SPLC Designated “Hate Group” Bombed By Domestic Terrorists

The First Works Baptist Church is officially listed as a “hate group” on the SPLC’s “Hate Map”:

New York Times:

“The F.B.I. and local authorities are investigating a bombing on Saturday morning at a church in Los Angeles County that had recently been the target of protests for its extremist views against L.G.B.T.Q. people, women and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The police responded to reports of an explosion at the church, First Works Baptist Church, in El Monte, Calif., just after 1 a.m. on Saturday.

An “improvised explosive device” was found to be the source of the attack, said Chief David Reynoso of the Police Department in El Monte, which is about 13 miles east of Los Angeles. Officials would not elaborate on what they found.

No one was in the church at the time, and no injuries were reported. The authorities found obscenities and the words “get out” spray-painted on the front of the church, Chief Reynoso said. …”

Is this the second coming of Floyd Corkins?

Is the Joe Biden presidency emboldening the worst elements of the Far Left?

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  1. Remember that 45% of the JonesTown cult were black women. Simar numbers at Waco.

    I was watching Big Question today and Andrew Doyle was on there defending free speech and this rabbi butch sitting next to him looked like she was going to kill him for suggesting the idea that you can’t “trust governments on hate speech laws”. She was going full homicidal Demon.

    • Captain- and both of those were protestant cults. Just sayin’- not Trad RC’s, LCMS Lutherans, Anglicans, or Orthodox. All of the previously mentioned groups used to hold to anti-miscegenation understandings of the Commandments. But isn’t it interesting that, when non-Whites DOsuffuse/invade a faith, that faith becomes degenerate, and either goes towards yappy-clappy BS rock concert, or descends into social gospel irrelevance? Almost like ‘denying the power thereof’- so as to not be a THREAT to (((certain ethnic interests))) who alone have always hated the People of Christ.

    • I perused the Church’s web page and the congregation by and large appears to be a mix of White Anglo folks and standard English speaking Mexican-Americans. I couldn’t find any evidence that they even had Spanish language worship services. A very unusual scenario to say the least.

  2. I know, the Jews don’t hate Christ, right? Who but the Jews bomb a Church, a Christ church? Even when they scapegoat the Muslims, we know there is only one group who hates the innocent.

  3. “Probably a good time to remind my alma mater @elonuniversity that it still employs Megan Squire, a far-left terrorist and @splcenter fellow. — Pete D’Abrosca”

    Good on D’Abrosca – he is doing exactly what we need to be doing. These people need to be confronted and their employers, friends, neighbors, and families need to denounce these hate mongers or explain why they agree with terrorists.

    Every SPLC employee needs to be tracked and any company hiring them in the future needs to be called out, canceled, and boycotted.

    If you have a LinkedIn account, find anyone listing the SPLC or other terrorists organizations as an employer and start demanding answers.

    Do NOT accept hate and terrorism as “normal.” We cannot allow Bidenism to be normalized.

    • I have never understood the gay thing, it doesn’t make sense. I understand (but disapprove) people cheating on their spouse, alcoholism, drug use, lashing out in anger, all sorts of bad behavior but looking at some guy and thinking, hmmm, “I’d like to hump that” just doesn’t make any sense, it is completely irrational behavior, at a minimum. There are so many good looking women around why do they have an interest in some other guy?

      The U.S. Government’s approval then requirement that normal people also approve of this aberrant behavior just shows how corrupt and insane the U.S. Government is. There can’t be more than %1 of people who are truly this LTGBQXYZ horseshit yet they are powerful enough to shove their fucked up lifestyle down everyone’s throat.

      I don’t want violence against these people but I do want them to leave normal people alone but I will never understand them. End of rant.

  4. Jews kill Jesus for telling the truth that their religion is a racket,just like the Holocaust is a scam.

  5. It shows we live in a upside down society when hate groups such as the ADL and SPLC are classified as civil rights organizations when in fact they are the complete opposite.

  6. I can’t find much info on this church (SPLC never made a write-up) but this blog was pretty useful:


    There New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist which is Pastor Anderson’s movement. Their pastor Bruce believes the same stuff, vaccines satanic, gays can not be saved etc.

    If you believe that gays can’t be saved that makes you a “vile anti-LGBT hategroup”. John Hagee believes that anti-semites can’t be saved. The salvation army & many Christian groups believe that racism is a sin, if you accumulate to much of it and are unrepentant you will not be saved. Are they ever listed as vile hategroups? when these sorts of believe represent maybe 3-12% of the population according to polls.

    • Those are fake Christians,they don’t tend to their flock in needs,look after themselves for richness.

  7. “Probably a good time to remind my alma mater @elonuniversity that it still employs Megan Squire, a far-left terrorist and @splcenter fellow.
    — Pete D’Abrosca”

    Not only Megan Squire but her husband, Tony Crider, who also teaches (pushes Marxism/Communism/antifa/BLM) at Elon and probably a lot more radicalism like showing up at rallies to rip down Confederate monuments. Elon needs to be forced to fire these radicals just as they would probably fire someone suspected of voting for Trump.

    Furthermore, Megan Squire and Tony Crider are listed in the list of 650 antifa at Charlottesville who along with BLM blocked the entrance to the park the Unite the Right protesters had a legal permit for which forced the UTR protesters to have to fight their way into the park just to do what they had intended to do — give speeches in support of Southern heritage and oppose the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

    The left-wing radical news media total ignores the domestic terrorists antifa and BLM and will not hold them accountable for all the terrorist acts they commit.

    Here is the list of the 650 antifa at Charlottesville. You will see Squire and Crider listed at numbers:

    117. Megan Squire (Leader): Gibsonville, NC
    118. Anthony “Tony” Crider


    The SPLC supports left-wing terrorists and should be shut down for all the violent acts that the SPLC has incited against ministers, churches, Southern monuments and Southern people committed by their left-wing cohorts.

  8. You watch NFL Negro ball….you are a faggot….who outsources your White Manhood to young BLM supporting NFL Negro players…….And this is the reason why the Hindu is burying you…….you faggots

  9. The SPLC is a hate group……..and needs to be on its own list. A class action is required against it by those it has defamed. What gives them authority to judge who is or isn’t a hate group?
    And I’d love to see who ISN’T on their list!
    Vile parasites!

  10. “””…Is the Joe Biden presidency emboldening the worst elements of the Far Left?…..”””

    I think that Joe Biden presidency is hijacked by worst elements of the far left.

    Donald pushed old order over the cliff. To fight Donald, they released the the kraken and now can not control it anymore.

    • Hijacked “?? Hardly. Democrat party spent 2020 validating and even venerating these criminals.

  11. The SPLC is a Jewish hate group that pushes for murderous post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy that targets THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN MAJORITY……It is pure unadulturated race war against our people!!!!!

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