Huey Long: High Finance Speech

UPDATE: I’m listening to this NPR podcast on Huey Long vs. The Media.

I get irritated when Bernie Sanders is compared to Huey Long who would have beaten Joe Biden like a drum and won his primary and easily defeated Trump in a landslide.

Woke Bernie blew his chance to win the 2020 Democratic primary by trying to appeal to Elizabeth Warren wine track voters. He was too scared to run on Universal Basic Income. He never proposed anything nearly as radical as a wealth cap to crush the oligarchy. He never organized anything like Huey Long’s Share Our Wealth societies. He never had a simple message that resonated like “Every Man a King.”

Donald Trump was right about Bernie being weak. He let BLM activists come on stage, push him around and take the microphone from him. He submitted to the Democrats and endorsed Hillary Clinton after she stole the nomination from him in the 2016 election. He submitted gracefully again when the Democratic establishment fixed the primaries to stop him in the 2020 election. Contrast Bernie Sanders with Huey Long who “dynamited” his enemies and destroyed all resistance to his rule in Louisiana. Huey Long wasn’t stupid enough to run as a “democratic socialist” and wasn’t hobbled by violent middle class lefties arguing over ideology and rioting, creating chaos and alienating moderates with bizarre shit like the “progressive stack.” Huey Long also understood the theatrical side of politics which Trump used to great effect to create his cult of personality. He called himself the “Kingfish” and even had his own song.

Trump and Huey Long intuitively understood that the ordinary man wants to see a larger than life leader. Huey Long dressed in a white suit like Sen. James Vardaman the Great White Chief of Mississippi. Long also learned from Gov. Jeff Davis of Arkansas the importance of simple messaging. Bernie’s signature idea of free college was also Huey Long’s idea. It was part of his populist Share Our Wealth program. Progressives have always coopted, screwed up and taken credit for populist ideas.

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  1. Bernie Sanders, a life-long dedicated Zionist with an astonishingly pro-war voting record, was there to keep leftys from voting for the Green party. He never “really meant” any of it.

    Remember when Sanders stabbed Ron Paul in the back over the Federal Reserve audit? Yes, that Bernie, at the last minute moved to save the “independence” of the Central Bank.

    Bernie Sanders, in office for decades, kept voting FOR more American money for Israel’s war machine, but AGAINST the Palestinians suffering under Zionist apartheid.

    Even his one time partner, Noam Chomsky, himself every much the Zionist shill Sanders is, found it embarrassing to keep pretending to take Sanders seriously.

    But Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump showed something quite clearly: Americans are so desperate that just saying a few good things will make them your fanatical fans. Bernie Sanders was never giving anyone health care. But he did talk about it when no one else would.

    Same with Trump. Trump was never going to stop immigration. But he talked about it, and that was enough for people to create mystical fantasies about him as a sort of God-Emperor-Q.

  2. How would Long have done if his political career had occurred during the television age? Would he have been perceived any differently? Discuss.

    • Just imagine what conservative Fox News would do to him, in the television age. I don’t believe he would have beaten Biden like a drum or defeated Trump in a landslide. He would never have won even a Senate race. The Usury system is even richer and stronger now than it was when it almost lost control in the “Red Decade.”

    • Long would have needed to drop the stiffly theatrical fist-swinging: that sort of thing was necessary to be seen by those far from the stage when giving speeches before large crowds in the days before big screens, but it looks comical in the old footage of speeches given just for the newsreels. But he clearly knew how to adjust to suit the occasion, as shown in the clips with the farmer’s union head: a deeper, more “serious” speaking voice, without the gesticulation.

      It was just a matter of adaptation for an intelligent man like him.

  3. “Donald Trump was right about Bernie being weak. He let BLM activists come on stage, push him around and take the microphone from him”:

    But when Palestinians showed up at his events, he became extremely tough, ordering them out. He didn’t reach his high position by being weak on issues that count to advance and protect his career.

  4. HW do you think Long would’ve defeated FDR and Sinclair to become President? Considering FDR was running for a second, Long would’ve faced an uphill battle against an incumbent President.

  5. Hue Long populism was the 1929 stock market crash and the unemployement was 20% mainly in manufactures.The Federal Reserve banking regulation restricted cash flow.Huey priority was was putting people back to work with banks investment,Hitler did,he took control of the money supply and put people back to work.

    • Who wrecked the nation, by cutting the money supply by 20% per year, for 3 consecutive years, starting in 1930 ?

      Who was this wrecker of the world’s greatest industrial and financial power ?

      ((( Eugene Meyers ))) !

  6. FDR was not that popular.
    During his inauguration parade, their were machine gun nests at regular intervals.

    Biden isn’t the only one who has stolen an election.

    (I think Long would have won by a landslide. That’s the reason for his assassination.)

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