Pew: Economy and COVID-19 Top The Public’s Policy Agenda For 2021

In the last nine days, the Biden administration has rolled out 40 executive orders to address what it calls “America’s four converging crises.” These “four crises” are climate, race, health and the economy. What are the priorities of the American people? Is there a disconnect between Neoliberal Joe’s agenda and the mood of the country and its perception of the relative importance of issues?

Pew Research Center:

Yes, there is a huge divide.

It has been on clear display in our negative coverage of Joe’s first ten days. We agree that COVID and the economy are the two major crises facing the country. I’ve repeatedly cited a Morning Consult poll from December which showed that the public wanted the Biden administration to contain the spread of COVID, distribute the vaccine as fast possible, pass a larger COVID relief bill with the $2,000 stimulus checks, rebuild the economy and lower health care costs. The American people are moderates.

The public DOES NOT believe that climate change, racial equity, trans issues, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens are “crises” facing the country that are in the same league as COVID and the economy. These are Democratic Independent Liberal Elite (DILEs) issues. The economy is the most important issue on the minds of voters and it is one of the least important issues on the minds of these people.

Climate change and immigration aren’t even in the top ten issues on the mind of the public at large. Blumpf’s upcoming Senate trial in February and launching a domestic “War on Terror” don’t even register. Far more Americans would rather reduce political polarization and move on.

Where is there agreement?

Democrats and Republicans agree on strengthening the economy, dealing with COVID, creating jobs and improving the political system. The most polarizing issues are “addressing issues around race” and “dealing with global climate change.” Climate change and wokeness are divisive.

Among Hispanic voters, strengthening the economy (83%), dealing with COVID (82%), improving the job situation (69%), addressing issues around race in this country (68%), improving education (66%), improving the political system (64%), dealing with the problems of poor people (64%), terrorism (63%), reducing health care costs (63%), reforming Social Security (59%), reducing crime (55%), addressing issues within the criminal justice system (52%) all rank higher than immigration (47%).

The White upper middle class, post graduate professional wing of the Democratic Party is noticeably more interested in dealing with climate change, addressing issues around race and dealing with COVID. Undoubtedly, they are the driving force behind the focus on “trans” issues as well.

The shots that we been taking at the Biden administration for neglecting the priorities of the American public and pandering to White upper middle class progressive liberals and wealthy donors are on target. Calming things down and delivering on $2,000 stimulus checks is sound advice.

Note: Infrastructure is a low priority for the public, but is likely the most plausible candidate to reach 60 votes in the Senate.

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