Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff Praises Neoliberal Joe’s Domestic “War On Terror”

My impression of Donald Trump’s coalition has been that it started decomposing the moment that he won the presidency. This has been my consistent take for the last four years. As Trump began governing and misinterpreting his mandate, disaffected moderate voters began to peel away.

New York Times:

“As a former overseas operative who has struggled both on the side of insurgents and against them, the past few days have brought a jarring realization: We may be witnessing the dawn of a sustained wave of violent insurgency within our own country, perpetrated by our own countrymen. Three weeks ago, it would have been unthinkable that the United States might be a candidate for a comprehensive counterinsurgency program. But that is where we are.

Overrepresented among the ranks of angry but ordinary citizens who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 were others, hardly ordinary, committed to violent extremism: the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers, “Christian” national chauvinists, white supremacists and QAnon fantasists, among others. Some of these groups may have planned their incursion in advance, but they could not have breached the Capitol if not for the wave of populist anger that swept them forward and over the barricades.

Given impetus and, they believed, political cover by former President Donald Trump, the capering idiots who filmed themselves in the Capitol seemed to think they were untouchable. They may be easy to identify and arrest now, but there are others — well armed, dangerous and now forewarned — who had a glimpse of what may be possible in the political environment Mr. Trump created. …”

Describing American citizens who are Trump supporters as “insurgents” and using hysterical “War on Terror” rhetoric to pathologize them and going further than that to criminalize MAGA is the surest way to push those people to snap back or further radicalize. The bottom was hit shortly after the Capitol Siege. You don’t kick a man while he is down. Most people don’t like spoiled winners.

Neoliberal Joe is making the same mistake that Trump made in 2017. Trump’s mandate had been to secure the border and reform the immigration system, withdraw from foreign wars, “knock the crap out of ISIS,” renegotiate job destroying free trade agreements and to give a middle finger to the politically correct scolds in the ruling class. Biden’s mandate was to clean up Trump’s COVID mess, pass a larger stimulus package, rebuild the economy and “return to normalcy” or lower temperature of the country.

Passing an immediate $2,000 stimulus check as promised would lower the temperature of the country and build political support and momentum. There are at least a dozen things the Democrats could do with their majority which have super majority support. Establishing a progressive dictatorship and treating Americans like foreign terrorists on the basis of their political opinions is not one of them!

Note: Public opinion is rapidly shifting on wealth redistribution. We saw that in the Georgia Senate races where Republican voters stayed home en masse. I strongly suspect that this attempt to start a domestic “War on Terror” over Donald Trump who is no longer the president is an attempt by our ruling class to change the conversation and repolarize our politics before this becomes the new center.

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  1. (((Michael Chertoff))) … there, fixed it for you.

    The jews media clip can be summed up as simply “The Goyim Know, Shut It Down”.

  2. If the idea of “terror” or of “terrorists” is Baked Alaska doing a stand-up comedy routine in Nancy Pelosi’s office, and live-streaming it for clicks and money, then we as a people and a nation are in serious trouble.

    Anyone remember a group of Muslims who believed that God wanted them to crash airliners in buildings?

    They did not go away.

    You can find their offspring and heirs in Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.

    As the “war on terror” and their own governments made it hard to carry out such attacks, they have not given up. If anything, Islamic terror has been patiently rebuilding their cells and making more plans.

    If someone thinks MAGA idiots and Baked Alaska are “agents of terror” this new generation of young Muslims who have been laying low and biding their time, are going to instruct the “Woke” in a real-world lesson in diversity and real terror.

    I doubt we are prepared for what is coming next from the “Religion of Peace.”

    • @Mortal Coil Muse,

      Why do the muslims want to fly airplanes into skyscrapers? Why do they want to harm innocent civilians?

      Muslims didn’t bother us, until we aided and abetted their dispossession to zionist jews and their BFFs imperialist Britain. The AngloZionist empires kicked the hornet’s nest in the Lavant and Middle East.

      Our opponents has been and always will be Zionism and communism. Two wings of the same bird.

