PBS Frontline: How Charlottesville Led To The Capitol Siege

This is a strange hot take.

For most of us who went to Charlottesville, the lesson that we took away from the Unite the Right rally was not to “trust Trump” or to ever walk into another similar trap again.

The people who have been ensnared in the Capitol Siege – run of the mill MAGApedes, Qtards, Patriots, Oathcucks, Proud Boys, America Firsters – were all civnats and Trump super fans. The best example of a “white supremacist” who was at both events that they can come up with is Baked Alaska.

In Charlottesville, we had gone to federal court and won and had the legal right to hold our rally in Lee Park. The rally was disrupted by Antifa when the Charlottesville police stood down. We were supposed to be there that day, complied with the police and left the area when asked to do so. We didn’t attack the police and had no agenda beyond attending our own event which had been announced months in advance. The people who stormed the Capitol on January 6th never had any right to be there.

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  1. It works like this ((( Frontline))) wants a nonhite majority. If the Historic White Majority objects to this (((we))) are going to portray the Historic White Majority as the Nazis of WW2 who America exterminated(was that the 200 million Hindu Americans majority US population in 1945?)

    (((Frontline))) supports nonwhite racial minority race politics on nonwhite race steroids. (((Frontline))) supports Black Lives Matter a violent Black race hate organization that for at least ten years has been engaging in the public racial intimidation of innocent White Americans.

    Black Lives Matter was organized in the Oval Office by Barack Obama….Valerie Jarette…and Black Racist Al Sharpton…

    What I have written above must be the simple direct mantra of the Dissident White Right….nonstop…There is nothing else to say…..

    • Patrick of Greenport,

      Black Lives Matter neo-marxist terrorist organization was founded by two black lesbians, and one is half-jewish (shocking, right?).

      Obama was connected to the voter fraud organization ACORN.

      As far as I know, Valerie Jarrett has been accused of being involved in the Muslim Brotherhood, which I personally doubt

      Al Sharpton doesn’t have the intelligence to organize an international communist terrorist group like blm. He is strictly a race hustling charlatan that no one other than the jews at msnbc would give the time of day to.

      If it’s anti-White and we’ll funded, the eternal jew is behind it.

    • Yes @Patrick, that is exactly how it works. The truth about Charlottesville doesn’t matter — never did — to the anti-White narrative. Didn’t everyone see the video Joe Kamel made when he announced his presidential candidacy??

    • “White supremacist” is now media codeword for Founding Stock American. Jews have marked Northern Europeans for extermination.

  2. Without a doubt, the Unite The Right Rally was so poorly organized, attracting the foul mouth sexual pervert Chris Cantwell who masturbates to online porn and publicly threatens to rape some guys wife…and mentally ill James Fields, a psych patient on psychotropics who lived home with his wheelchair bound mother….I mean, what were you guys smoking?

  3. You have to get into the mindset of the hardcore liberal to understand this take. In their world there is literally no difference between a conservative Trump supporter and a “white supremacist”. All things that challenge the liberal consensus are equally dangerous to them. It may seem incredibly dishonest reporting to those of us who have the proper perspective, but they honestly believe conservatism is just fascism in disguise.

  4. Charlottesville led to the Capitol siege only indirectly, by scaring away the grifters like Baked Alaska and Andrew Anglin. They became fake paleocons and patriotards and latched their grift onto MAGA and the Trump cult instead, then followed their conman leader right into most disastrous political trap ever.

  5. That’s ridiculous and complete and utter bullshit. Those two events are in now way related, or one leading to the other. Just more Pushing Biased Semitism (PBS) and ProPublica ashkenazi left rubbish.

  6. “The people who stormed the Capitol on January 6 never had any right to be there.” – don’t be so sanctimonious – it’s just a Goddamned building from which the decimation of White America is being carried out.

      • @Arrian…

        You do not need to use parentheses here.

        Occidental Dissent is The Cyber Southern Confederacy, where Free Speech is still healthy.

        Thus, you can say, ‘The Jews’, or ‘International Jewry’, and, as well, speak plainly about any other individual, group, or any other matter.

    • I disagree. The Establishment see the Capitol as a Holy of Holies. Many of the (((Senators))) had visions of thousands of scarlet clad gladius wielding legionaries sacking the Second Temple. A building is not just a building, a statue is not just a statue.

  7. Let us be clear here : anyone who would oppose the Modern United States, as it currently is, is going to be labeled a ‘White Supremacist’, because, in some way, such a person is advocating for a United States that was exclusively created by White People, and Anglo Whites, principally, at that

    We see this clearly in that they even label non-White patriots as such.

    Advocates of the Modern United States are not deluded – they know that the end of their designs is most likely to come from those who cherish an older vision of the United States – The Confederate States of America, if you will, or, failing that, some older Federal vision of the country.

    So, whether we agree that so many people, who are labeled as ‘White Supremacists’, are actually that, does not matter.

    They, those who are thus labeled, are a serious threat, and, thus, they are going to be tarred with the highest forms of stigmatization that The Ruling Elite can throw at them.

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