Why I Support Nikki Haley As The 2024 Republican Nominee

I will not be voting for the Democrat or the Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential election. I plan to support the National Justice Party’s nominee, unless an another true nationalist made it onto the ballot somehow who I saw as a more viable option. I am optimistic about the long term future of the NJP but the chance of it getting millions of votes in 2024 is slim (and winning the electoral college basically impossible).

But why is this? Its platform alone should be able to earn the votes of the millions of populist-leaning Americans who are socially conservative, understand Whites are under attack, and are moderate or on the left when it comes to economics. Yet the vast majority of Americans who fall into this camp will most likely not be voting for the NJP next election cycle.

So again, why is this? To answer we need to examine the potential barriers. What political faction is the greatest threat to the rise of nationalism and authentic populism in the United States? Is it leftwing populists who offer many tangible solutions on economic issues but are mostly void of a Christian framework and white identity? I don’t think so. We obviously don’t see eye to eye with these people on everything but they are usually genuine and are potential allies to us. Is it the radical anti-white democrats? Definitely not, we are not losing anyone to the establishment Left’s echo-chamber of MSNBC and the New York Times. What about the “respectable conservatives” such as Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse. I doubt it.

It seems clear to me that rightwing populists are our greatest roadblock when it come to gaining traction nationally. RW populists are worse than establishment conservatives in many ways because they are able to spread the cancerous lie that the GOP is somehow now the party of the working class. The logic is simple. As long as the myth of a “populist” and a “pro-worker” GOP continues to stand, this will greatly decrease the chance that millions of nativist Republican voters reject the two party system and look for something real. Politically speaking, when the right doesn’t even pretend to care about the issues of immigration reform, fair trade and social conservatism, we win.

Lets be clear, there are genuine RW populists who I would describe as authentic Paleoconservatives. They aren’t quite ready to accept things like wealth redistributionism and universal healthcare, but they do understand demographics, tradition and for the most part reject the current neoliberal orthodoxy of the system. However, their efforts are largely overshadowed by the members of the grift right, who are trying to sell Donald Trump as a populist or “America First” to their mislead audience. This divide among Rightwing populists has widened deeply since the election. Honest paleocons such as Pedro Gonzales, Ryan Girdusky and Ann Coulter (more of just an immigration hawk but I feel she still belongs in this category) continued to point out the horrible failures of the former president. Meanwhile, fraudsters like Nick Fuentes and Scott Greer attached their movement to stopthesteal and doubled down on passionately supporting their favorite Zionist billionaire.

The grifters will most likely be putting their support behind a Josh Hawley or Tucker Carlson in 2024 in order to corral thousands, if not millions of nativist whites back into voting for the GOP by making them think they are infiltrating mainstream politics because somebody “based” is running. In reality, we know the only reason the GOP would run somebody halfway “based” is the same reason Trump ran in 2016: So they can win the election running as a populist and then govern as a pro-Wall Street Israel-first conservative.

Nikki Haley will probably be impossible for Conservatism, Inc. to sell to nativist Whites, Berniebros, White independents and Bluedog Democrats in any meaningful capacity (no matter how anti-white the democrat is). Her base of support will be primarily Staunch conservatives, GOP donors, free marketeers and hardly anyone else. Good.

The only reason anyone else would vote for her is rejectionist voting and hardcore phony culture war rhetoric. I want to see if Tucker Carlson will try to scaremonger White Americans into pulling the lever for someone who even many boomer conservatives would probably consider an “establishment Republican.” Last august at the RNC, Charlie Kirk made the absurd claim that 2020 Donald Trump was the “bodyguard of western civilization.” Lets hear him try to make the same case for Nimrata.


  1. I cannot deal with legions of AmNats telling me “You have to vote for her. We have no choice” for the twenty year in a row. I hear your fears with Hawley but Nimrata Ranwathahata or whatever Nikki Haleys name is just too much to take in. She is offensive on so many levels from the Israel worship to her anti white outbursts like the Confederate flag removal which further lower the bar for normie Conservatives.

    NJP from what I see isnt serious. Of that whole crew the only one I take serious is Alsup. He conducts himself like a respectable adult and still speaks truth to power. McNabb is very likable as is Striker but for 99% of people there it would repulse them. I love a nice Moonman song and think Morriaku is the greatest living comedian, but these guys have too much baggage on them. Running on a platform of holocaust denial is not a good look. More important they would be ignored by every single right wing media outlet and roasted by moderates and the left. It will be interesting but dont expect more than a few thousand people to get behind team ranch e celeb. Same with Fuentes .

  2. Nimrata a female version of Trump. She will put Israels interest ahead of the US. She also started the downward spiral of the removal of the confederate flag. She is no friend of the White race.

    • she is a renegade 7-11 counter grrl. If ex-Wall Street whizkid (((Ivan Boesky))) can end up squeejee’ing car windows @ Broadway and Canal, surely we can put Nimrata back behind the counter in a 7-11.

  3. Nikki Haley seems like the most vapid thing on the planet. I listened to her once and she sounded like them all. You hear one of them, you hear them all. She’s just the same churned out Republicanism- except faker (which is a feat). But I bet she’ll sprinkle some racial/nativistic red meat for the base and a large amount of Republicans orientated towards that (not the Crowder’s or Shaprios of the world) will come hopping to her. They always do. Then the white majority/nativists gets stabbed in the back, again and again and again. The cycle repeats. It takes two to tango as they say, baby.

