till home

      • So I guess that video of them in Fulton County, stuffing the ballot box with no observers around, after telling everyone that the vote counting would stop, is just a mirage? Read the Navarro Reports. You might change your mind. Doesn’t change the fact that Trump was a failure.

  4. Did you hear about the My Pillow guy deliberately flashing a document to the cameras with the words “martial law” on it? Trump did exactly the same thing 3.5 years ago when he got one of his visitors to “accidentally expose a document with the words “1200 miles of border wall”

    Naturally CNN will run with it and the magatards will think it’s legit. This is the final grift, Trump is going to get every last cent out of his supporters!

  5. My final, personal conclusion on the election is that both parties suck, and democracy sucks, but that a Trump victory would have been slightly better. I just don’t believe Harris…….ooops…….Biden, will do anything of benefit for you.
    Will China be called to account? Nup.
    Will troops now return home? Nup.
    Will the wall be completed? Nup.
    Trump would have been the least worst option for the short term. Without him, the Republicans have no point of difference between them and the Democrats.
    The left proper will NEVER do anything to help us. Don’t forget that. Trump did little for you. Biden will do less.
    By mid year, you’ll be over him.

  6. Once the SCOTUS refused to hear his case, he should have not conceded the election, but said that this final decision from the highest court in the land left him no legal path to secure his rightful second term in the WH, so he will arrange for an orderly transition to Biden for the good of the country, which had been put through too much already.

    If asked if he would try to run again in 2024, he should have declined to do so, pointing out that if the establishment was unable and unwilling to work with him from 2016 to 2020 to Make America Great Again. It was even more unlikely that they would have a change of heart again after everything they destroyed to end his presidency.

    He could have given a pretty speech proclaiming what an honor and privilege it was that the Americans had elected him for president and that his love for America and Americans would never die despite the outcome of 2020.

    Then most of those who supported him and many who did not would see Trump as a martyr to the treacherous ant-American Deep State and media we so despise. But this Capitol Siege was nothing more than narcistic Trump’s selfish temper tantrum.

    I don’t think agreeing to convict Trump during the impeachment process is going to destroy the Republicans; they already accomplished that with sabotaging his 2016 agenda and then dragging their heels on the smallest amount of CoVid relief stimulus while signing Porkulus Omnibus Bills that only enriched their donors.

    The Republicans need to go.

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