Ben Sasse: Conspiratards Are Killing The GOP

For once, I more or less agree.

The Atlantic:

“Eugene Goodman is an American hero. At a pivotal moment on January 6, the veteran United States Capitol Police officer single-handedly prevented untold bloodshed. Staring down an angry, advancing mob, he retreated up a marble staircase, calmly wielding his baton to delay his pursuers while calling out their position to his fellow officers. At the top of the steps, still alone and standing just a few yards from the chamber where senators and Vice President Mike Pence had been certifying the Electoral College’s vote, Goodman strategically lured dozens of the mayhem-minded away from an unguarded door to the Senate floor.

The leader of that flank of the mob, later identified by the FBI as Douglas Jensen, wore a T-shirt emblazoned with a red-white-and-blue Q—the insignia of the delusional QAnon conspiracy theory. Its supporters believe that a righteous Donald Trump is leading them in a historic quest to expose the U.S. government’s capture by a global network of cannibalistic pedophiles: not just “deep state” actors in the intelligence community, but Chief Justice John Roberts and a dozen-plus senators, including me. Now Trump’s own vice president is supposedly in on it, too. According to the FBI, Jensen “wanted to have his T-shirt seen on video so that ‘Q’ could ‘get the credit.’

Why are conspiratards thriving on the Left and Right though? Why is the problem getting worse? We’ve gone from Obama’s birth certificate to the Capitol Siege in ten years.

It is because we live under a neoliberal oligarchy in which the people no longer really have a voice in the two party system. As we are about to see again, there is more continuity than change between administrations. The system is rigged against ordinary people. They vote and nothing ever changes because the big donors buy the policy agenda and get served first. The lack of trust in everything is why conspiracy theories flourish. Why else would a conservative mob storm Congress?

The fact is, that mob stormed Congress because it was angry with people like Ben Sasse and Mitch McConnell. As we saw on display with the $2,000 checks issue, Republican politicians aren’t interested in representing and delivering what the overwhelming majority of their own voters want. When they were forced to chose between the donor class and 80% of Republican voters, they chose the donor class. Donald Trump was elected president to reform the Republican Party and institutional conservatism and its donor network refused to do so and used the Trump presidency to advance their unpopular agenda.

This is why Republican voters now listen to people like Q and his prophecies, not Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse or Mitch McConnell. They figure maybe the QAnon Shaman has a point and we ought to follow his lead and storm Congress and arrest all of Donald Trump’s enemies. Maybe Alex Jones is right about the globalist pedophiles and implantable microchips. It would have been far easier to work it out with people like us who had reasonable and popular demands four years ago but that moment has passed.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Losing the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate and being overrun by the craziest and most deluded people in your own party chanting “Hang Mike Pence” is the price these people are paying for blocking Trump’s MAGA agenda.

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  1. We are about to see the spectacle of the war machine reassert its authority.

    30,000 troops and equal numbers of cops.

  2. “Trump’s MAGA agenda.”

    You are saying that the “MAGA agenda” was genuine and sincere? I think it was a massive grift right from the beginning.

  3. On the Sunday shows today, they can’t stop talking about the domestic/white/right wing terrorist threat. First Wray made the idiotic statement, whites are the greatest terror threat facing America. Then we get the Nashville bomber/patsy. What is next, a false flag dirty bomb on inauguration day, blamed on another white patsy?

    What did I tell you about the Jews? They persecute and torment the weak and the innocent and to justify their inhuman conduct they create the conditions thru lies and fraud schemes to blame the innocent.

    It is coming, you need no further proof of who and what the Jews are, and how they threat the innocent, than the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ.

    • The entirety of the content and narrative of mainstream American news media, entertainment, and advertising makes perfect sense once you understand that a Tribe hostile to White European people is controlling it. It’s a war of extermination that only one side is waging.

  4. GOOD. The GOP deserves to be destroyed. The Republicans are “The Stupid Party” who ALWAYS makes mistakes, but NEVER in favor of its base. Nothing more than controlled opposition. They need to go.

    The Democrats have always relied on the Republicans to apply just enough brakes to slow them down or steer them from total disaster. Those smartasses need to get what they claim they are asking for …. GOOD AND HARD,

  5. Sasse sounds like he talking his talking points from the ADL. They push the same garbage. The GOP killed the GOP

  6. This is a republican cope that takes the blame off their own party’s failures and unpopular policies. Republican turnout is probably higher with Q than it would be without Q because the only way Republicans can get voters is by peddling weird pseudo-religious conspiracy cults. If they were just relying on their policies to carry them, they would lose almost every election. Q is just the latest iteration of this, like John Birch Society and conservative talk radio crap that has been standard for decades.

  7. America has been usurped by a mere handful of billionaire scum, MIC & other globalist CEOs, and everyone’s favorites, the greasy hook-snoots of Kike International epitomized by the ADL; swaggerin’ butt puppets like Sasse are just their filthy little goy whores pretending to be “leaders” while carrying out their orders.

    The people who are supposed to be sovereign have absolutely no say in any of the vital issues like open borders, free speech on the internet, shipping jobs to foreign countries & endless overseas wars that benefit only Pissrael & the arms makers.

    They have NO right to lord it over us. They are illegitimate super-gangsters. That’s all.

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