        • Mainz Mothman,

          Why are they there? Because of ZOG-USA’s endless wars for Israel, including the destabilization and instigating the civil war in Syria.

          I don’t want muslims in the West, but you need to understand how jihadis migrated into the Occident.

        • If we didn’t have to keep the SLC afloat, we’d still have problems with the Muslims, but they’d be a fraction of what they are today.

          Isn’t the SLC the apple of God’s eye? Then let he/she/it take care of the SLC. It has cost us and the rest of humanity way too much money already.

        • I have. But the fact is that they didn’t invite themselves into Western countries, but were invited by our REAL enemies. If your neighbor is throwing buckets of scorpions over the wall into your backyard to sting your children, do you have a scorpion problem or a neighbor problem? Do you declare a Global War on Scorpions and spend billions of dollars trying to change them in their desert home, or you you address the root cause? Boomers never can understand this.

          • @ wayne ratlif, “boomers never can understand this”, some of us have and still do, generational generalities.are false, good sir.

      • Arab terrorism only begins to appear in the 1960s. Oddly enough when international flight becomes a middle class perk, Israel looks secure and we start to really poz the Arab world with extreme forms of Globohomo and set up Mujihadeen in Afghanistan to fight Communism. It goes into overdrive when the US directly confronts Iraq and Syria as a proxy for Israel.

    • Given how the US government has bled and abused its own citizens for the last 20 years, if terrorists flew a jumbo jet into the capital, as they had planned to do originally, what would be the reaction of American citizens today? Some would be saddened and angry, but how many would be indifferent and how many would even cheer?

      We have met the enemy, and they are our “leaders”.

    • Talk about domestic terror, the very brief and very PRO-capitalist “insurrection” of 1/6 was absolutely nothing compared to this MONTHS-long insurrection AGAINST capitalism:

      After being shut out of the capital for months, living in tents in Monsoon weather, hundreds of thousands of protesting Indian farmers, driving thousands of tractors, defied strict orders and broke through the security barriers and invaded the center of the capital of India, to amplify their protest against capitalist economic policies forcing them off the land and giving it to Western ag corporations. The government immediately shut down all cell phone and internet service in the area. One tractor flipped over after the farmer was shot dead by the police and military forces guarding the capital. Farmers fought back hard against tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition, and 80% of the police and soldiers are reported to have suffered personal injuries from the rugged, angry farmers.

      “Over the past two months the farmers have endured inclement weather; been the target of government smears, including that their agitation is being supported by China and Pakistan, and manipulated by Sikh separatists; and been repeatedly rebuffed by Modi and his minions with the claim that government’s three agriculture reform laws are for the good of the farmers. In reality, Modi’s ‘farm reform’ is part of a raft of pro-investor measures long demanded by domestic and Indian capital. It was rammed through parliament in September in the same abbreviated Monsoon session of parliament that amended India’s labour laws to make most strikes illegal, further expand precarious contract labour jobs and empower large companies to lay off workers at will. The farm laws will place India’s farmers, most of whom scrape out a living on plots of just two hectares (about five acres) or less, at the mercy of agribusiness”:

      • Some of the farmers carried Indian national flags, and said “the capital of India doesn’t belong just to the government officials, it is our capital, it belongs to us too” – ECHOES OF 1/6/2021 – while others carried the flags of Indian farmers’ unions, but the unions are run by wealthy farmers who sell out the vast majority of farmers, and denounced the protest: “Despite all our efforts, some organizations and individuals have violated the route and indulged in condemnable acts. Antisocial elements infiltrated the otherwise peaceful movement.’ Led by better-off farmers, the farm unions have insisted throughout that the farmers’ agitation is ‘non-political,’ i.e., is not a challenge to the Modi government. They have raised no demands to address the needs of the landless and agricultural workers who comprise the majority of India’s rural masses.” Ibid.