  4. Most bad things in America come from South Carolina. The center of African slavery. The first Jew synagogue. “Christian” Zionist nutjobbery. Lindsey Graham and Nimrata Randhawa.

    Here’s a fun secret. Nimrata Randhawa graduated from Clemson University. There is a nest of Israeli spies dug in like ticks at Clemson, including a notorious Israeli disinformation specialist named Judith Wood that started working there in 1999, then spent the next ten years publishing absurd 9/11 conspiracy theories and disinformation.

    Nimrata Randhawa “just happens” to be a hard core Zionist, a darling of the Israel Lobby and AIPAC, just like her fellow South Carolinian Lindsey Graham. She is a notorious warmonger and has supported every single war Israel has asked for. She is clearly being paid by Israeli Jews.

    There is something rotten in the state of South Carolina.

    • Oh,yeah!,stay clear of “Nikki Haley”,and EVERYTHING she stands for!,I mean,it’s BAD enough to have “Hindu Harris” one HEARTBEAT away from the Presidency; image,the SERPENTINE likes of that uber-phony,latter-day,street-sh*tting,zion-loving,warmongering,C**T,anywhere NEAR the Oval office!?!,Lord!,just HOPE & PRAY,it NEVER comes to THAT,Amen!

  5. Trumpist “populists” exist to “radicalize” the establishment left and pacify the right with plan trusting and other dirty tricks. Great article, I could not agree more.

  6. I would be careful what you wish for here.

    Despite demographics and the awfulness of Haley, it is still close enough that some major scandal or other black swan that hurt the left could lead to her victory.

    The typical conservative retards would form a personality cult around her, and she would suck all oxygen from the room and prevent any progress.

    • “suck all oxygen from the room”

      This is a euphemism for “mass media coverage.”

      We can already see the GOP Astroturfers showing up at blogs like this one, pushing this or that GOP bs.

      If we can find a way around their online and broadcast media astroturfing, no one will care one what or another about this particular GOP candidate. I can’t even spell her name – the Indian chick from Israel? Who again?

      • let her get the GOPe nomination. What with the future scale of demoncrat urban vote-harvesting – not to mention another 4 years of accelerated ‘demographic change” – Harris/(((Emhoff))) will win easily and that should just about do it for the Republiscam pty.

        we really, really need the Republiscam pty to die ASAP.

  7. “Charlie Kirk made the absurd claim that 2020 Donald Trump was ‘the bodyguard of western civilization’”

    In 2016 Glenn Beck called evangelical Rafael “Ted” Cruz “the White Horse of the Apocalypse.”

    • The grift right have been using “western civilization” as a term for the Jewish controlled west. Being pro-west used to mean being pro-White but now it’s pro-ZOG.

  8. Brad-you’ve got to be kidding! Nikki Haley(Nikki Hokey was a 60’s song by Cajun sensation P. J.. Proby) is the queen of the neocons and a mortal enemy of all things Southern- bragging about taking down the confederate flag in South Carolina-her proudest achievement! She’ll probably choose Mitt Romney or Bill Kristol as her running mate. You’ve got yourself a hard sell on this one-I swear I won’t vote in the next presidential election if she’s the Republican nominee.

  9. True, the best outcome is that the Republicans keep pushing these really unpopular losers until their party dies. Worst case scenario is someone like Hawley or Tucker Carlson who would be able to put up a convincing populist image and really take advantage of the Biden backlash that is assuredly coming, but would still serve the plutocrats, military, and Israel at the end of the day.

  10. The Republican Party will be looking for a much more mainstream candidate or safe candidate in 2024. Putting a Woman on the ballot is very possible as the Democrats have delivered a Black man as President. Now a Woman as VP…mixed. Obama’s mixed as well. Putting a White woman on the ballot will give the GOP that modern feel. However she’s mixed as well and removed the Confederate Battle Flag in SC which makes me a strong opponent of her. I agree the Right Wing Populists are an issue because even though Trump’s out of office the GOP will still go looking for that America First vote. However I don’t see them supporting the GOP that extreme now that Trump’s out of office. The Working Class vote will split a usual in 2024. I’m of the belief that some people will Vote Democrat or Republican regardless in every single election and will never think different. However many people think the Presidential election had giant voter fraud and that Trump won. Because of his cult like following I can see those hardcore Trumpers not voting for another candidate. Kind of like the old Ross Perot voters who wouldn’t vote after he lost. It’s the true activists who care about the country and those people who can really help Third Parties in the future. Deo Vindice !

  11. Methinks the Republicans will nominate Jeb! Bush. A safe compassionate White guy who will police his tone and put hispandering on overdrive. I think Nimrata will end up either taking a House seat probably or Senate seat. I don’t think Jeb!’s running mate will be a POC, but a White populist. A woman is highly unlikely but if they were smart, they would choose South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem, low-key populist who was the only governor who did not shut down any business but trusted her constituents to decide what risks to take while simply briefing them on the latest news from Fauci et al so they could make informed decisions. And no nonsense about being carried out on slab for Israel .,, so far which is probably why it will be Hawley.

  12. The Indians are being promoted as the future henchmen for the Jews, why aren’t the Irish pissed Walsh?

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