Anti-Populists Are Stewing Over Wall Street Uprising

Did you hear the news?

A group of Reddit investor bros have figured out a way for small investors to cost hedge funds tens of billions of dollars and have exposed our rigged economic system which favors the rich and powerful. Something like 75% of the country is cheering them on. Not everyone is happy though. Some people are miserable about it and it is exactly who you would expect. It is the culture war modernists who succeeded in steering and crashing Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign into the woke ditch.

Thomas Frank has created the useful term “anti-populist” to describe these people and has written a book about them. I vividly remember Occupy Wall Street and how these White middle class, college educated liberals, the bums and drug addicts and the socialist purity spiralers came out and ruined it with bizarre things like the “progressive stack” which created a racial pecking order of speakers. They made the movement radioactive to ordinary White people by injecting it with proto-wokeness.

Wait for it.

There is a new “white supremacist” movement stalking the country. It is “fascist” and “anti-Semitic” and “hate speech” to attack hedge fund billionaires!

Free speech is also “fascist.” Billionaires and corporate monopolies should have the unchecked power to collude to silence their critics. Nothing is more “fascist” than building coalitions representing 3 out of 4 Americans to dismantle unchecked corporate power, monopolies and oligarchs. Compromising with people who share different cultural views in a country of 328 million people is “fascism.”

Populists have always believed in economic fairness and a broad distribution of wealth. The movement was rooted in 19th century Jeffersonianism. The working class and lower middle class in this country tends to be socially conservative and economically moderate. They want restraints on capitalism, markets and private property so that economic growth benefits everyone, not all of this bizarre cultural shit.

The country is not as hopelessly polarized as it seems. There are a small group of very wealthy, powerful and evil people on both sides who have a vested interest in ensuring it stays that way. The overwhelming majority of Americans agree on the big issues more than they disagree.

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  1. Amiright in pointing out that GameStop is owned by a Jew and the hedge fund is a Jewish owned thing? So the problem here is that some toys crashed the entire sort scam run between them both?

    • Infighting and drama amongst Tribesmen – it’s a constant with them – sometimes it gets so noisy that it piques the interest of the goyim.

      • Such infighting plagued Jewish courts throughout Europe in medieval times and beyond. Businessmen ripping each other off as well as gentiles.

        But still, useful middle men for the royals and ruling class to direct the peasants’ anger against.

        • These evil bastards in charge are petrified of WSB being able to bring hedge funds to their knees.

          The establishment’s Achilles’ heel is money. If the money goes away for any reason their power evaporates like the morning dew, and they know it. Calling WSB anti-Semitic is an act of desperation, their usual hysterics. They will be saying “ban WSB because it is hate speech, not because it’s hurting billionaires.” They are liars, desperate liars.

        • The King’s were useful puppets to direct common resentment against for oily merchants

        • @Yunus Zahari

          “useful middle men for the royals and ruling class to direct the peasants’ anger against.”

          1. Implying that Jews weren’t part of the ruling class.

          2. Implying that Jews were innocent victims as opposed to oppressive rulers.

          Poor Jews. They were not allowed to be peasant dirt farming serfs and were FORCED to become wealthy bankers to royalty. Oy, the humanity.

    • When enemy owns everything then only things you have is the enemy things and you must use the enemy things to fight the enemy.

      Work for the enemy, then get paid by the enemy then buy enemy produced matches and gasoline from enemy owned shop so you can burn the enemy house down and run away with enemy produced shoes.

      We got rid from Soviet Union this way. For general information, Putin and Orban both were Jew hand picked and schooled future puppets.

      In Eastern Europe there are still rumors around that closing the Hungary border , bringing back Christianity and other things are some extremely clever Soros stunt..

      This ethnic and white stuff just does not work. Our own beloved fellow high IQ white people were the ones who let the Jew and diversity in .in the first place.

  2. Wall street finances my community center?! Where tf did she “feministnextdoor” pull that one from her ass?! Thats a new one Lol

    One of my community centers was actually recently shut down and big government said it was too costly to keep open during the coronacaust pandemic. The amount of seething these leftists are doing right now just unbelievable

    The same people cheering on cities being burnt down and rioting are also shields for wall street really activates the almonds

  3. The big move to shut down ordinary commonfolk from buying Gamestop, came from Apex Clearing of Apex Holdings, which does clearing of trades for Robinhood

    The President of Apex Clearing is Tricia Rothschild

  4. Shorting a company run by Jews is anti-semitic and makes you a Nazi.

    Look how the Communists and Leftists and Progressive Bernibros RUSH to defend Wall Street Capitalists that just “happen to be Jewish.”

    Oy veh can’t they find a Goy CEO to complain about!

  5. Irish Savant is gone. We appear to be in the middle of a massive deplatforming effort. Savant was on Blogger. WordPress might be a little safer for the moment for sites not using their servers but probably not for long.

  6. Robinhood has re-opened purchasing of GME stock but the order limit is 2 shares – take that you meddling goyim!

  7. Jewish power is getting uncomfortably out in the open. Normally the Left/Jewish Revolutionaries use goy front men like Ted Kennedy, MLK or Barack Obama. Now they’re being forced into the glare of publicity. I didn’t know who Thomas Peterffy was until yesterday. Immensely powerful interests who have hitherto operated in the shadows.

    • That’s why they are screaming: “anti-Semitism”. Look for those scumbags in Congress to pass some “Hate Speech” legislation to try and shutdown WSB and similar sites to protect the billionaire$ who bought Congress like the bunch of $20, syphilitic whores they are.

  8. Isaiah 23:11

    He stretched out his hand over the sea, he shook the kingdoms: the LORD hath given a commandment against the merchant city, to destroy the strong holds thereof.

  9. Isaiah 24:16

    From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous. But I said, My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me! the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously; yea, the treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously.

  10. With the Jews it is always some one else’s fault. So when the stock market crashes as it surely will look for the kykes to blame the short squeezers.

  11. I don’t pretend to know about the stock market because I never play a rigged game but once the uptick rule was eliminated, the jew investors and hedge fund managers were free to manipulate the market to their liking. All the safeguards were removed.

  12. The commie filth – (((Wall Street’s))) gutter enforcers smashing & burning Mom & Pop small businesses & attacking White Mom & Pop in the streets – are circling the wagons to protect their billionaire paymasters. The woke niggers, “white” race traitor scum, trannies & other faggots know (((who))) schmaltzes their bagel.

  13. Would be nice if people actually learned what Fascism was.

    Also Racist Liberalism isn’t Fascism. America wasn’t Fascist when they fought the Fascists. America was a White Nationalist country. Just look at all the racial laws, views, etc, on race in the country. My grandparents would be considered Nazis today. It’s like people have no clue what the country was before 1965 (if not later if we’re being honest).

    Hating minorities doesn’t make something Fascism. That isn’t what it is.

    It would be nice if it wasn’t a boogey-word meant to scare people. But what the fuck am I kidding? This is America. Why do I live here?

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