  3. Michael Chertoff

    An Israeli National

    The head of the Jewish Gestapo in America

    Waging hyper-ethnic Jewish warfare

    against the Historic Native Born White Christian Majority of America

    There is something wrong with this picture

  4. Let call it for what it is: FBI/DHS are the Shin Bet, the National Guard are the IDF, and congress is the knesset, and we are the Palestinians.

  5. This is the man behind the “Underwear Bomber” hoax. He personally made hundreds of millions of dollars selling the “naked scanners” to airports that were needed because of … the “Underwear Bomber.”

    The eyewitnesses went to the mainstream media and said it was a hoax, but they were ignored. You know, “conspiracy theories.”

    These are the people that took over after 9/11. For “national security.”

    But then everyone forgot everything when Trump told them Obama’s birth certificate was fake.

  6. Chertoff is walking, talking melanoma, like all the rest of his co-kikes. Just LOOK at the fugly, heavy-lidded, dead-eyed scum: the quintessence of all that is alien, sinister & deadly for Whites.

    • ” Just LOOK at the fugly, heavy-lidded, dead-eyed scum: the quintessence of all that is alien, sinister”

      Did you ever nail it !

  7. I never ever thought I would rethink WW2….Now I won’t even watch reruns of Ban of Brothers anymore……WW2 wasn’t worth it to save the Chertoff family…..

    Speaking of Band of Brothers……. Major Dick Winters daughter is a 60 something year old Cat Woman White Liberal…always tweeting about her cats…..

  8. Michael Chertoff

    Leo Frank

    The autopsy photo of 11 year old Irish Girl Mary Fagan….go google it

    All of the above:a direct line to the ADL and Jew Rule inaugurated January 21 2021

    Chertoff….sounds like a cockroach species……don’t you think?…..

  9. A beautifull blue eyed blonde haired three year old white little girl was murdered by two Black Lives Matter supporters less than a week ago……. a week after a Black Lives Matter supporting Black Police Officer beat a young White Pregnant Female to pulp in a Black Rage incident….captured on video

    Why isn’t Richard Spencer tweeting about this nonstop….

    I blame the violence against these young females on the FUNGUS known as Joe Biden an Kamala Harris…..

    Chertoff is the Jewish Gestapo for Black Lives Matter…..

      • “beautifull blue eyed blonde haired three year old white little girl was murdered by two Black”

        This is ongoing, they seek out the most vulnerable, women, elderly, kids, and the disabled.
        Another blessing of “integration” :/

        • That’s right, a direct consequence of integration-which was much beloved by JFK and RFK….I saw a movie clip two weeks on the History Channel ago of JFK and RFK in the Oval Office threatening a Southern Governor with sending in the US Military with fixed bayonets to enforce Negro Males on White Females…..Despite this very easily discoverable bit of history…Alt-Right-Dissident Right Males continue to jerk-off to their JFK pin-up-boy bedroom wall posters…..

          JFK would have loved the 1965 Immigration Reform Act….No doubt about it.

      • Brad

        If a White Police Officer beat a young pregnant Black Woman to a pulp in the street-the video on the internet-The US would be in a full-blown race war at the moment…..

        Black Lives Matter was organized and encouraged in the Oval Office by Barack Obama and Valerie Jareette

    • Both stories you will never hear about from the mainstream American jewish controlled media. White lives do not matter to jewish media. Reverse the races and you would never hear the end of it.

  10. I’ve never seen the ruling “elite” act in such an openly hostile manner against the unwashed masses like this before. Their masks of liberal tolerance and piety have completely fallen off their ugly faces – and they don’t even care!

    • The (((ELITES)) are doing the same thing against Russia one week after the inauguration of The FUNGUS Joe Biden…..They are going to initiate nuclear WW2…They are Psychopaths…..Coleman McCarthy’s Blood Meridian coming up…..

    • They think they no longer have to hide what they really are because they’ve finally gained the electorate replacement-based permanent lock on power we “wignats” have been warning the White shitheads about for decades: the kikes, niggers, faggots & commies think it’s now safe to gleefully stomp our White “trailer trash” faces.

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